Fair or F*cked? Bride-to-Be’s Wedding Day Rules Baffle the Internet

The Bridezilla syndrome is real, folks. Ask anyone who has been asked to be a bridesmaid by a seemingly normal friend only to watch her transform into an irrational, fire-breathing dragon with a spray tan. 

But this woman’s “bridezilla” moment has started some serious TikTok talk, not necessarily because of her crazy wedding day rules, but because some of them are actually…kinda fair. 

All about the bride

Jasmine Cruz wants her wedding day to be all about her. Okay, maybe her husband-to-be can share a bit of the spotlight, but, if you’re planning to announce a pregnancy or looking to bring a new guy to the wedding that Jasmine has never met, you better walk away from the reception now. 

Jasmine recently shared her wedding day rules on TikTok. It’s all part of one of the newest TikTok crazes where brides-to-be post their ‘very real’ guidelines to their big day. Her first wedding day rules video has racked up over 2 million views with plenty of people sharing their perspective on Jasmine’s rules. 

As Jasmine told People,

I’m one of those girls who has thought of her wedding day since I was a kid. So I have a picture of what I want the day to be. I wrote down all these different ideas and it eventually became the rules that I posted.”

Now, some of the rules are a little bit, well, full-on. But some of them I kind of like. Let’s take a look, shall we? 

@cruzjasmine824 These are my very real wedding rules I’ll be doing at my wedding this year ! #greenscreen #wedding #elfitup #latinabride #latinowedding ♬ original sound – cruzjasmine824


Jasmine’s wedding day rules 

1. No kids (some exceptions)

Let’s start there because everybody gets mad about this one. No kids. I don’t want kids running around unattended, their parents not watching. That will absolutely not be happening.”

What about the exceptions? Well, some of Jasmine’s siblings are still children so they can come. And Jasmine also mentions if you absolutely cannot find a sitter, your offspring may attend but the parents gotta be watching them the whole time. In other words? No feral kids running around ruining her big day. 

2.  Don’t wear white

Seriously, don’t even think about it. Jasmine makes it very clear she will be the only person in white. 

As she so eloquently puts it, 

My bridesmaids have specific instructions already to dump a whole bottle of red wine on you, so let’s just avoid that.”

3. Bridesmaid can pick their dresses

As long as the colour matches, she doesn’t mind. And if there is even a spec of white…. well. 

4. No rando dates

If you were not invited, you’re not welcome. I will specifically write on the invitation how many plus-ones you get, and that’s it. Don’t bring random people to my wedding.”

Sorry, Tinderellas. You’re sitting this one out. 

5. No garters

I already have to kiss a man in public in front of all these people. Now you want him to go under my dress and pretend to…”

Okay, so feeling the bride up in public is out too. 

6. Respect the posse

Jasmine mentions her bridesmaids are part of the LGBTQ community and if anyone says a bad word, welp, just don’t. And if you happen to bring a child, wear a white dress AND insult one of the bridesmaids, hell, I kind of want to do it just to see what happens…. 

7. Mum is the official wedding bitch.

I don’t want everybody bothering me with ‘Where do you want this? Where do you want that?’ Ask my mom.”

Lucky mum. 

8. Must get drunk. 

She’s paid for an open bar and she wants her guests to use it. See, we told you some of these rules weren’t half bad! She also adds that vendors are allowed to take advantage of the open bar and food, but only on their break. 

Obviously don’t get too wasted until the job is done … take home a party favor, take home a centerpiece if you want. You are a guest.”

9.  But don’t drink drive 

Jasmine adds that, while she wants her guests to be smashed and have a good time, she won’t allow drink driving. Fair call! 

10. No big announcements

If you’re pregnant, keep it to yourself. If you want to propose, keep that to yourself.”

Heck, if you are getting a root canal next week, don’t even think about sharing it. 

Now, onto the TikTok talk

Jasmine admits she never expected her wedding day rules to go viral and was shocked by how many people left negative comments about her demands, especially as she assumes they are just common sense. 

However, many others have commented that the rules don’t really seem that unfair. I mean, what bride wants to be upstaged on their big day?

Or watch unsupervised kids put their grubby hands into her wedding cake?

Or find out someone’s rando Bumble date is actually stealing from the guests?

And the no drink driving rule – this should be part of every wedding. 

So, Jasmine, yes, you’ve made quite the social media stir, but it’s your wedding and you do you. We promise to get drunk, not drive and avoid swiping right on your big day. 

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