When Kids’ Spelling Goes Oh So Wrong

All kids make spelling mistakes – and sometimes those mistakes are so amusing!

Here’s nine of our favourite kids’ spelling mistakes that are so bad, they’re good!

Come and have a laugh with us. Dictionary most definitely optional!

1. Your losse

This is what happens when your kids are squabbling but their spelling game isn’t strong. SUCH a losser!

Spelling mistake

2. Don’t forget to kock

Kids want their privacy, we get it. Handmade signs for the bedroom door are a pretty standard part of childhood. But try explaining THIS spelling mistake to everyone who visits your house. AWKWARD.

Knock on door spelling mistake

3. The devil’s in the detail

Um, Santa we might have a problem. It seems there’s a new guy in town. Might need to check with the elves if this typo goes straight to the naughty list!

I love satan sign Funny Junk
Image source: Funny Junk

4. What a stink

Happy Father’s Day to all the wafty dads out there. Fair call, kid. I mean, is this even a mistake?

Fathers Day spelling mistake
Image source: Jacqueline Boland

5. Brothely love

Aww, love for your WHOLE family is such a sweet sentiment. Slight shame about the spelling.

Kids spelling mistake
Image source: Pinterest

6. When Walter White’s the teacher

Exactly WHAT are they teaching at primary school these days? Not spelling, and apparently not MATH either!

I like math spelling mistake

7. A real cock-up

Yes darling. Daddy is a very good COOK.

Dad can cook spelling mistake
Image source:

8. Show us your tits

I think you mean TIGHTS sweetie, spelt T-I-G-H-T-S!

Kids spelling mistake
Image source:

9. Sh*t gets real

Unusual gift choice Nana. Where do you even buy that stuff? And just a heads up, perhaps a unicorn SHIRT would be more appropriate next time?

Unicorn shirt spelling mistake

Kids can say – and write – the funniest things! What clangers have your kids come out with? We’d love to hear about them! Let us know on the Mum Central Facebook page – and follow us for more of the crazy fun that comes with being a mum!

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