This Cheeky Dog Manages to Ruin EVERY Single Fur Family Photo

There’s always ONE kid. One kid who sticks out his tongue, or looks away, or sneezes mid-pic. One kid who ruins a perfectly posed family picture.

Shibu inu Hina
Puppy pals – Kikko, Sasha, Momo and Hina. Source: Facebook

In this beautiful family of Shibi Inu dogs it’s Hina – the cheeky white dog with her tongue out. Yep, that’s Hina. Her sisters, Kikko, Sasha and Momo always manage to get the pose right.

But Hina… well, take a look for yourself.

shibu inu dogs
Oh Hina… Source: Facebook

Four sisters, one Hina

Hina and her sisters are Facebook famous thanks to their proud owner, Yoko who snaps some stunning shots of these beautiful dogs on their page, Shibi Inu 4 Girls. But what makes these pics especially awesome is Hina always finds a way to sabotage every single shot.

Like that time they posed with their tongues out and Hina didn’t quite get the memo…

mum central
The odd one out, always… Source: Facebook

Or that day when they celebrated Momo’s fifth birthday and Hina couldn’t help but steal the show with her big-arse tongue.

mum central
What a beautiful bunch of dogs, even with Hina ruining every pic. Source: Facebook

How about this cute ‘lie down’ pic where Hina not only isn’t lying down but also blinks at just the right moment. I swear this dog is my photo-ruining son’s spirit animal.

mum central
One of these dogs is not like the other one… Source: Facebook

Even when Hina attempts to smile pretty, the rest of the gang opt for a closed-mouth shot. 

mum central
Good try, Hina, good try. Source: Facebook

Check out Hina doing her own thang in the one below. Why look down when you can look fierce, hey Hina? 

Hina shibu inu funny dog
Did someone see a bug? Not Hina! Source: Facebook

And another one. Photographer: Smile pretty everyone. 


mum central
The open-mouth toothy grin seems to be Hina’s signature move.  Source: Facebook

Well, if it’s one thing we can learn from Hina, it’s to always be yourself, even if it means going against the grain. 

Hina shibu inu dog
There’s always one… Source: Facebook

You do you, Hina. 

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