Whoop! Whoop! Let’s Have Some Fun: Fringe #1

Award nominated Frehd the Clown is throwing a party and you’re all invited! She’s taking things back to basics with a simple joy filled show packed with big laughs and cool magic. Ready to have some fun? Good. So is Frehd. So lets!

What is it? Clown & Comedy & Magic & Bubbles & FUN!

Why would you go? It is a cheap fun way for all the family to fill some time and have a laugh with the kids. There is something for every one with Frehd the Clown. Parents will be entertained and have a giggle too!

Who is it best for? 4-104 (The young & young at heart)

If they like ….. magic, bubbles, science, silliness, laughing they will like this.

How long is the show? 50min

Where is the best place to park and how much?  The show is on at the Rhino Room, Frome Road in the city.

Wilsons Car park Frome Rd right
next door to Rhino Room
1 – 2 hours $10.00
2 – 3 hours $14.00
3 – 4 hours $18.00
U Park From Rd across the road
from Rhino Room
1–2 hours $10.00
2–3 hours $13.00
3–4 hours $16.00
Or you may get lucky driving around and
get on street parking. This may require a
treasure chest of coin to feed a meter.

What can you do before or after the show? There is plenty to do! Check out/support other shows (Breakfast Club, Mr Snot Bottom, Lindi Jane & Snaps). Take a wander around the
Garden of Unearthly Delights. Maybe catch a free busking show. Eat an ice cream. Stroll through the Botanical Gardens. Go to the Museum. Fart in the cheese section of Woolies in Rundle Mall, stand away and watch peoples faces. They will think it’s the cheese. Great game!

Is there food available or nearby? There sure is! Rundle street offers a variety of tasty treats of varying prices. Howling Owl downstairs from Rhino Room have cakes and treats too. And up stairs at Rhino they have crisps. Nom nom nom.

Have you done this before? Since arriving from Eleventy 5 Jellybean Drive Clown Town into the Real World I have travelled the state, interstate and abroad for 20+ years making people laugh. The world needs laughter. With sold out Adelaide Fringe shows 2007-2013 and a nomination for Best Presentation for Children in 2011, Adelaide is and will always be where my clown heart calls home.

Key themes Bubbles, some science, boogers, magic, joy, farts, anything and everything!

Ticket prices: All Tix $10

“…infectious energy and desire to have fun with anyone and everyone”. “…an atmosphere that is wonderfully positive and intelligent, but more importantly
allows you to be silly”. YAWP Online Comedy Mag 2013

“The simple antics and silliness … spark infectious laughter”. Karen Cross, Adelaide Advertiser 2012

“The show was full of fun, energy and colour … soon got everyone joining in the songs, magic and sketches”. The Primary Times, UK 2012.

“I really liked the show. People who like comedy would like it”. 4 1/2 stars out of 5. FINNTHEKID.COM

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