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Choosi are determined to make 2014 the best year yet. They’ve been setting themselves New Year resolutions that they are planning and hoping to keep. Even though New Year’s resolutions are notorious for not being kept, they think anything is possible if you set achievable goals.

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To get you going, here are their Top Ten 2014 New Year resolution ideas that the team at Choosi came up with:

  1. Digital free family night – Once a week, commit to turning off all digital devices (mobile, iPad, tablet, TV, laptop and computer). Spend quality and technology free time together with the family.
  2. Travel more – When was the last time you travelled? Set a savings plan and book a holiday to spend at least one week overseas or discover more of Australia next year.
  3. Finding more “me” time – In our busy lives we often get lost in the day to day, so it’s important to take a personal time out to destress and focus on you. Make a list of all the things you love to do that are just for you and designate some time once a day or once a week to do whatever interests you.
  4. Keep in shape and achieve a PB (Personal Best) – Do you say this every year? Make this year the year and get in shape, it’s easier than you think, as the body can adapt to exercise and improve fitness quickly. Set an achievable goal and maybe sign up for a 5 or 10km run, bike ride or a short swim for later in the year. Check out the Choosi Blog and Helpful Stuff for healthy tips on eating and staying healthy.
  5. Take part in a triathlon – It sounds impossible. But actually if you set a training plan and give yourself enough time anything is achievable. Triathlons take place around the country, look up the nearest one to you for 2014.
  6. Become fluent in a second language – Ever wanted to learn how to speak Spanish, French or Mandarin? There are loads of books, tapes and even courses you can take to learn a language, so anyone on any budget can learn a language.
  7. Set achievable financial resolutions  Save more, spend less, grow that house deposit or become debt free. Whatever the financial resolution, break it down into monthly goals to make it more achievable, e.g. “I will pay off $350 of my debt every month.”
  8. Break that bad habit and quit smoking– Buy some chewing gum, patches, whatever it takes. Quit smoking this year and watch your health improve.
  9. Learn how to draw – Are you a budding artist? Everyone is creative in their own way, and it’s great to exercise the right side of the brain by drawing, painting or even sculpting.
  10. Read more books –If you enjoy a good book, check out the list of the 100 books to read before your die and tick a few off next year.

What are your resolutions for 2014?

Enter their competition below with your new year’s resolutions and you could win a $500 Target Gift Voucher – easy as that!

Get cracking and enter now, and remember, Choosi makes it easy to choose insurance!


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Win a $500 Target Gift Voucher in Choosi’s New Years Resolution Giveaway

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