40 Ways to Enjoy Your Kids

Anyone else struggling to enjoy their kids over the summer holidays?

I have to admit, I’ve had a few days recently that have left me wondering “what’s really so great about parenthood?”

My patience is stretched, the kids are driving me mad and bedtime cannot come soon enough each day. But with weeks left and a heatwave thrown in, last night I set my mind to do something to enjoy them at least once every day. And by ‘enjoy’ them I mean more than just ‘endure’ them, which is what I have found myself doing. So, the best way I could think to enjoy them is to be present and invested in them. Instead of setting up activities for them to do while I cook/clean/work/Facebook, I will commit to doing something with them. Alongside them. Without distraction.

Here’s the list I came up with – with something good for boys and girls of all ages. Except teenagers. I don’t know how to enjoy them yet.

If you’ve been struggling too, maybe you could try a couple of these simple tips to help you stop and smell the roses and remember just how much you love those little ratbags cherubs!

Oh and if you have any other tips, please share in the comments.

Real mum to real mum xx

40 Ways to Enjoy Your Kids

1.  Listen to them read
2.  Read to them
3.  Lay on the grass and gaze at the sky
4.  Ask them what their highlight of the day was
5.  Watch a movie with them
6.  Paint their nails
7.  Kick a ball with them
8.  Cook something together
9.  Try a new food together
10.  Toast marshmallows
11.  Colour in
12.  Whisper secrets in their ears
13.  Tickle them
14.  Take photos of each other
15.  Dance
16.  Sing
17.  Share a puzzle
18.  Go for a walk
19.  Wrestle
20.  Jump waves at the beach
21.  Make up a story in which they are the hero
22.  Play a boardgame with them
23.  Run through the sprinkler
24.  Take a nap together in the middle of the day
25.  Do some gardening
26.  Feed the ducks
27.  Make a cubby house – inside
28.  Take them to a park and teach them to climb a tree
29.  Wake them up in the middle of the night to watch a live sports game with you
30.  Have a water-balloon challenge with them and chase each other around the garden
31.  Let them show you how to play their favourite electronic game
32.  Declare a ‘pyjama day’ and all spend the day in your pjs together
33.  Pitch a tent in the backyard and sleep outside one night
34.  Take turns making and guessing different animal noises
35.  Play a card game
36.  Collect shells along the beach
37.  Look through their baby photos with them
38.  Cuddle up and tell them one of your favourite memories of them
39.  Research something that interests them together
40.  Stay with them until they fall asleep.

PS – my recommendation is to NOT do them all on one day. Stretch it out a little… 😉

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