Win a VIP Pageant Experience for 5 at the 2014 Credit Union Christmas Pageant

We know Christmas is just around the corner when the 2014 Credit Union Christmas Pageant comes to town! Here’s your chance to win a money-can’t-buy VIP Pageant experience, thanks to People’s Choice Credit Union.

Adelaide will once again come to life this November, as hundreds of thousands of happy faces line the 3.3 km Pageant route along our city streets. An Adelaide institution, dating right back to 1933, the Credit Union Christmas Pageant is regarded as one of the world’s greatest pageants.

Did you know?
The first Pageant in 1933 had eight floats and four bands. The 2014 Credit Union Christmas Pageant will have 147 moving sets including 250 clowns, 63 floats and 17 bands, plus nine walking sets, 10 dance groups, a DJ and three choirs.

This year, we’re celebrating 82 years of the Christmas Pageant tradition, and the joy it continues to bring to the South Australian community and visitors each year.

Did you know?
It takes 15 trucks to transport costumes, shapes, heads, bikes and props the day before the Pageant.

South Australians will come together, with their biggest smiles and waves in readiness, to welcome Father Christmas – and a myriad of floats, walking sets, bands, dancing groups and clowns – when this spectacular procession arrives in Adelaide on Saturday 8 November at 9:30am.

Did you know?
When Father Christmas enters King William Street from South Terrace, the first set is well past the Magic Cave at David Jones on North Terrace.

The Credit Union Christmas Pageant is owned and managed by the SA Tourism Commission on behalf of the South Australian Government. The naming rights sponsor is the Credit Union Pageant Company, comprising four leading local credit unions: People’s Choice Credit Union, Beyond Bank Australia, Credit Union SA and Police Credit Union.

Did you know?
It takes more than 240 boxes of tissues and 70 jars of make-up remover to remove characters’ make-up each year.

More than 1,000 people who work at, or are associated with, People’s Choice Credit Union, Beyond Bank Australia, Police Credit Union and Credit Union SA help make the Pageant what it is, volunteering as clowns , fairies amd float characters, and also assisting behind the scenes. Nearly every character in the Pageant – apart from Father Christmas – works at or is a special friend of these four leading South Australian credit unions.

Did you know?
More than 50 litres of washing liquid, 18 cans of starch, six bottles of bleach and 400 litres of distilled water are used to clean the costumes each year.

With more than 250 clowns, 120 makeup artists, 3,000 costumes and over 3,900 people working on the Pageant, an incredible amount of effort goes into making this such an exceptional event each year.

Be sure to check out our TOP TIPS FOR A TIP TOP PAGEANT and make the most of your day out!

One lucky family will win a money-can’t-buy Pageant experience for five, thanks to our friends at People’s Choice Credit Union!

No need to brave the crowds to compete for the best vantage point, you’ll get a GREAT view in the VIP Stand! Sit back, take it in and enjoy the day with your family, thanks to our friends at People’s Choice Credit Union

To enter, simply complete the entry form below to go into the running! One lucky winner will be drawn and will take home the family pass for five!

It’ll be smiles all round when the Pageant comes to town!


IMPORTANT:  You MUST comment below with your favourite pageant memory as per the entry process. Failure to do so will render you an invalid entry and you won’t qualify to win.

Hurry, Enter Now!

Win a VIP experience for five at the Credit Union Christmas Pageant

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  1. Avatar of Katrina Phillips
    Katrina Phillips Reply

    Dressing up as an angel every year and sitting on the back of a truck waving to the crowds along the Main Street of Mt Gambier!

  2. Avatar of Sarah Shelley
    Sarah Shelley Reply

    I was never lucky enough to visit the pageant as a child as i grew up in Darwin, N.T. and they do not have Christmas pageants. Last year was my first ever visit to the S.A. Credit Union Christmas Pageant with my 2 young boys and it was absolutely incredible. I would love to win a VIP experience with my children, that would really get me into the Christmas spirit.

  3. Avatar of Rebecca Moore
    Rebecca Moore Reply

    I enjoyed the school Pageants as everyone had a fair chance to be involved. I particularly enjoyed the creation of our Easter Bonnets and showing them off to all the Mums and Dads who could make it. Best memories!!!

  4. Avatar of Kim Nys

    I honestly can’t tell you my best memory, as I have never been! Would love to take my two boys tho!

  5. Avatar of Franca Richichi
    Franca Richichi Reply

    We never went to the pageant as children, so my memories are of watching it on t, sitting on my grandmas lap (rip) i loved seeing the big clown ride the push bike and Nelly the elephant. I love watching the pageant so much that i would watch the shorter re run later in the day. It always denotes the beginning of the festive season!!

  6. Avatar of Natalie Koch
    Natalie Koch Reply

    Watching the pagent on tv was always the start of the festive season! Putting the christmas tree up too!

  7. Avatar of Carly

    putting up the Christmas tree while watching pageant with mum & my brother & sisters – was such an exciting day – I try to keep tradition going her at home with my kids.

  8. Avatar of Anna-Louise Mobley
    Anna-Louise Mobley Reply

    I never got to go to the Pageant although I grew up watching it on telly. I guess I had parents who weren’t big fans of crowds! I have two little boys now who I would love to take as they’d love the sights and sounds.

  9. Avatar of Ineedacoffee
    Ineedacoffee Reply

    We lived in the country growing up, we went once, stayed the night in a hotel and everything
    Every other year we watched on tv with popcorn for breakfast

  10. Avatar of Rach.

    I have only ever viewed pageants on the small screen, but it felt like the world stopped to watch all the beautiful floats go past. All the colours and people took my breath away. I would love to take my kids to this pageant. xxx

  11. Avatar of Kiera Raymond
    Kiera Raymond Reply

    The excitement of the crowd building, colours, music and sparkles with the fabulous build up to seeing Santa. To me the Christmas Pageant is the start of the festivities and the best time of the year.

  12. Avatar of Tracey Ralph
    Tracey Ralph Reply

    Being new to Adelaide, I’m looking forward to creating happy memories and new traditions with my family.

  13. Avatar of Emma Drew

    Watching the pageant on tv with my family was a great tradition when I was a kid 🙂 I hope to be able to take my son one day!

  14. Avatar of Trisha Boss
    Trisha Boss Reply

    Getting dressed up to go the city on the bus with my Mum to see Santa arrive at Jonh Martins enerance on North Terrace. I still remember being excited and cheering with the crowd of children when Nipper and Nimble appeared as I knew Santa was so close. The anticipation of visiting Santa in his Magic Cave and getting a Christmas stocking filled with what I thought were magical items. I have cherished these memories. So this year I am going back to the same place where my memories were created, to share this wonderful lifetime experience for the first time with my special 6 year old Grandaughter who I am raising. I can’t wait to see and share the excitement again through her eyes and to create a memory with her to keep in her heart as I did with my Mum.

  15. Avatar of Ruth Laker
    Ruth Laker Reply

    Seeing my daughters face for her first pageant while sitting on her dads shoulders .. everything was more colour, fun and magic than she imagined

  16. Avatar of Michelle Green
    Michelle Green Reply

    Getting to spend one on one time with my mum without my older brothers. This was our special thing to do together and a childhood memory that I’ll always treasure. <3

  17. Avatar of Tegan Vlahos
    Tegan Vlahos Reply

    I have never been to the pageant in person, but my favourite memory is being at my grandparent’s home, decorating the Christmas tree with my cousins while watching the pagent live on TV.

  18. Avatar of RLRowberry
    RLRowberry Reply

    I know I’m a bit old at 41 to say I don’t have a pageant memory yet, my parents never took me we only watched it on tv. Please break the cycle and let me take my boy now 7

  19. Avatar of michelle ratcliff
    michelle ratcliff Reply

    our class all wearing garbage bags on a rainy show day for a reception trip to the show…

  20. Avatar of Michelle Halusko Tsimouris
    Michelle Halusko Tsimouris Reply

    The silly clowns with their crazy antics, wobbly bike & them high fiving us as the ran past

  21. Avatar of Marcia

    Watching my dad dressed as a Keystone Cop, waving his baton and chasing a clown down North Terrace. Great watching my dad having fun, felt so proud of him.

  22. Avatar of Lauren Ciantar
    Lauren Ciantar Reply

    Coming from the country, we never got to the pageant but I have fond memories of watching in on TV at the farm and watching out for the man in red.m

  23. Avatar of meagan Menzel
    meagan Menzel Reply

    Never had a chance to go to the pageant even as a kid so looking forward to taking my three children for the first time ever and making some fond memories

  24. Avatar of Mel

    Even if we couldn’t be there, we would get up early & wait for it to be shown on TV & cheer at our favourite floats ☺️

  25. Avatar of Jane Somerville
    Jane Somerville Reply

    I was never taken to the pageant as a kid and I only went once as a teenager and fainted! I was convinced I was jinxed but always wated to go and see it in real life rather than TV!

  26. Avatar of Linette Grzelak
    Linette Grzelak Reply

    Watching the joy on my son’s face the first time I took him to the Pageant. Every float brought a smile and a clown came and sat next to us on his way past. Magic.

  27. Avatar of Samantha Fish
    Samantha Fish Reply

    Going to the Pageant last year for the first time with my daughter 🙂

  28. Avatar of Kimmy Rudland
    Kimmy Rudland Reply

    Watching my Gran on the old hill billy music float back in the John Martins day….the excitement of the pageant was unbelievable but seeing my very own Gran being apart of it….priceless! I still tell the story today and the excitement comes flooding back every time I tell my children.

  29. Avatar of Karina Walker
    Karina Walker Reply

    My favourite childhood memory was writing and drawing in the road with chalk while we waited for the pageant to start and interacting with the clowns.They are so funny. My daughter is 3 and we have never taken her. This year she is really getting into the spirit of Christmas and no longer seems to be afraid of Father Christmas. I would love to take her this year and delight in her excitement. It’s also her little brother’s first Christmas and it would be great to celebrate together

  30. Avatar of Belinda Murray
    Belinda Murray Reply

    When I was little I went to the pageant every year with my grandparents so many wonderful memories, now I go with my 4 kids every year and my daughter is 26 and we still love and enjoy it 🙂

  31. Avatar of Missus S

    I was lucky enough to be a Pageant Princess one year. I was treated like real royalty & had so much fun. Being in the pageant seeing all the kids faces light up is just an amazing experience & it’s something unique to SA!

  32. Avatar of Danielle brennan
    Danielle brennan Reply

    Taking our little boy to see his first pageant last year and watching his daddy come past as one of the clowns. I was so proud of seeing my hubby up there making the kids smile and having such a fun time. I know he made our day and I’m sure many of the other adelaide children. I have always wanted to be in the pageant so seeing my hubby up there made it the best memory for me.

  33. Avatar of Zara Lee Young
    Zara Lee Young Reply

    watching the pagent at home, eating lollies and drinking soft drink and After hours doctorsanta came we would the listen to christmas music and put the,christmas tree up and decorate the house, i have now followed on the tradition with my kids and hope it follows onto theirs oneday to

  34. Avatar of Jessica Ervin
    Jessica Ervin Reply

    Spending time with my family watching Father Christmas arrive in town which then meant special time with family around the Christmas table 🙂

  35. Avatar of Cherry Pountney
    Cherry Pountney Reply

    My favourite childhood pageant memory is remembering that feeling of excitement I got when I saw Santa coming towards me in the pageant line.

  36. Avatar of Donna Briggs-Wilson
    Donna Briggs-Wilson Reply

    From a very young age my nanna and pop (may he rip) would take me on the train to town to see the pageant. I remember the brown tartan rug we sat on. And a big bag of lollies to snack on while we waited. We would play I spy and card games while we waited. Seeing nipper and nimble were always my favorite.
    I look forward to continuing the tradition with my 2yr old 🙂

  37. Avatar of Erina

    When mum found us this “awesome” spot right at the front at the beging…..long story short we were on the wrong side of the road and missed the whole first line of floats….saw the next lot good though

  38. Avatar of Jo Kroon

    Heading into the magic cave after the pageant and riding nipper and nimble! We had an amazing childhood on pageant day!

  39. Avatar of Bronwyn Cabot Robinson
    Bronwyn Cabot Robinson Reply

    Sitting behind the honour line waiting for santa

  40. Avatar of Alicia T

    Every year after watching the pageant we’d spend the afternoon putting up the Christmas tree together as a family. Now I follow the same tradition with my own family.

  41. Avatar of Tae Smith

    Taking our Japanese exchange student in 1995 to her first ever pageant and watching the enjoyment in her face as she got to experience the magic of Australian Christmas, then going to the magic cave and sitting in Father Christmas’s lap for a photo.
    Also now being able to take my daughter and having the family tradition carry on as my parents did with us

  42. Avatar of Sally Dyson
    Sally Dyson Reply

    My favourite memory of the Pageant is the clowns, the happiness and laughter they spread and of course the lollies

  43. Avatar of Schoelly

    I wasn’t fortunate enough to experience the pageant as a child so I have no memories of my own to share. I do however look forward to making memories with my 2 little ones and watching the joy on their faces as they get to experience the magic of Christmas 🙂

  44. Avatar of James Rosenthal
    James Rosenthal Reply

    Taking my daughter to our first pageant as a family 3yrs ago then to the Magic Cave for a family photo with Father Christmas and riding Nipper and the Carousal. we now go every year

  45. Avatar of Taryn

    Unfortunately I myself have never been to the pageant…. and am yet to take my kids (aged 8 year old boy and twin girls that are 6). Looking to make my first memory.

  46. Avatar of princess Emily
    princess Emily Reply

    Last year was the first time my 2 girls have been to the pageant which was very exciting. What made it extra special was a man in the crowd started cheering as Santa got to us and the whole crowd joined in.

  47. Avatar of madhouse

    A group of us kids sitting in the very back of my grandfathers kingswood station wagon, driving the 15 minutes into the city (certainly couldnt do that now). Always nice and early to get a good possie…and then dreaming that next year you would be the lucky one on Nipper or Nimble

  48. Avatar of Ann-Marie Day
    Ann-Marie Day Reply

    As a kid in the 70’s standing on the back of a truck across from Trims’ watching it all go by. For a country kid it was a rare thing to get to the Pageant.

  49. Avatar of Kelly Reardon
    Kelly Reardon Reply

    The year i took my kids for the first time and saw the exoressions n their face when they realised what it was. Watching them draw with chalk on the street brought back so many childhood memories for me

  50. Avatar of Bec Cooper
    Bec Cooper Reply

    Always watching it on TV as we put the family Christmas tree up.. A tradition I’ve passed on to my new family.. Although we brave the crowds and see it for real.. watching my girl stretch her arm as far as she can on the hope for a high five from the clowns! Then straight home to put up our tree. Priceless memories

  51. Avatar of Rachel latty
    Rachel latty Reply

    My auntie used to work at john martins, when they used to do the pageant. She was in it every year. My mum would take my brother and I, and we would have to find her. My favourite was when she was the pageant queen

  52. Avatar of Caitlin Edwards-Brooks
    Caitlin Edwards-Brooks Reply

    I volunteered every year until I had my daughter, I loved every second of the World Record Attempts!!! It was the most amazing experience that I one day hope to share with my daughters :’)

  53. Avatar of Sue Magnusson
    Sue Magnusson Reply

    My Grandparents taking us to the old John Martin’s pageant so many years ago, seeing Santa arrive & then of course going to the magic cave. What a magical place it was. Now I have the pleasure of having taken all of my 3 girls, the youngest now 4. She is so excited it’s only 1 more week away!

  54. Avatar of Courtney Parsons
    Courtney Parsons Reply

    My favourite memory of the pageant is taking my daughter for the first time and seeing her little face light up with joy. Can not express the excitement and happiness I felt to be able to relive my childhood tradition with her. This year I will be taking my second daughter too! Can not wait!

  55. Avatar of Sarah Kearney
    Sarah Kearney Reply

    My fave pageant memories would have to be when my dad would pop me up on his shoulders to give me the best view. As a mum these days I love seeing my husband do the same with our children and the look of pure joy on their faces as all the floats, clowns, dancers, musicians cruise by. Such a fun family day out 🙂

  56. Avatar of Michelle N
    Michelle N Reply

    We lived in the country when I was a kid, but I remember a special trip to the grandparents one year where we want to the pageant and visited the magic cave at John Martins. Each year after that we relived it through the TV telecast and loved sitting watching it

  57. Avatar of Anna Erceg
    Anna Erceg Reply

    As a family I wish we would have a childhood memory but we don’t as we have never been to the pageant & yet to take my daughter this would be a memory for us to have if we win this year. We normally watch it on TV & put up our Christmas Tree this is the only thing we do 🙂

  58. Avatar of Sam Limmer
    Sam Limmer Reply

    I didn’t go to the pageant as a child so iam now creating memories for my children by getting into the city at 3.30 along my my girlfriends and a BBQ we make bacon and egg sandwiches and drink coffee until the sun rises and the city starts to buzz

  59. Avatar of Denny Steer
    Denny Steer Reply

    Watching it for the first time in the city with both my children! An amazing experience filled with magic and joy! 🙂

  60. Avatar of Shelly Marafiote
    Shelly Marafiote Reply

    Getting up early, catching the bus into King William St with my mum, nanna and sister. Sitting on the street waiting for the pageant to start, so excited and filled with happeniness!

  61. Avatar of LilMiss Kibby
    LilMiss Kibby Reply

    seeing my friend in the pageant as a clown! (commenting as cheryl mckibbin)

  62. Avatar of Anna Provatas
    Anna Provatas Reply

    I remember sitting on the sidelines and a fairy came up and danced on the sidelines with me and the children sitting next to me – it felt at the time like a celebrity experience – plucked momentarily out of my little world to dance with this beautiful creature!

  63. Avatar of Nerys Lewis
    Nerys Lewis Reply

    On the back of a float at summer time, dressed up as girls from st.trinians, we had so much fun.

  64. Avatar of Dianne Childs
    Dianne Childs Reply

    I remember my parents took me and my friend when I was little and it was just the most magical time ever. I was in awe at all the beautiful floats!

  65. Avatar of Yvette

    My favourite part of the pageant was always the horses Nipper & Nimble!

  66. Avatar of Luna Gaoni
    Luna Gaoni Reply

    I remember my father hoisting me onto his shoulders so I had a great view of all the floats

  67. Avatar of Kylie Costin
    Kylie Costin Reply

    Getting in early before it started and walking around and up to all the Floats parked on South Tce. Back then you could walk right up to them, touch them, talk to them and have photos. Lots of fun.

  68. Avatar of Laura Bamford
    Laura Bamford Reply

    I remember all the excitement and following the masses, once the precession finished, back to the magic cave.

  69. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara Fehmel Reply

    it is so long ago, but I do remember Father Christmas giving out little presents outside Myer Melbourne.

  70. Avatar of Sally

    I remember going to the pageant with my auntie in town watching everything get set up and ready to go

  71. Avatar of Julie Cooper
    Julie Cooper Reply

    I never saw any pagents growing up, If I win, this would be my first!

  72. Avatar of Elisha Kenyon
    Elisha Kenyon Reply

    I remember following santa to the magic cave, it meant santa and came to town and Chirstmas was just around the corner

  73. Avatar of Nadine Cameron
    Nadine Cameron Reply

    I remember riding on the carousel in the magic cave, it was so fun!

  74. Avatar of Emma McCourt
    Emma McCourt Reply

    My favourite memeories were of imagining I was the girl riding Nipper

  75. Avatar of Suzanne Brown
    Suzanne Brown Reply

    My dad parking his red flat top truck in King William St. Us all sitting on the back watching the pageant go past. That was in the 70’s.

  76. Avatar of Bec Cronin
    Bec Cronin Reply

    Going into the Magic Cave afterwards and getting my photo with Santa, still did this with my best friend as a teenager!

  77. Avatar of Jenny Bartel
    Jenny Bartel Reply

    Going to the pageant with my dad, it was fun an exciting, it was something that we did together every year

  78. Avatar of Sarah Cooper
    Sarah Cooper Reply

    My sons first Christmas pageant last year at 5 months old. He was dressed as Santa and had his pram dressed in tinsel and reindeer antlers. Was beautiful to see his reactions to all the floats going past and give him the experience i was given every year as a child.

  79. Avatar of Mel Munden
    Mel Munden Reply

    When my daughter saw the pageant floats up close and personal for the first time to see the amazement and the magical sparkle in her face that matched many floats and then to see the Father Christmas float arrive then to meet him later in the day to tell him what was on her list and that she loved his reindeers. Priceless moment that will never be forgotten

  80. Avatar of Allison Till
    Allison Till Reply

    Seeing my daughters face of joy & happiness when she sees the first clown & float go past her.

  81. Avatar of Kelli NobanforBoomer Presgrave
    Kelli NobanforBoomer Presgrave Reply

    I love to watch how happy everyone is. Magical!

  82. Avatar of Mel kemp

    I never went as a child but taking my daughter for the first time is something I’ll never forget!!watching her face as she encaptured the magic was priceless!!then hoisting her onto my shoulders so she could see Santa in the distance is something she’ll never forget!! 😀

  83. Avatar of Nicole Holaj-Vos
    Nicole Holaj-Vos Reply

    I grew up in The Netherlands, so don’t have a Christmas Pageant memory, but I would love to start creating these memories with my 3 and 7 yo daughters. Nothing better than memories of a magical childhood.

  84. Avatar of Meredith Mellor
    Meredith Mellor Reply

    Taking my daughter to the Christmas pageant for the first time and watching her face light up with joy! This year needs to be extra special as her dad is away in the army and won’t be joining us, Christmas will make everything seem happier!

  85. Avatar of Natalie Flack
    Natalie Flack Reply

    Taking my kids for the first time and watching the awe on their faces as each float went by, it was amazing!

  86. Avatar of Nisha

    I grew up overseas, so I don’t have a Pageant memory, but I would love to create one with our son who is 4 and is very excited about all things Christmas!

  87. Avatar of Renee Cook
    Renee Cook Reply

    I remember going with my mum and brother, getting a good possie and setting up our blanket on the corner, we always invited any kids who got there late to sit with us on our rug. My favourite floats were Nellie (still my favourtie today) and the big turkey dinner which they no longer have….

  88. Avatar of Anita Puopolo
    Anita Puopolo Reply

    Attending every year, and watching my children’s faces light up with each float passing by. And just the fun experience

  89. Avatar of Olivia Tisato
    Olivia Tisato Reply

    My favourite memory is Nipper & Nimble!!! And that giant xmas stocking that comes just before Father Christmas 😉

  90. Avatar of Venessa Moebus
    Venessa Moebus Reply

    My favorite Christmas memorie was my daughters first padgent. Her face was so lit up the whole way through and the absolute adoration on her face when Santa came through Ill never forget the excitement she showed

  91. Avatar of Tina Carr

    Favourite memory taking my two year old daughter for the first time last year, seeing the look on her face and enjoying her delight at each float goes by leading to father Christmas. She was very excited it was a lovely parent moment.

  92. Avatar of Jessica Williamson
    Jessica Williamson Reply

    My favourite childhood pageant memory, was getting up early and catching the bus into the city every year with my Mum, sitting on the kerb and waiting for Father Christmas to arrive. It was a special “Mum and I time” which was so exciting to mark the start of the Christmas season.

  93. Avatar of Hannah Williams
    Hannah Williams Reply

    My favourite memories are waking up really early and heading to find a spot with my brothers, Mum and Gran.

  94. Avatar of Kerryl Waters
    Kerryl Waters Reply

    Definitely Nipper and Nimble. I always wanted to be the little girl riding them!

  95. Avatar of Kerry

    I’ve never been to the pageant but my 3 year old daughter would love it.

  96. Avatar of Emma Morris-Fenna
    Emma Morris-Fenna Reply

    Seeing Santa is always a highlight, but my favourite has always been seeing Nipper and Nimble and the lucky kids who get to ride them 🙂

  97. Avatar of diell keen
    diell keen Reply

    seeing all the old floats with my mum as she used to be in the pageant many blue moons ago i love seeing her face light up even with us kids and now she has grandkids to share it with as well

  98. Avatar of Terhi Lake
    Terhi Lake Reply

    But I didn’t live here as a child! Which is not fair because there is nothing like this where I come from – or Brisbane 😉 Our whole family just loves the experience.

  99. Avatar of BargainMums
    BargainMums Reply

    I have never been to the pageant, but seeing the looks on the faces of my 4 year old and 9 month old would be an amazing memory!

  100. Avatar of Cathy Morris
    Cathy Morris Reply

    I don’t have many memories from it as I must of been too young when I went, all I remember is being so excited when I saw Father Christmas and going after to the Magic Cave ( John Martins back then 🙂 ) after and thinking it was huge and just so magical. Would love for my daughter to have the whole experience.

  101. Avatar of Kirsten March
    Kirsten March Reply

    My favourite memory is seeing Nipper and Nimble and knowing Santa wasn’t far behind. Also loved spending time waiting with my cousins

  102. Avatar of Niccola Stadler
    Niccola Stadler Reply

    My favourite memory is always waiting for the sound of the last band knowing that Santa is coming next and the build up of excitement with the anticipation of the big guy in red!

  103. Avatar of Natasha Mensforth
    Natasha Mensforth Reply

    I took my children for the first time 2 years ago. The youngest was still a baby but my then 3 year old was very excited and couldn’t believe how amazing the pagent is. It will make it better to see all the action with vip seats. Please pick us!

  104. Avatar of Guest

    I loved the clowns the best and Nipper and Nimble but my all time favorite part of the Pageant was seeing Father Christmas.

  105. Avatar of Julie Zoumaras
    Julie Zoumaras Reply

    memorys of the xmas pageant are the best seeing my 2 kids faces their expressions are a priceless memory they love santa

  106. Avatar of Kendall

    This was something we did with our cousins!! It want just the parade, it was the whole lead up too. Chalk drawings, bubbles and picnic breakfast all added to the day!

  107. Avatar of Danielle

    I loved the pageant as a child and was there year after year. My favourite memory was when I was about 6 and was kissed on the cheek by a clown. I loved it and had an argument with my mum about why I couldn’t follow my newfound boyfriend the clown. Fast forward to 2006 and I was married on pageant day in the botanic gardens. I remember walking along north terrace before my reception and seeing all the cool chalk drawings from the festivities that morning. Its such a great event for Adelaide.

  108. Avatar of Lisa Young
    Lisa Young Reply

    Well ive never actually been to the Pagent believe it or not but we religiously watch it on tv every year and now with my 3 kids 🙂

  109. Avatar of Bec Burton
    Bec Burton Reply

    I can vividly remember my dad holding me up on his shoulders when i couldn’t see any longer. I loved seeing santa knowing xmas would soon be here. I remember the vibe was amazing. Hoping my kids will Love Their experience too.

  110. Avatar of Kylie Bowman
    Kylie Bowman Reply

    I remember it being a tradition to go each year with my parents and family friends and their kids as I was an only child. I always remember wanting to ride Nimble and waving to santa when he finally came around. Then all of us heading to the magic cave at john martins and having fairy floss. I was in awe of it all and how big it all seemed at the time. If only my dad could be here today to come with my kiddies, he would have really loved that..

  111. Avatar of Rachael.

    I’ve never been! Been living in Adelaide 6 years and would love to go.

  112. Avatar of Kelly McCartney
    Kelly McCartney Reply

    My favorite memory was sitting at home with my mum and 4 sisters watching the pageant and putting up the tree

  113. Avatar of jacinta Roberts
    jacinta Roberts Reply

    Never did as a child but with my two kids we travel in every year 🙂

  114. Avatar of Jennifer May
    Jennifer May Reply

    We put our tree up while watching the pageant, we have never taken our boy’s, I think they would love to go 😀

  115. Avatar of Danae Flack
    Danae Flack Reply

    I loved going as a kid. My brother and I sitting as close to the front as we could get. My highlight was Nipper and Nimble and then Santa. It was so magical 🙂
    Now my favourite part is watching my children and their faces filed with excitement! The build up before it starts, playing with chalk and bubbles! Then watching each float. Christmas is my favourite time of year 🙂

  116. Avatar of Karen Pearson
    Karen Pearson Reply

    We moved to Adelaide a few years ago and have watched it on TV every year. Our children are now at an age that they would enjoy every minute seeing it up close and what a way to start a yearly Christmas tradition.

  117. Avatar of Casey Hubiak
    Casey Hubiak Reply

    Watching pageant with family while threading popcorn for tree decorations x

  118. Avatar of Caryn Kaluzinski
    Caryn Kaluzinski Reply

    I remember watching it on the television each year and hanging out to see Santa… growing up in the country I was 20 before I got to see it in person! cant wait to take my girls to their first pageant this year 🙂

  119. Avatar of nicki

    My favourite pagent memory is last year, my sons first pagent. He has severe and multiple disabilities, so we weren’t sure how he would go, but every time the bands went by his face lit up. We now know he loves marching bands. So special I cried

  120. Avatar of Natalie Prior
    Natalie Prior Reply

    Being a competition winner to be part of a float in 2011. An absolute dream come true. The smiles on childrens faces was so precious. The true gift of Christmas x

  121. Avatar of Toni Rippin
    Toni Rippin Reply

    I remember going every year with my parents, getting up up early and travelling down from the country, we never missed a year, I’m 30 and continue to go, now I can share this special tradition with my own daughter and husband! I love singing along to the music on the floats!

  122. Avatar of Hannelie

    My first ever pageant the year after we arrived. It was just amazing and so welcoming.

  123. Avatar of Chantal Hall
    Chantal Hall Reply

    The floats every year on tv never got to see in real life. My son is right into Christmas this year and it would be a dream come true

  124. Avatar of louise

    I didn’t get to go to the pageant growing up but I woukd like to start the tradition with my little man. This will be his first year.

  125. Avatar of Kerry Briggs
    Kerry Briggs Reply

    My favourite memory was 3 years ago. I was newly diagnosed with breast cancer at age 32. My husband and I took my 3yr old son and 9 month old daughter to the pageant. It was such an emotional day making such precious family memories. Watching our beautiful kiddies faces light up with excitement and wonder was just priceless. We have never missed one since and never will.

  126. Avatar of Kayla Riley
    Kayla Riley Reply

    I remember my dad taking me and my brothers when I was about 8. I was so excited that a clown high 5d me and got to wave to Santa. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face all day! I haven’t been since but I will ‘ve taking my own 2 kids for the time this year so we are all excited!

  127. Avatar of Karen

    I was a dancer in the pageant for 10 years and the atmosphere and seeing the excitement & enjoyment on everyone’s faces is a memory I will treasure forever.

  128. Avatar of Paula Starke
    Paula Starke Reply

    I’ve only been to the pageant live once but every pageant day we woild sit in front of the tv and watch it, then watch the replay. Now I do the same thing withy own kids. Would love to take them to the live thing one day!

  129. Avatar of Nicole Mckay
    Nicole Mckay Reply

    My favourite memory is going into the city really early with my Mum and sitting there eating my Vegemite on toast from a brown paper lunch bag while we waited for the floats and bands to come… I loved how my Mum enjoyed it just as much as I did. Very precious memories. This year I am taking my Mum and my 3 year old son to enjoy it together!

  130. Avatar of Bianca Green
    Bianca Green Reply

    I have been going to the pageant in Adelaide since I was a little girl and always loved Nimble who I would ride every time we visited the magic cave. My best memory of he pageant in more recent times is when I first took my son and he was so excited when he saw Toby Toy Truck. He wouldn’t stop talking about him for days and to this day, he always keeps an eye out for him.

  131. Avatar of leah best

    Only went a few times but when i did it was the most magical experance ever, id imagine myself as a dancer or princess up on a float. This year im looking forward to sharing the magic with my kids (and its my sons 3rd bday!!)

  132. Avatar of jess wigglesworth
    jess wigglesworth Reply

    I used to love waking up early on pageant morning and catching the bus to the city then pushing my way through thw crowds just so I could get a front row seat. My favourote part was always visiting the magic cave to have a ride on nipper and nimble then join what seemed like the endless line up to sit on santas lap. Im looking foward to taking my two girls to see the pageant for the firat time.

  133. Avatar of Briony

    Watching it on tele and knowing that it was time to put the tree up. Our two girls haven’t been yet, but they would love it.

  134. Avatar of Kirsty Arnold
    Kirsty Arnold Reply

    I remember making sure I was sitting behind the blue line. I would get excited any time I was in the city and saw the blue line on the street as it reminded me of the pageant.

  135. Avatar of Dana

    Meeting nipper and nibble in the magic cave and being in love with the magic of Christmas.

  136. Avatar of leslee moyle
    leslee moyle Reply

    Watching the pageant from the top of my dads shoulders so i couldnt miss a thing! No wonder dad has a bad back these days!

  137. Avatar of Yvonne

    My favourite memory was back a number of years dressing up and being part of the pageant. The children’s would light up as you passed by.

  138. Avatar of Peta Hickey
    Peta Hickey Reply

    Watching the pageant from the top of my dads shoulders so i wouldn’t miss anything 🙂

  139. Avatar of Corrin

    I’ve never had that chance to go before but my fave memory is when I was living in vic and finding out it was televised over there and I could watch it with my kids and not feel so home sick.

  140. Avatar of Melski

    Going to John Martins after the pageant to see Nipper and Nimble. I always wanted to be one of the girls who rode them and very disappointed I never got the chance!

  141. Avatar of Matilda Scioscia
    Matilda Scioscia Reply


  142. Avatar of alice

    Watching it on the television in our pj’s with my family. Loving the floats and music knowing the tree could go up soon

  143. Avatar of Donna

    The first time my daughter saw santa she was so excited her whole body was shaking, it was so cute. Then santa looked straight at her and waved and that just made her the happiest girl there

  144. Avatar of kellie barnard
    kellie barnard Reply

    Being lucky enough to go to stardust castle before the pageant one year and waking up at the crack of dawn to get a spot on the blue line waiting in excitement and drawing our names and christmas pictures on the road then going to the magic cave to ride nipper and the carousel and of course visiting santa

  145. Avatar of Melissa Jaspers
    Melissa Jaspers Reply

    My favourite pageant memory is being in the crowd and waiting to see the float my dad was driving each year 🙂 he first drove Aladdin and then star dust castle

  146. Avatar of Melissa Wood
    Melissa Wood Reply

    I remember catching a train in with my Grandma and watching it then we would go to the Magic Cave. As a child the Magic Cave was amazing, the best part was seeing Father Christmas of course.

  147. Avatar of Jodi Coyle
    Jodi Coyle Reply

    I can’t seem to recall actually going, but rather watching on TV quite a few times. I’ll be doing the same with my boys this year if I don’t win

  148. Avatar of Emmii Jade Hausler
    Emmii Jade Hausler Reply

    My last memory of the pageant was when my mum was with us still, we would wake up at the crack of dawn (me a bit earlier) get ready catch the bus to town. I remember the excitement of seeing santa and the magic cave, the smell of the fairy Floss and all the wonderful side shows! I hope to be able to carry on the tradition with my son, so he has memories that will last a life time like mine! 🙂

  149. Avatar of Teresa Baird
    Teresa Baird Reply

    I have never been! We went to a local one last year for the first time and my son was 11 months old, he absolutely loved it, he was dancing in his pram and was so excited, was such a beautiful thing to see! Looking forward to taking him to the big one this year!

  150. Avatar of kyla webber
    kyla webber Reply

    i remember as a very young child my grandpa used to take his old truck up there we all sat on the back, i must have been about 8 years old.. wow thats 43 years ago… loved it so many happy memories

  151. Avatar of cumminsclan4
    cumminsclan4 Reply

    I just remember spending the time drawing on the road and watching all the people going passed. I also love waiting for Santa. Now with my 3yr old he is well and truly ready for hoho (Santa) to come and see everyone so seeing the joy in his eyes is priceless.

  152. Avatar of Taylor Drewer
    Taylor Drewer Reply

    I used to love drawing on the road with chalk and making friends with all the other kids while waiting for the pageant to start 🙂

  153. Avatar of Tarsha Franklin
    Tarsha Franklin Reply

    Watching my daughter’s face light up and feeling her excitment while watching the floats

  154. Avatar of Catherine Ward
    Catherine Ward Reply

    Watching the Christmas Pageant has become a yearly tradition in our family. Our kids absolutely love it, and don’t even mind getting up early each year to go. The boys are so lucky to have an extra special Grandma and Grandad who get there *really* early to save us a great spot close to the front. We’ve got the super-sized chalk, bubbles and picnic rugs all ready to go for next Saturday! 🙂

  155. Avatar of Leanne Burton
    Leanne Burton Reply

    I have attended every year since 1986 when we moved to Adelaide and my favorite
    part was getting back to John Martins to see Santa and ride the horses, laugh with family and our crazy looking bodies in the mirrors and get over whelmed at all the toys on the shelves and which one would I be lucky enough to receive at Christmas.

  156. Avatar of Carly Treloar
    Carly Treloar Reply

    We would watch it on tv every year eat popcorn & put up the Christmas tree 🙂

  157. Avatar of Kate

    Watching it on telly as a family and getting so excited that Santa was on his way.

  158. Avatar of Claire Boan
    Claire Boan Reply

    The excitement of waiting for Nipper and Nimble and their beautiful riders, on television. I never got to go to see it in person.

  159. Avatar of Corrina

    I have not one memory… seriously, maybe a glims on the TV. I’m 32 years old and have never seen it and this shocks people when I tell them and I’m no grinch! Far from it. Now I have 3 young children of my own and on Saturday the 8th it is my daughters fifth birthday so we are all going as a family. So exciting! I’m hoping we make our very first memories then!!!

  160. Avatar of Pamela

    My most memorable experience of the pageant was taking my 2yr old to watch his brother and dad in it, on the London bus and then watching it at home and seeing them on TV.

  161. Avatar of rebecca

    As kids we would sit in front off the telly waiting patiently for santa to arrive. Then we would put up our xmas tree.

  162. Avatar of Ann-Therese Nemeth
    Ann-Therese Nemeth Reply

    As I child we never went but last year I took my children for the first time. I will never forget the look on their faces. We taped it so we could watch it again while we put up the tree. My 3 year old son still watches last years pageant today. He cant get enough of it 🙂

  163. Avatar of Vanessa Greenham
    Vanessa Greenham Reply

    Seeing the excitement on the kids faces as they wait for the pagent to start. Watching them have fun with all the other kids drawing pictures on the road with chalk.

  164. Avatar of Meegan Thompson
    Meegan Thompson Reply

    As a child mum and dad would always be working pageant day. So we didn’t get to go see it in person. But they never failed to record it so we could watch it every day until Christmas.

  165. Avatar of Shani Marsh
    Shani Marsh Reply

    It would have to be seeing my Uncle as a clown in the pageant for 4yrs in a row…and waving like mad when he got to up!

  166. Avatar of Jane Macklin
    Jane Macklin Reply

    Watching the excitement of our 3 year old last year seeing Father Christmas arrive for the first time…so much anticipation! Nanny & Grandad will be the ones up at 5am to secure our spot this year 🙂

  167. Avatar of Rebecca

    Nipper and Nimble! I always wanted to be the little girl on top, but as I was actually too scared to go on them at The Magic Cave, I would say my chances were pretty slim!!!!

  168. Avatar of Emz

    I always love to see which lucky girls are riding Nipper and Nimble, my favorite floats of the pageant! A childhood dream of mine!!

  169. Avatar of Vikki Reed
    Vikki Reed Reply

    My great great grandfather was the very first Father Christmas, so seeing my little girls faces light up when they see Santa waving as he arrives, warms my heart.

  170. Avatar of jess cutting
    jess cutting Reply

    My favorite memory was tsking my kids to there first pageant 3 yrs ago they just watched so excited

  171. Avatar of Jenelle

    I have always loved Nipper and Nibble and wanted to be the lucky girl on them.

  172. Avatar of michelle

    i loved the whole lot of it from the bands to the floats! Its the only way to celebrate! I would love to take the kids for there first time (and mine) as i have always just watched it on telly!

  173. Avatar of melanie

    Being in the pageant was a highlight for me – getting to see so many happy, smiling faces!

  174. Avatar of Meagan

    I was on the Nimble float when I was little because my Dad worked for John Martins. My dad was the head Marshall. Great memories, the pageant is so special 🙂

  175. Avatar of Naomi M

    Nipper & Nimble, always a favourite & so lovely to have kept them a part of the Christmas pageant all these years. Watching my own 2 daughters now delighted at seeing them & riding them in the Magic Cave brings alive fond childhood memories 🙂

  176. Avatar of lisa lakides
    lisa lakides Reply

    My favorite memories are of being enchanted by family members playing characters on the floats. And more recently seeing my children being awestruck at my friend being a pageant princess.

  177. Avatar of Karen Pamment
    Karen Pamment Reply

    I remember going as a kid and you had to wait until a certain time and then race up to behind the blue line to get a good spot. Now I take my daughters who just love it so much I love the look of magic in their eyes, the big smiles they have and all the waving and hi 5’s they share.

  178. Avatar of Sarah Rogers
    Sarah Rogers Reply

    Always my favourite seeing Santa’s Sleigh and Santa! I enjoyed all the fun and excitement of all the activity and spirit of Christmas

  179. Avatar of Belle Wong
    Belle Wong Reply

    Growing up as a kid we lived in the country, every year we watch the Christmas pageant from home. Now that I have children of my own I make sure I take them every year. It’s my sons first year, we are all very excited to see Santa.

  180. Avatar of Robyne K

    looking at the old yellowed photos my parents have, of myself as an excited child at the pageant, sitting on a float before the pageant started. brings back such love and gratitude for my parents <3

  181. Avatar of Christie Kensen
    Christie Kensen Reply

    Watching the pageant on the tv as a young girl so I could see nipper and nimble roll by. As soon as they did, I would race outside with a piece of chalk and try to draw them on the concrete paving in backyard with me as the fairy princess! Would be lovely take my little 2yo girl this year:-)

  182. Avatar of Bec Vozzo

    I don’t really remember watching the pageant except for on TV but i do remember lining up in the magic cave in John Martins and all the massive lego displays. Man I loved that stuff. But I would say my favourite memory was actually participating in the pageant. Being a clown and seeing those childrens faces light up is something I’ll never forget!

  183. Avatar of Natalie Marcuccio
    Natalie Marcuccio Reply

    I haven’t ever been that I remember but watched it on tv growing up so my favourite memory is last year when my little then 2 year old got excited to see it on the tv like I used to. None of us are good with crowds so haven’t yet been.

  184. Avatar of Erin Douglas
    Erin Douglas Reply

    We grew up in the country and I only got to go four times in my childhood. Once each for us four kids when we were at Kindy. I can remember being very excited as we made our way to the city to find our place along the route and then after going to the magic cave to ride nipper or nimble and to visit Santa.

  185. Avatar of Karen Jones
    Karen Jones Reply

    I was lucky enough to be on the nipper float when I was seven. Not only was it the best thing to happen to me as a child (and it made me a bit of a year 2 celebrity!), but at seven, I had no idea that it would be a lasting, and special memory that I would hold onto for the rest of my life. That seven year old fairy now shares the magic of the pageant with her own kids! Generations of lasting memories – we are very lucky in SA!

  186. Avatar of Kayelene Hanton
    Kayelene Hanton Reply

    Taking my 5 year old and 2 year old last year and seeing their faces when the floats started. My eldest loved all the bands the best and was bopping and dancing as soon as he heard one coming.

  187. Avatar of Rachel van der Linden
    Rachel van der Linden Reply

    Getting to be in the pageant – had sore smile muscles for at least a week after. Such a magical experience, watching the children’s reactions to the floats, clowns and other performers. And now I have a three year old who is so excited about sharing the magic of Christmas- I think I’m as excited to share her first pageant experience as she is!

  188. Avatar of sue brecknell
    sue brecknell Reply

    I remember always feeling the excitement of santa was getting close, the butterflies in the tummy. And when you could finally see him, screaming and jumping up and down. Magical!!

  189. Avatar of Adele Megaw
    Adele Megaw Reply

    I come from Port Augusta so most of my childhood we spent watching it on TV except 1 year! My parents bought both my brother and myself down for the pageant and it was amazing. We were so excited to see the floats right in front of us. And as I got older and moved to Adelaide I was able to take my younger cousins one year, but getting up at the crack of dawn to claim a spot!!
    Now I have an almost 2year old that would just be stunned at watching the pageant and being in the atmosphere it creates in the city. We would love to take him along with his 2 older cousins who haven’t yet been. 🙂

  190. Avatar of Dayna

    My first pageant was when I was 7tears old. My parents drove me into the city from The Barossa, it was really early & we put down some blankets to ‘mark our spot’. It was very exciting waiting for the floats to come down the road & I remember the anticipation. I was so overwhelmed when the first floats appeared, I’d never seen anything like it. The floats seemed so enormous , colourful & interactive. I can’t wait to share the experience this year with my kids who are 6 & 7 years old.

  191. Avatar of stef

    I love the Christmas Pageant, and although the floats are amazing, I would have to say my favorite part is just watching all the happy kids playing, smilinv, waving and getting so excited at the thought that Santa is coming!! There is not a worry in the world when you see so many happy kids in the one place!

  192. Avatar of Joanne Cobham
    Joanne Cobham Reply

    Taking my kids to the pageant. Seeing their eyes light up when they saw all the magical floats pass by . There is nothing like the pageant to get you in the spirit of Christmas each year.

  193. Avatar of Kylie

    My parents would never take us to the pageant, so my sister and I always watched it on tv at home.
    We used to put up the Christmas tree while sitting in front of the tv and watched all the beautiful floats and the lucky girls who got to ride Nipper and Nimble.
    Looking back, it was nice to have that tradition, but now I can’t wait to start a new tradition with my kids by taking them to the pageant!

  194. Avatar of Florence

    I don’t think I have a specific memory of the pageant, just a feeling of awe and wonderment. It was so magical to watch as a child while being surrounded by so many different people all enjoying the pageant added to the excitement.

  195. Avatar of Amy W

    I have the best memories of my parents taking my sister and I to the pageant when we were little. I loved Nipper and Nimble I always wanted to be on those floats! I still remember the excitement and anticipation of waiting for Father Christmas and the joy when he arrived. My favourite memory was one year he looked straight at me and blew me a kiss

  196. Avatar of Lucy

    Best memory of the pageant was the first time I took my children. I was all by myself with 2 small children (one with autism). Got a good spot kids were well behaved no autistic meltdowns, but best bit was the look of such wonder and excitement on thier faces as they watched the pageant go by. Perfect day out.

  197. Avatar of Kerry-Ann Burton
    Kerry-Ann Burton Reply

    Loved trying to guess how many floats till Santa arrived. I don’t think I’ve missed a pageant whether there or on the TV. It’s so much fun & now I share it with my kids.

  198. Avatar of nicole koczy
    nicole koczy Reply

    My best memory is going every year with my mum and drawing on the road just enjoying everything there is and now taking my kids every year so they can experience what i did seeing the joy and excitement on my there faces is a amazing feeling

  199. Avatar of MandyS

    I remember getting together with my cousins to watch and all being so excited to see nipper and nimble. I wanted to be one of the little girls on that float!

  200. Avatar of Rikki-Lee puddy
    Rikki-Lee puddy Reply

    Best memory was going with my mum and sister to the pageant and then the magic cave afterwards

  201. Avatar of anita pachot
    anita pachot Reply

    My nanna used to take us on the tram into the city. She always bought a thermos of hot chocolate and those little lollies in a jar from Darrel Lea. Rip nan. Awesome memories x x x x

  202. Avatar of Kirstin Trehan
    Kirstin Trehan Reply

    My best memory was taking my son for the first time and watching his face light up with all the wonderfull floats and his pure excitment when seeing Father Christmas. He is nearly 17 now and would love to share this experience with his little 2.5 year old sister

  203. Avatar of Jamie

    Best memory was my grandparents taking us when my cousin and I were young. We would get up early and drive all the way from victor harbor, find our spot and paint our faces with different coloured zinc cream with all types of Christmas things 🙂

  204. Avatar of Rach Bailey
    Rach Bailey Reply

    My best memory was getting dressed up and catching the train with my mum and brother. The clowns building the crowd up before the pageant started and hearing the sounds of the police band coming, as it meant the floats weren’t to far behind. I would wave at every single person in the pagent and shout merry Christmas to everyone!

  205. Avatar of Leonie Colquhoun
    Leonie Colquhoun Reply

    My best memory was Mum and Dad taking my younger sister and me in by o-bahn every year. We would watch the pageant, waving our flags, then we would go and have lunch at Berties Pancake Kitchen and then head off to the Magic Cave 🙂

  206. Avatar of Melanie

    My favourite memory was actually taking my youngest son for the first time. Even though is was nearly 11 months old, seeing his eyes light up as the floats went past and pointing everything out was special. I think seeing the joy in the faces of my own children is so much more special than all of my own memories combined.

  207. Avatar of Jess

    When I was young, our whole family would get there at the crack of dawn with all of our cousins and my nan. It was always a fantastic day and will forever remind me of my Nan. xx

  208. Avatar of Karyn Adams
    Karyn Adams Reply

    My favourite memory was definitely seeing the road come to life with children’s chalk drawings. I loved this as a child and when I returned to the pageant with my own children I was thrilled to see it’s still a tradition. It is now a highlight for them!

  209. Avatar of Rachael Musico
    Rachael Musico Reply

    Catching the bus to take position on Grenfell street opposite Harris Scarfes, being amazed by the floats and waiting for nipper and nimble to come past knowing Father Christmas was right behind which would mean a trip to John Martins Magic Cave in the next few weeks!!

  210. Avatar of chrissie

    My sister taking me to watch the pageant and then to magic cave after. I always loved the dragon float! I remember the excitement when the Christmas floats started coming coz it meant santa wasn’t far away!

  211. Avatar of stacey singline
    stacey singline Reply

    Coming from such a small community in the northern territory we never had anything like this. Then when we moved to Adelaide just before Christmas, i was 12 and i remember being taken by my grandfather for the first time and believing that Adelaide was a magical world at Christmas time because we never had seen anything like it. Blew my world!

  212. Avatar of Kristie Mellors
    Kristie Mellors Reply

    There’s many, but my daughter’s 2nd pageant, she was so excited about all the people and floats and clowns and bands! I was overjoyed to see her excitement! I cannot wait to come this year with our second daughter, she is 11 months old, so first one!!

  213. Avatar of Maddison Bleeze
    Maddison Bleeze Reply

    My fave was my baby brothers first pagent last year when he was absolutly mesmorised by the floats, i loved seeing the look of joy on his face and hope to see it again!

  214. Avatar of Kylie McCausland
    Kylie McCausland Reply

    Taking my daughter for the first time. She was busting with excitement and couldn’t wait to see Santa. We’d have lunch and be home in time to see the floats come down Port Rd.

  215. Avatar of jess woods
    jess woods Reply

    Drawing on the road while waiting for the parade, and that feeling of excitement when i finally saw Santa!

  216. Avatar of Amanda Hughes
    Amanda Hughes Reply

    Seeing the look of anticipation on the kids faces when they finally see Santa in the distance

  217. Avatar of Louise

    My best memory was seeing my sister as part of the pageant when it was still with John Martins. Loved having that inner link to it.

  218. Avatar of Michelle preiss
    Michelle preiss Reply

    The best memory I have is the first time I took my son and the look of excitement in his face ,

  219. Avatar of Leanne B

    Waiting with anticipation for the moment when Santa would finally be in town!

  220. Avatar of Charene Koekoek
    Charene Koekoek Reply

    I cross all my fingers 😀 My kids would love this 😀

  221. Avatar of Juju

    My favourite childhood memory…..I was in one of my favourite little white summer dresses and i had rather maticulously arranged my own little canvas fold out chair right behind the blue line. As I sat in my chair, not wanting to move (for fear of a sibling stealing my spot) I happened to look down in the gutter and there was a one cent piece!! I couldn’t believe my luck! So I bent down and grabbed it. The only thing was, it was sitting in sludge and I knew that I couldn’t possibly take home sludgy treasure. So I cleaned it. On my pretty white dress. I was so excited to tell the lovely policeman as he wandered by……..I think he was rather amused at the sludge smear on my dress. Ok, I know, not technically a ‘float’ story…..but all my Christmas’ had truly come at once that day! 😀

  222. Avatar of Lara Kingham
    Lara Kingham Reply

    I only remember watching the pageant on tv as a child, so my favourite memory of the pageant is when I was lucky enough to participate in it when I worked for a credit union in the 90s – it’s a very special experience to see all the children’s happy faces as you go by.

  223. Avatar of cassey thew
    cassey thew Reply

    When I was in the pageant with my brother as children. It was great to be a part of what brings so much joy to others!!! Would love to give my kids a special experience of the pageant too

  224. Avatar of Kimberly

    My parents would take my little sister & I every year. I remember fondly sitting on the edge of the gutter with mum watching us in her fold out chair whilst dad went to the station Arcade to get us all hot cinnamon doughnuts with jam in the middle! We would draw on the road with chalk eagerly awaiting the clowns! My sister and I can’t wait to take my 4 year old daughter & niece this year to their first ever Christmas Pageant!

  225. Avatar of Kay Finnis
    Kay Finnis Reply

    Because I came form the country I fondly remember sitting aorund the TV set with my siblings and friends waiting for the pageant to begin …. we all had bowls of popcorn and cordial … and were so very excited to see Nipper & Nimble & finally to see Father Christmas arrive so we could put up our own Christmas tree!! My children loved the pageant (we now live here) and now my little 4 years old granddaughter will also get to experience the lasting memories!!!

  226. Avatar of Lisa Bartlett
    Lisa Bartlett Reply

    Taking my friend’s then little boy with my other girlfriend’s then little niece to watch the pageant and having a very nice man invite us to watch with his daughter from the back of his ute! Awesome Christmas spirit and now can’t wait to take my own little girl. She is so excited about Santa coming and finally understands why she gets all these presents at Christmas!

  227. Avatar of megan ward
    megan ward Reply

    I haven’t ever been to the pageant but we watched it religiously in the TV when I was a child as we didn’t live in Adelaide.

  228. Avatar of Monique

    I’ve never been to a Christmas pageant only seen it on tv, it would be great to enjoy this experience with my boyfriend & some family members. & I’m 32weeks pregnant (due 25th December) so I’d like to experience it before my unborn child so when we go next year I can tell her what it’s all about(:

  229. Avatar of Amber Vidovich
    Amber Vidovich Reply

    Every year my sisters and I went to the pageant as kids, I always remember taking chalk with us and decorating the road while waiting for our favourite floats. I always loved the bookworm float and of course father Christmas! I would love to take my 3 kids this year for the first time!

  230. Avatar of Karen Simmons
    Karen Simmons Reply

    Watching my childrens faces in excitement when it starts and the ability to high five the clows.

  231. Avatar of Amy Richards
    Amy Richards Reply

    Drawing on the road with chalk, all excited waiting for the pageant to start.

  232. Avatar of Vikki White
    Vikki White Reply

    My favourite memory was.the first time I took my kids to the pageant, the look on their faces and the excitement…it was the best feeling ever

  233. Avatar of Nicki Edwards
    Nicki Edwards Reply

    My favourite memory is telling my kids that their great grandma was in the pageant in 1937, in their eyes it was all bit more magical

  234. Avatar of Michelle Carter
    Michelle Carter Reply

    My sister and niece are visiting from WA and I would love to experience it with them. Sadly we didn’t get a chance to attend growing up as we lived in the country but I remember watching it with joy on the TV.

  235. Avatar of Mel Cordell
    Mel Cordell Reply

    I have never been to the Adelaide pageant as my son and I aren’t good with crowds. We’d love to experience it one day though xx

  236. Avatar of Kate

    My favourite part are the bands. I performed in the Ttgully Redbacks for many years and have many great memories of making people smile.
    Now it’s my turn to take my kids.

  237. Avatar of Michelle

    mmm, so memories to pick from, but seeing the look on my kids faces – and all the other little ones faces as the pageant goes by!!! Priceless for sure – Sharing this event with friends is awesome

  238. Avatar of Jessica Harrison
    Jessica Harrison Reply

    I always remember doing chalk drawings on the road prior to the parade starting!!

  239. Avatar of beckyp

    I actually have never been to the peagent! So the reason for entering is to now make childhood memories for my children 🙂

  240. Avatar of Emma Repacholi
    Emma Repacholi Reply

    Was watching the joy on Mr 18 months face at the floats considering he was petrified of clowns. Hoping to see that same look on Miss nearly 2s face. 🙂

  241. Avatar of MrsYogi

    My daughter’s first pageant in 2009 was also my first. We sat in the rain enjoying the sheer excitement of the stunning Christmas floats!

  242. Avatar of Ellie

    My daughters first pageant was the best, though she fell asleep halfway she had so much fun and was so excited. Then Santa/Father Christmas stopped in front of us. Was wonderful like when I was little

  243. Avatar of Ali Tippett
    Ali Tippett Reply

    I can remember watching all the excitement from the living room. The old tv with the clicking knob and the wonderful commentary as the floats pulled closer to the old John Martin’s store.

  244. Avatar of Steve Hi

    Sitting in front of the TV watching the re-run seeing if we could see one another. Watching it “live on TV” if we didn’t make it that year…

  245. Avatar of Lorraine Scarr
    Lorraine Scarr Reply

    I didn’t grow up in Adelaide and have only been going to the pageant with my daughter since she was 3 and watching the delight in her face makes amazing memories for us but last year a lady aged 70 stood beside me in the heat and told me, with excitement in her eyes, that she hadn’t missed a pageant and still loves it as much today as when she first went! That showed me the joy of the pageant and how it can touch so many!

  246. Avatar of Anne-Margaret Giuliani Andreje
    Anne-Margaret Giuliani Andreje Reply

    My favourite pageant memory is putting up our Christmas tree every year either upon our return from the pageant or whilst watching it on TV. The absolute kick off of the Chtistmas season! I love that we are carrying on the tradition with our little girls now

  247. Avatar of Mindo K Mamanya L
    Mindo K Mamanya L Reply

    I’ve been living in Adelaide for 8 years, my first Christmas Pageant was last year. I was riding my bike from home 6.30am, no breakfast, to secure good spot for my 4yo daughter. Glad its all paid off seeing the biggest smile ever from my daughter saw all characters and magic that happen on Christmas Pageant

  248. Avatar of Dione McCloud
    Dione McCloud Reply

    I didn’t grow up in Adelaide so never went to the pageant – that I can remember. We would watch it on TV every year, clapping and dancing along then we’d put up our Christmas tree and lights out the front of our house. Now I live in Adelaide and have 3 young kids we go every year and record it, then watch it when we get home while putting the tree up. Love the tradition of Christmas and the excitement of the kids.

  249. Avatar of Melanie Hinz
    Melanie Hinz Reply

    Remember doing chalk drawings and what felt like forever waiting for the pageant to begin. 🙂

  250. Avatar of Amanda McSkimming
    Amanda McSkimming Reply

    I was lucky enough as a kud to be part of the pageant 1 year. I love taking my kids now but to be able to watch the kids in the crowd as you drive past was amazing. I’ll be taking my 3 kids again this year.

  251. Avatar of Ann Marie Hentschke
    Ann Marie Hentschke Reply

    I have no real memory of the pageant as I never went as a child but I would love to start creating new memories with my family. My little boy would be truely fascinated by the pageant and it would be great to finally experience it for myself.

  252. Avatar of Alex Prichard
    Alex Prichard Reply

    I was lucky enough to participate in the pageant one year – as a clown (I worked at Johnnies). It meant getting up at the crack of dawn, it was a long morning and I wrapped it up with an afternoon at the cricket!

  253. Avatar of Lorraine Fendt
    Lorraine Fendt Reply

    When we first came to Adelaide from England we became friends with someone who worked in John Martins. So the first pageant we ever went to was at John Martins sitting upstairs in the offices looking out the windows onto what is now Rundle Mall watching the pageant go by – eating lollies and drinking soft drinks. We only got to do it like that the one time, but as we were growing up we went every year, we never missed them.

  254. Avatar of Laura Davis
    Laura Davis Reply

    I remember the Christmas pageant always marking the start of christmas in our household when I was a kid. We’d sit in front of our small tv & watch the whole thing With excitement! Today at 37 weeks pregnant with my second Id love to start a tradition for my family and have my four Year old girls first experience seeing it live (in comfort for me!??)

  255. Avatar of Erin Radford
    Erin Radford Reply

    My favourite pageant memory is when I was 7 and I really desperately wanted to go to the pageant and the night before the pageant mum had said it was going to be way too hot to sit in the sun for that long to watch it. I was so upset! She woke me up at the crack of dawn, got me ready and took me to the city. She took me to see all the floats and all the dancers, band members, and all the teddys, clowns, princesses and fairies. I got to climb on the floats and take photo’s with everyone with their floats… INCLUDING SANTA! I was so happy. It was awesome 🙂

  256. Avatar of Toni Ibrahim
    Toni Ibrahim Reply

    My favourite pageant memory is going with my mum as a little girl and always visiting the magic cave after, watching Santa go past waving is just magical. With my mum no longer with me I look forward to making those same memories with my kids at the moment my first my little girl who is 7 months old

  257. Avatar of Samantha Sanderson
    Samantha Sanderson Reply

    I never went to the pageant as a child. I used to watch it on the Tv at home. I would love to take my 2 little ones to the pageant this year for their first time and watch their llittle faces light up with excitement.

  258. Avatar of Sue

    Watching the new floats each year and of course waiting for that very special last float.

  259. Avatar of kym harvey
    kym harvey Reply

    I have lived in Adelaide for 10 years and never been to the pageant. I would love to take my two boys

  260. Avatar of Terri Herrero
    Terri Herrero Reply

    Every year my Dad and Uncle would park the car down a side street along the parade route the night before and then go back in the morning, move the car and put up two ladders and a plank so us kids could sit up high and watch the pageant. We LOVED it, it was so much fun.

  261. Avatar of Theresa

    I have been living in Adelaide for over 10 years now, and have never been to the pageant. My two girls 7 and 4 would love to go, and I would love their first experience of it to be a memorable one!

  262. Avatar of Sarah Tearle
    Sarah Tearle Reply

    Going with my nana, cousins and sister every year, waiting for hours and drawing on the concrete in chalk. The worm and guy from the book club were there and seeing the elephant float 🙂

  263. Avatar of Julie

    I have never been to a Christmas pageant in Australia before and I don’t have kid but the reason I am entering the competition is to make a family happy, if I win I would like to donate the VIP pass to one family whose their child is in hospital!

  264. Avatar of stella apo
    stella apo Reply

    We never got to go, can’t wait to create new memories at the pageant with my boys!

  265. Avatar of Sarah Rose
    Sarah Rose Reply

    The first year I can remember was with my mum and one of her friends and he children. There was 8 of us together! Then we went to the magic cave and Dazzleland afterwards! It was so much fun!!

  266. Avatar of Tina

    My favorite memory of the pageant was in the day of the John Martin’s Christmas pageant. My great aunt was an employee, and got tickets for her, myself and my little sister to ride on a bus in the pageant. My aunt was born with a clubbed foot, but was fearless, and was always taking us to do exciting things.
    This year, I’d love to give my kids an exciting experience, as with twins due in March, I know things will be harder to do for a few years.

  267. Avatar of Trudie Nicholas
    Trudie Nicholas Reply

    My favorite pageant memory is every year! As a child my sister, cousins and I would go to the pageant with my nanna, who is now 99, every year. We were always so excited and how lucky we were to go every year. When turning 17, I moved to Victoria and now

  268. Avatar of Kerryn Williams
    Kerryn Williams Reply

    I love love love the pageant!! My fave memory so far would be when we got a good spot on grenfell st 6 yrs ago & my oldest son was only 16 months old- he was so excited by it all!!! Complete with drawing on the street with chalk & sitting on his uncles shoulders to watch the floats go past 🙂 LOVE christmas 🙂

  269. Avatar of boofie

    My fave memory is going along the parked floats before the pageant started and talking to the people on the floats. I don’t think you can do that now but I still cherish the memory.

  270. Avatar of Jasmine Hilary Montgomery
    Jasmine Hilary Montgomery Reply

    The first time I got to go to the pageant was three years ago when I took my son for the first time! We were both excited as each other and gasped at each float! We have gone every year since and this year will be bringing his sister along!t

  271. Avatar of Raquel Romeo-Ruge
    Raquel Romeo-Ruge Reply

    My fave memory of the pageant is when my dad would get up at the crack of dawn to park his truck along the route and then we would be dropped off to watch the pageant from the inside of the truck (with the side opened up), we had the best seat in house and it meant all our family and friends could come.

  272. Avatar of Janine

    The look on my children’s faces when the pageant starts and when Santa finally arrives!

  273. Avatar of Kate Stewart
    Kate Stewart Reply

    I was the youngest of five (with four older brothers) and we always sat in the 4th floor window of my Dad’s office (opposite Bee Hive corner) as I think Mum felt safer with us out of the crowd. I would always wish that I could be on ANY float, just to be a part of the magic. It would be wonderful to give my daughters a Magical experience while they still believe the magic.

  274. Avatar of Kylie Clarke
    Kylie Clarke Reply

    Favourite memory would have to be getting up nice and early with my sister, mum and nanna to go and get a close spot then once santa would come we’d go to the magic cave and afterwards We’d catch the popeye to the zoo and spend the day there..

    Cant a wait to make this an every year event for my kids so then they get the experience that i got 🙂

  275. Avatar of kathryn vassallo
    kathryn vassallo Reply

    We lived in the country & didn’t get to see it ‘live’ very often but there was one time when my uncle had his truck & me & my cousins all sat up on it & had the best view!

  276. Avatar of Shelly Brown
    Shelly Brown Reply

    As a child I watched the pagaent on television, I am sure we attended once or twice but I don’t recall. Years before my son was born we lived in the CBD, I used to host a sleepover for my friend’s girls, we used to wake up early on the morning of the pagaent, walk to King William st and find the best spot. The girls would write on the road with giant chalk and then we would all enjoy the magic of the pagaent. My son is now 6 and we have been in the city by 7am every year, he is the one who now draws on the road and watching the joy on his face as the floats drift past is priceless!!

  277. Avatar of Kerrie Kuszczakowski
    Kerrie Kuszczakowski Reply

    Watching my kids faces light up when Father Christmas arrives. Priceless!

  278. Avatar of Riley030

    Around 35 years ago my dads work used to use its supply trucks to park along the route and all of the employees and there children would sit in the trucks (had rolled up canvas sides) and watch the pageant from there. The work christmas party would be held in one of Adelaide’s surrounding parklands the same day. So as a child it was a pretty awesome day and we always used to get supper excited when we knew it was pageant time. Trips to the magic cave were very special occasions as well and a full day event. I have not been to the pageant since I was about 10 (30yrs ago) as I don’t have children of my own but now have 2 gorgeous nieces and 2 handsome nephews who would love a truly magical pageant experience.

  279. Avatar of Amanda F

    I have always loved waiting for the Christmas themed floats to appear because they mean Father Christmas is so close! Mum used to build the excitement up for me and now I do it for my kids hohoho

  280. Avatar of Alison

    Me and my three children watch the pageant from home every year and at the same time we put up our Christmas tree. The pageant means that Christmas isn’t very far away. We then organize to visit the Magic Cave as soon as we can.

  281. Avatar of Sarah Hughes
    Sarah Hughes Reply

    I remember getting in early and having breakfast on the side on the road. We used to sit on the median strip on King William Rd. We used to have to tuck in our toes when the tram went past! Such great memories that I have with my brother and parents that I now want to share with my two young children.

  282. Avatar of Jasmine Chamings
    Jasmine Chamings Reply

    I have never been and would love to take my daughter who has also never been please 🙂

  283. Avatar of Val Bettens
    Val Bettens Reply

    you have never experienced the pageant until you have taken a child with ASD (Autism) they want so desperately to be there but can not manage a big long wait…. so you make arrangements for the child’s father who no longer lives with you to save a spot for you and the child… then you catch a taxi because finding a park close to when the pageant starts is almost impossible. find the spot wriggle your way to the front apologise profoundly as you are an adult and are at the front (you need to be as your child would other wise run and join the parade).. By this time you are exhausted and the stress of the sounds and people are beginning to get to your son… you take a deep breath….. the pageant starts and your son is in awe…. the look of sheer joy and amazement is priceless……

  284. Avatar of Katrina Basnett
    Katrina Basnett Reply

    I only ever got to go to the Pageant once, with my father. He got my brother and I up super early caught the tram in to town and sat for hours waiting for the procession. One of my best memories with them as they both passed away when I was 15 and 16. I’d love for my boys to have one of those kinds of memories with me and their dad.

  285. Avatar of Dani Hobbs
    Dani Hobbs Reply

    We watched from the roof of my dad’s office building once. I’m quite short so that was the first timtime I really got to see the floats properly.

  286. Avatar of Cabby

    I have very vivid memories of my Dad parking a work flat tray truck at the southern end of King William Street leaving it there over night and the family returning early next morning to sit on the truck and watch the pageant pass by, smallest sitting at the front of the tray oldest standing at the back, the year 1952, still wonderful memories all these years later, now my 4 year old Grandson is just as excited about the Pageant as I was all those years ago.

  287. Avatar of DL

    Seeing the delight on my children’s faces makes the early morning so worthwhile! Watching the pageant has been a family tradition for many years, that’s when the tree goes up too, right after Father Christmas arrives in Adelaide. We love it

  288. Avatar of leanne wood
    leanne wood Reply

    Every year I think its for my 3 boys….then you hear the whisper….hes coming and there he is! Santa clause. Its still as exciting as ever!

  289. Avatar of Michele Fisk
    Michele Fisk Reply

    many happy memories of watching my childrens faces waiting for santa going back over 40yrs now its time to take the great grandchildren

  290. Avatar of natalee

    when I took my son for the first time last year he loved it he was standing there dancing away to all the bands that walked pass and he would get so excited watching all the floats go by so he would love to do it again this year where he can see it in a great spot 🙂

  291. Avatar of Lisa Ainscough
    Lisa Ainscough Reply

    I had always watched it on tv but took my children for the first time last year 2.5 and 6 mths old. They loved it.the people the colours the atmosphere and music from the marching bands. Even enjoyed drawing on the road with chalk while we waited for it to start.

  292. Avatar of Heather Halliday
    Heather Halliday Reply

    I remember being on the red bus as my sister was one of the pageant princesses. I was about 12 at the time 🙂

  293. Avatar of Ashleigh

    I remember being so jealous of the little girls on nipper and nimble!! And I love that they still use the same horses now.

  294. Avatar of Narelle

    My first pageant experience was with my daughter. The joy and excitement of all the kids there couldnt be beaten. As a child I was also jealous of the girls on Nipper and Nimble. Glad I wasnt the only one lol.

  295. Avatar of Alison

    My Dad carrying a ladder all the way through the South Tce parklands so that he could make sure that my brother, sister & I had the best seats in the house. We’d use it to climb into the lower branches of the trees lining Sth Terrace. Sometimes one of us would sit on the top rung of the ladder & we’d take it in turns at sitting on Dad’s shoulders & looking out for our favourite floats.

  296. Avatar of Wenonah

    With my sister. .. whom kept me dry with her coat bc it was raining. Weather always hit and miss for the pageant!

  297. Avatar of Michelle

    Would watch it on TV as a little girl and loved to visit John Martins Magic Cave. But most memorable was to take my girls to see it and see their faces light up with all the colour of the floats

  298. Avatar of Lorna Nickels
    Lorna Nickels Reply

    Staking a place on the route
    Waving at Nipper, Nimble in glee
    Santa, bagpipes, marching bands
    Then watching it all again on tv!

  299. Avatar of Jasmine

    My favourite memory of the Christmas pageant from when I was a kid was when my Mum, Nan and Grand Nan took my sister and myself and our cousin and we all got to sit in the front row.

  300. Avatar of Jennie

    In our house my Grandma used to get up at the crack of dawn to catch the bus in to town to secure a front row position..mum and I would catch the bus in at a more respectable time to meet my Grandma. Once it was all over, we would head home and watch it all again on the tv!

  301. Avatar of Cherie

    pageant day and then lining up to go see Santa at the magic cave <3

  302. Avatar of 'Lisa Robinson
    'Lisa Robinson Reply

    My favourite memory of the pageant is the first time we took our little boy. The look of amazement when he seen the floats and characters and especially the interaction he had with the clowns. When he got to Santa at the end his hand couldn’t wave quick enough and his smile was priceless for a first time parent.

  303. Avatar of Holly

    My favorite pageant memory was last year, watching it on tv with our daughter, (she was too young to go) she just sat there and watched it! With a few little giggles along the way! 🙂
    This year will be her first pageant! we are so excited!

  304. Avatar of Lauren Wardle
    Lauren Wardle Reply

    My favourite memory is when I took my lille girl to the pageant last year. Every time a float went by the look on here face was priceless and always had were hand out for the clowns and float people that come along and always saying when santa was coming.

  305. Avatar of Patricia Dexter
    Patricia Dexter Reply

    Watching and wishing that I was the little girl atop nipper or nimble

  306. Avatar of Nicolle Andermahr
    Nicolle Andermahr Reply

    taking my older kids to there first one and seeing there faces

  307. Avatar of mell williams
    mell williams Reply

    I have never had the EXPERIENCE on the pageant in the city i have 6 KIDS and some were young to wait all day to get a good spot..but we always watched it at home and my kids loved it so much they just hope and pray we win this so we can actually get to watch it this year inSTYLE…thanks for the chance from my kids Chloe,Bradley,Kimberley,Hannah,Hayley and lil bub ethan…they r crossing each and every part of their body then can that they be the lucky ones to win…thanks again

  308. Avatar of ifjsc9

    Watching my boys faces light up as all the floats pass by. Especially when the jolly old fellow, Father Christmas went past.

  309. Avatar of anika

    I have never been. My son is almost 3 and I would love him to experience it first hand

  310. Avatar of KP

    Sitting in the crowd with my four sisters and brother, excitedly waiting for father christmas to arrive. This wasn’t too many years ago and I am over 30yrs! You are never too old for the pageant, and I cannot wait to introduce my daughter to this magical tradition!

  311. Avatar of Adele Beens
    Adele Beens Reply

    Getting on a packed out train with dad looking at all the excited kids all going to the pageant. Sitting in the front row catching lollies the clowns were throwing out and waiting to see father Christmas. I can still remember that excited feeling when he came!

  312. Avatar of Sue

    Going on the tram with my two sisters into the city to watch the pageant. I used to love seeing all the clowns and other characters come up to us as kids and throw lollies or blow bubbles.

  313. Avatar of delatkinson
    delatkinson Reply

    my best memory was watching my children at the pagent many years ago. And now taking my beautiful granddaughter to see it years later! What a memory to share with her.

  314. Avatar of Eleni Fagan
    Eleni Fagan Reply

    We use to live on Henley Beach Road, I remember sitting outside our house and watching the Parade go by, after finishing we hopped on the bus and went to John Martins to visit Santa.

  315. Avatar of Nat M

    In the back of a van we kids numbering 8 travelled to town. The dads set up a couple of ladders and put us all on a painters plank high up between the ladders. We could see everything we were so high.

  316. Avatar of Molly Weston
    Molly Weston Reply

    Days after having my tonsils out and feeling miserable mum took us to the pagent to help cheer me up. I wasn’t in the mood and sat with folded arms until a clown with a fake bucket of water poured over me. I was so surprised I was speechless at first but then couldn’t stop laughing. It brightened my whole day and gave me a huge smile before the big man in red arrived. Glad to live in SA and have the greatest pagent to start off the festive season.

  317. Avatar of kerri coulter-biddle
    kerri coulter-biddle Reply

    Taking my kiddies for the first time and seeing their faces light up when Santa arrives

  318. Avatar of leah_13

    I just love the pageant. My best memory by far is when my husband & I were clowns in the 2008 Christmas Pageant. After a bright & early morning of getting into character for the day we headed over to fill up on some breakfast. It was in the park & under a beautiful tree that he proposed! Nedless to say that it was one of the best days of my life, filled with love, excitement & the best adrenaline rush in the world! It will be exactly 6 years to the day (8.11.08) that marks the beginning of our wonderful life together as well as the 2nd birthday of our beatiful son Archie!

  319. Avatar of Marie Brenchley
    Marie Brenchley Reply

    Never been, and would love to take my 3 year old daughter. We live to far away to drive down at the crack of dawn to reserve a great spot 🙂

  320. Avatar of Loula Mihalopoulos
    Loula Mihalopoulos Reply

    I loved watching it on TV imagining I was the little girl ridding the horses

  321. Avatar of lia haskett
    lia haskett Reply

    Watching the pageant on the tv as we are from country SA. Every year we would turn up the Christmas carols and put the Christmas tree up whilst waiting to get a glimpse of Father Christmas! I now do this with my children. A 2 year old and a first for my son (8months)

  322. Avatar of Catrina Gladwell
    Catrina Gladwell Reply

    Preparing the night before with antler headbands, bell chimes and tinsel, then going to bed early full of excitement to wake up early the next morning, find the best viewing spot and counting down when the pageant would start – as soon as you see the Police Horses you know it’s here!!

  323. Avatar of tess

    Beauty beauty and more beauty…they were all so beautiful and always wondered how they were sooooo beautiful, full of life and colour, as I watched the pageant on tv.

  324. Avatar of Holly White
    Holly White Reply

    I grew up on a farm in the State’s South East. I only went to the Pageant once at the age of 8 and it was the most magical wonderful thing I had ever seen! I have only been able to go once since. Now at the age of 36, I’m thrilled to be taking my daughters! Bit emotional about it because it’s not something I ever forgot when I went for the first time : ) x

  325. Avatar of Hollie L

    My favourite memory is always remembering that feeling you get when you know the next float to come is Father Christmas. You can’t beat that feeling, no matter how old you are.

  326. Avatar of Kendra Sanders
    Kendra Sanders Reply

    I’ve never been lucky enough to go to the pageant 🙁 But have watched it every year on the telly! Would love to take my little man so he gets to go.

  327. Avatar of Kellie Byrne
    Kellie Byrne Reply

    Watching Christmas pageants on television with my Nan were wonderful when I was a kid.

  328. Avatar of Francy Pappas
    Francy Pappas Reply

    A fond Pageant memory and tradition for my beautiful little family is to watch the Pageant on TV every year whilst putting up our Christmas tree. The star doesn’t go on our tree until Santa arrives each pageant. This year is the first year my girls are old enough to appreciate attending their first Credit Union Christmas Pageant. Weather we are in the Credit Union VIP stand or on the streets, either way I’m sure my families first live pageant experience will be memorable and magical. The beginning of a new tradition for our family.

  329. Avatar of Meredith

    My Parents would take and errect a scaffold so we could see over peoples heads. Not very safe but lots and lots of fun!

  330. Avatar of Gabi

    Have been living in sa for 7 yrs & have never had the chance to experience the pageant…now that we have 2 young boys I know its something we can not miss – they would luv it & would gain some wonderful memories.

  331. Avatar of Kelly-Anne Leddy
    Kelly-Anne Leddy Reply

    Asking my parents every five seconds when Santa was going to come when I was about 5 years old and by the time Santa came I was fast asleep, my parents said they woke me up but I have no recollection of it at all so I must have been still asleep

  332. Avatar of Serina

    Favourite memory was when my youngest was one year old. The look on her face as the floats went by….priceless!

  333. Avatar of vanessa

    As a child I went every year. Since Ive had children and we live further away I try to go every second year. Great day with the family to start the xmas season

  334. Avatar of Karen Breslauer
    Karen Breslauer Reply

    Seeing Santa for the first time ever- I remember it vividly

  335. Avatar of carolyn rauch
    carolyn rauch Reply

    Seeing BoBo the clown when I was s little girl in yhe 50s

  336. Avatar of Julia

    I love watching the pageant on TV each year, haven’t braved the crowds to see it in person yet.

  337. Avatar of Katrina

    Chalk drawings and the anticipation before the pageant starts. 😉

  338. Avatar of Chelsea Jansons
    Chelsea Jansons Reply

    Nellie the mechanical elephant was a favourite when I was little!

  339. Avatar of Michelle Buttfield
    Michelle Buttfield Reply

    My 3year old daughter on her 15 year old brothers shoulders, her smiling constantly as the floats went past. It was beautiful the way the Pageant closed the gap between big brother and little sister

  340. Avatar of Melanie ingham
    Melanie ingham Reply

    Always wishing I could be the one sitting on nipper or nimble!

  341. Avatar of Karen Matthews
    Karen Matthews Reply

    I remember one pageant getting there late and being behind everyone, some people let me through I sat on the blue line, no idea where my parents were but watched without moving, that year Santa waved to me, just me or so my 5 yr old self thought!

  342. Avatar of Sarah Evans
    Sarah Evans Reply

    My favourite memory was watching my 4 year olds daughters face light up the first year I took her to the pageant just as much as mine used to when I was a kid.

  343. Avatar of Mel pesaturo
    Mel pesaturo Reply

    My favourite memory was seeing my 3yr olds face when she saw Father Christmas for the first time…. She understood that Christmas was nearly here…!

  344. Avatar of Jenna Busch
    Jenna Busch Reply

    Every year my mum and aunty would take me and my cousins to the pageant together. We were lucky enough to know someone who owned a truck which was parked along the pageant route so had a great view each year. I remember loving all the dancers who dance alongside the floats. Best memories which I hope to now share with my daughter and create her own.

  345. Avatar of Rochelle Fletcher
    Rochelle Fletcher Reply

    It has always been Nipper and Nimble for me. As a little girl I watched those beautiful princesses in awe longing to be one! I had to settle for riding them at the magic Cave instead!

  346. Avatar of Tamara

    I never had the opportunity to go to the pageant as a child, so my memories are watching it at home and then decorating our tree! I have this same tradition with my children now and would love t give them the experience I never had.

  347. Avatar of LeahandPaul Eustace
    LeahandPaul Eustace Reply

    I only got to go to the Pageant a couple of times as a child, but I did get to sit on Nellie to Elephant once! That would have to be my favourite memory.

  348. Avatar of Julie

    I can’t say I have a Pageant memory, as I’ve never been to one. I went to many Xmas parades while in Sydney in 2011 and once here in Melbourne. I only remember the Pageants I have seen in American movies and they looked so much fun!

  349. Avatar of Alicia

    I went to many John Martin’s Christmas Pageants and always dreamed of being in one. I got to do that at 18 the last one that was John Martin’s was an amazing experience all the more special because it was with Nellie the Elephant.

  350. Avatar of Renae Elsie Georg
    Renae Elsie Georg Reply

    I’ve only been able to attend once before when I was 17 (though I am looking forward to bringing my kids this year) but my favourite memory of the pageant is watching the pageant on the TV as a child with Book Worm commentating while I was setting up the Christmas tree. It was a tradition to set the tree while watching the pageant and I loved seeing the old favourite floats as well as seeing the new ones for that year.

  351. Avatar of Karen

    My 2 year old son is sooooo excited (his words) because Father Christmas is coming to town!!! (also his words, he tells everyone!!) I have so many favourite memories of the Christmas Pageant:) But watching him, last year, simply spellbound in wonder, intermittently clapping his heart out and then watching in rapture was amazing:)

  352. Avatar of Caro

    It was such a big deal in our house in 1976 when we got our first colour television and watched the Pageant (my parents even invited friends around!). It was a tiny screen, but my memories of it are big.

  353. Avatar of cat

    The excitement of waiting for Father Christmas – he always waved at me every year!

  354. Avatar of Dask

    My brother and I used to go to our Gran’s for the morning and watch it on TV. I always loved Nipper and Nimble and my girls love them now too!

  355. Avatar of James

    Being from NZ, hopefully this year will be my first pagent memory 🙂

  356. Avatar of ACE6A

    Seeing the enjoyment my late Grandma had at being at the pageant with me when I was young

  357. Avatar of Diana

    I can’t recall ever seeing a pageant as a child but I will never forget the joy on my children’s faces at the sight of the Myer Melbourne Christmas parade and the excitement of seeing Santa and being greeted by all the characters as they went past.

  358. Avatar of noni-b

    My favourite memory would be taking my daughter for the first time. Seeing the wonder on her face was amazing!!

  359. Avatar of loretta Exelby
    loretta Exelby Reply

    Taking my one year twins last year with their older brother and sister, We were all excited to see the floats go past.

  360. Avatar of Katarina

    Don’t have any Pageant memories…but would LOVE to share my daughter’s first Pageant memory! 🙂

  361. Avatar of Laura Portolesi
    Laura Portolesi Reply

    Watching the pageant with my dad when I was 9 years old in the rain, completely soaked but thrilled to see all the beautiful floats go by. Laura

  362. Avatar of Jenny Wardrop
    Jenny Wardrop Reply

    We have only watched the pageant on tv, so id like to make memories with my kids this year (my little one use to wave to all the people on tv tho)!!

  363. Avatar of Tamara

    Have to be that the pageant marks the beginning of the most magical time of year.

  364. Avatar of rmckay01

    Sitting on my Dad’s shoulders watching Father Christmas in his float for the very first time. My younger sisters were standing on the ground and couldn’t really see so I felt very important

  365. Avatar of Nicki Cambourn
    Nicki Cambourn Reply

    I have two favourite memories. One of my grandparents taking me and my siblings, both of my grand parents are now passed away. The other was when I was around 6yo and my mum let my favourite Aunty take me. My Aunty then took me to the Magic Cave and kept making me ride on Nimble the rocking horse over & over & over again, because she thought the boy operating it was cute!! haha.

  366. Avatar of Rhiannon

    Every pageant holds a fav memory even dating back 30 years ago (starting with me) but Watching my eldest daughter @ 11months (now 4) dancing around catching bubbles and drawing chalk pictures with children of all ages – then telling her 2month old sister all about the floats and the magic of christmas ( she was 2 at the time)

    The pageant is truly magical in the sense that its one of the few occasions inb life where so many people from all different walks of life, races and religions join as one – to smile and laugh and love for our children – So thank you for this.