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Hey Mums, WIN a Villa Cubby From Aarons Outdoor Living Just in Time For Christmas

Want to WIN the ultimate outdoor cubby for the kiddies? AND take home the crown for the “BEST MUM in the ENTIRE WORLD”?

Thanks to Aarons Outdoor Living, it’s possible.

That’s right mums and dads. You can provide them with hours of pretend play, take back your house and give the kids a place to call their own… in the backyard. And just in time for school holidays!

If that’s not a Christmas win, then I’m not sure what is!

Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.

Win an Aarons Villa Cubby for the kids

And, because it’s Aarons, you know it’s no ordinary cubby either. This outdoor oasis is awesome! With plenty of space to store toys, your kids will be in imaginary play heaven. The Villa cubby comes with a skylight (yes, a freakin’ skylight), stable doors and a steering wheel. It even comes with its very own balcony, perfect for hosting al fresco tea parties or BBQs. Plus you can add optional extra accessories including a fort and slide to really up your cubby game.

Add a bed, a beer fridge and Netflix, and I would seriously consider living in it myself. No kids allowed. No snoring husbands allowed either.

Where cubby dreams come true 

win an Aarons Villa cubby

In fact, the whole range of cubbies at Aarons Outdoor Living is beyond amazeballs.

Aarons wooden cubby

The Mansion (above), for example, comes slightly elevated and with a slide. The Castle is as cute and cosy as they come. And the Taj Mahal is a two story kingdom of awesomeness, complete with a rock climbing wall and slippery dip.  There are ten different cubbies in the range, all with hardwood Jarrah trims and treated pine internal framework.

painted Aarons villa cubby

And the winner of the Best Mum Ever award goes to… 

Let’s face it, after your kiddies unwrap their brand new cubby for Christmas, you will be crowned as the coolest mum in the world.

Sure, you may not be able to bake a three tiered cake, or turn normal sandwiches into super cute animals, and your Bookweek costume may have been a massive mum fail, but, hey, you got the kids a cubby for Christmas.

So bask in the glory of cubby-house success. Whether you buy one, or happen to win one, you deserve it!

Win an Aarons Villa Cubby


Aarons have one Villa Cubby, valued at $1995, to give away to one lucky Mum Central family. Your brand new cubby comes on ground, unstained with a skylight, stable doors, choice of roof colours, telescope and steering wheel for the ultimate in pretend play.

Aarons will arrange delivery of the cubby to a store for pick up and, if you want to further pimp your cubby, you can choose to add a few little extras (for a fee), including staining, elevation and delivery/installation.

To enter, simply fill out the form below and answer the question, “Which is your favourite Aarons cubby and why?” (If you need a clue, check them all out here at Aaron’s cubby page. 

Win an Aarons Villa Cubby, valued at $1,995!

Oh, and if you decide you can’t wait and NEED to buy one NOW, it’s okay. If you happen to win, then Aarons will simply reimburse you.

Or… you can have two cubbies. One for the kids. And one for you.

Avatar of Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Sonja Henderson
    Sonja HendersonReply

    The mansion, might just have to move in myself, so i can say i live in one 🙂

    • Avatar of Mon-Sue Gregson Coorey
      Mon-Sue Gregson CooreyReply

      We would give the cubby house we have now away to someone on facebook if we were to win this great competition…Our favourite cubby is the MONSTER FORT….but to be honest any cubby house is all time fun for the kids but one with a twisted slide & climbing wall would be out of this world of fun….

      • Avatar of Katrina Stanton
        Katrina StantonReply

        Arron thanks for building my future House. Never owned one. Will their be rates and taxes, or they are included. Well the children will have a ball in it. I love them all. I guess I could charge them board. Ha! Ha!. No really, Awesome. I like the Manor. Look any of them are great. I have seven Grandchildren. So Christmas solved in one hit.

        • Avatar of Teresa Foreman
          Teresa ForemanReply

          I love the manor. Its gorgeous and has a country homestead look about it. I think it would be absolutely devine! 🙂

    • Avatar of Michelle

      Id love the Mansion for my grandsons they love playing outside and this would be an amazing gift for them

      • Avatar of Jo Safet

        The Mansion! Brings back so many childhood memories and I’d love my boys have great memories like I do! Playing with brothers and sisters is so important

    • Avatar of Amander baker
      Amander bakerReply

      The mansion would be amazing. My son would be able to wear himself out playing then give me a full night sleep!!

    • Avatar of Desrae

      Just started christmas cubby shopping around for our 6,5 and 1.5year old. Went to the new Logan home store and loved how the kids could test everything out! The two big kids fell in love with the taj mahal. But with miss 1.5 I think the villa would be perfect for all three kids to spend quality time bonding together.

    • Avatar of Charmaine Mitchell
      Charmaine MitchellReply

      Definitely the mansion, it would be a dream come true for my two princesses.

    • Avatar of Glynnis

      I would love The Castle for my little Prince & Princess

    • Avatar of Sharna sosnowski
      Sharna sosnowskiReply

      The mansion… my 2 yo son would lose his mind having a cubby WITH a slide- he’d be in heaven. He’d move in and we wouldn’t see him all summer. He already has a kitchen, tool bench ready to go just needs the cubby. Have to drag him out of the cubby at his cousins house so it would be truly great to have his own!

    • Avatar of Deborah Sugden
      Deborah SugdenReply

      I think the Taj Mahal would be a dream playground for my grandkids, it’s a castle, palace and mansion in one.

    • Avatar of Danielle Bailey
      Danielle BaileyReply

      The ‘Taj Mahal’ cubby looks like every kids dream. Fit for the queen! It appears to have something for everyone. All the Bells and whistles! It has got me wanting to be a kid again. Our cubbies as kids were in the trees or bushes or on the bunk beds.

    • Avatar of Alan

      Our kids would love the mansion, especially if the slide went into a paddling pool!

    • Avatar of Kylie Hall

      My four boys would really love the Mansion. I can just see them having many nerf battles in and around it!

    • Avatar of Patrice

      I love all of thee!! So it’s a hard choice, but a favorite would have to be the forte so my nosey 3,5yr old can see everything going on around him !! Thankyou

    • Avatar of Luke

      The Taj Mahal
      My girls would love that and get them outside more often lol

    • Avatar of Robyn French
      Robyn FrenchReply

      I would love to win any of you amazing Aaron’s cubbies but the Mansion does stand out as a winner for my grandson, his Very working parents are trying to save up for one… I would love to be the best Gran ever who won this amazing prize.

    • Avatar of Brooke Field
      Brooke FieldReply

      Just what we have been wanting for Xmas. These would be perfect. The villa or the bungalow would be my pick. My little Rugrats would adore it!!

    • Avatar of Isabelle Sutherland
      Isabelle SutherlandReply

      Aaron’s Outdoor – the masters of imaginative play!The mansion is our favourite, I can see many tea parties and girls only meetings being held in that quaint space.

    • Avatar of Tanya Fiorillo
      Tanya FiorilloReply

      My family would love the mansion – it is amazing!

      • Avatar of Jackie Reynolds
        Jackie ReynoldsReply

        The mansion design has always been on the top of my daughters wishlist as it combines the fun of a cubby and play equipment in one.

    • Avatar of Carolyn

      Definitely the castle cubby and tower combo- Amazing! This combo offers the little people so much to explore using big imaginations. The adventures are endless.

    • Avatar of MARY WHITTA
      MARY WHITTAReply


    • Avatar of Lyn Cohn

      I love the Taj Mahal because it’s equally good for younger or older kids, so it extends the life of the cubby (and parents can even get in on the climbing wall!)

    • Avatar of Samantha Baker-Moon
      Samantha Baker-MoonReply

      The cubby I love the most is the Taj Mahal. It is such an awesome cubby!

    • Avatar of Jessie

      I love the Mansion because it would be perfect for my kids to move into as they are threatening to move out as I make them eat to much vegetables and not enough chocolate. This cubby has the perfect little spot for mummy to grow more vegetables below :).

    • Avatar of Sarah

      Would love to win any of these gorgeous cubbys.
      My kids would absolutely love playing in them

    • Avatar of Caitlin B

      The Castle! I think my little one will love the colours and setting up her own little play space in there!

    • Avatar of Bridgette H
      Bridgette HReply

      The Villa cubby would be perfect for our two kids! Great size for our backyard!

    • Avatar of Olivia

      Yes Please! 2 small kids not at school yet would love love a Cubby House. We have lots of play dates so there friends would love to play to.

    • Avatar of Melse

      Tha Taj Mahal would be perfect for my 3 kids and would keep them active and stop them from wanting to play the iPad all the time!!!!

    • Avatar of corrina horan
      corrina horanReply

      having trouble commenting because there are do many so i just replied to someone elses comment. my favourite is the Taj Mahal. a girl can dream right? or maybe more appropriately – a mum can dream for something for her children.

      • Avatar of Kelly B

        They all look like any child’s (and young kid at heart’s) ideal cubby house. If I had to choose one it would be the Manor, it has a real country homestead feel about…just perfect for bringing a bit of the country to city living.

    • Avatar of Kylie Estall
      Kylie EstallReply

      My girls would be grateful for ANY cubby! They have always wanted one and unfortunately we have never been in a position to make their wish a reality!
      Although they have resorted to using the dog kennel!

    • Avatar of Gina R

      They are all amazing cubby, but if i had to choose the perfect cubby house for my boys would be the manison, they would have so much fun in it especially the slide .
      Thanks for the opportunity to win

    • Avatar of Zoe

      My favorite is the mansion, with a slide what there not to love and not to worry about it being too high for the kids to fall off and hurt themselves

    • Avatar of Kate

      The taj mahal as it might actually accommodate the huge bunches of kids we often end up with at our place!

    • Avatar of Debbie

      My grandson
      Would love any of them
      He loves to do things up
      He’s near 5 yrs old
      He thinks he can do and build anything
      This little house would see him outside ALL THE TIME

    • Avatar of Jac

      I’d love a castle for my son, let his imagination run wild as he plays outdoors in his only little (big) house!

    • Avatar of Kate

      The Villa would be perfect for our princess, we have just started our christmas/birthday shopping for her and shes desperate for one. The villa would offer her the windows for her takeaway cafe shop shes dreamt of and the veranda to put her letter box on as she loves to write and recieve letters. The size and quality is perfect for when we extend our family. What a beautiful gift your giving someone this christmas. Thank you xxx

    • Avatar of Tamara

      My children would love the mansion cubby, but they would be happy with any of them also!! With 5 kids ages 10-3 it would definitely get plenty of use

    • Avatar of Lee-Anne Brien
      Lee-Anne BrienReply

      The playhouse
      Many grandchildren
      Many smiles

    • Avatar of Rachel ferguson
      Rachel fergusonReply

      I would love to win the mansion!! I have 2 very adventurous kids 1 boy 1 girl and 2 nephews this would just be the completion of our backyard. While mum and dad have a relax watching, the kids can be entertained for hours on end and maybe mum and dad will have a slide as well hahaha

    • Avatar of Yazmyn silvestri
      Yazmyn silvestriReply

      We absolutely love the castle. It’s grand without being too OTT, and would fit in most back yards. Love the paint colours on the gallery, and it would look great elevated with slides and ladders. Would totally be the envy of my and my kids friends that’s for sure!

    • Avatar of Krista Cameron
      Krista CameronReply

      I would love the Taj Mahal, my 8 year old son has been throufh alot of changes in his young life and now has his first sibling on the way and something like would give him his own place to play, imagine and escape. Also with the rock wall, slide and ladders what a great way to keep him physically active and ebjoying the outdoors

    • Avatar of Neomi

      I love the villa. It’s super cute and would help create magical memories

    • Avatar of Sharon

      I would be happy with any but i love the style of the bungalow if i have to choose lol. My son would go crazy about any of them . And they look so well made .

    • Avatar of Fiona

      I would love to win any of the cubby houses! But if I have to choose one Id say the MANSION! Because then Id be the most awesome mum in the entire world!

    • Avatar of Katrina

      The Villa would be perfect for our kids and their friends in the neighborhood. But if I was picking for me it would be the manor for sure!!

    • Avatar of Sarah Smith
      Sarah SmithReply

      I like the Mansion, because it’s a great size and my daughter would love going down the slide

    • Avatar of Megan Anderson
      Megan AndersonReply

      Would love the castle. My girls would love playing in that for hours and hours on end

    • Avatar of Belinda Baker
      Belinda BakerReply

      The castle is so gorgeous it would make the perfect 3rd Birthday present for my little power pricess to play in

    • Avatar of Anna charad
      Anna charadReply

      The mansion cubby house is our favourite as the elevated structure gives the kids the sense they are on top of the world! They can climb on up into their mansion and play for hours on end and slide on down when they are ready for dinner! Great for all age groups

      • Avatar of Ria

        The villa would suit our villa. One for us and one for my babies. Cant wait what a brilliant Christmas pressie!!

    • Avatar of Belinda brady
      Belinda bradyReply

      My favourite is the Villa because I would love to have a home with a deck at the front for myself!! I love the fact that kids can use this for any imaginative play like a shop, cafe, house or even a fort!!

    • Avatar of Melinda

      My favourite cubby would probably be the Taj Mahal but to be honest my little girl would be happy with any. She has wanted and asked for a cubby house for so long (2 years in fact) but I have not been able to afford one.
      Such a great prize, good luck to everyone who entered

    • Avatar of Alesha

      The Mansion please, kids love slides & climbing wall combines fun with fitness

    • Avatar of Lauren Henderson
      Lauren HendersonReply

      My daughter would love the Villa cubby!! In fact she would love any cubby, she is really enjoying imaginative play. I would love her to have those wonderful cubby play childhood memories, just as I have!

    • Avatar of Kate Harrison
      Kate HarrisonReply

      The villa would be perfect.My little tool man would have this converted to a tool shed in no time. With an elevation kit it would be his own private man cave 🙂

    • Avatar of Ebony

      My favourite cubby would have to the mansion. Its everything a cubby should be and i know my kids would love it!

    • Avatar of Jacinta

      The Villa is perfect and practical for lots of fun playing times . When your little everyone feserves to have an awesome cubby

    • Avatar of Jacinta

      The Villa is perfect. .Its a good practical size for lots of fun and happy times of playing. . Every child deserves to have a cubby

    • Avatar of Adam

      The forte is just perfect! My kids would be occupied for hours on end

  2. Avatar of Tara White

    What a great competition, we drive past Arron’s Outdoor in Kilsyth on a daily basis; eyeing off the amazing cubbies in the yard. We’d love the Manor cubby for our kiddies, to give them the opportunity to enjoy our backyard more then they already do and help them engage their imagination would be priceless.

  3. Avatar of Peta Hardwick
    Peta HardwickReply

    I’m hoping this is where I need to comment for the competition 🙂 my fave Aaron’s cubby is the mansion. My kids would love it!!!

  4. Avatar of Shantelle Finn
    Shantelle FinnReply

    I love the Taj Mahal cubby!! I can see the kids having hours of imaginative fun in one!!!

  5. Avatar of Chloe Heatherill
    Chloe HeatherillReply

    A cubby is like a kid’s kingdom, and what parent wouldn’t want to give them the Taj Mahal of all cubbies (literally, thanks to Aarons Outdoor Living!). That cubby is more impressive than our house! However, I just want my kids to be happy and healthy, and to win an Aarons Villa Cubby would provide hours of adventure, imagination and smiles for my family.

  6. Avatar of Kylie sneddon
    Kylie sneddonReply

    Love the Taj Mahal but who wouldnt. Has everything you could ever want in a cubby. But the villa is an awesome cubby that would fit in most backyards with its cute little veranda it has lots of potential!

  7. Avatar of Brodie

    Love, Love all of them, but the Mansion looks fantastic! My kids would love it.

  8. Avatar of Carly Nies

    This would be amazing for my kids and future kids! They desperately need a play space away from our renovations. This cubby would be more inviting than my house right now!!

  9. Avatar of Melinda Walker
    Melinda WalkerReply

    The mansion is our favourite – of love to win it for my daughter – we moved rural and have a massive yard that’s just Barron so this would provide hours of safe endless fun for her – what more could you want then an awesome cubby wh a slide and sandpit or pretty garden underneath

  10. Avatar of Carly Nies

    The Mansions would be amazing for my kids and future kids! They desperately need a play space away from our renovations. This cubby would be more inviting than my house right now!!

  11. Avatar of Pamela

    My kids 4 and 2 would love the mansion.. we don’t live in anything near a mansion, but imagine going outside all year in your home away from home making the coolest memories, i reckon my 12 yr old would get up there too being queen of the mansion.

  12. Avatar of Amanda Kingsmill
    Amanda KingsmillReply

    My favourite is the Villa Cubby. Looks to be the perfect size for our backyard and a few kids to play while the grown-ups relax. 🙂

  13. Avatar of Beth

    The Mansion is my favourite Aarons cubby! It looks like the perfect mix of fun and adventure for both of my little ones to enjoy!

  14. Avatar of Amy skewes

    The mansion is great. A cubby and slide plus my son can use it has his get away from the younger two.

  15. Avatar of Shelley

    We love the mansion as its perfect size with a slide But the Villa would be amazing for my munchkins to have hours of fun

  16. Avatar of Tobes11

    Cubbies are where siblings have great adventures. Ditch mine craft and get into Cubby Craft!

  17. Avatar of Krystal Parada Mabey
    Krystal Parada MabeyReply

    The villa is my favourite i think but its very hard to decide because they are all amazing. The villa is so adorable and looks so well constructed as well as not being too large for my backyard. Perfect little piece of paradise for my special kiddos. They would love this so much.

  18. Avatar of Nix+3

    Hi, thanks for the chance.
    my favourite “Aaron’s cubby” would be the villa, castle, mansion, taj mahal… actually just all of them, they look amazing, as a single Mum of 3 awesome little boys I know they would have hours of fun on one of these beauties and the fact that it would be ready for them to paint it themselves just makes it that much better ❤️ Please pick us ❤️
    Love one tired and broke Mumma, and 3 awesome and deserving little boys

  19. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica AshbrookeReply

    In love with the mansion big love them all I remember all the fun times I had as a child in our cubby I think my two would get so much use out of this

  20. Avatar of Tina

    Oh wow so many awesome cubbies to choose from! I love the mansion. What kid wouldn’t love that?!!! I have 3 kids. I’d certainly win ” Mum of the year award” I’d we won this! Thanks for the chance.

  21. Avatar of Elizabeth Davey
    Elizabeth DaveyReply

    a cute little Bungalow would be amazing, ready to paint and make colourful, such fun

  22. Avatar of Matthew ricketts
    Matthew rickettsReply

    The mansion because of the sandpit underneath and that my boy loves to climb

  23. Avatar of Zoey Rose

    My favourite is the Castle.
    Absolutely amazing, my daughter wouldove to convert it into her own little princess palace, & share it of course with her best friend – pugs! (bella)
    I also love how it simple. Not over crowded, and big enough to fit in a kitchen, table & toys 🙂

  24. Avatar of Ali

    The Terrifically Tremendous Taj Mahal would fit our busy little kidlets.
    We need something sturdy for our trio of tiny tornado’s 🙂

  25. Avatar of Emma

    I would love to win the villa cubby house for my girls they would love a cubby house to play in!!

  26. Avatar of Jane Munns

    Castle is so lovely and classic. My girls would feel like perfect princesses playing in this!

  27. Avatar of Jordan Love
    Jordan LoveReply

    OMG the Taj Mahal is phenomenal and I think my son would cry with excitement. The Mansion is amazing as well and takes me back to my childhood. If I won it would take pride of place in our back yard where my two children and their cousins can create amazing memories to last a lifetime.

  28. Avatar of Alicia L

    I think that the ultimate kids cubby would be the Taj Mahal as it would suit action and adventure packed kids as they grew.. but honestly my kids would be absolutely over the moon with any Aaron’s design and the fact that they were finally able to own a cubby house of their very own. Thankyou for the opportunity and good luck to all. Such an amazing prize!

  29. Avatar of Bek

    A cubby is just what the kids need in the back yard now. A place for them and their little friends to forge awesome friendships just like their parents

  30. Avatar of Merylin Wilmott
    Merylin WilmottReply

    The villa – it has plenty of room and features for my grandkids without taking up the entire backyard

  31. Avatar of Renee

    They are all amazing! Maybe the Castle, I honestly can not say. Any one of them would be a dream come true for my kids!

  32. Avatar of Stephanie Whitworth
    Stephanie WhitworthReply

    I would absolutely love the Taj Mahal, need some place to store all the secret things I buy without my husbands knowledge

    We actually did look at the Villa when we went shopping at an Aarons recently and fell inlove, all the inclusions and the look of the cubby where brilliant plus it was more affordable for us

    If we won the kids would be so grateful!!
    We would get an extra lift kit and pop a sandpit under that badboy and get to playing haha

    Good luck everyone!

    • Avatar of laura sutcliffe
      laura sutcliffeReply

      the mansion
      my kids are aged 9, 8 and 3. 2 of which have asd and axienty. the mansion offers such a great space for them to hide away in when needed but also the fun of a slide. my kids ask ever year for a high cubby but with medical cost etc we just havent been able to do it

  33. Avatar of Briony Thoolen
    Briony ThoolenReply

    The Taj Mahal is my favourite! Big enough for the whole family! Why should the grown ups miss out?

  34. Avatar of Stephanie

    I like the Taj Mahal as both my boys like to climb and it has a lot more fun

  35. Avatar of Katrina Harrison
    Katrina HarrisonReply

    I think the Manor would be cool. Seriousy though what kid wouldn’t love any one of these cubbys. And they get a skylight!!!! Where’s my skylight in the house??? Might just need to share with the kids <3

  36. Avatar of Jessica

    we love the taj Mahal it gives the children a range of diffrent ways to climb up to the balcony.

  37. Avatar of Matthew

    The mansion is perfect for my two young girls. Endless hours of dress ups and cooking would be done out side

  38. Avatar of Jessica McFadden
    Jessica McFaddenReply

    The Taj Mahal is to die for! But so extravagant for my one little one, haha. The Villa looks so adorably cute! I would love to decorate it for Christmas and have his elf surprise him.

  39. Avatar of Sarah Gibson
    Sarah GibsonReply

    Wow! My cheeky 20 month old would love them all!
    I like the cottage as it would make a great little out side home for her to play in.
    The tower is also cool with endless possibilities.

  40. Avatar of Amy Barbour
    Amy BarbourReply

    My boys would love the Taj Mahal, just the right size for our yard but still super fun! They would have so much fun on the climbing wall and slide and be absolutley stoked to finally have a cubby of their very own Thanks for the chance!

  41. Avatar of Kellie Tracey
    Kellie TraceyReply

    Our favourite would have to be the Taj Mahal the cubby of all cubbies! Our kids are getting a cubby for Christmas so to win this would mean we can get an even bigger one!

  42. Avatar of Sean Patterson
    Sean PattersonReply

    I know it reads “best mum ever” but I would really love to win this for my children and there mum.

    My wife takes care of our three children and cares for loads of other during the year.

    To share this would not just make our Christmas it would make everyone’s year.

    The Villa is amazing and would suit the requirements of play for the children in my wife’s care.

    The only thing we have left of our old cubby is the slide as the rest of it died. A cubby from Aaron’s would stand the test of time and the children.

  43. Avatar of Vanessa Gibbs
    Vanessa GibbsReply

    I love any and all of the cubbies, but my favourite for the kids would have to be the Taj Mahal! To win this would be incredible, as it is our sons first Christmas, and our daughters first Christmas as a big sister. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity.

  44. Avatar of Julie Clark
    Julie ClarkReply

    My two boys would love the Villa. Has everything any child could want and just the right size for a normal size back yard.
    Thank you for giving everyone an amazing opportunity to make their children’s Christmas truly magical. .

  45. Avatar of Dannielle rowe
    Dannielle roweReply

    The mansion is by far a favorite in our household endless hours of fun and so many memories to be made. I love watching the imagination of my kids come to light.

  46. Avatar of Toni-Maree Tino
    Toni-Maree TinoReply

    I would LOVE the mansion for my 6 children. They love the outdoors and they have great imaginations & This would spark their little minds and creativity. I want them to be able to create memories with each other and their friends and then because these are such top quality cubbies, one day they may see their children playing in it as well!
    I’ve been getting ready to *attempt* to make a cubby out of pallets but because I SUCK at DIY, winning a cubby would save me the embarrassment of it becoming a #pinterestfail hahaha

  47. Avatar of Kellie

    The Villa! I love that it has a skylight and my son LOVES wheels so he would adore the fact it has a steering wheel

  48. Avatar of Fleur

    So hard to just pick one they are all pretty Cool! The mansion would be suited to us with the possibilities of snakes though.

  49. Avatar of Jade Geran

    I’d love to win the Villa Chubby House it’s so homely and pretty.. we could decorate it however we wanted to give it that extra homely feel, love!!

  50. Avatar of Simone Pavils
    Simone PavilsReply

    You guys are amazing! The kids and I love the “Mansion”, perfect size and great price!

  51. Avatar of Deby Keys

    The villa ! A little bush cubby for a little bush that’s in the heart of every city chick!

  52. Avatar of Linda keim

    Taj Mahal would be awesome my kids would love it mum and dad would live it to lol !!!

  53. Avatar of Jodi

    The Villa is my favourite cubby house, it is classic looking.

  54. Avatar of Annaliese

    BEST present idea ever – my kids would LOVE this addition to our backyard!!

  55. Avatar of Belinda Hall

    Taj Mahal because it is big enough for all of my little ones and has enough accessories to keep everyone happy.

  56. Avatar of Heather McAuliffe
    Heather McAuliffeReply

    Taj mahal is may favourite! Love the rock climb option up to the cubby and the slide to come down on. Our daughter loved playing in our family friends one of these!

  57. Avatar of barebear

    I love the Taj Mahal, so many activities to keep my young grandson amused for hours

  58. Avatar of Karen BEAVEN
    Karen BEAVENReply

    All of the cubby’s look amazing but the Taj Mahal cubby would be an amazing gift for my 3.5 year old niece. I would love painting and decorating it and making it into her dream little space to enjoy for years to come.

  59. Avatar of Haidee Murnane
    Haidee MurnaneReply

    The Taj Mahal would be amazing. ThevMansion would also be unreal.

  60. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole KentReply

    The Castle Cubby it has to be
    Add the tower combo for my cheeky 3
    Scramble up the net, slide down the pole
    Imaginative play thats great for their souls!

  61. Avatar of Wolfgang

    Love the Taj Mahal, as I owe my wife a waterslide – just add water!

  62. Avatar of Amanda

    Would love the villa cubby. Perfect size for my little 1 yr old daughter to play in either on her own or with her big brothers or cousins when they come to visit!! Would absolutely love it!!

  63. Avatar of Bronwyn Kainz
    Bronwyn KainzReply

    I would choose the Taj Mahal Cubby, it has everything our kids love, including a rock climbing wall, (they both want to be Ninja Warriors and love ‘training’!) and a slide, maybe it could be directed towards the pool. For the kids. And maybe me.

  64. Avatar of Alexander

    I love the villa, because it reminds me of my youth in Austria

  65. Avatar of Laura Marneros
    Laura MarnerosReply

    My boys would love any of the amazing cubbies from aarons!

    We had a horrific housefire 2 months ago which destroyed everything and sent us all to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning . We have been in temporary housing with nowhere for them to play as its in the middle of the bush and brown snake heaven. This would make our 3 boys Christmas .

  66. Avatar of Cassy Leffler
    Cassy LefflerReply

    The Taj Mahal looks amazing but any one of your cubbies would be adored by any kid lucky enough to have one!

  67. Avatar of Rikki

    I love the Taj Mahal!!! It is so cool!! I would probably want to play in it more than my kids!!!

  68. Avatar of Joanne Beevor
    Joanne BeevorReply

    I would love a villa for all my kids to be able to utilise.

  69. Avatar of Annie

    The villa because its the most compact for our backyard. The kids would go crazy. Tea parties and batman cave central all in one.

  70. Avatar of Michelle s

    I love the the ultimate kids cubby. My son and daughter can have many adventures in this cubby all yr round and it’s big enough for the cousins to play in when they come over too!

  71. Avatar of Kefeira Ellis
    Kefeira EllisReply

    We absolutely love the Villa! Our two boys had to say goodbye to their cubby this year as we had to move house it was a very emotional goodbye! With our 3rd bubs due in January we would adore for them all to once again have a cubby to play in for years to come!

  72. Avatar of Cherie

    Mother of 3 kids
    8 6 1 my children would love a cubby house
    My inlaws have a chicken house with no chickens n my 6 year old loves to play in it thinking its a cubby. Hehehe.

  73. Avatar of Teresa

    We’d adore a Villa cubby to create memories for a lifetime!

  74. Avatar of Samantha matthews
    Samantha matthewsReply

    The mansion! Wow how awesome. I don’t know who would be having more fun, me or my partner, oh I mean the kids!! What an amazing play area to have in your own back yard! So much fun to be had.

  75. Avatar of bec

    I love the MANSION for my kids it is one of the best cubby houses I have every seen

  76. Avatar of Tamara Jayne Heron
    Tamara Jayne HeronReply

    The Taj Mahal, the sand pit area underneath is covered and offers everything to keep my daughter and her cousins busy for hours! Each of the Aaron’s Cubbies are amazing in their own right! Any child is lucky if they have one!

  77. Avatar of Christie Kissane
    Christie KissaneReply

    My favourite cubby would be the villa for my 4 year old son and soon to be daughter (due in 3 weeks). It’s the perfect size for our small backyard and I know my son is going to love decorating and painting it in his favourite colours.

  78. Avatar of Jody

    The mansion is my favourite because I have a lot of kids plus nieces and nephews who would all try and be in the cubby at once. Plus it has a slide and the kids love slides

  79. Avatar of Tracey Newman Finau
    Tracey Newman FinauReply

    We have already purchased the double swing and monkey bars from you so to win a cubby would just make the kids playground area. We would love the Taj Mahal or mansion. I have two sons and a daughter who love to climb so the slide and rock climbing wall would definitely get some use. Thanks for the opportunity.

  80. Avatar of Sheridan

    The cubbies and forts from Aaron’s Outdoors look amazing! I would love to get one for my 2 kids. I think the Taj Mahal would be perfect for a 5 and 9 year old. Would be a fantastic Christmas surprise for them!!!

  81. Avatar of Amanda

    We would love the taj mahal. 2 girls, love getting outside and playing house

  82. Avatar of Tracy Campbell
    Tracy CampbellReply

    The Taj Mahal is the best because of its great size, you could host a party in there and still have space to spare!! I love all of the cubbies though . I’d love to gift it to my grandaughters if I win.

  83. Avatar of Naomi

    Not for me for my grand-daughter, her Mum follows and posts about Aarons cubbies and yards all the time. They are beautiful.

  84. Avatar of Paris Craig
    Paris CraigReply

    My 5 year old daughter Ella has been hoping and wishing for a villa cubby from Aaron’s all year, we live close by a store on Frankston Dandenong Road and every day when she drives past she asks if she can go for a play at Aaron’s house! I said to her that she can put one on her Christmas list but Santa might not have enough money this year so he might have to work for another year first to save up. I can’t wait for the day that we can paint our Arron’s cubby in her favourite colour, PINK ofcourse! May there by endless tea parties and fun for the winner of this amazing giveaway!

  85. Avatar of Hayley

    The Mansion looks amazing! My kids would love playing on this. They’re the best of friends and this would keep them endlessly entertained. It would make such a special Christmas morning to wake up to a gorgeous cubby in our yard!

  86. Avatar of Lauren

    I love the mansion as its a great size cubby and even has a slide. Underneath looks tall enough for our dog to have his own little space as well so its a win for all the family.

  87. Avatar of Jasmine

    Taj Mahal, it would be an absolute palace for the princess in my life. The taj mahal is beautiful and would complement any beautiful backyard.

  88. Avatar of Belinda

    The Vila cubby my kids would love! I’d love sitting outside watching them play together

  89. Avatar of melanie mairs

    The mansion cubby looks brilliant .I could see ny kids going down the slide and the pole, they would love it. Although I think they would be happy with a cubby whatever type it is 🙂

  90. Avatar of Peta Newsome
    Peta NewsomeReply

    I love the Mansion cubby,
    I’ve always wanted my own one!
    Do you think the kids will share it,
    and leave a corner for their Mum!??

  91. Avatar of Linda C

    I love the Mansion. The perfect size and style for two little boys.

  92. Avatar of Kimberley rose
    Kimberley roseReply

    we love the standard fort, we have a small back yard so this would be lots of fun while optimising space. Good luck everyone!

  93. Avatar of Kel

    Any. They are all great. Imagine on Xmas when they see it out the back yard!!!

  94. Avatar of Jacinta

    Definitely the mansion cubby house, it’s the perfect size and height!

  95. Avatar of Carla

    The Villa as it reminds me of the one I had as a child. I loved it and spent so much time in it. I would love one for my kids to create similar memories.

  96. Avatar of Emily Neville
    Emily NevilleReply

    I would love the Taj Mahal becauce why no give my son everything

  97. Avatar of Kirralee Beinke
    Kirralee BeinkeReply

    This is a brilliant competition. I love looking at the range of cubby houses you have and wishing I could get one for my little girl and future children. I would love to have somewhere for her explore the outdoors and imagine all those wonderful games that you played when you were a child. Making mud cakes and soup, serving tea how awesome to watch this happen. I personally love the Manson has so many different basis’s to the cubby house with a slide, stairs and sand pit. We have all the accessories to go into the cubby but no cubby house. Would love to make his dream a reality for Christmas.

  98. Avatar of Gwen Menzies
    Gwen MenziesReply

    Such a hard choice, as they all look magical ! Having to choose One, then the Bungalow would be perfect for my 2 Grandchildren !

  99. Avatar of Eliese

    My identical twin 3 year old girls are right into role playing at the moment. I caught them pretending the chicken coop was their home
    If we won, im sure they would love the mansion, its perfect for two little girls with huge imaginations. And the chickens would be thrilled to get their home back.

  100. Avatar of Jess

    Taj Mahal! A magical name for a place where magic will happen

  101. Avatar of Nicola

    The Taj Mahal is my two boys dream come true. I’ve got little energetic monkeys who love to swing climb and play! It looks fantastic!

  102. Avatar of Jessica

    I absolutely love the mansion, I don’t think I would be able to get my hubby out of there let alone the kids
    But I also love the villa the skylight would be so awesome

  103. Avatar of FRANKIE

    We purchased and erected our Bali Hut from AARON’S and to go with that my choice would be the Manor Cubby with 450mm elevation. I love the look of it in tones of blue. No luck last year – hopefully luck comes a calling FRANKIE MS

  104. Avatar of Natalie waideman
    Natalie waidemanReply

    The villa is perfect for my two
    Would fit perfect in our backyard true.
    Thanks Aarons Outdoor Living for letting us enter,
    Now I only hope a package will arrive from Santa!

  105. Avatar of Megan

    The mansion is the perfect size for our backyard. My kids would LOVE the slide.

  106. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie BernackiReply

    We would love a castle cubby and tower – for the ultimate views, the best hiding spaces and a place where dreams are fulfilled xxx

  107. Avatar of Amanda Esho
    Amanda EshoReply

    The Taj Mahal looks incredible! But there’s something about ‘The Manor’ it’s very sweet. My kiddies would absolutely go nuts for something like this! Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  108. Avatar of Leah

    The Taj Mahal is our favorite because of The veranda. Allows for extra claiming bolt ons and the all important slide

  109. Avatar of Gaye Cherise Craze
    Gaye Cherise CrazeReply

    I love the Taj Mahal, I know it is the top of the range and usually I am not too extravagant, but it so beautiful!

  110. Avatar of Sarah

    Oh, I’d love to win that Mansion.
    Not just for my 1 and 4 year olds.
    But for me. Mama needs a hiding spot.
    When the lounge room is covered with toys and I’ve played my 10th round of “Pretending to be Baby Jaguars”, I’ll stash myself inside with a hot tea and some quiet sanity. The dog and cat can hide in there with me.
    Aaah. I can see it already. Thanks, Aaron’s!

  111. Avatar of Rebecca Guy
    Rebecca GuyReply

    Oh I would love the Taj Mahal! I mean seriously I could live in. My climbing monkey child would go nuts with that and a rockwall and cargo net. My dog would love it too! He could move in downstairs. Hahahhaa.

  112. Avatar of Maria

    Love all your cubby houses but the mansion would be perfect for my 3 little monkeys and let’s be honest and for me too!! It’s the perfect size for them and the slide is the icing on the cake!!!

  113. Avatar of Jen

    The Mansion has a grand name but transports me back to simple beach huts stays in Thailand, always a happy place for our family. We spent one family Christmas in one with so many good memories. I love the elevation extras and imaginative play elements. Aarons definitely knows what kids (and parents!) like!

  114. Avatar of Amanda paluszkiewicz
    Amanda paluszkiewiczReply

    Our fave is theManor plenty of space on the verandah for my daughters to have tea parties with their teddy bears.
    But any of them would be a vast improvement to our backyard talk about childhood nostalgia which I could pass on to my girls and a great reason to get them outside and away from all the technology they are surrounded by these days.

  115. Avatar of Alicia

    My girls Love the Castle, it is a super cute cubby for our super cute girls.. it sure would beat the sheet over the dining chairs!!

  116. Avatar of Elvira Poole

    I have 6 adult children, but only 2 grand children so far, they would love to come and visit every day if I won this for them. On my disability pension I could not afford to buy it, so please pick me

  117. Avatar of Leanne Jay

    I would love to win this for my 3 grandchildren & number 4 due next may. Any of your gorgeous creations would be lovely as we have a tomboy, girl who likes being mummy & a crawler experiencing textures. They don’t have sheds in their yard so sheltered play would be great.

  118. Avatar of Dave Phillips
    Dave PhillipsReply

    My son loves the Villa, nice and simple. A cubby for my boys for christmas would be amazing

  119. Avatar of Berenice Lawrence
    Berenice LawrenceReply

    I would love to give my boy the Taj Mahal for Christmas, so cool with so much to do for an adventurous little boy

  120. Avatar of Louise Mensforth-Marshall
    Louise Mensforth-MarshallReply

    My boys would love a villa cubby on elevation. Living inner city with a small backyard means there isn’t a lot of space for all the things my boys would love to play with. This cubby ticks all the boxes, cubby, sandpit, slide with rock climbing wall. Everything 2 little boys need to burn lots of energy

  121. Avatar of Vic Walker

    The Taj Mahal is amazing!! My girls would love to have their own mini house to match our newly built one!

  122. Avatar of Liz smith

    Omg we LOVE the manor its just the right size for our backyard. In a perfect world we would have it with a 1500 elevation and a swing arm attached.

  123. Avatar of Amanda McEwan
    Amanda McEwanReply

    We would choose the Mansion cubby as it if off ground (easy to see of any snakes are around), is a great size for Miss 6 who has a cubby as #1 on her Christmas list this year as she “just wants her own house!” And that it has an awesome slide, who doesn’t like sliding out of there home? Wish we had a slide at our front door!

  124. Avatar of Ryan Holl

    The Palace as it would seem most fitting my three gorgeous princesses. There would be plenty of Regal Balls in that cubby house for sure.

  125. Avatar of Elizabeth Olasz
    Elizabeth OlaszReply

    Tower or the Mansion would be a great little cubby for our backyard as we don’t have a lot of room. Always wanted one for our kids but so out of our price range on a single income. Good luck everyone and thanks for the opportunity Aaron’s outdoor living.

  126. Avatar of Emma Gloede
    Emma GloedeReply

    The mansion for sure as it’s elevated off the ground which allows for climbing and sliding which my kids love to do (especially my ASD kids). It is also the right size to fit in our small yard.

  127. Avatar of Rebecca Sennett
    Rebecca SennettReply

    I would definitely choose the one with the slide. How cool would it be to slide for an exit. This would be an awesome cubby that the kids would love

  128. Avatar of Abigail Black
    Abigail BlackReply

    It would have to be the Castle just so my kids can be the King of the Castle. They would spend hours in here making up games and keeping the mess out of my house which is less like a Castle and more like a Fly Tip.

  129. Avatar of Megan Stagg
    Megan StaggReply

    My gosh! The Taj Mahal looks amazing! I think even I could just move in there! If I could afford any cubby for my kids that would definitely be my choice! So spacious with so many extras!

  130. Avatar of Krystal De Betta
    Krystal De BettaReply

    The mansion would be my kids heaven for sure, the elevation with the slide and their very own space. They would love it!!

  131. Avatar of Jessie Kate stedman
    Jessie Kate stedmanReply

    I love the mansion I love how it’s displayed on Aaron’s outdoor website ( I know the slide and the ladder are added extras so I would definitely add these to the villa if we won. I have a 4 year old and a 3 month old, my 4 yr old loves being outside and pretending

  132. Avatar of Tanya Smith
    Tanya SmithReply

    My favorite is the Taj Mahal as it covers the lot having a sandpit, slide and rock climbing and also saves the hubby having to add extras. But hey who am I kidding I (and the kids) love them all! Plenty big enough for my three little ones. Just to see their little faces light up this christmas would be amazeballs!

  133. Avatar of Delany wethers
    Delany wethersReply

    Mansion would have to be the winner here! My son would absolutely love it !!!!

  134. Avatar of Lyndall

    They are all amazing but the Mansion would be awesome! Grandparents are looking for a cubby and they like the Castle to make it into a bright coloured beach shack for their home on the coast for all the grandkids to enjoy.

  135. Avatar of Amber Robinson
    Amber RobinsonReply

    So many amazing cubbies! How does one even pick? The manor or the mansion definitely have to be my top two! How fun would it be leaving your cubby via the slide!!

  136. Avatar of Naleeta

    Love, love, love the Taj Mahal!!! Perfect for two very active little boys!!!

  137. Avatar of Sam

    The mansion definitely. My baby girl absolutely loves slides and I love the wood finish, would look so good against our new dark colorbond fence. Our 2yo is so full of energy and is the most caring soul. Loves playing outside with her toys and pets. I’d love to be able to give a house of her very own fir the new fenced area we have for her. I could just imagine her up there with her cat cessy. He would also enjoy lol

  138. Avatar of Michelle Savage

    The Cubby’s look amazing! Master 7 and little miss 4 would love any Cubby but the Taj Mahal would be their pick to spend the day with their imagination while mum gardens…or before the teenagers take hold!! Lol

  139. Avatar of Anna de Kleyn
    Anna de KleynReply

    My girls would absolutely love the Villa, we recently went on our first family holiday to Fiji and stayed in a Villa & the girls thought it was amazing. For them to have their very own Villa would be their dream come true & perhaps it might stop the nagging of “Mummy, when can we stay in a Villa again”. My miss 4yr old said if she ever got a Villa she’d name it frangipani. This would truely be amazing, thanks for the chance.

  140. Avatar of Kristy

    The Mansion, is the ultimate cubby house! It’s not too big, but still grand enough to feel like luxury for my 5 year old!

  141. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon MarkwellReply

    Aaron’s Outdoor Living Mansion Cubby takes cubbies to a while different level (and my only chance to own a mansion).

  142. Avatar of Aleisha

    My favourite cubby if we had the room is the Taj Mahal. It’s the best of both worlds. Cubby/club house up top. Sand pit potential underneath. Plenty of climbing and sliding. Fun for hours. Perfect for both my boys and girl.

  143. Avatar of sarah spalding
    sarah spaldingReply

    The Villa is just divine, my daughters have never had a cubby house before; and if we’re lucky enough to win we would have to grab the 90mm elevation kit and teal slide to go with it (who doesn’t want a cubby house/slide/sandpit combo!?).

  144. Avatar of Sirena

    I would choose the villa, I think it would fit perfect in our backyard and I know my little gem would totally dig it. It would make outside time way more rad! And we could always add more little extra features as she gets older!!

  145. Avatar of Kathy Bowdlert
    Kathy BowdlertReply

    All of the Aarons cubbies are awesome and my kids would love anyone of them, I do love the Mansion though, the fact that it’s off the ground makes it more exciting for the kids imaginative games.

  146. Avatar of Angela

    Our kids would love the villa because it could let their 4 imaginations go crazy!!! Would also be great for planting an edible garden

  147. Avatar of bev

    WHo wouldn’tlike to have a mansion in their backyard.?? I wouldn’t see the young ones all day.

  148. Avatar of Stefanie Dean
    Stefanie DeanReply

    I love the Mansion cubby and can’t wait to hopefully get it so my boys can grow up playing in it using their imaginations It’s the perfect size and has plenty of options for extras

  149. Avatar of Tarnia

    The castle would be perfect for all my little cousins! They’d finally have somewhere to play in the backyard. Plus the house is so cute even I’d move in there! The white and grey would really go with our country themed home. Castle is just the right size for everyone!

  150. Avatar of Renae

    Tha Taj Mahal would be aan asset for my family, rock climbing is our passion, and when mum is missing at least the kids will find me in our Taj Mahal Cubby.

  151. Avatar of Krystle

    I love the mansion. Perfect size for my two kids to have many adventures in with imaginative play

  152. Avatar of Kylie hughes
    Kylie hughesReply

    Our little lady would be happy with with any of Aaron’s cubby’s but the mansion looks pretty amazing we would love to win

  153. Avatar of Jason T

    The Playhouse because it has so much room and can be painted up and turned into anything

  154. Avatar of tegan

    Yes please “the mansion” would be an absolute bliss for my children, my son is in love with slides and this would just make the perfect gift for him an his little sister for christmas❤ please please pick them to have this ❤

  155. Avatar of Anna

    All of the Aaron’s cubbies look fantastic and great quality but I think the Mansion is the pick of them all, being off ground and the option of a slide would keep my 3 kids entertained for hours.

  156. Avatar of Michelle Hooper
    Michelle HooperReply

    The Bungalow-a perfect size to keep the kids happy inside & out, best Christmas present ever! They would have so much fun decorating with hanging flowers & a letter box, I’m excited just thinking about it !

  157. Avatar of HelenC

    The mansion is my fav! Just the perfect size for a corner of the garden and you can’t beat an awesome slide

  158. Avatar of Jodie

    The Villa is so beautiful but we could not say no to any one of these glorious cubby houses!
    My children love the outdoors and their big imaginations would just thrive in a play space of their own at in our yard. “Sam & Elle’s Hangout” sounds amazing!

  159. Avatar of GeorgiaC

    My kids would love the mansion cubby! So much fun to be had

  160. Avatar of Mikhala

    I love the Taj Mahal ! Awesome size ! Exactly what I want !

  161. Avatar of Lisa Willmott

    We would absolutely love the chance to win a cubby house, this would have an amazing gift for my kiddies for Xmas…. both my boy 3 and girl 2 would spend many many hours in the new forte, discovering and learning all in one….. yes please!!

    • Avatar of Lisa Willmott

      Our favourite would be the mansion, it’s gorgeous, but too big for our little backyard, the villa would fit perfectly 🙂

  162. Avatar of Asha

    The mansion is by far the one we would want but I really love them all honestly id be privileged to have just one but my son whos 4years he is Autistic and spends most his days outside in the sun he’d have a ball if he could have one ❤

  163. Avatar of Terri Todd

    The Playhouse, this would be awesome for all the kids I know to play in

  164. Avatar of Kirsty

    I’d love to win the Taj Mahal! What a great size and model!! My two boys would go wild!

  165. Avatar of Janelle Weeks
    Janelle WeeksReply

    WOW! So many wonderful designs to choose from. If it was my choice, I would love to gift my kids ‘The Mansion’, complete with a balcony for a high tea in the breeze on a nice summers afternoon, and of course a slide for my son to make his quick escape from his sisters call “Another cup of tea, Ryan?”.

  166. Avatar of Alicia S

    I love the mansion, would upgrade it with a wrap around porch

  167. Avatar of Jacquie Birch
    Jacquie BirchReply

    Well the kids picked the mansion as their favourite, they were sold on the elevation and the slide, but I would have to pick the Villa. It mimickes the shape of our little home and would tie in nicely in our yard. My kids would live outside if I let them, and if we had the Villa I might just let them do that (not really, but maybe a little, haha).

  168. Avatar of Carly

    We love the look of the mansion cubby with a slide to exit. They all look so great so its very hard to choose one to like. Thos would be the perfect christmas gift for love little boy soon to become 2.

  169. Avatar of sally smith
    sally smithReply

    The Mansion i would love to win for my grand children’s they would love it.

  170. Avatar of Sarah B

    I love the palace. I think having two little princesses that would suit our home perfectly! I would raise it up and add a pink slide too!

  171. Avatar of Shelley Walters
    Shelley WaltersReply

    The mansion or the Taj Mahal would have to be my Favorites as my boys are climbers and love to Slide

  172. Avatar of Monfras

    I can’t pick on they are all so amazing but I do love the villa would go perfect in my new backyard!
    My daughter would absolutely love this.

  173. Avatar of Natalie

    My kids would go crazy for any cubby but the Mansion looks extra special!

  174. Avatar of Kathryn B

    The mansion, would be amazing as it will cater to a range of ages in our family

  175. Avatar of Julia

    Taj mahal would be perfect for my beautiful almost 1 year old niece! Thanks 🙂

  176. Avatar of Kerrie Tullipan
    Kerrie TullipanReply

    The Mansion 🙂 I had a cubby house growing up. It was a kitchen, a stable, a workshop, a secret hide-out, a shop, a classroom, you get the idea. I even camped out in it. I have the fondest memories of my childhood thanks to my cubby house and I would love for my kids to experience what I had. The mansion looks like it would tick ALL the boxes plus more. IIt even has a slippery dip, my childhood one didn’t have one of them!

  177. Avatar of Katie Gordon
    Katie GordonReply

    Tha Mansion – have loved this one since i saw it!!

  178. Avatar of Hayley Black
    Hayley BlackReply

    Loving the Castle Cubby! Would suit our little lady perfectly! I can see her spending hours in her little house. She is just the right age at almost 2 to start enjoying her own little space. Shes a great little gardener too.

  179. Avatar of Laraine

    The Taj Mahal is our favourite! Everything in one to make the kid want to play and stay active outside with the slide and climbing wall. No technology! Just good old outdoor play getting dirty, exploring and using their imagination.

  180. Avatar of Elizabeth S
    Elizabeth SReply

    The Aaron’s cottage would be absolutely perfect. The right size for a smaller block but with all the perks!

  181. Avatar of Charlotte George
    Charlotte GeorgeReply

    My favourite is the Taj Mahal cubby
    While the kids play, I can enjoy a bubbly
    Underneath, shaded from the sun,
    While the kids climb and have lots of fun
    The rock climbing wall will keep my 2yr old busy, while the baby sleeps in the cubby, easy!
    This cubby can accomodate everyone, As I slide and chase them with a water gun!
    Having 2 under 2 is hard to find solace,
    Thats why I love this Taj Mahal palace!

  182. Avatar of Suzanne Smith
    Suzanne SmithReply

    The Villa looks pretty good, actually. I can’t make up my mind which one I like the most, too hard to choose!!! Have a huge backyard so anything would fit!! By two grandsons would love anything they can play on in the yard!

  183. Avatar of Michelle fay
    Michelle fayReply

    I love the mansion as it has a fun cubby and a slippery dip plus I love the wood and design

  184. Avatar of Michelle leonard
    Michelle leonardReply

    The mansion, the boys would spend in this. Then add a sandpit below .i would finally keep my house clean as they would be in their “house” all day

  185. Avatar of Emma Green

    The mansion is amazing! The slide as an optional exit would be so much fun for big and little kids, especially if they don’t like climbing down a ladder.

  186. Avatar of Eilis

    The Mansion! Large enough for solo play or with a few friends making it perfect for cold days. The elevation allows for a slide and a fireman’s pole so great for warmer weather!

    It’s the perfect size and setup for my little girl and her friends.

  187. Avatar of Jess Curtis
    Jess CurtisReply

    The Taj Mahal has room to spare!
    Upstairs and downstairs so it’s easy for the kids to share.
    If I had that outside maybe I’d get some peace
    Their vitamin D level would increase
    On a warm sunny night a picnic outside
    And both the kids can go for a slide.
    All of these cubbies are simply stunning
    And I’d love to be in the running!

  188. Avatar of Carlie Fox

    Love the mansion!
    My 2 boys would absolutely love it!.

  189. Avatar of Annette Kilpatrick
    Annette KilpatrickReply

    I’d love the Villa for my two boys.. they are very active and love being outside. They have wild imaginations and love coming up with different games which often include playing “house”!, hide n seek, pretending they are driving trucks or sailing a boat. They are only 3 and 1 year old so this would be perfect for years to come!

  190. Avatar of Bianca

    The Villa cubby looks amazing and would be a perfect size for our 3yo to play with his mates.

    • Avatar of Bianca

      And we would love to purchase and elevation kit to go with our cubby if we were lucky enough to win to make a nice area underneath for his garage parking!

  191. Avatar of Richelle

    I love the Manor Cubby house it’s raised off the floor to keep the dogs out and also amazing for My asd children.

  192. Avatar of Amy Spencer
    Amy SpencerReply

    The Mansion is amazing. Bbut would be thankful for any
    My 2 kiddies would adore this.
    Reminds me of the cubby my father built for me and my sisters when i was young. Having a cubby to create adventures and imaginative play is so important in a child life. Let them be little before they are forced to grow up. There are really only young for a short time. So let them play

  193. Avatar of Chanelle Fyfe
    Chanelle FyfeReply

    My boys and i are loosing our marbles over the taj mahal and the mansion! They love the slide and the rock wall! So inventive. I could really count on getting some good long use out of a cubby like these and my boys would feel like they won the lottery!!!

  194. Avatar of Danielle Carey
    Danielle CareyReply

    The Play House, big enough for our tribe of kids to play in and let their imaginations run wild.

  195. Avatar of Ally Sumich
    Ally SumichReply

    My kids would love the mansion!! We are always around at friends houses who have cubbie houses and my kids can happily spend hours playing in them. Tea parties, playing schools/ teachers you name it and they play it!!
    We are currently saving up for one of these cubbies! Already have a spot in the backyard waiting for one X

  196. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey EvansReply

    The Taj Mahal is my all time favourite, my four kids would never get bored of it. In fact it would be so hard to get them inside, they’d want to eat and sleep in it!

  197. Avatar of cleo

    The Mansion – luxurious, escaping into a world of glamour. Fascinates, charms, dazzles and allures

  198. Avatar of Mary Francese
    Mary FranceseReply

    My daughter said (6 years old) she deserves the mansion as she is a princess and Max her brother a prince 🙂 she said she also loves the slide so yes please to a mansion Aaron’s Outdoor 🙂

  199. Avatar of natasha

    The Villa is our fav! Because all our grandparents bought this for our girls over 3 years ago and they love it still! Each spring we give it a new paint and decorate with some new furnishings. I’d love one for our friends!

  200. Avatar of Teena Conrick
    Teena ConrickReply

    We like the Taj Mahal as it has the area for a sandpit below, the slide and the rock wall and plenty of space inside to do lots of different activities or even a few sleepovers.

  201. Avatar of Bec huntley
    Bec huntleyReply

    I would love the castle, with enough room for all three of my children and looks to match

  202. Avatar of AmyMcC

    My kids would love to have the Castle. Not just because of the name either! They would love to have their own little home outside to play in! They’d probably want to sleep in it too!

  203. Avatar of Liz.T

    My daughter would absolutely lose her mind over the taj mahal cubby. We have a new addition coming in 2018 so have to empty out her playroom to make another room. This would honestly be a god send to all of my family be able to transfer her toys in the cubby rather than our lounge room. My fingers and toes are crossed for this one guys!!!!! Please, please consider us

  204. Avatar of Jodi O’Connor
    Jodi O’ConnorReply

    The Villa! Perfect size for my two children to grow up sending and receiving letters, watering their front pot plants and to make beautiful cakes and memories in! My eldest loves pretend play in the kitchen and garden, so this cubby would just be perfect for her young and imaginative mind. My youngest is just crawling but loves to explore, so I can see him tottering up the steps and helping his big sister bang pots and pans together as they laugh their afternoons away.

    Our playgroup has equipment from Aaron’s and the quality is just superb, we would absolutely adore the opportunity to own a piece of their craftsmanship!

  205. Avatar of Nadine Peters
    Nadine PetersReply

    My little girl has been wanting a cubby for years! Unfortunately we just can’t justify the price tag at the moment for a great one, and the older she gets, the bigger she gets (ie no old cheapy Kmart toddler ones anymore )
    I’d love to have the tools and know-how to build one from scratch with both my daughter and son, it would be so bonding and they would be so proud of themselves! (Hell, I’d be proud of myself too!) But sadly I just don’t have the confidence in our abilities to do that.
    A flat pack would be awesome! And then I would love to be able to paint it up in some gorgeous soft colours and make it a real little cottage for her, planter boxes and all.

    Thank you for the opportunity Mum Central and Aarons Outdoor Living!

    • Avatar of Nadine Peters
      Nadine PetersReply

      PS, The Villa is our pic!
      Nadine and Heather x ☺️

      • Avatar of Melissa Foster
        Melissa FosterReply

        Taj Mahal! Awesome cubby that’d be suitable for years, as well as provide a fun, memory making play haven that will stay with them forever!

  206. Avatar of Laura Power
    Laura PowerReply

    Love The mansion with the slide all kids need a quick escape route!

    • Avatar of Alicia

      It would be the tower for us! Perfect for a climbing net and a slide. Just the right size for two little boys, and their tea parties with dinosaurs and monster trucks.

  207. Avatar of Hayley

    Would absolutely love to win the mansion.
    I always wanted a cubby house as a child but never had one. Always said I’d make sure my kids had one. It would be perfect for my rainbow boy and step daughter. Would make lots of happy memories for all.

  208. Avatar of Emma

    The Taj Mahal is stunning!
    I could easily escape up there with a book!
    Good luck everyone.

  209. Avatar of Michelle

    Hey Aaron’s Outdoors and Mum central!!

    The mansion is our all time favourite, even the love the rock wall! Pure genius way to entertain the kids!!

  210. Avatar of Marie

    I’d love to win this for my grandchildren so they have something awesome to play on at their new house.

  211. Avatar of Cherie Finn
    Cherie FinnReply

    My four kids would love the Mansion cubby house hours of entrainment for my kids.
    Thanks Cherie

  212. Avatar of Kylie Parsonson
    Kylie ParsonsonReply

    The Taj Mahal looks amazing! I have 3 boys aged 11 months, 2.5 Years and 4.5 Years. We’ve just started looking into buying them a cubby because they have so much energy. If I don’t get them out and about, they literally climb the furniture (hence I chose the Taj as it has some height!) Please help a tired Mumma out!

  213. Avatar of Sam

    Thankyou so much for this opitunity to win something like this for my little girls would be life changing

  214. Avatar of Roziana Nordin
    Roziana NordinReply

    Wow! My son will be over joy to play in the Villla cubby. It’s amazing! Will keep him entertain for hours. Will definitely love to be outdoors for sure. Love it!

  215. Avatar of Laticia Rundell
    Laticia RundellReply

    I am loving the Taj Mahal for size. Would be a perfect backyard piece for my 2 adventurous outdoor boys

  216. Avatar of Anna

    We love the Castle. It looks like the perfect place for two sisters and their cousins to create very special lifelong memories. Thank you for the opportunity Aarons.

  217. Avatar of Kirsty

    Taj Mahal so my kids, nieces and nephews can all play together.

  218. Avatar of janis white
    janis whiteReply

    they are all amazing but its THE MANSION for us AUTUMN loves slides
    what a wonderful addition to our yard the girls would be thrilled many thanks

  219. Avatar of Cassy

    I would love to win a VILLA to donate to my sons Special School, the kids woukd love it! We bought a MANSION cubby in March 2016 and our son loves it. I’d love the kids at his School to have the same enjoyment from a cubby house.

  220. Avatar of Amanda Evans
    Amanda EvansReply

    The Taj Mahal would be perfect! Both my girls have additional needs and both have poor muscle tone. The rock climbing wall and stairs would be perfect for them to get some muscle work in but they will just think they are playing! Plus with all the hard work they put into their therapies every week, they deserve the best cubby to relax in!

    Goodluck everyone

  221. Avatar of Kim Turner

    The mansion definitely!
    My 4 year old has been saving any coins she can find for a new cubby. We are trying to teach her that she can’t have everything but she has been working so hard, it would be nice to surprise her with an amazing cubby and she can get herself something special with her money.

  222. Avatar of Cheryl

    Although all the cubby houses are unique and cute The Mansion is the one my girls said Wow too.

  223. Avatar of Beverley James

    I like the mansion as it above the ground n I would love to win a cubby house for my grandkids as they visit a lot n love to play outside thanks for letting us have a chance to win one so goodluck everyone

  224. Avatar of Brad

    The Mansion s I can sleep in that when I am kicked out of the main bedroom

  225. Avatar of Stephanie Veljanovski
    Stephanie VeljanovskiReply

    The Castle reminds me of my own cubby as a child. I had so many great memories of playing in it and would love my children to have those same great memories

  226. Avatar of Lesleigh

    The Manor. All of them are fantastic but The Manor is special.

  227. Avatar of Demi Wilson
    Demi WilsonReply

    The Mansion looks spectacular, perfect for the kids imagination to run wild with fantasy and exploring with nauture in your very own back yard. Also having the cubby in the yard gives piece of mind and some time out for parents while the children play. Such a generous offer, best of luck to all 🙂

  228. Avatar of Debbie

    I would love to win the cabin for my grandson, it looks strong and strurdy enough to last for future grandchildren as well.

  229. Avatar of Kim MacLennan
    Kim MacLennanReply

    I love the villa. Our home is not very big so for my 2 children to have their own play space would be amazing!

  230. Avatar of Michael Warhurst
    Michael WarhurstReply

    Defiantly the Mansion!!! An elevated cubby in our backyard would be a dream for our two young daughters . Would be very well loved with hours of fun had

  231. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love them all ❤️ but if I had to choose I’d say the mansion – I love the size, the additional extras you can play around with to create your own special kids retreat and the quality is amazing! Fingers crossed x

  232. Avatar of Kelly Dargan
    Kelly DarganReply

    The Tarj Mahal would look so good in our back yard. We have 4 children and our youngest 2 are Autistic, Both are big climbers. The Tarj Mahal has so many activities that would help there gross motor skills and help with their imaginative play. It would be dream come true to add something like this to our therapy play afternoons. Good luck everyone

  233. Avatar of Heidi Johnson
    Heidi JohnsonReply

    The Mansion Cubby is bigger than our house we rent so dèfinately would love that one. The kids keep asking if we can move to a bigger house so this could be their “bigger house”.

  234. Avatar of Carolyn

    The Mansion would be ideal for my three grandsons (aged 3 to 7). They are typical boys and love to run off energy around the backyard and they would have a fantastic time running up the steps and sliding down the side, not to mention playing with their toys inside the Mansion.

  235. Avatar of Kate capilitan
    Kate capilitanReply

    The villa cubby is the perfect size and can be decorated so nicely to look like a gorgeous traditional cubby!

  236. Avatar of Annette Bonnett
    Annette BonnettReply

    Most definately the Mansion. It is just awesome. Our twins would love being able to have the outdoor play time.

  237. Avatar of Shelle Flowers
    Shelle FlowersReply

    My children and I like the villa. Perfect for playing shops, food serving (mud cakes are our current favorites), hide and seek and secret getaways from adults. Perfect in every way!

  238. Avatar of Bianca

    The Taj Mahal!! I have 2 boys and all they want to do is climb climb climb!!! This will be perfect for providing hours of outside play!!

  239. Avatar of Duane Van Schoonhoven
    Duane Van SchoonhovenReply

    ~ The Mansion looks like the best fun for kids! ~

  240. Avatar of Alicia Grech
    Alicia GrechReply

    We would love the villa cubby for our Son it would absolutely make his Christmas! He is an outdoor kid and would adore a cubby. Would be an awesome pressent for us all

  241. Avatar of Katherine

    I would love the tower, elevated and pimped out with a slide, ladder and some other bits of course. My 2 boys are tall so they’ll fit in a fort rather than a cubby for a lot longer. Awesome

  242. Avatar of Sally-anne

    I love the manor because it reminds me of the ‘house’ my Dad built out the back of my Oma’s (grandmothers) house for him and I to stay in when needed.

  243. Avatar of Kaman Yu

    The Villa Cubby as it’s not too big and it’s not too small as it’s just right and it comes with a skylight. It’s got even better features than our actual home. I love how it can come unstained so us and the children can actually paint it and really customise it to our own liking. That way, the children will treasure it more.

  244. Avatar of Alex Markham
    Alex MarkhamReply

    Villa cubby would be the perfect size for our backyard

  245. Avatar of Jessica Antoniadis
    Jessica AntoniadisReply

    The Castle cubby house is what I’m aiming for,
    I can imagine my boys running out the door.
    Little do they know, a new adventure awaits
    So much to do, so much to celebrate.

    Into the garden, they wonder what they’ll see,
    Excitement and joy for the whole family.
    A well built cubby, a place of their own,
    Somewhere to retreat to when I bring their baby brother home.

    Outside amongst nature, instead of watching tv,
    Or keeping them busy instead of “weeding” my veggies.

    Their Castle to take care of, their Castle to be proud of,
    A place where they can keep forming their brotherly love.

  246. Avatar of Rebecca mason
    Rebecca masonReply

    My 2 kids would love a villa cubby, its the perfect size for our small backyard

  247. Avatar of Jaimi layt

    The Taj Mahal is AMAZING!!! With an elevated level, climbing wall, slide and space for all of the kids to play happily….this would be my kids dream cubby.

  248. Avatar of Luana Gec

    The Mansion
    What a fabulous cubby. My two princesses would love this cubby, so spacious for them to host their own little tea parties with friends and family. They could make up so many games and adventures with this beauty

  249. Avatar of Phillip Cunningham
    Phillip CunninghamReply

    Castle as it’s a cubby fit for for a princess and that describes my oldest granddaughter.

  250. Avatar of Aimee Poole
    Aimee PooleReply

    I like the mansion cubby because it’s elevated. Should get some nice views from it!

  251. Avatar of Lorraine Hanley
    Lorraine HanleyReply

    We absolutely love the Villa cubby, it is so perfect for role play and adventure play in the garden. I have been dreaming of getting one of these for my boy for sooooo long.
    He would be so unbelievably happy to see one in the garden.

  252. Avatar of Kylie

    I would choose the play house my 3 boys would love it I would elevate it and at a slide and climbing rope, they would have a ball playing superhero’s and there imaginary games and when they get a little older it can be their clubhouse to hang out with friends

  253. Avatar of D I A N A

    Tower, perfect place for a party . . . . . . . and no real place to hide from the eyes in the back of Mum’s head and make mischief.

  254. Avatar of Rebecca Ellison
    Rebecca EllisonReply

    Cottage because:
    It’s a cute and cozy cubby to capture creative cooking and cool coffees for crazy children.

  255. Avatar of Emma Turnbull
    Emma TurnbullReply

    My kids would love the mansion and we have the perfect spot to put it! Thanks for the chance

  256. Avatar of Belinda

    I don’t really have a favourite cubby there are so many great ones. But I guess as it my boys who are young now that I would have to choose the Taj Mahal. My boys love rock climbing and the rock wall on the side would keep them occupied for hours.

  257. Avatar of Chelsea Bruce-Bridger
    Chelsea Bruce-BridgerReply

    My son tells me that the mansion looks really awesome. Fingers crossed we can make his day

  258. Avatar of NikolJ

    I would love to win a mansion cubby for my two beautiful little boys aged 2.5 and 5! They love the outdoors and this would make them so happy!!

  259. Avatar of AmberB

    The Villa. It’s the perfect size for our courtyard, and has the cutest little veranda in the front!

  260. Avatar of nicole thain
    nicole thainReply

    the mansion because its big enough for everything. its big enough for my princess to make amazing memories. its big enough for a dog house for the hubby and its big enough for a “mum needs 5 minutes to herself” house lol

  261. Avatar of Wendy

    The mansion love the elevation so hubby can’t complain about it killing the grass and the addition of the slippery dip

  262. Avatar of Tennille floyd
    Tennille floydReply

    The castle cubby looks great. They are all amazing

  263. Avatar of christie

    It Has to be the Mansion as a mum of 4 kids this would definately suit all four kids and would give them hours of fun and with the slide it’s a bonus as they love to to slip and slide away over and over.

  264. Avatar of Emma

    The Taj Mahal is my favourite… too big for our tiny backyard, but LOOK AT IT!! SO FUN! Maybe when we move to a larger block 😛

  265. Avatar of Heidi

    The Mansion is just the perfect size for a growing family but oh boy does the castle speak to me on a personal level!

  266. Avatar of Tara

    Two little kids here who would love to play in the Cottage cubby. Perfect size for our back yard and they would love decorating it all over the Christmas break. What a fantastic gift and if we won, we would be very grateful to receive such a generous prize.

  267. Avatar of Kirsten K

    I have a adventurous 5 (nearly 6 year old) and he loves playing outside and he would absolute love this cubby house! My oldest would love to play in it as well. Being a single Mum I do what I can for my boys and try my best to make sure they have a great childhood.

  268. Avatar of BG O'Connor
    BG O'ConnorReply

    Villa would be amazing.
    I do love them all though 🙂

  269. Avatar of Vicki Millar
    Vicki MillarReply

    The palace cubby combo will keep my son fit and entertained for hours

  270. Avatar of Danielle

    Love the Taj Mahal because it is just divine! So much to keep the kids (and big kids) entertained. Spectacular design that any kid would love!

  271. Avatar of Amanda

    Any one would be a delight for my two boys, but given my eldest loves climbing, and his favourite thing at all he park is the slide, i’d Have to say the mansion is my favourite.

  272. Avatar of Beth Smith

    The Mansion as it also encourages gross motor skills, climbing and sliding. Great for kids with motor delays.

  273. Avatar of Meg Oakley

    I love the look of mansion or villa, would be perfect for my two girls. Fingers crossed

  274. Avatar of Nikki

    There is so many awesome cubby’s to decide but i do love the Castle, Palace and the Villa!! All have what i could only dream of to have for my kids!
    This would be amazing to win!!

  275. Avatar of Deanne terry
    Deanne terryReply

    My 4yo daughter would love the castle cubby. I wish i could afford one of these for her. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win one

  276. Avatar of Nattas

    100% the Mansion……. my little one will love climbing up, sliding down and then constructing with a sandpit underneath. Heaven for a little man.

  277. Avatar of sue perry

    The mansion
    I think it will me a mum shed where I can put myself in time out keep my stash of chocolate & lollies away from sticky fingers & i can use the slippery dip to escape if my monster comes looking for me

  278. Avatar of Jennifer May
    Jennifer MayReply

    The Mansion my 3 boys would be in there every day they would absolutely love it.

  279. Avatar of Aimee nicholson
    Aimee nicholsonReply

    The villa is elegant and sweet for my daughter! She would play cafes and school with her imaginary friends all day!

  280. Avatar of Colleen

    My 5 year old and 7 year old woukd go nits for this. They are amazing !

  281. Avatar of Sara

    The mansion for my twin boys. They would absolutely love this and it would help them burn off some energy

  282. Avatar of Courtney Peake
    Courtney PeakeReply

    Omg!! We wanted to get a cubby house for the kids for Christmas this year. I have them the choice between iPads or cubby and they chose the cubby, thank goodness!! Aaron’s make the nicest cubbies I’ve seen.

  283. Avatar of Katie Routley
    Katie RoutleyReply

    I love the mansion – I have two girls that absolutely love imaginative play and they would really enjoy a cubby to extend this play and to encourage them to play outside more! Thanks for the opportunity!

  284. Avatar of Pete

    Well if i HAD to pick a favourite as hard as that is id pick, The Mansion!! That slide though! ! Amazing give away, legends!

  285. Avatar of Kristy

    I’d be happy with any of Aarons hubbys for my boys as they would be so excited to play in it. but I’d love the mansion so we could raise it off the floor and put a sandpit under it. they love sand as well.

  286. Avatar of Katrina O

    I love the mansion. Who doesn’t love a slide coming from a cubby house.

  287. Avatar of Alannah

    Looove the mansion cubby! My boys would absolutely love this. Especially my 2.5 year old who is such a little adventurer. We were hoping to get them a cubby for Christmas so to win would be amazing

  288. Avatar of Sam

    I love the manor. Not only does it look like a mini house that would fit perfect in my backyard, my kids would love their own little house to play. And its big enough to store their toys i wouldnt have a mess to clean up in my house haha

  289. Avatar of Jacqui

    My boys would LOVE the mansion. This would be the perfect addition to our backyard. They boys would honestly be blown away and ever so grateful


    I would love the Taj, not just for my son but for me lol

  291. Avatar of Sharna Halls
    Sharna HallsReply

    How can I just pick one when they’re all amazing?? We’ll go with the mansion.

  292. Avatar of Jocelyn

    The villa will be perfect for my son. The size is just perfect. Will give him heaps of space to play.

  293. Avatar of Kirsty Garrard
    Kirsty GarrardReply

    I love all of the cubbies but the Villa Cubby would fit perfectly into our backyard-we have a space that we specifically would love to put a cubby house in for the kids & that cubby would fit perfectly.

  294. Avatar of Liz Kaminskk
    Liz KaminskkReply

    The taj mahal of course is amazing but I really like the mansion! I cant imagine all the stories and adventures that can happen in a cubby liek that. As it is raised, it would be perfect to keep the dog out as well! Win win!

  295. Avatar of Karren

    The Mansion is exactly how it looks..this is the crème of the crème of cubby houses and would be fit for my little Prince . He LOVES slides and to have his own cubby with a slide..well I would definitely get Mum of the year!! Everything is crossed.

  296. Avatar of Renee

    Love the mansion as it combines two of my Kid’s favourite things, a cubby and a slide

  297. Avatar of Tara Horsnell
    Tara HorsnellReply

    I think the tower and castle cubby combo is amazing! Something for everyone to do!!!

  298. Avatar of Antonietta

    Our favourite is the Mansion. Our 2 year old boy would have an absolute ball playing in there with his cousins especially zooming down the slide and doing it all over again.

  299. Avatar of Nicole Brown
    Nicole BrownReply

    The Mansion look amazing. With our growing very outdoorsy boys it would fit fantastically in our backyard

  300. Avatar of Sarah

    Ohhh the elevated mansion is awesome but also love the villa stable doors!!!! They are all bloody great…. lets face it!!!

  301. Avatar of Alice

    My favorite is the Villa, perfect size for my threenager!

  302. Avatar of Belinda Downie
    Belinda DownieReply

    Would love to win a cubby for my little man so he can have a workshop just like his daddy.

  303. Avatar of emma

    Love the Manor, but I would love anything for my little girl!

  304. Avatar of caroline A'vard
    caroline A'vardReply

    I Love the Mansion as im sure my grandsons would love playing in too..Its got all the mod cons of a real mansion for kids ….

  305. Avatar of Jade O

    I adore The Mansions, perfect for the young and the young at heart. This would make an amazing Xmas gift for my little ones

  306. Avatar of Jenn

    My son would love the villa. He is an only child but loves playing with our two Labradors like a brother and sister. A low to the ground cubby would mean they can go in the cubby with him. He turns 4 next month so he is at the perfect age for his imagination to run wild outdoors during the summer. His own little hide away would make his christmas

  307. Avatar of Renee waite
    Renee waiteReply

    Id love the mansion as my girls would go crazy on the slide they would love it.

  308. Avatar of Lynette

    The Taj Mahal – my boys are all climbers so this would be perfect 🙂

  309. Avatar of Tara

    The Taj Mahal is my favourite as there is something for the kids of varying ages

  310. Avatar of Justine Drake
    Justine DrakeReply

    The Tah Mahal, its up high and perfect for playtime!

  311. Avatar of Daniel T

    The mansion in mint as! Queen bee should pick us to win!!

  312. Avatar of Tamara Oaten
    Tamara OatenReply

    I really like the classic cubby style if the Villa. I’d love that for my 2 year old with a few extras like windows, a letterbox, flower box and maybe a different coloured roof. My fingers and toes are crossed. Thank you.

  313. Avatar of Natasha Hatzis
    Natasha HatzisReply

    The mansion would be my favorite (and most definitely my son’s) would be a perfect addition to our massive backyard that has absolutely nothing in it at the moment. Fingers crossed

  314. Avatar of Jayde Gately
    Jayde GatelyReply

    The castle cubby is really cute especially once painted but if I had a big backyard which I hope for one day the Taj Mahal would be amazing. We were lucky enough to grow up with an amazing cubby house as kids and I hope my girls can have the same.

  315. Avatar of Anth

    I love the Villa cubby, kids can use their wild imaginations to make it anything they want it to be.

  316. Avatar of Teresa Nauer
    Teresa NauerReply

    Mansion it will keep my son entertained that much I think he would want to move in

  317. Avatar of Beck C

    The Mansion is fantastic! Plenty of room for all the kids 🙂

  318. Avatar of Mel

    My 2 kids aged 2 and 3 would love the mansion cubby. They are always making a cubby in the back yard with their slide and play table so this combination would make their imaginative play so much more fun and make me the best mum. I love the idea of it being elevated and the room underneath for their bikes or a sandpit. With it being elevated their daddy can also add a couple of swings to it 🙂

  319. Avatar of Kim

    We’ve been thinking about getting a cubby house for the past 2 Christmas’ but the cost is always the bit that puts us off from getting one for another year! I know my 2 little girls would absolutely love the mansion, or even the castle!

  320. Avatar of Nicole

    It would absolutely make our Christmas if we could win the Taj Mahal cubby house. I can imagine all the fun my daughter & nieces would have playing in this for years to come.

  321. Avatar of Sandra G Dinsdale
    Sandra G DinsdaleReply

    I love ‘The Mansion’ as every child loves coming down a slide be it face forward, on their tummy or lying on their back. My grandsons sure do I can tell you. Archer our 2.5 year old loves sliding face first and landing on the nice soft grass and he would have so much fun playing in a cubby in my backyard. Now that would be a great Christmas present and I would be the best ‘Nanny’ in the world!!

  322. Avatar of Kellie Wellard
    Kellie WellardReply

    The Mansion – What kid wouldn’t want to say they play in The Mansion everyday!
    What a great competition!
    After a failed Cubby purchase from Santa last year, that ended up returned to the store in pieces, this would make a great redemption!

  323. Avatar of Hkj

    My favorite is the mansion as it will be a hit for many years to come and bring the joys of a slide home. She loves slides and we have to pull over every time she sees one (for my sanity) so would love one at home.

  324. Avatar of Michael m

    Your whole cubby range are great. Stimulating, encouraging and allowing kids to do what they do best. Imagine, explore and just be KIDS! Any design of yours would be dream come true to my little boy.

  325. Avatar of Lauren Cocko
    Lauren CockoReply

    The Villa! It’s so adorable! I love the little verandah and stable doors. It would suit our country space perfectly! That’s why it’s my favourite

  326. Avatar of Amanda Franke
    Amanda FrankeReply

    We love the Villa cubby house, we have recently moved home and now have a fantastic big back yard that this cubby would look fantastic in. Currently we have nothing out there for our boys to play with so this fantastic cubby house would be a fantastic addition.

  327. Avatar of Rachael Ronke
    Rachael RonkeReply

    My kids would love the palace and it’s beautiful letterbox and veranda

  328. Avatar of Natalie

    I love the bungalow. It reminds me of the one my dad made us as kids. I have the best memories of playing it as kids with my 3 siblings. I would love to win a cubby for my twin girls. I still have the old furniture from my cubby to put in it.

  329. Avatar of Tara Harvey
    Tara HarveyReply

    Would love to win the villa for my kids. Currently redoing our pool area through insurance due to damage from a storm and it would complement the area by overlooking the new redone pool area. My kids would play in it day and day out and would be the envy of all their friends.

  330. Avatar of Daniela burfette
    Daniela burfetteReply

    I love all of the cubby houses, the taj mahal is fantastic but our backyard is on the smaller side so the elevated villa would certainly do the trick. An energetic 4 year old and very daring 15 month would get a lot of use of of it and burn all that energy which would otherwise be spent climbing the walls and driving me crazy Also it’s big enough to set up a little bed and have a mini mummy vacay (who am I kidding they’ll find me) or my husband because sometimes as much as we all love each other we all drive each other a litttle crazy. Please please please

  331. Avatar of Kirstin

    The Mansion would be a lively addition to our property. As our backyard floods on occassions this would be perfect. My daughter would love this forever.

  332. Avatar of Leanne23

    The Mansion
    My little man loves slides
    I can image him climbing up the stairs and sliding down the slide all day long!

  333. Avatar of Wendy Hatton
    Wendy HattonReply

    The Mansion. What a dream. I can imagine the fun pretend games this one will evoke. Then again it looks good enough to be a Mum’s retreat- I’ll be able to keep an eye on backyard activities from on high too.

  334. Avatar of Jocy

    Who wouldn’t like the Palace Cubby with Tower Combo. so much space for the kids to play.

  335. Avatar of Christina

    The Mansion has got to be my favourite. It’s still got a cute cubby house feel to it but the slide gives it that little bit extra. Would be perfect to set up shop, play house or pretend they are on a pirate ship and then slide right off the “plank” into the water. I would love watching my kids play for hours in and on any of these cubbies they are

  336. Avatar of Alyssa spalding
    Alyssa spaldingReply

    WOW!!! The Taj Mahal is amazing however for my backuard the villa would fit beautifully.

  337. Avatar of Lainie

    The Castle is the Pefect cubby house. The design is on-trend and would suit any backyard. The balcony and window boxes and even more take and colour to the design.
    All the cubby houses look amazing and the winning family are very lucky!
    I know my girls would have endless fun in their very own house.

  338. Avatar of Kirsty May

    The castle so my little princess can be at one with her inner Elsa!! The hours of fun and the pure joy this eould bring her and her friends makes me smile just thinking about it!! You guys are amazing for giving us such an opportunity!! Thank you and good luck to all that enter xxxx

  339. Avatar of Dayna

    If we won, we would upgrade to an elevated Manor so our three kids (all under 3.5 years) can create beautiful childhood memories in style!

  340. Avatar of Linda

    The Villa….love the porch. My daughter will decorate it like her little own home.

  341. Avatar of Jem Jones

    My favorite is the Taj Mahal!!
    My 3 kids would live outside if they could and would absolutely love the Taj Mahal

  342. Avatar of Sarah

    Taj Mahal is definitely my favourite 🙂 Definitely worth the extra money in my opinion. Would be a great cubby for young kids and would just grow with them.

  343. Avatar of Michelle Jenkins
    Michelle JenkinsReply

    The mansion would be awesome for my granddaughter

  344. Avatar of Kristy McPherson
    Kristy McPhersonReply

    I think every cubby available has so many amazing qualities but for my littlies I love the look of the Mansion. Having two toddlers and a newborn I would love my adventurous little souls to have a special place to hide and play and create fun memories, especially while I sit and feed our precious new baby!!

  345. Avatar of Jo jackson

    All the cubbys are so awesome!! I’d love the mansion -sounds amazing. My kids would play for hours outside with any of these cubbys. Their imaginations would run wild and who knows where they would be transported to in one of these cubbys!!

  346. Avatar of Shelley hill
    Shelley hillReply

    Mum of 2 beautiful boys here who desperately needs to give them a home outside of our home for all of their wild adventures and making of mud pies, volancos and endless amounts of playdough things. I couldnt think of a better gift I could give my boys this christmas, we would choose the mansion as this would be the perfect dream size cubby.

  347. Avatar of Kirsty Martin

    The Mansions would be amazing, what a dream come true for the kids! I’d not have to encourage them to get out in the fresh air with that in the backyard!

  348. Avatar of Reaksta

    Totally the Taj Mahal!! Add some monkey bars & my little adventurers would be over the moon. Love them all!!!

  349. Avatar of janine hall
    janine hallReply

    My boys would love the Villa,
    It would sit proudly in our yard,
    What a place to play!

  350. Avatar of Sarah Powell
    Sarah PowellReply

    All of the cubby houses are amazing but i like the mansion the best. 🙂

  351. Avatar of Erin

    Taj Mahal. It’s a one stop play space for kids. Sandpit underneath is a great space saver. Years of fun for all ages.

  352. Avatar of Michelle

    The Taj Mahal. So much fun for everyone with so many things to explore and develop like imagination, co-ordination, muscle development adventure and most of all fun.