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Baby Jogger Welcomes Two Fab New Models to the City Mini Family

It’s no surprise to hear that Baby Jogger is one of Australia’s favourite pram brands. Further congratulations (or screams of anticipation) are in order, because this month they’re welcoming two new models to the City Mini family.

And, to add to the excitement… big news! You can win your choice of one of these two newbies with us!  

Whether you choose the City Mini 2 or the City Mini GT2, you’re going to be the envy of the street with a brand new, latest model, feature-packed pram. Read on to find out everything that’s to love about these exciting new releases – and to see which model is best suited to you. 

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Everything you expect from City Mini (and more!) 

Baby Jogger’s most popular and award-winning category, the City Mini Series, is designed to suit your lifestyle. Jam-packed with features and great value to boot, this range is where you’ll find the right stroller for your unique way of living. Whether you’re a city slicker or like to get off the footpath – there is a City Mini model for you.

City Mini fans already know the power of their signature one-handed fold, a total game-changer in mum life. With their understanding of ‘just what mums need’ these two new models are everything you’d expect from City Mini and a little bit more.

Here’s why you need a little City Mini magic in your life, right now. 

1.  City Mini folds small and lifts light 

Every new mum knows that a heavy pram can be a real punishment. Lifting a giant lump of a thing in and out of the car, having no boot space and not being able to fit the groceries and the pram – no go! Worry no longer thanks to the  City Mini 2 or the City Mini GT2. They’re lightweight, easy to fold (with their signature one-handed folding mechanism) and have a small collapsed footprint.

The result? Exactly what you want out of your everyday pram.


  • The City Mini 2 weighs: 8.5kg and its folded dimensions are a compact 28cm x 65cm x 77cm
  • The larger City Mini GT2 weighs: 9.7kg and its folded dimensions are 33cm x 65cm x 82cm.

How to choose: If the most crucial feature on which model best suits you is size and/or weight the City Mini 2 is for you.

2.  Suitable from newborn and growing with your child 

The best choice in prams will grow with your little one. This means you can buy a single, quality pram that will get you from newborn through to toddler with one clever design. Both City Mini 2 and the City Mini GT2 can do this thanks to their nearly flat layback position for a tiny bub and a true seat for older children.

As your little one grows, both models now feature an adjustable calf support, a brand new feature for Baby Jogger! This allows you to create the comfiest position for your baby’s little legs at any age … and every mum knows a comfy kid is far less likely to object to being in the pram for long periods. Clever, right?


  • City Mini 2 is suitable for newborn up until 22.5kg and incorporates the new adjustable calf support.
  • City Mini GT2 is suitable for newborn up until 29.5kg and incorporates the new adjustable calf support.

How to choose: If you’re thinking you’ll use your pram longer or you’re genetically more likely to have a bigger kid, the City Mini GT2 is the best choice for you.


3. Easy to steer, a pleasure to drive 

Both the City Mini 2 and the City Mini GT2 are designed to be easy to manoeuvre and comfortable to push. They are slightly different in their design based on what features you’re seeking:


  • The City Mini 2 comes with front wheel suspension and a versatile front wheel that can be set to swivel or locked for longer distances. This means a smooth ride on most terrains.
  • The larger City Mini GT2 comes with all wheel suspension and all-terrain tires. It also has the versatile front wheel that can be set to swivel or locked for longer distances. These features combine to boast a smooth ride on any terrain. The City Mini GT2 also has an adjustable rubberised handle, which means you can make it ‘just so’ for your own height and posture.

How to choose: If you’re an urban mumma who’s more likely found in a cafe or supermarket than undertaking a beach walk or mountain hike, the City Mini 2 will more than suit your needs. It’s remarkably nimble and ready for adventure, perfect for your day-to-day needs.

If you’re likely to go off-road or you’re super tall or short, the City Mini GT2 will better suit your needs. It’s robust and ready for anything.


4. Jam-packed prams with features mums want most 

The Baby Jogger team know how to design feature-laden prams that are truly bang for buck. When it comes to what mums want and need in a stroller, these exciting new models tick all the most-important boxes. Here’s the features you’re going to adore.


Both City Mini 2 and the City Mini GT2:

  • Have been upgraded with a larger storage basket so you can take everything you’ll need with you on the go.
  • Feature a UV50 magnetic canopy with peek-a-boo windows (newly added to the Mini GT2) so baby is protected from the weather, sun-safe and you can still see them without disturbance.
  • Include car seat adaptors! Create a clever travel system with the included City GO™ infant car seat adapters meaning your capsule can be easily and conveniently integrated.
  • Come with all new design and in a range of stylish colours to customise your wheels!
    • City Mini 2 comes in a choice of Carbon, Jet and Slate.
    • City Mini GT2 comes in a choice of Ember, Jet, Slate and Windsor.

baby-jogger-city-mini-2-360-swivelGet ready to get your own brand new City Mini this month 

Both the City Mini 2 and the City Mini GT2 launch on the 17th May so if you’re thinking to buy one (of course you are!) mark the calendar right now.

  • The City Mini 2 is $549 – the best value, high quality pram around.
  • The larger City Mini GT2 is $799 – feature-packed and a strong value proposition with extra, desirable features to meet your personal lifestyle needs.

Both models (and we did warn you the hardest part would be choosing!) are available at baby specialty retailers or on the Baby Jogger website.  The good news is you’ve a week and a bit to decide which amazing City Mini stroller will suit you best!

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