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True Story: Woman Discovers Mum’s Fertility Doctor is Actually Her Bio Dad


When it comes to fertility doctors, it seems this one went the extra mile. 

In a bizarre true story that has emerged this week Eve Wiley has discovered that she is actually the daughter of the fertility doctor who helped her parents conceive.

Mind blown? So are we. And so is poor Eve who’s dealing with the whole #situation.

Eve Wiley shared her out-of-the-ordinary story last week to American news program 20/20. It’s a real doozy, so get ready to get your head around this.

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Eve Wiley on the show which aired 30 April 2019. Image via abc 20/20.

Eve’s world turns upside down

Just last year, Eve Wiley purchased an kit. Like thousands of people across the globe she and her husband were excited to find out more about her genetic history. She already knew she was conceived by sperm donor, a man identified as Donor106.

Eve Wiley thought she had pieced together her parentage 14 years ago when she met Donor106,  who she believed had helped in her conception. After meeting they became close and a father-daughter type relationship developed. (Wiley’s father who raised her is now deceased).

“I call him dad. We say I love you,” Wiley said. “We spend holidays together and he actually officiated at my wedding.”

Eve’s understanding of her parentage was challenged once again when her test revealed her father was someone totally different.

The Texas woman’s life was flipped upside down with unexpected news that her biological father was actually not who she had been told he was at all. Another man was listed as her father. And, wait for it… Her father is actually the fertility doctor who had inseminated her mum with his sperm against her will.

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Eve with Donor106 who she believed was her biological father and shared a close relationship with.                           Image via abc 20/20.

What on earth ! Okay, let’s start a the beginning

Wiley’s mother, Margo Williams, and Williams’ late husband struggled with infertility before turning to sperm donation at California Cryobank to conceive. The fertility doctor she and her husband worked with was highly regarded.

He was that doctor in the community that everybody respected and absolutely trusted him. He was kind of a hero for my parents. He gave them the one thing they wanted – and it was a child…

The unnamed doctor’s hero status has since been tarnished with recent revelations that he had inseminated Margo Williams without her permission. And just when you think there’s no more twists left in this tale…. the doctor even delivered baby Eve!

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Baby Eve is delivered by her mother’s fertility doctor (who is later revealed to be her sperm donor father). Image via abc 20/20.

So what actually happened? 

It’s alleged the doctor mixed some of his own sperm with that of the donor’s after five failed attempts. He claims Williams and her husband gave permission for the mixing with an anonymous local donor. However, Williams says she never gave consent.

What’s more, the doctor never told Williams it was his sperm which resulted in the pregnancy. Of course, he later even delivered Wiley.

Re the law, it is not illegal for fertility doctors to use their own sperm for artificial insemination, as Texan law does not include rape by deception charges – something Wiley is lobbying to change, pushing for fertility fraud to be classified as sexual assault.

As for Wiley, she’s now searching for answers,

I just want to know why. “I don’t love this. This sucks. When I tell people my story, their jaws hit the floor.

Wait for it… Eve is not alone 

According to abc’s 20/20 since discovering her father’s true identity, Eve has connected with an entire online community of offspring of other “doctor daddies.” These are donor-conceived children who have also made the startling discovery that their biological fathers were not anonymous sperm donors, but instead their mother’s fertility doctors.

Whether Eve’s own “doctor daddy” has other “doctor daddy secret babies” out there is yet to be revealed. At Mum Central the consensus is that there will certainly be more twists in this story. Stay tuned…

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This story first broken by abc 20/20. The show will be available online in Australia soon.


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