The Elf on the Shelf is Back With New Accessories, New Clothes AND a New Pet


Calling all elf-loving families.

It’s time to drag that cheeky little The Elf out of the Christmas box and welcome him back into our homes for another year of festive fun.

If you’re running low on Elf accessories and ideas, then have we got something FUN to show you.

We’ve got a whole sleigh full of tricks to bring Elf Christmas Tradition to the next level. That’s right mums, dads, and kids – little Elfie’s got a brand new wardrobe of couture outfits, an adorable furry fox friend and a heap of inflatable elf accessories to make his nightly antics even more fun-tastic.

Elf on the Shelf box set
Photo: Supplied

Everyone’s favourite family tradition gets even more festive.

You’ve probably heard about The Elf on the Shelf. Even if you don’t have kids or if your kids are still really young, it’s hard NOT to notice the influx of Elf photos on social media throughout December.

This year, the popular children’s illustrated storybook and much-loved family tradition will bring even more squeals of delight to your household with the tree-mendous new range of Elf-friendly Claus Couture.

Elf on the shelf couture clothing collection
Elf is ready to rock around the clock. Photo: Supplied

We’re talking cheerful, sweet-inspired Donut Be Naughty PJs, a delicious Jolly Gingerbread outfit, and even a Merry Mermaid tail. Oh, my daughter is going to LOVE that one. When Elf feels like partying, there’s a North Pole Rock and Roll outfit, complete with a mini guitar or a dazzling Pastel Polar Princess party dress for the Elfettes.

Aren’t they so cute? And, bonus, they will most likely also fit Barbie and all her friends too, just in case your daughter decides she wants to ransack Elf’s closet for her own plastic pals.

elf on the shelf clothing accessories
Jolly gingerbread and a mermaid Elf. How can we resist? Photo: Supplied

Elf Pets® : A dog, a reindeer and now, an arctic fox

In addition to a wintery wardrobe, Elf is also getting another pet, and he’s as cute as can be. Joining the popular Elf Pets® A Saint Bernard Tradition and Elf Pets® A Reindeer Tradition is Elf Pets® An Arctic Fox Tradition.

The collection comes with both a heart-warming book about Arctic Fox’s Christmas adventure and a plush fox that is just the right size for Christmas cuddles.

Elf Pets - Arctic Fox box set
The all-new Elf Pet. Photo: Supplied
mum central
Get your own St. Bernard Elf Pet. Photo: Supplied

Scout Elves at Play® inflatable accessories 

But wait, there’s even more elf antics to be found with the new Scout Elves at Play® inflatable accessories. They blow up easily and can add even more excitement to the morning hunt for Elf.

There’s a Magic Portal Door and Slide, which gives your Scout Elf the ability to ‘slide’ into Christmas, a Peppermint Plane Ride that will take your Scout Elf to new heights and the Peppermint Balloon Ride that will make kids’ spirits soar when they find their Scout Elf in his own hot air balloon.

Elf on the Shelf accessories
Fly, soar or slide into Elf fun! Photo: Supplied

Orna-POP!™ Advent Countdown

Okay, one last surprise and that’s the Orna-POP!™ Advent Countdown. Everyone loves a good advent calender but what we love about this one is that it doesn’t come with a side order of sugar in the morning. Instead of chocolate, kids can open up a different self-inflating Christmas ornament to add to the tree. LOVE!

Elf on the Shelf advent calendar
A daily December surprise. Photo: Supplied

Adopt your Elf now!

The new collection of Elf goodies is sure to bring the magic to your home, especially for your elf-loving kids. Official Scout Elf “adoption centres” will open across the nation again in Westfield shopping centres and all good retailers throughout Australia. You can see the whole range of accessories at The Elf on the Shelf website.

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