WIN 1 of 5 Monopoly Pay Day Board Games and Bring Back Family Games Night

Gather the troops, collect the iPads, turn off Netflix, confiscate the mobile phones and bring on the board game fun. 

If you love board games like we love board games, then you’ll want to jump on the board game train and give Pay Day – a fun game by the makers of Monopoly – a spin.

We have five Pay Day board games to give away. Keep on reading to find out how to enter!

Family fun is the best kind of fun. But I’ll be the first to admit that we struggle for ideas, especially after dinner when we want to wind down, relax and prepare the kids for bed. We usually turn to kid-friendly movies which is a nice way to chill out, but also gets a little stale. I mean, there are only so many kid-friendly movies you can watch!

mum centralScreens Down, Dice Up 

Lately I decided to stray from the remote control and introduce games night. You see, my husband and I have always been closet board gamers. I remember playing board games as a kid ALL THE TIME. But the kiddies were still a bit too young for many of my old favourites.

Not anymore. Both my boys are now old enough to join in and we’ve been playing a different game every week for a while now. I have found that the kids are actually a lot calmer and more settled for bed after our games night compared to our movie nights.

Plus, it breaks up the evening routine and leaves us laughing at each other, not just at Pixar characters.

So when the opportunity came to check out Pay Day, a Monopoly-like game for families, we jumped at the chance.

mum centralA Modern Day Monopoly 

Pay Day is new to the board game realm and well worth adding to your games night rotation. It’s all about money – making money, spending money, saving money. Basically, it’s like a board game about shopping. Oh and saving. But mostly shopping.

The object of the game is to try and make it to the end of the month without going broke. Each player needs to hunt for bargains (fun, I know) and then sell these items for a profit. You can take out loans, make deals and do whatever you need to do to stay ahead (except rob the bank, which my nine-year-old tried to do… twice). Whoever has the most cash at the end, wins.

The game is suitable for kiddies eight and up but my youngest is seven and he held his own. We managed to get through the game without a single fight or tear and the boys have asked to play it again for the past three board games nights. Which works for me too because I have yet to win a single game and MUST beat my husband at least once.

If you love the occasional games night, whether with your family or friends, then give the Pay Day board game a go. It comes with a similar vibe to Monopoly but doesn’t take nearly as long to play. And you don’t go to jail.

mum central

You can pick up your own Pay Day board game at most major retailers, toy and hobby stores for $39.mum central


We’ve got five Pay Day board games to give away to five Mum Central readers. Simply fill out the form below to be in the running to win.

Win 1 of 5 Pay Day Board Games from Monopoly!

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  1. Avatar of Jasmine Nelson
    Jasmine Nelson Reply

    I’ve never heard about this game before
    I’d love to try it

    • Avatar of Danielle Bailey
      Danielle Bailey Reply

      My kids absolutely love the original monopoly. We play as a family and the kids play Everytime they have a sleepover. It would be good to change it up a bit and give this new version a go.

    • Avatar of Judy

      We play a family board game every Saturday night and always on the lookout for a new game.

  2. Avatar of sharyn w

    I have fond memories of our family playing board games all the time as children which was so much fun
    we would play inside or outside in the sun
    we are starting to buy board games for our family this year
    so we can get the kids off screen time which makes me cringe and brings tears
    this game is one the whole family would love to play for sure
    and it would give us wonderful memories, fun and connecting together time galore 🙂

  3. Avatar of Fiona Charlton
    Fiona Charlton Reply

    We love our family games night! This would be a great addition!

  4. Avatar of Maria Gillies
    Maria Gillies Reply

    My family has regular Family Board Games Nights, usually once a month, with no electronic devices in the room! I would love to add this game to our collection! They say: variety is the spice of life!! 😉

  5. Avatar of chers

    we dont spend enough time as a family these days like when we grew up as kids so winning this will deffinately bring us closer as a family

  6. Avatar of LaurenG

    My kids LOVE Monopoly Junior and I think they would love this too. Bring on Games Night!

  7. Avatar of Alison O

    The memories it will bring back (this game was at the holiday house we visted annually as children) and it will be great to create more memories of Pay Day with my children. We love a good board game battle.

  8. Avatar of Cat

    We love playing board games as a family but they are expensive. This is one we haven’t played before and sounds AWESOME….

  9. Avatar of Suz F

    I love playing board games with the kids, it’s a great way to get away from screens and connect.

  10. Avatar of Caroline

    This game would drum up a bit of entertainment for our night in. Keep everyone on their toes and looks like a lot of fun and laughter

  11. Avatar of Fiona McNeil
    Fiona McNeil Reply

    My son loves board games, money, maths and any competition to bet someone. This was be a great way to get him to teach his brother how to play with him at something he loves. So that they can bond and play together, his brother has Autism and social interaction is challenging.

  12. Avatar of Anne-Marie Wingfield
    Anne-Marie Wingfield Reply

    I would love to try this game as my partner, I and our 7yr old love to find new games to try and love nothing more having a lazy board game afternoon.

  13. Avatar of Jude Little
    Jude Little Reply

    Our kids are getting more interested in board games and in money (mainly spending it) so this would be a brilliant way to connect with them on this topic through play.

  14. Avatar of Milly

    Board games are a great way to get together as a family and because I didn’t play this as a child we’ll be on a level playing field. Not for long though! am the champ

  15. Avatar of Carolp

    Would be great game to play as a family, spend some quality time together. Looks educational as well, will help with adding and learning the value of money

  16. Avatar of Kathy Clark
    Kathy Clark Reply

    Family times are so very important as the kids grow up way to fast and have their own lives

  17. Avatar of Melanie O

    With winter coming the board games get brought out again, this sounds like a perfect addition miss 8 will enjoy

  18. Avatar of Maree Gray
    Maree Gray Reply

    We used to play board games as a family when I was a kid and it was so much fun. This game looks like a great laugh. A good way to spend some valuable time with the kids, making fun memories.

  19. Avatar of AmberB

    Board games are our favourite way to spend time together having fun!

  20. Avatar of Abbie

    Our family loves board games but I think we’re a bit over monopoly. I think we’d all grow to love this new version!

  21. Avatar of Janet King
    Janet King Reply

    Our family really enjoy playing board games together and it gives us a great chance to all spend some quality time together as a family.

  22. Avatar of Charl

    Teach the kids and have fun too! We would love to add Pay Day to our board games collection. Looks quite different and fun 🙂

  23. Avatar of Kylie T

    We love our family games times. And new games are the best! It’s a good way for the 3 of us to stop the busy and reconnect and laugh and learn.

  24. Avatar of KaseyS

    I would love to play a new game. We play the same things over and over. It would be good to try something new.

  25. Avatar of Christina L
    Christina L Reply

    We have never played board games ever. We don’t even own a game board. Would love to start having some fun as a family and see what we’ve been missing out on

  26. Avatar of Andreea Lungu
    Andreea Lungu Reply

    We just moved into a new house,and a board game would be perfect to get my family to relax 🙂

  27. Avatar of Kirsty Hayden
    Kirsty Hayden Reply

    Would love to try this game somsthing differnt yet similar to monopoly. And perfect to teach kids about money

  28. Avatar of Julie Hodsman
    Julie Hodsman Reply

    This game sounds awesome and right up our alley. The kids have just learnt how to play adult monopoly but we tend to only play it over the school holidays as it’s so long. This shorter but similar concept game would be perfect for weekends or on one of many of our camping adventures.

  29. Avatar of Stef

    I would love to win this because the whole family loves Monopoly so this new game would be a hot hit with the family.

  30. Avatar of Sharon Reiss
    Sharon Reiss Reply

    Absolutely love board games and it’s the only time our whole family really comes together is for Mum’s famous Sunday Roast’s.. It brings back such great memories when we all play games after lunch, so it would be fantastic to add another game to the list we can play together..

  31. Avatar of Jaydene Jusseit
    Jaydene Jusseit Reply

    I could surely make use of this game. My son, as many kids these days, is addicted to video games. It would be a great way to get him away from the video games and tv screen to join in some family fun .

  32. Avatar of Lisa-Marie Monaghan
    Lisa-Marie Monaghan Reply

    I’d love to win this as when we were growing up we always had a family game night with our Aunty’s, uncles, cousins etc which always involved monopoly.. I’d love to start a new family games night tradition with payday ❤️

  33. Avatar of Tabatha Voss
    Tabatha Voss Reply

    This looks like a really interesting way to spend an afternoon

  34. Avatar of Dominique Towns
    Dominique Towns Reply

    I’ve just started playing monopoly junior with my eldest, she’s loving it. Some variety of games would be good.

  35. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele Smith Reply

    Friday nights are family fun,
    Board games are choice no: 1,
    A vote is taken, the games begin,
    The kids unite and generally win!
    Payday is cash & shopping?
    Mum is surely now to win!

  36. Avatar of kimothy777
    kimothy777 Reply

    My husband and I host international students and this would be a great way to interact with them while helping them improve their English speaking skills at the same time.

  37. Avatar of MelissaZ

    My family LOVES board games especially my son. Unfortunately we lost most of our collection a few years ago and are still adding back to it.

  38. Avatar of maria

    Board games are a wonderful way to get families together….away from the TV and computers. Board games are fun and entertaining and great for all ages.

  39. Avatar of Mandi Barton
    Mandi Barton Reply

    All the pieces are lost… I need some technological excitement back in my family’s lives.

  40. Avatar of cleo

    Great fun and interaction with the family, enjoying quality time spent together.

  41. Avatar of Ryan H

    Monopoly is a huge hit in our household and sitting down together playing such games is a great way for us all as a family to catch up and spend some quality time together without anyone looking at a screen of some type.

  42. Avatar of Harry Cornish
    Harry Cornish Reply

    We all are game mad and this one looks amazing . Great fun for all of us .

  43. Avatar of Charlotte B
    Charlotte B Reply

    A great way to get the family together and get a little zest into the evening, especially when it comes to the matter of money.

  44. Avatar of Elise M

    Such a fun family game that really brings everyone together. Would love to play it again!

  45. Avatar of Karen Coggan
    Karen Coggan Reply

    Mum son bonding time – I used to play this game with my mum as a kid and would love to have a copy for my son and I so we can have some great bonding time whilst teaching him about money.

  46. Avatar of karina l

    This is hours of fun for the the whole family and it doesn’t involve a screen or eating!

  47. Avatar of Diana Angel
    Diana Angel Reply

    My daughter absolutely loves board games and we play at almost every day! Its entertaining and fun!

  48. Avatar of Elizabeth Kaminski
    Elizabeth Kaminski Reply

    I want to win to freshen it up with a new, fun and exciting game!!

  49. Avatar of Maggie

    I love playing board games with the grandkids. They are away from TV’s and computer games and their faces light up and the excitement is so grand, it is like they are playing for sheep stations.

  50. Avatar of Tania

    My family and I love getting together with family and friends and having board game nights. I would love to add this one to our collection of board games. I reckon if it is made from the makers of Monopoly than this is the new MUST HAVE board game that families will be playing for years. (Probably passing it down to the next generation) I can see many nights of laughter for all ages.

  51. Avatar of Jodi Matthews
    Jodi Matthews Reply

    I NEED my kids to get off their iPads and have some good old fun – like we used to when I was growing up…

  52. Avatar of Bronwyn Evans
    Bronwyn Evans Reply

    Growing up this game was what my brothers and I used to play by candle light when mum couldn’t pay the electricity bill. I didn’t know they still made it would be a great trip down memory lane.

  53. Avatar of Nicola James
    Nicola James Reply

    Sounds fun and just might make them think where the money goes!

  54. Avatar of Lori

    My son loves board games and this will be a fantastic addition to our collection. It’s definitely a great way to put away the electronics for a while and enjoy each others company.

  55. Avatar of Rene

    Wow payday I remember this as a kid and it was my fav ! I would love to get thisbfir my kids !

  56. Avatar of Bronwen S

    I loved board games as a kid, and my children are the same. We would be so excited to give this one a try, and maybe teach them some money skills along the way!

  57. Avatar of Nadine

    We love playing board games – a great way to interact and have a laugh! This game seems to have everything our family would enjoy – a quicker version of Monopoly, which will please the kids; making money, which is Hubby’s favourite pastime and spending money/shopping ….. well, that’s my forte!!

  58. Avatar of David m

    I love Monopoly!
    My sister and I used to play it all the time but we don’t have a copy of the game anymore.

    Would love to win this and have a game again with my sis!

  59. Avatar of Kariposs

    We love our boardgames, especially games like this. Would love to win one!

  60. Avatar of Heidi O'Day
    Heidi O'Day Reply

    We have a regular family games night with ALL my sibling kids and the grand parents. They love it despite themselves. This game none of us have and I’d love to share the monopoly legacy with all the kids. It was my first board game.

  61. Avatar of Charmaine Lock
    Charmaine Lock Reply

    The best quality family night would consist of staying in with good tunes and plenty of board games. Please add Pay Day to our collection.

  62. Avatar of Vicka Sugandhi
    Vicka Sugandhi Reply

    Would love to play this with my family. It would be so much fun to have them all together. I will make some snack and tell hubby to buy soda and pizza..perfect nite!

  63. Avatar of Sue Wynn

    There’s usually 8 of us, who doesn’t love a family games night?!

  64. Avatar of Laurinda Kelly
    Laurinda Kelly Reply

    What a fantastic game for the family. Get everyone off social media & have time in the real world together.

  65. Avatar of MichaelP

    More board games to balance out the excessive video games is a winner!

  66. Avatar of Kim Friend
    Kim Friend Reply

    Be a great way to teach the kids about money and we all love to shop, so this sounds like fun and well as educational. Bedtime will become later and later with this boardgame in the house, haha.

  67. Avatar of Amy Lough

    In our house we have some very big monopoly fans! We have a big collection, would love to add this one to our collection!!

  68. Avatar of Julia

    With 4 kids we are always busy. Games night is a way we can stay connected as a family. We love our games night.

  69. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole Williams Reply

    My son always wants to play Monopoly. This one looks pretty awesome. We would definitely need to have a games night with friends if we win.

  70. Avatar of SW

    I play Monopoly with my 5 and 8 year olds. It has done wonders for their maths. I would love to try this new game with them.

  71. Avatar of Leesa

    I reckon it would be actually educational for the kids aswell as fun. My family of 6 kids would love this game

  72. Avatar of Ellie H

    My two little boys have just started taking an interest in board games.
    It has been a great help for them educationally and it’s such a fun way to spend time together as a family!
    Monopoly was a favourite game of mine growing up and I’d love to make the same memories with my boys.

  73. Avatar of Renea Brouwer
    Renea Brouwer Reply

    We have just recently started playing family board games now as our kids are finally old enough and I think this would be a great addition to our collection

  74. Avatar of Kylie Trayler
    Kylie Trayler Reply

    We currently play Junior Monopoly with our 7 1/2 year old son (& the 3 year old does his best to get involved too!). This new game works as an excellent addition for us on so many levels …
    1. He is just starting to learn the value of ‘earning your own money’ and ‘once it’s gone, it’s gone – until you earn some more’, so the idea of making it last is fabulous (can’t lie, I could probably do with a refresher there too!)
    2. as a young chap with learning difficulties in reading & spelling, the opportunity for family games night to be a ‘learn while you earn’ experience is too good to pass up.
    3. 7 1/2 is clearly the new 15, so our beautiful lad believes that he is too old for ‘junior’ Monopoly anymore!

  75. Avatar of Magda

    that all we used to do on a rainy day when we were little it is great to do it all over again with kids especially these days when they are glued to screens

  76. Avatar of Duane Van Schoonhoven
    Duane Van Schoonhoven Reply

    We would love to win a Pay Day board game, as it would not only be fun to play, but it would be something new to play!

  77. Avatar of Mary Preston
    Mary Preston Reply

    Board games really do bring all of the family together and PAY DAY does sound like a lot of fun.

  78. Avatar of Laurina Ainscough
    Laurina Ainscough Reply

    Our family love Monopoly so I’m sure would be one a favourite on game night!

  79. Avatar of Isildae

    Board games are a great way to learn a range of skills while also having fun. With two teenagers just starting out with part-time jobs this is great way to teach them the value of money.

  80. Avatar of Mel

    Loved Monopoly as a child, would love to share this with my own kids!

  81. Avatar of Melzie86

    My twins just turned 4 and they always complain they are bored. So we could start a new tradition of family board game night which I’m sure they’ll love.

  82. Avatar of Fun

    My daughter and son-in-law belongs to a board games club. They play really ‘involved’ games now but Monopoly is still my ‘little’ girl’s favourite 🙂

  83. Avatar of Irene valentina
    Irene valentina Reply

    Pay day used to be one of my favourite boardgames. Would love to introduce it to my son..

  84. Avatar of Amanda Evans
    Amanda Evans Reply

    I have a daughter with autism and a daughter with sensory processing disorder. I would love to be able to get them to put the ipad down and play something as a family and this looks as though it would be engaging enough for them to do that

  85. Avatar of Rhiannon Jakobasch
    Rhiannon Jakobasch Reply

    This would be so awesome to take away and play on our next camping trip 🙂

  86. Avatar of Alex

    Because it would be a fab change from Monopoly (which, let’s face it, can be a little long-winded!).

  87. Avatar of Tash

    After playing The Game of Life my children have a new found love for board games and keep pointing this out in the shop!

  88. Avatar of LizB

    My daughter loves playing board games and she would love this one 🙂

  89. Avatar of Shayna

    My son is a crazy Monopoly fan and we have played it over and over again. So it would be fantastic to have a new fun family game to try.

  90. Avatar of Natalie M

    Moving house and Grandma will be looking after the kids. This looks like a lot of fun for them.

  91. Avatar of Belinda McLeod
    Belinda McLeod Reply

    I would love to win this game, growing up my sisters and I would play monopoly a lot and I haven’t seen this one and would love to try it for family game night

  92. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole Woods Reply

    We’re lucky enough to have kids who love playing board games, and we’re always on the lookout for new games to play. This one looks awesome , and might even help them learn a little bit about budgeting along the way. Win/win!

  93. Avatar of Sally

    Another great version of Monopoly to reduce screen time and increase family time – love it!

  94. Avatar of Melanie Patterson
    Melanie Patterson Reply

    We are a pretty competitive type of family, me and my 4 boys (including hubby) as the only Lass I need to win these things! Game night will be onnnn with games like these!! Awesome night in to spend with the kids!

  95. Avatar of sonya

    I’d love to win as Friday is our games night but our oldest is getting a little tired of our games and needs something new!

  96. Avatar of Debbie G

    My granddaughters love monopoly so it would be wonderful for them to have a modern version of this game to play. All children should learn new board games and all the learning that is involved in doing so.

  97. Avatar of Sarah Wallace
    Sarah Wallace Reply

    we had many great times as kids with board games, and especially ones Luke monopoly. I’d love to be able to start that up again!

  98. Avatar of Isabeau jane
    Isabeau jane Reply

    Omg blast from the past! I LOVED payday!!! Every sleepover today was brought out to play!! I would love to be able to share that with my kids!

  99. Avatar of Alexsmum

    I have some fond memories of playing board games with our son, in particular, he loves Monopoly. He would love this game & it would give me a reason for him to come off the Playstation & spend time with his mum & dad 🙂

  100. Avatar of julie morton
    julie morton Reply

    as its fun, therapeudic, relaxes you after a hard day and your spending time with your family, perfect night in

  101. Avatar of Emma Doherty
    Emma Doherty Reply

    WOW!!! I would love to win monopoly payday as it sounds like FUN and TEACHES both child and adult about spending your money wisely!!!
    I can’t think of any board game that does this whilst spending precious quality time with your children and family members. Thankyou mum central for giving us a chance at winning some such an amazing prize !!!! Fingers and toes crossed

  102. Avatar of Mel I

    We need a new board game for games night, and I love that this is something a little different

  103. Avatar of Donna Leysley
    Donna Leysley Reply

    Board games are a great thing for a family to play and also anything to get my girls off their devices would be awesome..
    I have some great memories of playing board games with my family on camping trips, plus we have just bought a camper trailer so wold be great to be able to take these with us on our adventures.

  104. Avatar of Naomi

    My oldest lil man is now starting to understand how to play boardgames and sitting still long enough to do so. This game would be a great addition to our still young game collection and gift for someones 8th birthday.

  105. Avatar of Dani

    Best night growing up was board game night with the family. Would love to have this with my own kids & what better way to start than with an exciting new game.

  106. Avatar of Carol Rittner
    Carol Rittner Reply

    Just in time for those cold nights, where the family can get together at the table for a family Game

  107. Avatar of Kylie Clayton
    Kylie Clayton Reply

    I remember playing ‘Payday’ as a child. Unfortunately it was so well loved it fell apart! I’d love to play this fun game and make memories with my kids now… and reintroduce it to my parents.

  108. Avatar of Liz Burke

    Board games are what brings our family together. And then…….we fight.

  109. Avatar of Luize

    Our family lov board games and we would live to try this new game!

  110. Avatar of Tracy

    Our family loves game night, and a new twist to monopoly sounds great.

  111. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle Budge Reply

    Our family loves games night. I’d love to play something different for a change. We love to win please.

  112. Avatar of Marian Cronin
    Marian Cronin Reply

    My whole family are big monopoly fans, we have at least 3 versions including the original game from my mum’s family from the 60’s, and the Disney and Pixar versions. We would love to try this new game, it sounds great!

  113. Avatar of Amy Hucker
    Amy Hucker Reply

    This sounds like just what we need to add to our rotation on board game night. I love monopoly but the rime it takes to get through a game can be so off putting. And perfect cause my little man is just getting into board games

  114. Avatar of Rebecca N.
    Rebecca N. Reply

    My family is always busy but loves playing board games, so winning this will give us all a chance to sit down and have some fun!

  115. Avatar of Rowan Barber
    Rowan Barber Reply

    My kids are getting old enough now to play board games, I haven’t played this game before but it sound really fun. 🙂

  116. Avatar of Gurpreetminhas
    Gurpreetminhas Reply

    I need this game to keep my kids off iPad and tv and have some real fun . I grew up in India so our games were different, would love to play it .

  117. Avatar of Tracey Huddle
    Tracey Huddle Reply

    My Mum used to have this game many many years ago and we were just talking about it a few months ago. I’d love to win this game and teach my kids how to play, just like my Nan taught my Mum how to play games. Board games are awesome family fun.

  118. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa Ahern Reply

    I’d love to win the Pay Day Board Game as it looks like a fun addition to our collection for games night.

  119. Avatar of Eren H

    Was going to buy this a week ago, but thought I’d hold off till it went on sale!

  120. Avatar of Virginia Crank
    Virginia Crank Reply

    This would be fabulous to win as I am always playing board games with grandchildren they always drag the games out from the top of the cupboard when they visit

  121. Avatar of Wendy Hatton
    Wendy Hatton Reply

    The kids really enjoy playing board games with me and as they are getting into their teen years this game might just help them see what happens to the family money- as well as being fun to play

  122. Avatar of Patricia Perrott
    Patricia Perrott Reply

    We have both loved growing up playing board games and making lots of memories. We would love to keep that tradition with our children with this board game and hopefully teach them that there is so much more fun other than social media!

  123. Avatar of Camilla Duxbury
    Camilla Duxbury Reply

    I’m always looking for fun board games that gets the whole family involved. Also, who doesn’t love spending money? And this way we can do it without actually breaking the bank 😀

  124. Avatar of Jomer

    I am worried about the amount of time children spend glued to “smart” phones, ipads, and streaming media content.

    Hopefully more games like this will tear them away from their virtual reality and back into the real world of social interaction.

  125. Avatar of Karen Hodge
    Karen Hodge Reply

    I love board games! And this would be a brilliant learning game with the kids as well as fun! Thank you for the awesome chance to win!

  126. Avatar of Anthea Cornish
    Anthea Cornish Reply

    This game looks amazing. We are always on the lookout for new games and have more family time.

  127. Avatar of Leonie Jayne Nanotti
    Leonie Jayne Nanotti Reply

    I love sitting down with the grandkids and playing board games. It’s better than them being on their iPads all the time !

  128. Avatar of Kodie McMullen
    Kodie McMullen Reply

    We love playing board games at our house. We are all very competitive so this would be perfect addition to our house

  129. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy Nickels Reply

    My son, daughter in law and grandson come to dinner every Monday night and we play board games after dining. Would be great to play something new and different

  130. Avatar of Mel43

    I Homeschool my 3 ASD boy’s and this would be perfect with helping them to learn about money and how to use/spend it. They love to learn in a fun educational eay and we all love to play games together.

  131. Avatar of Alex le Bas
    Alex le Bas Reply

    We’re a family of game board LOVERS – as the primary, and yet currently unemployed, earner in our family I’d love to shout Payday if we win this.. everyone would laugh with tremendous ironic mirth.

  132. Avatar of NICOLA VOICE

    Our son is coming to the age where we can start teaching him board games – so this would be his first game! I love the traditional board games over video games, and fun for the whole family!

  133. Avatar of Rachel Pearce
    Rachel Pearce Reply

    I would love to win this game to get the kids involved in an activity with us aeay from technology

  134. Avatar of Rebecca Costa
    Rebecca Costa Reply

    Love to win so my family can play payday to learn that money doesnt grow on trees and only stetch so far each payday!!

  135. Avatar of Leanne

    Family’s that fight over a board game stay together. Love board game nights

  136. Avatar of tracy wedding
    tracy wedding Reply

    we are currently teaching the grand kids how to play board games this would be so handy and helpful

  137. Avatar of Kel Battiwalla
    Kel Battiwalla Reply

    This is a creative way to get the kids off electronics and have some family time.

  138. Avatar of Michelle Fay
    Michelle Fay Reply

    My grandson Riley is big on money and investing and would absolutely love this game, he is 11 next month and his brother Zac is 12, they are always competing and I know they would love versing me as well because I rock

  139. Avatar of Juanita Torr
    Juanita Torr Reply

    Every single time my family have a BBQ or any type of get together, there are always games brought out….I’d love to win these to play.

  140. Avatar of Joanne

    Our daughter’s at the age to start playing board games and this looks like a really interesting one!

  141. Avatar of Amanda S

    We would love to see all that cash around us, even if it isn’t real. Hopefully the game will motivate the kids to riches.

  142. Avatar of Melissa Peters
    Melissa Peters Reply

    We would love to introduce some traditional games to our kids who are ready to play. We would make a family night of games a regular thing to do every week.

  143. Avatar of Nattas

    Monopoly will always be a classic in this house and would love to branch out and try something new. This one looks great and heaps of fun.

  144. Avatar of Alex He

    I wish my kids would know more about money by playing such fun game.

  145. Avatar of Emma R

    Payday seems like a fabulous addition to our board game collection! My children (particularly the 7yo) don’t understand the value of money – partly due to the prevalence of paying with a debit card rather than actual cash – so this would be a great teaching tool.

  146. Avatar of Lolo W

    It’s been so long since I had a real Pay Day of my own that I think I’m going to find earning fake dough and hunting for pretend bargains even more exciting than my kids will!

  147. Avatar of Barbara M

    This game would be great to play and enjoy with the entire family whilst learning and making financial decisions at the same time.

  148. Avatar of Janelle

    Looks like a great game to get the family together and the brains ticking!

  149. Avatar of Massouna Najjarine
    Massouna Najjarine Reply

    With the busy fast paced lifestyles we live these days.. this a old traditional family game we should all be playing Would love to win this

  150. Avatar of Rachel K

    I love to win because it appeals to young and old, and encourages creativity. It would provides years of use – even being passed down from generation to generation. It’s also educational, accessible to everyone and brings the family together providing pleasurable memories for years to come.

  151. Avatar of Karen Power
    Karen Power Reply

    We have heard alot about his game but never played, lokes like fun

  152. Avatar of Mindy

    Cozing nearby the fireplace would be perfect with the kids. At the same time this game is educational which is all we ever want and love!

  153. Avatar of Freya

    I’d love to win Pay Day, our family and friends regularly enjoy a board games night. It’s always such a laugh!

  154. Avatar of Lauren Hunt
    Lauren Hunt Reply

    Pay Day Monopoly would be educational but fun. Helping the kids learn to save is lesson number 1. Our game nights differ each week we play. This board game is one that we can enjoy anytime of the day.

  155. Avatar of Kieran McGarrigan
    Kieran McGarrigan Reply

    I grew up playing monopoly the smell of the printed money , the feel of the little pieces that represent a different world and the long long long game times needed to play which would immerse you in that world. It also teaches you some valuable financing tips! I cant wait for my children to experience such a cool game !!!

  156. Avatar of Rae

    I remember playing payday when I was a kid,would love to play it with my two boys!

  157. Avatar of Tanya Ma

    Educational fun at its best! Maths, life skills and fun bundled into a board game…. it doesn’t get better than this!

  158. Avatar of Kearra

    I come from a large family who were very close as children but as we’ve grown up we have all started to drift apart . Recently we’ve started having a family dinner once a month to catch up and having a boardgame to like monopoly payday would be a really great addition for adding some fun and healthy competition into the mix

  159. Avatar of Nicole Kent
    Nicole Kent Reply

    The perfect game to bond us all
    A great addition to our board game haul
    Teach my kids to be money smart
    And get them early right from the start!

  160. Avatar of Hannah

    Family Game nights are always fun but not always argument free. Would love to match up against the clan with Payday!

  161. Avatar of Angelique

    I know all too well of the anti social behaviours iPads and technology have caused, having more board games around the house would keep the kids occupied and prevent their square eyes!

  162. Avatar of Susan B

    I think it would be a fantastic learning game for my boys as they think money grows on trees and is endless lol
    Something we can play together and all reconnect as a family.

  163. Avatar of Natalie Stoute
    Natalie Stoute Reply

    To be honest, I find regular Monopoly rather boring and it takes forever to finish a game! However we LOVE the card game Monopoly Deal and we love spending rainy Sunday afternoons playing board games. This PayDay version like fun, who doesn’t love shopping! Thank you 🙂

  164. Avatar of aleisha Austbo
    aleisha Austbo Reply

    We love playing games as a family, especially as they help our kids learn valuable skills like counting, how to react when winning or losing and how to be a good sport. We would love to add this to our collection!

  165. Avatar of Andreea Nicolescu
    Andreea Nicolescu Reply

    This would be so much fun for a family games night, with a big age gap between the kids activities are sometimes hard but game night is always a blast

  166. Avatar of Trudy M

    The kids are just getting to the age they can enjoy board games and I can’t wait to beat them.

  167. Avatar of Jess F

    I want my kids to know that enterment and laughs aren’t just found on the screen. It’s found through some healthy tech free competition!

  168. Avatar of Darren Lacey
    Darren Lacey Reply

    Would love for my kids to see just how quickly the money disappears on Pay Day 🙂

  169. Avatar of Louisa Frail
    Louisa Frail Reply

    My boys love board games with their cousins.
    This would be a perfect game for them to play, laugh, fight, win
    Great family fun

  170. Avatar of andie harrie
    andie harrie Reply

    I worry that we will lose the skill
    of board game nights that were such a thrill
    and the idea of cash in our society
    moving so fast towards cashless propriety
    this game will be a blast
    fun for the family from the past

  171. Avatar of Jess H

    It teaches the kids how to save…and reminds me how to do it, too, haha!

  172. Avatar of Haley

    My son loves playing board games, but he’s getting a bit bored (pun intended ) of all the ones we have at home. This game looks great and would love to give it a go!

  173. Avatar of Christie

    It looks like a great interactive game for all ages to have some fun with!
    Great way to get kids off technology and back into the fun of board games! I love this!

  174. Avatar of Lindac

    We would love to play this on family games night to see who will be the WEALTHIESTand who will be BROKE. Living in a cashless society the kids can see their starting balance, pay utilities and then learn to spend wisely and have fun along the way.

  175. Avatar of Patrick

    As long as my older brother doesn’t play, I remember as a kid playing monopoly & if He ever lost he would flip the board over and walk out !

  176. Avatar of BellaB

    We’ve got pretty sharp limits on screen time during the week; I’d absolutely love to be able to introduce a regularly family games night to help us maintain that.

  177. Avatar of AnneC

    The whole family nan pop Uncles and Aunts love playing board games with Lily aged 6 . Always fun and always welcome new games to play .

  178. Avatar of Jordan S

    I used to play Payday back in the day. I’ve never seen it in shops but always wanted to play it again. I need to win so I can take on my sister and brother again.

  179. Avatar of Alicia Hitchcock
    Alicia Hitchcock Reply

    I have fond memories of playing board games as a child and my favourite was always Monopoly. Now as a Mum of four I love to play board games with my kids. It’s a great way to spend some quality time together and its a lot of fun!

  180. Avatar of Linda Pepper
    Linda Pepper Reply

    I have some great memories playing board games with my family as a kid growing up. I would love to win so i can take with me to our christmas in july catch up. First time we have all been together in 15 years so would be great to re-create our childhood fun, and share our memories with our grand kids, nieces and nephews.

  181. Avatar of Darina

    Our family had a tradition of having a game night every Friday night. TV and mobile phones are turned off, quiet music is put on at the background, old fashion board games are pulled out of the cupboard. We absolutely love our Friday nights. Monopoly Pay Day Board Game would be a wonderful addition to our well used Backgammon, Original Monopoly, Cards, Trouble and more.

  182. Avatar of Leicia Mathers
    Leicia Mathers Reply

    I haven’t had a games night for a very long time and would love to get my grandkids together and play board games

  183. Avatar of Blossom

    Both adults and children acquire great enjoyment with board games which can also be played with visitors. They encourage interaction with others and some are also educational to some extent. Monopoly should also teach both adults and children the value of money, that you have to save before you can spend it.

  184. Avatar of Pita

    Would be great to play with my two boys. Except if I played it with my husband, he would probably get mad if he lost! Hmm…

  185. Avatar of Kate Slack
    Kate Slack Reply

    I would love to add this to our collection of family games, we love Monopoly and this sounds similar but with the benefit of not taking so long to finish!

  186. Avatar of Chandelle Payen
    Chandelle Payen Reply

    Would love to start teaching my kids how to handle money through this game

  187. Avatar of Karen Darcy
    Karen Darcy Reply

    Teaching money skills is important and pay day would help reinforce those skills.

  188. Avatar of Kristine Willoughby
    Kristine Willoughby Reply

    Our Family has always played games together, I’d love to have a game we could play with our grandchild Noah.

  189. Avatar of Bonnie

    Family night is always a board game (normally monopoly gamer), a big cheese board, which my five year old refers to as a “cheese party” and then a movie. We have had this routine now every fortnight for the past two years. A new board game is always met with a great deal of enthusiasm.

  190. Avatar of Anna van Straten
    Anna van Straten Reply

    I love testing my patience and other’s temper and monopoly has always proven to do this. I want to see if this game will make or break my family.

  191. Avatar of Christine Patriarca
    Christine Patriarca Reply

    Would love to win this prize. My 8yo son is really getting into board games so we now have special weekly “family game nights”.

  192. Avatar of Caroline Gunnulson
    Caroline Gunnulson Reply

    We try to have monthly game nights with family and friends. Even the younger ones are encouraged to play, especially UNO. We love GAMES!

  193. Avatar of Meike Bellett
    Meike Bellett Reply

    Because I cannot take one more game of uno or mastermind – time for something new!!

  194. Avatar of Melissa K

    Would love to win Pay day as we had it when I was a child. Would be great to introduce my children to it

  195. Avatar of Sharon Markwell
    Sharon Markwell Reply

    Monopoly’s Pay Day board game would give us heaps of quality family time and get the kids away from the screens.

  196. Avatar of Juliette Gibb
    Juliette Gibb Reply

    The Monopoly Pay Day board game would help us to teach our kids about the value of money and create special family memories

  197. Avatar of Karli

    Monopoly is our favourite family board game! Would love this addition!

  198. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnane Reply

    Monopoly has been a favourite since my grandmothers day, we are at present playing the Adelaide Edition and would love to try a new one.

  199. Avatar of Naomi Drummond
    Naomi Drummond Reply

    Monopoly will always be an all time favourite. Would love to introduce my son to a classic with a good child friendly version

  200. Avatar of Denise

    It makes a lovely change to turn off the T.V. and chat and laugh playing Monopoly,scrabble ect.Would enjoy this new game!

  201. Avatar of gerard egan
    gerard egan Reply

    who doesn’t a great band game , perfect timing with winter coming up

  202. Avatar of Sharyn P

    I love the familiarity but also the difference with this great game, would love the chance to play with my people!

  203. Avatar of Tj Westerling
    Tj Westerling Reply

    I’d love it because it would make a nice difference from us all staring at a screen.

  204. Avatar of Kristina S
    Kristina S Reply

    In a new relationship with my partner and getting to know his 2 amazing kids. Board games are a great way to break down barriers and just have fun.

  205. Avatar of Jessica Ashbrooke
    Jessica Ashbrooke Reply

    We don’t own one board game would love something for the whole family to play

  206. Avatar of Cecilia Warrick
    Cecilia Warrick Reply

    I think it would be a great fun way to learn an invaluable life skill, my kids do need some help in this area, well two out of three of them do, and I do too! 😉

  207. Avatar of Helga Grenkowitz
    Helga Grenkowitz Reply

    I would like to play an educational game with our grandkids when they come for a visit. I don’t think it’s a good idea when kids only play games on their tablet or smartphone.

  208. Avatar of Jill-Anne

    Family bonding – and as a game of chance even the little ones can win… so much incidental learning too

  209. Avatar of Amanda K

    Monopoly brings on the fun everytime, and the family that has fun together, continues to laugh together!

  210. Avatar of Caroline Kelly
    Caroline Kelly Reply

    This board game may finally put to rest any theory that I am the, “Bank of Mum.”

  211. Avatar of JoandTroy

    We have family game night every saturday we would love to add pay day to our fun family nights.

  212. Avatar of Jane A

    Every Friday night is games night for us so I’d love to introduce a new game for my family, we all love Monopoly so this is bound to be a new favourite.

  213. Avatar of Alison Humble
    Alison Humble Reply

    We’d love to win for the interaction board games give.

  214. Avatar of Emily Delller
    Emily Delller Reply

    Our family has 10 different versions of Monopoly. Clearly we love the game!

  215. Avatar of Kas083

    My kids love board games and would love to add this to our stash.

  216. Avatar of Irena

    Because my kids and I love Monopoly, and we will love this game as well!!

  217. Avatar of D Lee

    My kids LOVE Monopoly, the new Pay Day game would simply make their day!!!

  218. Avatar of Kori

    We have game night once a week a new game would be great for our little collection we now have.

  219. Avatar of Noeleen McRae
    Noeleen McRae Reply

    This would be so much fun for quality time with the grandchildren

  220. Avatar of William Supardi
    William Supardi Reply

    because Monopoly is the best board game for family where kids can also learn something from it,

  221. Avatar of Julie Parsons
    Julie Parsons Reply

    We love family game night here and our lil guy (5) is learning about money so Payday would be a wonderful addition to our games!!!

  222. Avatar of Kyley bar

    Would love to teach miss 10 this
    Would be a lovely weekend game.

  223. Avatar of Kim S

    I have always loved family board game nights. Adding to our collection would be a great excuse to recommence them!

  224. Avatar of Deb

    My great-grandson loves Maths and I’m sure he would get great enjoyment out of playing this game.

  225. Avatar of Kate C

    You had me at “put down the iPads”. Would love this game for my family.

  226. Avatar of Amanda Norrish
    Amanda Norrish Reply

    Technology aside,
    family time, bonding time, turn taking, co operation , learning fair play…..
    Lets face it we all know how monopoly game boards end when our children become angry if their not winning lol
    Fun and memory making is why id love to win

  227. Avatar of Rebecca Swann
    Rebecca Swann Reply

    Would love to win this so we can introduce our kids to board games

  228. Avatar of JOHANNE STONE

    Brings back so many memories from when i was a child. Use to be my all time favourite game though i did not know they still produced the Game. Would love my 2 kids (8,16) to experience the fun and pain i had, playing this awesome board game.

  229. Avatar of Kylie-Marie Clark
    Kylie-Marie Clark Reply

    We love board games and have mever heard of this one. We would love to add it to our collection and play something different

  230. Avatar of Janelle

    Anything I can contribute to our games collection that isn’t D&D is a win in my books!!!

  231. Avatar of Melissa G

    Less screen time and more family time… and to continue a childhood tradition of family games night

  232. Avatar of Bianca Hensman
    Bianca Hensman Reply

    We love board games in our family! I’d love to add PayDay to our collection!

  233. Avatar of Camilla

    We regularly play family games and this would be another game that the whole family can participate in. Looks like it will be lots of fun

  234. Avatar of Susan Mc

    My sister and I used to play the original Payday ad nauseum, and after I left home I found a copy for $2 in an op shop. My son and I played it to death! We would love a new copy!

  235. Avatar of Rikkij

    I would love to win as it would get us away from technology and make great memories

  236. Avatar of hayley shaw
    hayley shaw Reply

    We are a board game family from way back! nothing beats a friendly battle with your family and this pay day monopoly looks like a challenge for us all! Thanks guys

  237. Avatar of Kayleigh

    Pay Day was a game I played as a kid. Would love to be able to share that with the kids in the future.

  238. Avatar of Brooke Parker
    Brooke Parker Reply

    I have wanted to collect different board games and what better way to do so than with this beauty of a board game.

  239. Avatar of vicky

    The kids are growing so fast so we really enjoy our games nights. Nothing like bonding as a family (and being competitive!)

  240. Avatar of Bree

    A great game to teach the kids that money is hard earned In a fun interactive way the whole family can enjoy!

  241. Avatar of Jess

    It would be a great edition to add to our family nights and to bring some friendly competition and laughter to memorable time spent together

  242. Avatar of Rheanna L

    My partner and I love to play our board games. It gives us lots of laughs and a great way to have fun, without having the tv on.

  243. Avatar of Tamara Lamb
    Tamara Lamb Reply

    As a rule in our house you have to earn your electronic/screen time and a good way is to participate in our twice weekly board game nights! We need some new fun like this!

  244. Avatar of Ricebubblez
    Ricebubblez Reply

    I love finding new games to challenge my children plus I just love board games

  245. Avatar of Joanne Lewis
    Joanne Lewis Reply

    Payday look like a game that my family would enjoy, My children would love the challenges that Payday would give them. Payday seems as the type of game that would help promote the family time.

  246. Avatar of Jade Carpenter
    Jade Carpenter Reply

    I must continue ruling my Monopoly Empire in all forms of the game. Watch out kids, its Payday and Mummy’s coming for you!! Again!!

  247. Avatar of netnonymous
    netnonymous Reply

    We love playing The Game of Life and Pay Day seems to be a fun extension of our favourite game.

  248. Avatar of Rebekah Ballingall
    Rebekah Ballingall Reply

    I would love this as you learn someone’s true colours when you play monopoly with them

  249. Avatar of Natasha

    Board games are not only enjoyable for my family but are a great way for my kids to learn about numbers and colours

  250. Avatar of Lisa G

    Boardgames are something that my family have missed out on so far but something I would really like to introduce on a regular basis.

  251. Avatar of Stacey Dobson
    Stacey Dobson Reply

    I grew up playing board games and now my kids are old enough I cannot wait to carry on the tradition

  252. Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
    Barbara Fehmel Reply

    We have such fun when the grand children come over and we play all the old board games that date back to their parents youth.

  253. Avatar of Amanda B

    To bring the whole family back together again for a great games night. Time for family bonding!

  254. Avatar of Michelle Ward
    Michelle Ward Reply

    I just love it when we are all involved in a family activity, no devices or other media distractions – just us, laughing and relating to each other.

  255. Avatar of JANN

    This is amazing for the whole family full of fun, and at least the brains are working while we enjoy ourselves.

  256. Avatar of Joella

    This would be so good for us and our friends, I just love monopoly we all love it and it brings back our wonderful childhood memories when we used to fight over it all the time, but we are older now.,I think.

  257. Avatar of Letitia

    I loved playing this game as a kid, it was my favourite and I would love to play it with my son.

  258. Avatar of Natalie Sk
    Natalie Sk Reply

    This was my favourite game when I was younger – I can’t wait to play it with my kids

  259. Avatar of Kasey E

    We love playing board games as a family and Monopoly is one of our favourites. The Pay Day board game looks like it would be even better for our traditional family board game nights!

  260. Avatar of Nicolette

    We regularly play the Dr Who version of Monoploy as we don’t have an original version, but would love a new money based board game.

  261. Avatar of Caroline Lissaman
    Caroline Lissaman Reply

    We have a tech free rule on Friday night where TV, mobile phones, gaming devices and computers are all switched off for 2 hours and we bond as a family. Would love a larger variety of games in the house to keep everyone interested!

  262. Avatar of Kristi McNeil
    Kristi McNeil Reply

    love family game nights we have regurarly and its soooo much fun this game would just add to the great night we have, as we have some many different monopoly games and it just keeps the fun happening when u have afew to choose from

  263. Avatar of Kerry

    I loved family game nights as a kid and still love it today. This would create some fun bonding time with my loved ones

  264. Avatar of Melzy

    My family has always loved a family game night since i was a kid, i wanna start that tradition again with my own kids now they are old enough.

  265. Avatar of DarthTanion
    DarthTanion Reply

    My wife and I regularly play boardgames with friends and family. We are always on the lookout for something new.

  266. Avatar of Margaret Harwin
    Margaret Harwin Reply

    Oh wow! I can’t believe this game is out. I had this game as a child. What an awesome game to play with my son.

  267. Avatar of Helen barker
    Helen barker Reply

    Recently we decided to each week have our eldest girls (my stepdaughters) to come around for dinner and game night to help bond again and entertain our 6 year old who is full of energy and a complete crack up. Currently the game of choice is uno my son decided to revamp it with a draw 10,18 and 20 with the blank wilds. Funny but not when you hold 28 cards in your hands lol. Let’s ramp it up a notch and get a new game to play and enjoy our new game night edition to the family

  268. Avatar of Trish J

    I live shopping and I love board games! Match made in heaven! My boys both love board games too so we’d love to give this one a try!

  269. Avatar of Tracy W

    My parents had the original version of this and used to love playing it! Haven’t seen it in shops so didn’t think it was still around. Would love to win one to play with my family.

  270. Avatar of Kathleen Gaza
    Kathleen Gaza Reply

    We are avid boardgamers in my family. We have friends over for monthly boardgame days, where we break into teams and do a round robin of games, complete with epic overall scoresheet and a prize ceremony. This would be a great addition to our shelves!

  271. Avatar of TomicaRobertson
    TomicaRobertson Reply

    We love games night, just trying to teach our 7 yr old it’s about playing together not winning or losing!! When he doesn’t win

  272. Avatar of Belyssa

    I love that board games pulls our family away from screens and instead has us all around the table together! New board game additions are always exciting

  273. Avatar of leeanne

    I would to win this for the grand kids we have just started to play more board games they enjoy it

  274. Avatar of tammy

    Winner – Good old fashioned fun, special time with kids and no electronics in sight! Will make a nice upgrade from snakes and ladders!

  275. Avatar of lpratt

    What a fun way to introduce the value of having and earning money without the 9to5 grind 🙂

  276. Avatar of MO

    Pay Day sounds interesting. Would love to trial it and see if it mayfair well or will it go directly to jail and not pass go?

  277. Avatar of Rachael Mazurczak
    Rachael Mazurczak Reply

    Trouble is getting a little tiresome….. and the original Monopoly I was banned from pre-kids (have you seen that Monopoly meme???)…. this seems like the perfect games night game!

  278. Avatar of Phillip Cunningham
    Phillip Cunningham Reply

    As since it’s made by the makers of Monopoly it must be a wonderful family game and fun for all the family

  279. Avatar of Alan Parratt
    Alan Parratt Reply

    Fun and games will never be the same now that Earth is ascending

  280. Avatar of Roberto Colombi
    Roberto Colombi Reply

    So we can all ‘Cash’ in on a family night of entertainment

  281. Avatar of Bella Ri

    Growing up, family game nights were a key part in family time and our childhoods. It brought out the competition, as well as created amazing memories that we still reflect to on this day. I’d love to have the same memories created for my family, enjoying our company and having a little bit of friendly competition!

  282. Avatar of Katrina Germaine
    Katrina Germaine Reply

    Our grandchildren love playing board games when they visit (we have 10.5 grandies). The older kids can learn to play it and teach the younger ones .

  283. Avatar of JoJo

    I’d love to win!
    We have family game nights here at home..
    Best nights ever!

  284. Avatar of Leanne Richardson
    Leanne Richardson Reply

    We had a game similar and my dad gave it away 🙁 I would love to play this with my kids.

  285. Avatar of Jocelyn Lambert
    Jocelyn Lambert Reply

    To get my 3 kids off their electronics, including myself and reconnect as a family by playing a good old fashioned board game. We all love Monopoly, so we would love to win PAY DAY. It sounds like a lot of fun!! Goodluck everyone 🙂

  286. Avatar of Jocy

    Pay Day for games night sounds just right,
    Teaching about patience and taking turns,
    Teaching about a budget and using judgement,
    With this game there is so much to learn.

  287. Avatar of Belinda M

    I love board games and this would be great to play as a family. A fantastic way for teaching kids about money and the struggles without it in a fun way

  288. Avatar of Gregory Bell
    Gregory Bell Reply

    Love family board game days, and this one sounds educational too.

  289. Avatar of Megan M

    My son loves calculating and playing with numbers,
    He’s always counting money, creating story sums and working out the answers,
    Money’s a natural love he has always had,
    how great it would be to build on that.
    He has autism and battles to socially connect,
    A family game night would be absolutely perfect!

  290. Avatar of Kylie T

    I would love to win a Pay Day board game for our next family games night
    Bringing laughter & togetherness as smiles shine amidst creative insight
    We will treasure learning and experiencing adventures along the way
    A magically heart-warming, joyful ‘Thanks Mum Central’ everyone would say!

  291. Avatar of lexi

    Love board game nights with the kids, some of our funniest moments are when we come together with no devices to play a game. There are a few that we keep rotating between so it would be nice to throw a fresh new game into the mix, looks like fun!

  292. Avatar of Renee Ballantyne
    Renee Ballantyne Reply

    Looks like a great way to spend a Saturday night with friends

  293. Avatar of leif

    I grew up in the 70’s playing this game over and over with my sister. I recently purchased an original copy, and took it with me when i visited my sis in Bunbury . Great nostalgia trip

  294. Avatar of Helen

    I played this as a child and would love to play it again with the grandchildren. Fun and educational – the ultimate board game! Bringing families together for decades.

  295. Avatar of snootzy

    Payday is an amazing fun board game which actually outsold Monopoly in its first year of sales!!!!!! Sweet Sunday, ah, the best space to land on to have a rest. Have played this at my friends house, would love our family to start getting passionate over this board game!!!!! Thank you 🙂

  296. Avatar of Emma

    As homeschoolers, we spend a lot of time playing boardgames together – they are the perfect way to learn while having fun

  297. Avatar of Danmish

    Board games break the family away from technology and have family time together

  298. Avatar of Janice Hammill
    Janice Hammill Reply

    Many thanks
    You all have inspired me to begin a board games night with Miss 3.5 and her cousins
    Payday would be a great start to this new tradition…Thank you.

  299. Avatar of Katrina B

    My late mother and I used to play so many board games when I was growing up and PayDay was one of my favourites (Mum’s too because it didn’t take as long as Monopoly!) My daughters and I love playing board games too and I’d love to introduce them to PayDay!

  300. Avatar of Laura Scriven
    Laura Scriven Reply

    Board games is a bonding event,
    And it doesn’t make a budget dent!
    Perfect night in together,
    In cold winter weather.

  301. Avatar of Nicole W

    A board game that doesnt take 3 hours to play looks just perfect for us!

  302. Avatar of Kelly Ryan
    Kelly Ryan Reply

    Board games bring the family together even if there are little squabbles!

  303. Avatar of archna joshi
    archna joshi Reply

    first of all thank u for the opportunity, i am amazed by the new game i wish i have it

  304. Avatar of Jasmine

    I am looking for new ways to educate my three children about budgeting, saving and investing. Payday looks perfect!

  305. Avatar of Sarah mary
    Sarah mary Reply

    An educational, family friendly game sounds like the perfect swap for monopoly which usually ends in tears

  306. Avatar of Nicole morris
    Nicole morris Reply

    my 3 boys are just starting to get into board games. we play them quite often on the weekends. i would love to add this one to our collection. i think they would love it

  307. Avatar of klo

    My daughters would love Payday, and I would love them to understand the value of money before their teenage years!!

  308. Avatar of Laurie

    What a fun game! What a fun way to get the money saving and spending lessons on the go my family and friends.

  309. Avatar of Indie

    Monopoly was my favourite game when I was a child. The benefit of Monopoly is endless, kids learn counting, making and investing money. This is perfect for games night for family fun together.

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