This Tote Secretly Holds a Whole Cask of Wine. Really!

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How do you carry your wine from place to place? A flask? Maybe a travel coffee mug? What about simply in a bottle, wrapped in a bag?

Not exactly subtle, is it? Don’t worry. Uncommon Goods has a simple (and stylish) solution for you – the wine dispensing travel tote!

Uncommon-Goods-Wine-ToteNot only is this tote a much less conspicuous way of well, toting your wine around, but it also carries much more than other methods. The bag holds up to five litres of liquid, meaning you can fit roughly an entire box of wine into it. In other words, it’s not a single serving deal.

The tote comes with its own dispensing bag, allowing you to add whatever liquid you want (but, you can certainly add in the bag that comes with boxed wine). If you’re wondering how you get the wine, liquor or other liquid out, the tote has a side spout for pouring.

Along with the booze, this bag is roomy enough to fit your mobile phone, purse and possibly a few travel cups in. After all, you’ll need something to drink from – as a mouth to spout binge isn’t exactly ladylike.

So, how did this bountiful bag come to be? Maker Tracey Luebbers came up with the idea in 2011. After noticing that people were having problems transporting wine (and other drinks) to the pool, the beach, sporting events and concerts, she knew there had to be some sort of product to carry boozy liquids in (other than the original containers). Luebbers went on the search, scouring the Internet for an option. She couldn’t find one. And thus, the birth of the wine dispensing travel tote.

Like all genius inventions, this one came from a need that wasn’t met. Luebbers set out to combine functionality and aesthetics as she designed a prototype for her bag. After trying out several versions, she finally hit upon one that worked. In 2014 Luebbers took her tote pattern to a small women-owned (and run) factory in the U.S.

Not a wine fan? Beer-lovers might want to check out another imaginative product from Uncommon Goods. The beer carrying briefcase keeps up to six bottles of bear safe and sound. The stainless steel design isn’t just stylish, it’s also fully functional. Even though it looks like any other metal briefcase from the outside, the inside is lined with high density foam.

beer-in-a-caseWine in a purse, beer in a briefcase – don’t you kind of wish you had thought of it first? Even so, you can still take advantage of these awesome inventions to tote around your adult beverages to your next event!

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