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Woman Gives Birth in a Pub in Cairns

Patrons of Raintrees Tavern in Cairns, Queensland, got quite the surprise when a pregnant mother gave birth in a corner of the pub. The unexpected delivery was captured by CCTV footage before being shared by an employee through social media and among those in the Cairns community.

The employee has since been fired for sharing the video, which shows the mother-to-be giving birth. While you can find the footage on social media, we chose not to share it at this time.

Woman unexpectedly gives birth in a pub 

In the video, you can see the heavily pregnant mother walk into the pub’s dining area wearing a black and white T-shirt and grey pants. She quickly walks to a corner and pulls her pants down. You can then see her bent over next to an Iron Jack beer sign.

A security guard comes to her aid just as the infant drops from the woman’s body. The guard then lunges forward to try and catch the tiny child but the baby appeared to land on the carpeted floor.

You can then see the security guard walking away with the tiny infant in his arms while the mum appears to look at her mobile phone.

Raintrees staff provided immediate support for the new mum and infant with an ambulance arriving at the scene shortly after the dramatic diner birth.

Internet responds

As expected, the video has been making the rounds on social media in Cairns, with many people very concerned over the welfare of the baby and mum. At this stage, the condition of mum and bub remains unknown.

Many also commented on the quick-thinking actions of the security guard.

woman gives birth in pub
The security guard carried the baby away after the birth. Source: Facebook

Raintrees Tavern responds

The unexpected pub birth would have come as a huge shock to anyone, including the patrons and the employees. However, the employee who did share the footage has since been fired wth

The parent company of Raintrees Tavern, ALH Hotels, issued a statement to the Cairns Post.

“We take privacy very seriously, and have strict policies in place to protect both our staff and patrons. It is deeply regretful that CCTV footage was accessed and shared in this manner, which is clearly unacceptable and goes against company policy,” ALH Hotels said.

The company further stated that they have taken appropriate disciplinary action against the employee who filmed and shared the footage on social media and are taking steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

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