Just Launched – The Woolworths Basics Box, Home Delivered to the Vulnerable and Elderly

Of all the companies going above and beyond during this current crisis our world is facing, Woolworths continues to stand out from the crowd. They introduced Senior Hour, they have ramped up online delivery for the elderly and vulnerable and now they’ve unboxed an $80 Woolworths Basics Box to help those Aussies who are struggling to get instore during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Woolies has recently partnered with Australia Post and DHL Supply Chain to launch the Woolworths Basics Box.
Currently available for delivery to ACT, NSW, VIC, SA and TAS for customers unable to leave their homes.

What is the Woolworths Basics Box? 

Available for $80, the ‘Woolworths Basics Box’ will contain meals, snacks and a few essential items. The price also includes contactless doorstep delivery by Australia Post within an estimated time of two to five business days of order. As another act of goodwill during these times, Woolworths will not be profiting from providing this service.

Woolworths basics box

The beauty behind the Woolworths Basics Box is that it provides people with the essentials without the need to go instore, or an endless quest of going store to store just to track down the basics. The Basics Box is available online and over the phone for those who aren’t familiar with how online ordering works.

What’s in the box? 

To ensure the company can keep up with demand and provide quick delivery, there won’t be an option to pick what specifically goes into the box but each box will include the following:

Household Essentials

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Toilet paper
  • Soap (or other hygiene products)


  • Longlife milk (or a dairy substitute)
  • Fruit juice
  • Weetbix, oats (or breakfast cereal)
  • Crackers (or similar)
  • Spread (jam, vegemite, honey or peanut butter)

Lunch & Dinner

  • Pasta (or rice, lentils, noodles, quinoa, couscous)
  • Pasta sauce (or similar)
  • Canned tuna (or other canned meat)
  • Canned items – soup, vegetables & fruit
  • Baked beans (or similar)
  • Tortilla bread (or similar)


  • Tea
  • Biscuits (or chocolate wafers, sweet snacks)
  • Muesli bars (or dried fruits)

Who is eligible for a Woolworths Basics Box?

The Woolworths Basics Box has been designed for those customers who are currently unable to visit their stores – the elderly, people with a disability, those with compromised immunity and people in mandatory isolation.

To apply, click on the button below and complete the Priority Assistance requst form to apply.

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Never in a million years did I ever think we would be in this situation, where basics like baby wipes, pasta and toilet paper are seen as a commodity. Yet here we are. It’s good to see Woolies are doing what they can to help those in need out during this uncertain time.

To see what the Government is doing to help those who have lost their jobs, check out our JobSeekers Post, which includes a step-by-step guide on how to apply. 

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