Woolworths Creates Ultimate Snack Hack – Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

It seems the clever folk at Woolworths have created the ultimate cheeseburger hack. That is, they’ve turned it into a spring roll. Yep, you can find cheeseburger-flavoured spring rolls in the Woolies freezer!

Is there ANYTHING Woolworths can’t do? First, they make the world’s greatest Rocky Road Biscuit, then a Chocolate Orange Mudcake and now a cheeseburger spring roll hybrid.

Cheeseburger lovers rejoice, your time has ARRIVED!

Always one to answer the call of convenience, Woolworths is providing us with the tastiest of cheeseburger hacks. There’s no going out in the car or manoeuvring around drive-thru windows when the craving strikes. The answer is in your freezer.

Take One Cheeseburger…

These Woolworths Cheeseburger Flavoured Spring Rolls are totally a real thing! Priced at just $5 for six spring rolls (yay for everyday low prices), they’re an absolute steal. A quick whip through the air-fryer and you’re all set to devour before The Bachelor even starts…SWEET.

woolworths cheeseburger spring rolls

So what’s in a cheeseburger flavoured spring roll I hear you ask? Woolworths describe the tasty morsels as “crispy pastry rolls filled with a delicious mix of beef mince, tasty cheese, pickles, ketchup and a tangy mustard sauce”. Not going to lie, it sounds as close to the real deal as you can get, minus the side of fries.

Sure to be a hit with the kids and cheeseburger fanatics alike, tell us – will you be throwing a box of these beauties in your shopping trolley this week? YUM!

But Wait, There’s More!

The snack fun doesn’t stop there, no siree! The crazy cats in the Woolworths Recipe Development Team have also created a one-of-a-kind arancini ball for the pasta lovers out there. Say hello to Woolworths Bolognese Arancini Balls. Talk about taking snacks to great heights! However, at just $5 a packet, there’s no reason you can’t do both. Arancini balls for starters, cheeseburger spring rolls for main. Delish! Throw them both in your trolley and be done with it.

woolworths bolognese arancini balls

Perfect for parties and weekend lunches, you’ll find both of these delights in the freezer section of your local Woolworths store. Don’t forget to pick up a Mud Cake while you’re there!

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