When Baby Names Go Bad: The Top Most Unusual Baby Names of 2019

Okay parents-to-be, we need to have a chat. It’s about the naming process of your infant.

This is a big decision and one that will impact your child for the rest of his or her life, so let’s not be hasty about it.

This name, after all, will be on every document, every roll call, every certificate, every resume. It will literally follow them wherever they go.

Sure, you don’t want to go with something ‘too’ popular – but opting for a wildly unusual baby name also has a few flaws.

When Good Babies Get Bad Baby Names… 

Case in point? These 20 names prove that ‘unusual’ is not always good.  In fact, it can be bad. Very, very bad indeed, especially for the poor infants who have to carry one of these monikers around with them.

And, before you ask, yes — these are actual names that people selected for their kids. No jokes about it.

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So without further ado, let us present Yahoo News’ top 20 unusual names of 2019.  Gird your loins, ladies, and get ready to cringe!

The Boys

1. Kingmessiah 

Holy heck, that’s a pretty mighty name! Too bad BOTH King and Messiah are banned baby names in Australia. How to get over this small obstacle? Combine them, naturally.

2. Cub

Yes, animal names are in and some of them are super cute. Fox, Bear, Wolf. Even Cub can be considered cute for a baby. But a 35-year-old man named Cub? Not so pawesome.

3. Manson

Almost as bad as Milat.

4. Yugo

You go away, far far away, with this silly name. Leave it as Hugo and be done with it.

5. Axis 

Axe it. Doesn’t belong on a baby name list. Soz, but, NOPE.

6. Cletus

You cannot say this name without adding “The Slack Jawed Yokel” to it, right? Or it that just me?

7. Xxayvier

Whatcha call this? Ex-Ex-AY-VEE-ER? Is this like the anti-name for Xavier?

8. Danger

“I laugh in the face of danger.” And so will everyone else. Don’t. Do. It. Not a good look.

9. Stylez

I feel like this should be a name reserved only for Kardashian kids.

10. Pinches

I guess Squeezes and Tickles were taken.

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The Girls

11. Any

Any? For realz? Honestly, any name is better than Any.

12. Blaykelee

What the devil is this name??? Blay-Kelly? Blake-Ellie? Blayke-Lee? I’m so lost. It almost looks like Blankey, which is probably an improvement on any of the other spelling choices.

13. Mattel

Barbie called. She wants her brand back.

14. Shy

Cute nickname. But probably not the best option for a name, especially if your daughter turns out to be ridiculously outspoken. And if you happen to use Irony as the middle name.

15. Cyncere

And the ‘best bogan baby name’ of the year goes to Cyncere.

Sincerely, everyone

16. Chardonnay

The brief: Name your child after the thing you craved most in pregnancy. #nailedit

17. Khaleesi

Oh, Mother of Dragons, this has got to be the biggest case of baby name regret in the history of ever! How the mighty have fallen… and with it, this name choice.

18. Pansy

Do you love your baby? Then don’t name her Pansy. The end.

19. Starlett

Great name for the next My Little Pony. Or a stripper.

20. Vegas

So many cute geographical baby names out there. Vegas, you are NOT one of them. Go home. And take your Vegas jokes with you.

Even More Bad Baby Names

Interesting names, right? But it gets better. Because we’ve got a whole collection of other baby names that will leave you wondering WTF? Take a look for yourself:

We get it. Naming your baby is hard. But choosing a bad baby name is never a good idea. So perhaps stick to something a little less unusual and save your child the hassle of having to change his name down the road.

Need some inspo? Here are a few of our favourite baby name articles to help get you started:

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