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Woman Makes Cringeworthy Mistake While on a Team Video Call. How Embarrassing!

Multi tasking is a common thing for us women. But this woman decided to attempt her multi tasking luck by going to the toilet AND working from home at the same time.

It did not end well.

Business as usual

Poor, poor Jennifer has learned the powers of video conferencing the hard way after literally being caught with her pants down by her co-workers. We’re not sure if video conferencing is new for the company due to the COVID-19 crisis, but we’re guessing it’s new to Jennifer.

The hilarious blunder was captured on a video conferencing call and then uploaded to Facebook for the world to see.

Just a heads up, ladies, this is how to NOT work from home.


Major work from home fail!

Now, in the video above pay close attention to Jennifer. She’s the blonde one who, halfway through the call, gets up and starts walking through her house.

We’re not sure if she realises that everyone can see what she’s doing but I’m thinking not.

She then makes her way to the washroom where she puts her laptop down. And, welp, let’s just say her co-workers got quite an eyeful as she goes about her business. And they reacted accordingly. 

“Oh my God, Jennifer,” one of them calls out while a few crack up laughing.

“I saw nothing,” insist a male co-worker.

“Poor Jennifer,” says another.

Jennifer eventually figures out that her camera is on and turns the laptop to face the wall but it’s just a little bit too late.

So, ladies, if you get the call to work from home in the coming days or weeks, remember Jennifer’s work from home fail and don’t get caught with your pants down. And a special shout out to Jennifer, for making an ass out of herself and reminding us what NOT do to when you’re working from home.

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