REVIEW: Zoe Sage 5-in-1 Mama Cover is the Ultimate Accessory for Multitasking Mums

Meet the Zoe Sage 5-in-1 Mama Cover – a breastfeeding cover that does ALL the things. Sure, it makes breastfeeding and expressing more discreet but it also doubles as a trolley cover, pram cover, capsule cover, high chair cover, and even an infinity scarf.


And, get this. It only takes up a few centimetres in your nappy bag too!

It really is the ultimate accessory for the busy mum – you can use it SO many ways! Source: Supplied

The Zoe Sage 5-in-1 Mama Cover has multiple uses but its main function is to make your life with little ones easier.  Regardless of whether you’ve got the pram, or capsule or are using a shopping trolley, the Mama Cover will come in handy when running errands and while at home too.

One product, multiple uses: 

  • Breastfeeding on the go and expressing discreetly at work
  • Keeping bub asleep for longer when in a pram or capsule
  • Reducing the messy moments when bub graduates to solids
  • Protecting your little one from germs when using a trolley
It really is so versatile and practical! Source: Supplied

The must-have multitasking product for multitasking mums

This ingenious 5-in-1 product is a must-have product for busy mums. And it’s not just us who think so!

We recently asked Queensland mum-of-two Rose to share her thoughts on the Zoe Sage 5-in-1 Mama Cover.

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Meet our Reviewer, Rose 

Rose is a mum to 2-year-old Stella and 6-month-old Sadie. Both girls are breastfed and love going to the shops and for walks. They are also super messy eaters, especially Sadie who just started out on her solids journey.

Rose has tried a few breastfeeding covers in the past but didn’t really rate them. Then she tried the 5-in-1 Mama Cover and she was floored by the quality, versatility and convenience.

In fact, she gave it a 9.8/10!

Here’s what Rose had to say:

We have loved trialling the 5-in-1. It’s easy to use, it looks nice, the fabric washes well and feels so soft and comfortable.

It is the perfect nappy bag accessory and would make the perfect baby shower gift too. I recommend it to my fellow mum friends, particularly the breastfeeding ones.” 

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Expressing at work or breastfeeding in public has never been easier with the discreet sanction you will find under a Zoe Sage Mama Cover.

It looks nice and is comfortable for bub. I love how soft and stretchy the fabric is. The fabric is also cool – you can breastfeed outside and don’t end up covered in sweat.” 

The perfect solution for privacy and comfort when breastfeeding. Source: Supplied


Create a dark and shady space for bub to sleep. Just be sure to check the temperature first as pram and capsule covers should only be used in cooler weather.

In winter, it’s perfect for taking the girls to the park in the morning or late afternoon.”

Used as a pram cover, it provides shade, privacy to promote sleep. Source: Supplied


Don’t stress about germs when at the shops and give your little one a comfy place to sit – much nicer than sitting directly on those hard trolley seats! The fabric easily stretches over any trolley and it takes just a few seconds to get it into place.

As a trolley cover, it is hygienic and looks super comfortable. I don’t feel like I have to bath the girls after they sit in the trolley anymore. Also, no more trolley wipes!”

Big enough to fit two, the trolley cover is a saviour! Source: Supplied


When your little one starts weaning, having something to protect your high chair is important. You can purchase high chair covers, but you can also just grab your Zoe Sage 5-in-1 Mama Cover and use that!

It stretches over any high chair and is super easy to clean too – just pop it into the washing machine when you’re done!

I loved using it as a high chair cover. The dogs weren’t impressed because there was less mess for them to clean up off the floor.”

Did someone say broccoli?! Source: Supplied


The breastfeeding cover comes in two lovely colours and two fabric options. The original is made from a rayon spandex blend and the organic cover is made from organic GOTS-certified cotton and spandex.

Choose from several colours too – beach sand, dusty rose, mellow yellow, billy blue, sunset (Rose’s colour) and sage green to name a few.

I love the shade of pink. They are nice and neutral, making it easy to pair them with a number of different outfits.”

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You can use the 5-in-1 Mama Cover for heaps of other things too. Rose found it worked great as a floor rug for Sadie!

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Zoe Sage 5-in-1 Mama Cover

Ease of Use 10.0
Quality 10.0
Versatility 10.0
Value for Money 9.0
Comfort 10.0

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Designed to make things easier 

One of the things we really love about Zoe Sage’s 5-in-1 Mama Cover is that it’s designed just for mums. The brilliant team over at Zoe Sage design all sorts of innovative products, especially for mums – to empower, reduce stress levels, and ease the transition to motherhood and breastfeeding.

The breastfeeding cover is simply stunning – it feels lovely, it’s super helpful for day-to-day life, it’s flattering to wear, it takes up very little space and it covers just about anything! 

Buy 2 and save $20 (plus free shipping)

To purchase a nursing cover, a trolley cover, a scarf and a high chair cover individually will most likely cost around $60 per product. The Mama Cover retails for $67 and, if you buy two, you will get $20 off (one for you and one for your friend as a baby shower or “just because” gift. WINNING). OR go halves in buying 2 with a friend and save $10 each plus get free shipping!

View the full range on their website and enjoy quick delivery across Australia and New Zealand (and free shipping if you buy two!)

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     One lucky mum or mum-to-be will not only take home the gorgeous 5 in 1 Mama Cover but several other new mum essentials including:

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  • 1 x Nursing Bracelet by NursElet
  • 3 x Linen Dribble Bibs
  • 3 x Muslin Swaddles


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This is a sponsored review for Zoe Sage. All images and opinions are those of our reviewer Rose from our Mum’s the Word Panel of Reviewers. To find out how it works and apply, click here. 

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