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Embarrassing Parenting Moments: 12 Mortifying Stories of Kids Embarrassing their Parents

If there’s one thing parenting teaches us, it’s how to develop a thick skin. Loud farts in the grocery checkout, urinating in the garden bed at the playground, questioning why we’re putting “little mousies” up our bums. It’s just all part of the fun, isn’t it?

We all have those “I’m dead” moments though. The extra cringy situations where our kids take mortification to next level and we’re left speechless and cherry red. These embarrassing parenting moments certainly fall into this category, shared by our readers on Mum Central as well as online.

Be sure to share your own “I’m dead” parenting moments in the comments!

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1. Never trust Kids Messenger

“When my son accidentally took a video of me naked in the shower on his tablet and somehow sent it to his entire grade one class. Yea, good times.

What made it worse was it was my Ex who rang and told me. I had to ring every parent and ask them to delete it as videos can’t be deleted from Kids Messenger.

Needless to say, Kids Messenger has been disabled ever since.”

2. Movie magic

“Took my kids to see Puss and Boots, and when lights dimmed and Puss appeared on the screen, my middle son screamed, ‘It’s pussy time!'”

3. Hocus Pocus

“My four-year-old pointed out a lady in a long purple dress and said at the top of his voice, ‘Look, mum! A real witch’.”

4. Don’t go, mum

“In prep class my son held onto my shirt and didn’t want to go to school. The teacher tried to pry him off me. He held onto my top and bra strap and flashed my “girls” to the entire class, teachers, and parents.”

5. Prison talk

“In the middle of our local IGA, my youngest grandaughter asked me, ‘What’s the food like in jail?’.”

6. Puppy love

“My daughter snuck her new puppy to school. She was in kindergarten and put him in her backpack. I got a call to come to the school as soon as possible, only to find my daughter and a puppy sitting in the principal’s office.

It created quite the ruckus when he used the potty in her backpack.”

7. Blue in the face

Buying a pair of shoes in the 70s with my 2 1/2-year-old. The sales lady was black. Not knowing his colours too well, he looked at her and turned to me and asked, ‘Why is her face blue?’.” 

8. Take a bow, old mum

“On a beautiful May day, as I stood out front of the primary school, with all the parents and bus drivers and students milling around, my then 8-year-old son sashays out the front door and yells at the top of his voice, ‘Mum!!! you’re the oldest Mum in the school!'”

9. Token toddler moment

“My husband took a couple of the kids to a store, and while they were standing in the checkout line, gave them each a quarter for the candy and toy machines.

Then the 18-month-old boy noticed this big, burly biker dude in front of them and the parts that were hanging out of the top of his jeans, which obviously looked like a slot.

Yes, he slid that quarter into a biker butt crack.”

10.  ‘Please don’t say it, please don’t say it…”

“When my daughter was about five and the cashier was talking to her but had a mole with hair coming out of it. I had seen it and thought in my head, ‘Please don’t say anything…please don’t say anything’.

Too late. She said, ‘Did you know there are whiskers coming out of that booger on your face?””

11. There’s a snake in my undies

“After getting new Toy Story undies, my son yelled to the drive-through workers at Chick-fil-A, “I’ve got a Woody in my pants!””

12. How babies are made

“On our way to watch my daughter play soccer, my son was asking me about how babies were made. So I told him all about the sperm and the egg and so on.

He seemed to reflect deeply about what I had said. Get to soccer and we sit among all the other parents and he blurts out, “Dad, is your sperm still inside me?”

I almost died.”

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She managed to scratch the sh*t outta 10 different Audis, including an Audi Q8. And in a matter of minutes too. Look mummy, I made a pretty!

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Have your own cringy mortifying parenting moments? Share it with us in the comments below!

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