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Holy Spokes! The Way Cool Balance Bike That Grows With Your Kid Plus WIN a $650 Prize Pack

Sometimes a product comes to Australia that just commands attention. And the ZUM-CX Balance Bike is one of these, especially if you have a tireless tot on your hands.

Come and have a sneak peek at the brilliant design behind this balance bike and win one (plus A WHOLE HEAP of other cool items) for your wee one, just in time for Christmas.

Keeping a busy toddler or preschooler entertained ALL day long isn’t the easiest of feats. Kids seem to have an invisible energy source on tap that allows them to go, go, go until they eventually crash at night.

What this means is you need an assortment of items to keep your tot occupied (and probably a few coffees to keep up to your tot’s crazy levels of energy).

Go play (outside!)

One of the best ways to enjoy the warmer days and burn off some of the crazy child energy is to get outside and ride it off. And one of the ways to introduce them into the wonderful world of bike riding (minus the lycra that usually comes with it), is with a balance bike.

ZUM-CX balance bike

ZUM-CX Balance Bike has been helping little ones in America learn to ride a big kid bike for years. In fact, they’re the number one brand in Timber Balance Bikes. And now they are available in Australia, thanks to Haggus & Stookles, who supply a whole slew of awesome outdoor toys for tots.

These bad boys retail at $193 but Haggus & Stookles have a special introductory offer which brings the bike down to just $129 (for a limited time). Or, you can always win a ZUM-CX Balance Bike for your wee one – see below for details. 

What makes ZUM so special?

Apart from the sleek design and wooden texture, it’s gotta be the comfort. Because any mum with a toddler knows that if something isn’t comfortable, then THE WORLD is going to end. ZUM-CX comes with rubber air inflated tires (not foam) making for a smooth ride (no bumps on those little bums) and rubber handgrips to protect little hands. Plus the padded vinyl seat is fully adjustable and ergonomically designed to grow with your tot.

mum central

The bike also provides peace of mind for all parents (especially ones that HATE maintaining things). ZUMS’ sealed cartridge bearings provide maintenance free, silent and smooth running wheels. Plus, it is actually incredibly easy to assemble – even I could do it. And I can’t even assemble a Kmart side table.

Bikes away!

What about safety? No need to wrap your wee one in bubble wrap before hitting the streets (a helmet will suffice). ZUM-CX is ASTM Certified for Child Safety and includes high grade steel fasteners and patented steering to prevent jack knife accidents.

Another thing we love about ZUM-CX is that is has a reversible frame, which means even the littlest of riders can give it a go. As your child gets bigger (and more confident), you can reverse the frame to fit a larger child. ZUMs are designed to fit toddlers up to five years of age, meaning you can keep the same bike, from the first wheel around the yard to the first ride to school (*sniff sniff*).

adjustable ZUM-CX balance bike

Why try a Balance Bike?

Many parents are unsure whether to go with a bike with training wheels (stabilisers) or opt for a balance bike for their tot. It’s entirely up to you. I got my son his first balance bike at 18 months and he picked it up within a week. Here’s why we both loved it:

  • No training wheels – Because the balance bike teaches kids how to balance, they can often skip the training wheel stage. Which is also great for mums because training wheels are a nightmare to take on and off.
  • Speedy rides – Once they pick it up, they’ll ride quicker than you can walk, which means you actually BOTH get exercise when going for a ride/walk.
  • Lightweight – Balance bikes, like ZUM, weigh next to nothing, so you can easily chuck them in the back of the car or carry them under your arm.
  • Build confidence and coordination – There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to ride a bike and not quite getting it. Balance bikes are the perfect introduction to the world of balancing on a bike, something that isn’t always easy to pick up.

YouTube video

Give your wee one the confidence to soar through the street (with supervision of course) and skid into a world of adventure.


WIN the Ultimate Playtime Package for Active Tots

Haggus & Stookles have one Playtime Package to give away to one lucky Mum Central family. Valued at $650+, your little one will be in active play heaven!  

Check out the list of goodies on offer:

mum central

  • Add a little adventure to their lives with the ZUM-CX Balance Bike.
  • Keep them playing (outside) longer with a ZUM Bug Ride on Toy. Choose from a Grasshopper, Bee or Ladybug/Ladybird, valued at $178 each.
  • Keep them protected from the sun and hydrated with Sunsational SPF50+ Sunscreen and a Glass Water Bottle. 
  • Store all their stuff when on the go with Stephen Joseph Go Go Kids backpack (Choice of 28 varieties) – valued at $45.
  • Clean them up after a long day of play with a set of 6 Natralus My Little One Skin Care set. Mums agree – this is one of the best infant skin care products on the market, valued at $100.20.
  • Make nights a little easier (especially after all that play) with one Large Single/King Single Brolly Sheet. Choose from pink, blue, lime or white linen, valued at $67.45 each.
  • And, finally, keep mum’s skin protected with a tube of Natralus Hand Shield Cream. 

To enter, simply fill out the form below, telling us what feature you love most about the ZUM-CX Balance Bike and why we should pick you. Then your tot is one step closer to enjoying a summer of bike riding fun!

Win a Haggus and Stookles Prize Pack, valued at $650!

Avatar of Jenna Galley

Born and raised in Canada, Jenna now lives in Far North Queensland with her tribe. When the mum-of-three is not writing, you can find her floating in the pool, watching princess movies, frolicking on the beach, bouncing her baby to sleep or nagging her older kids to put on their pants.


  1. Avatar of Kate Slack

    The reversible frame is a brilliant idea so that you can get so much more use out of the bike as your kids grow. Please pick me as this would be great to give my son more confidence to get out there on his bike with his sister.

    • Avatar of Philippa Tudor
      Philippa TudorReply

      The reversible frame is such a clever idea so that it lasts longer as they grow and I love the fact it’s made of sustainable wood in a world full of plastic toys

    • Avatar of Blossom

      Adjustable, solid timber, lightweight black and beautiful. When one child achieves balance control I can adjust it for the next little one to use. A small child cannot manage heavy toys and it discourages them from trying.

    • Avatar of Rita farah

      I love that the height is adjustable – perfect for my children! Let’s hope they share’

    • Avatar of Barbara Fehmel
      Barbara FehmelReply

      The sturdiness of this little bike, it would not tip over easily.

    • Avatar of Kim Mills

      I love the balance bikes natural timber look, adjustability to different ages and its comfort factor..So much fun and good for their little bodies and brains.Love to encourage oytdoor play,great all round

    • Avatar of mary moschovakis
      mary moschovakisReply

      reversible frame as perfect for my gorgeous nephews aged 1 and 3.. why pick me well it would make me no 1 auntie at xmas time

    • Avatar of Yvette Coyne
      Yvette CoyneReply

      I’d love to win this – the balance bike would be great for the little one’s core strength which we need to work on.

    • Avatar of Richard Tudor
      Richard TudorReply

      The reversible frame is a brilliant idea so the bike grows with them

    • Avatar of Hayley Collins
      Hayley CollinsReply

      I love how the balance bike grows with the child and they will always be entertained outside in the sun and it will be an ever lasting balance bike and will be pasted down to my other kids when I have them and it’s built better than the plastic ones these days

  2. Avatar of Meghan

    The best feature I think for my son is that it’s such a lovely and empowering way to build confidence and balance (we’re really working hard on both at the moment so this would be a wonderful way to build on our journey).

  3. Avatar of Peta13

    I love the idea of skipping training wheels, a phase i hated as a kid.

    To give my boys the confidence to ride a bike, plus they would think i’m the best mum ever for winning a competition!

  4. Avatar of Roziana Nordin
    Roziana NordinReply

    My son will love it. Great way to teach him balance and confidence. And that it’s made of wood. Strong and sturdy. A great gift for him.

  5. Avatar of Janine

    Growing with your child is nothing short of brilliant because they will have the confidence to have fun, learn about balance and coordination whilst having the confidence to adapt, and eventually learn to ride by themselves on a safe bike! That’s ingenuity at its best!

  6. Avatar of Kylie S

    Love that it teaches kids about balance and that there are no training wheels! My daughter would benefit so much from using a balance bike, her older brother has one and i know she would just lobe one to call her own!

  7. Avatar of Vanessa B

    The sustainably harvested wood is a big tick for me! Would love to win one as we could never afford it for our daughters.

  8. Avatar of Jenny

    I love that it will change as you grow, my son has left sided cerebral palsy and this would be perfect for him to learn to ride/balance before he can conquer pedals, one step at a time

  9. Avatar of Nikki

    Such a lovely bike which will adapt as my son grows and masters new skills!

  10. Avatar of Jo

    This bike is perfect for my son. I love that it’s so comfortable for my son to ride, play and good way to learn balance and coordination.

  11. Avatar of Stacey M

    I love that it’s easy to assemble haha!! But seriously, the reversible frame is a super cool idea. I love that the bike grows with your toddler.

  12. Avatar of Danielle

    I love that it’s light weight so they can pick it up them self. Also I love the gender neutral colour I could use it for my son then when he’s done I can use it for my daughter. I would love to win it because I am now seeing my 7 year old have difficulty ride a bike and have heard off other parents that having a balance bike first helps enormously with bike riding in the future.

  13. Avatar of Amber

    I like that it teaches the kids to balance and their is no.need for training wheels. The other thing that appeals is that the bike grows with the child.

  14. Avatar of cleo

    Reversible frame is a brilliant idea and I know Oscar would love riding it.

  15. Avatar of Ang t

    I would give this to my friend who is a struggling single parent surprise her daughter with her 1st ever bike for xmas

  16. Avatar of Trudy

    I love how you avoid training wheels and so great for their coordination. I’d love to win this for my tomboy daughter as she would love it.

  17. Avatar of Kylie Reid

    I love the Timber frame and also the adjustable vinyl seat! I’d love to be chosen as I have 2 boys – 13mths and 2.5yrs – who’d love the balance bike and the ride on! We’ve also spent all our money on a trip overseas to visit the in laws at Christmas so presents will be scarce for them this year 🙁

  18. Avatar of Babette

    Love that it’s reversible so that it will grow with your child.
    Teaching kids to balance so no training wheel. Will make my little man free like he has special powers when he can balance.
    I love that it’s wooden too, plus the one in picture is red so must go faster haha

  19. Avatar of Dani

    I love that it will build my kids confidence & get them outside enjoying the fresh air.

  20. Avatar of Tamyka

    Carter would love this, he’d be able to get out with big brother & sissy riding bikes having fun

  21. Avatar of Lisa

    That it grows with toddlers so that they are able to get more use from the one bike

  22. Avatar of Jody Smith

    Being lightweight is fantastic. My toddler can concentrate on riding and not battling with the weight of a normal bike. It would be also handy being lightweight as I juggle a newborn and help my toddler learn new skills.

  23. Avatar of RachaelR

    Ahhh the lightweight frame!
    One easy for Master J to coordinate
    Two easy for pregnant mama bear to carry to the park!

    #athleteintraining #zoomzoom #zum-CX

  24. Avatar of Tegan bridge
    Tegan bridgeReply

    I love the idea of the reversible frame! My son is very petite so this balance bike would be absolutely perfect for him to learn to ride!

  25. Avatar of Shelley

    I love that it grows with your child there is too much that they out grow so quickly as babies and toddlers 🙂
    Things will be a little tight this Christmas and our 2.5yr old son would love to find this under the Christmas tree! We are trying to just give practical gifts instead of toys but this would be as exciting as a toy to him.

  26. Avatar of Jess

    I love the reversible frame. It will grow as my son grows, then he will be able to pass it down to his little sister.

  27. Avatar of Carmen Tulau
    Carmen TulauReply

    I love the reversible frame. Kids grow so quickly. There’s nothing worse than spending money on quality products that are outgrown in under a year.
    The innovative design and great build means it something that can be handed down between siblings and the modern, yet classic design will never go out of style

  28. Avatar of Melissa G

    I love how light weight the Zum CX bike is and how it builds confidence in toddlers to ride and be able to better handle a pedal bike. It was the best thing we did for our eldest and our now 4 year old is off his and onto a pedal bike without training wheels. This would be great for our 2 year old as a Christmas present, he wants to keep up with his bigger brothers and he never gets anything new of his own there always hand me downs and his bigger brothers has really done its job and needs an update this would be perfect

  29. Avatar of Janis Blake
    Janis BlakeReply

    I love that the bike can be adjusted as your child develops more confidence and skill.

  30. Avatar of Tashana purkis
    Tashana purkisReply

    I love love love just how light weight is as it’s easy too travel with and won’t make my daughter tip over when trying too ride it

  31. Avatar of Julia

    My favourite feature is that it encourages so much active outdoor play and adventure, something I can tell my eleven month old son is already a huge fan of!

  32. Avatar of Emma Thompson
    Emma ThompsonReply

    I’ve been looking for a balance bike for my 2 year old son, his life’s about to get turned upside down I’m due with twin girls in 2 weeks so want to spoil him abit. This one looks perfect – I love it’s light weight, that it can adjust as he grows, and the wooden frame.

  33. Avatar of V. Wolf

    Top-notch design with the adjustable, padded seat and rubber handlebars. I’d love to win this for my 1 year old as we didn’t get a birthday gift for her due to her newborn sister’s impending arrival.

  34. Avatar of Kristi

    I love that this bike decreases waste and promotes sustainability with it’s non-plastic frame and adaptability to various ages.

  35. Avatar of Catherine Howard
    Catherine HowardReply

    Love how it grows with your kid and both my kids would love to share this bike (fighting over it included)

  36. Avatar of Lisa Summerell
    Lisa SummerellReply

    I love the lightweight of this balance bike, we often go for walks and find that the bike with training wheels is not just heavy to carry but its heavy to push, and even heavier to try and carry on a pram. Having a bike that is lightweight would make an amazing difference to our walks to start with just having my son be able to comfortably push himself along. Perhaps i wont dread our walks with a bike now.

  37. Avatar of Tanya.h

    This would be perfect fo my crazy toddler. She always wants to ride her big brothers bike. This would make her feel like her big brother and I’m sure she will pick up riding no time. Plus it gets to tire them out for this mumma

  38. Avatar of Joanna Jones
    Joanna JonesReply

    I love the light weight feature. Being able to take the bike to the beach would be great for family walke

  39. Avatar of Ange

    I love that it will grow with them but it is also made well so that it will last all the many, many hours of use and fun it will get

  40. Avatar of Shantelle Finn
    Shantelle FinnReply

    I love the idea of the inflatable tyres!! Balance bikes usually have rubber wheels, so don’t handle the bumps as well as inflatable ones!!

  41. Avatar of Sheldon Elyse
    Sheldon ElyseReply

    My first favourite feature of the balance bike is that it’s lightweight. That would make it easy for my two-year-old son, Bear, to handle, and easy for me to carry down to the park!

  42. Avatar of Nicole

    Love everything about the balance bike especially that it grows with my child.

  43. Avatar of Ashlee

    My son just loves being outside, this would be absolutely perfect for him to ride to the playground! Even better for me that it’s lightweight and would be easy to carry if he decided to walk for a bit! We live close to the beach and often go for walks along the beach at night when the weather is nice

  44. Avatar of Sarah

    The reversible frame is so clever! My son needed that as he could barely reach the ground when we bought his balance bike 2 years ago. It’s been his most used toy so I would love to win one for his younger sister and hope that she gets as much enjoyment from riding as he does!

  45. Avatar of Ying Ying Tan
    Ying Ying TanReply

    I would LOVE my active toddler to try this balance bike. I simply cannot contain his energy at home! The reversible frame feature is my favourite and that way he can definitely make the most out of the bike through to 5 years old.

  46. Avatar of Maya

    I’d love to start my little lady without training wheels! Such a great idea. She loves playing outside so this would be great!

  47. Avatar of Sarah aspi

    Love the fact that it weighs next to nothing. No more akward walks home wheeling a tiny bike because my son is “done” riding and wants to walk. Just pick it up and off we go.

  48. Avatar of Alyce

    I love that the bike grows with your kid. The fact that you can flip the bar as the child gets bigger is genius! I’ve been looking for a balance bike to get my little man for his 1st birthday coming up and this pack would just top it off!

  49. Avatar of Jess Doyle

    Definately being able to give my son the confidence to ride a bike without training wheels. He is always willing to give new things a go and this would be great for him! And he loves to go outdoors even if it’s pouring rain it just makes him so happy!

  50. Avatar of Katrina Hill
    Katrina HillReply

    The reversible frame!! It’s like a one toy fits all! Living in a unit, that’s a huge bonus!!

  51. Avatar of amylouise0411

    I absolutely love the reversible frame! My son is very small for his age and I love that he’ll still be able to start riding around! My partner wasn’t able to ride a bike until he was in high school because his balance was absolutely terrible so it would be fantastic to have this to help ensure our son gets the best possible introduction to riding and I know it would definitely put his dads mind at ease!!

  52. Avatar of Rhiannon

    I love that the bike is designed to grow with my child. Also being made out of wood, it will last and be passed down to her siblings so there will be endless enjoyment.

  53. Avatar of Phoebe Phillips
    Phoebe PhillipsReply

    My favourite feature of this bike is the fact that little ones can learn to balance whilst having fun wheeling along. I think you should pick me as my little one is just starting to walk so use of this wonderful prize pack would be not far off and extremely appreciated!

  54. Avatar of Terri Arthur's
    Terri Arthur'sReply

    I love the fact my 2 year old will have the confidence to learn to ride a bike without training wheels. It will also make him feel more independent and just like his brother

  55. Avatar of Luoze

    Its the ease of learning to balance on a fun bike. Makes it easy and enjoyable.

  56. Avatar of Kirsty

    Strong and sturdy made out of good stuff just like how I want to raise my son

  57. Avatar of ChristirChristie

    I like that it is sturdy enough to be used for multiple kids – it could be shared by my twins then passed on to any future kids!

  58. Avatar of Alicia

    The Zum-CX has been brilliantly engineered with the ability to grow with our rambunctious toddler and no training wheels – what more could a parent ask for! The Zum would make the perfect Christmas gift for our son.

  59. Avatar of Diane

    I love that its light weight and will give my son the confidence to ride and might be able to go onto another bike without training wheels

  60. Avatar of Jenna

    Best feature, the tyres! We’ve got some pretty rough terrain here on the farm and having good quality tyres is a must!
    Our previous balance bike has sadly broken and we’re in need of a new one for our 3yr old! His brother aced going from a balance bike to a two wheeler and we have no doubt the zum will do the same for the littlest person.

  61. Avatar of Amritpal

    I love the Reversible frame and rubber handgrips features the most. My son will surely love to ride his ZUM-CX . Pick me because I want to give him a surprise to see his happiness and excitement to ride his bike

  62. Avatar of Linsetta

    Zuuum Zum I can just hear my nearly 1 year old zumming along on his cleverly designed balance bike not only catching up but zumming past his big brother who still has his training wheels. My hubby refused to let our oldest have a balance bike so i would love this prize so I could zum it to him!!!!!
    Thank you

  63. Avatar of Vicka

    I love the fact that it is safe and will make my son learn to balance faster, and it would be a great birthday present for him. We are expecting another baby boy this december just in time for my 1st boy birthday (Jordan) as well, we lost our 2nd baby last year where Jordan was excited knowing he was going to have a baby brother. Please let him win this package so his joy will double up this December 🙂

  64. Avatar of Leicia Mathers
    Leicia MathersReply

    Think it’s a great idea that the bike grows with them and has no training wheels.
    Would love to win for my grandson that lives with me to replace his stolen bike please

  65. Avatar of Kelly

    That it builds confidence and coordination. Frustration and anger when you don’t pick up something quickly is a fast way to a child giving up.

  66. Avatar of Jenn

    What i love about it is it can be used from toddler to preschool age. Nowadays,i would go for a toy that can be used not just for my 1st but until my next munchkins to is another best feature that i love about the bike. If its been tested by experts,will go for it

  67. Avatar of jackie

    I love that it’s adjustable frame so it can grow with my son and the fact that it’s lightweight. my active toddler would love this as it will give him so much joy and confidence being able to ‘ride’ a bike by himself.

  68. Avatar of Donna Briggs-Wilson
    Donna Briggs-WilsonReply

    I love how lightweight it is. We all know it’s us mums/dads/grandparents etc that end up having to carry this, and possibly the toddler all the way home once their legs are too tired. (yet their legs never get tired in a toy shop….. )

  69. Avatar of Nardia

    I love that it is lightweight! We walk to and from school to drop off big sister, and poor mum is always left carrying the tricycle or scooter home when the littlest tires of it! Plus the walk to school is downhill…so a balance bike would be great fun for Miss 2!

  70. Avatar of Danika Bartley
    Danika BartleyReply

    I love that easily grows with your child and that it is light weight so it’s easy to carry when they inevitably get tired of riding and you need to carry it home

  71. Avatar of katie macdonald
    katie macdonaldReply

    I loved the idea of it growing along with my son. It has the perfect combination of new techology to help with balance, confidence and co ordination with the older mentality of building something to last with quality craftsmanship. It would be such a huge benefit to my son and we would love to help his development and confidence grow even more.

  72. Avatar of Elspeth

    I love that this wooden bike will grow with my son from 2yo until school age! He will love zooming around inside and outside the house

  73. Avatar of Teegan Davey
    Teegan DaveyReply

    I love how this bike will grow with my children as they grow and they won’t grow out of it as quick as other brands

  74. Avatar of Sally

    I love that this bike will grow with my 2yo daughter meaning she can get lots of use out of it

  75. Avatar of Whitney

    I love that it’s lightweight – I have twins so at some point will probably end up carrying both as well as a tired toddler home. My girls are just at that age now (16 months) where they are testing their new-found abilities and gaining so much confidence everyday, I love watching them master new things, they’re so proud when they do!

  76. Avatar of Eli W

    I love that the ZUM CX balance bike has the potential to keep my son playing outside for many years… it may even set him up with the skills to ride in the Tour de France one day!

  77. Avatar of Rebecca

    The padded seat is the best feature. Many balance bikes do not have them.
    I’d love to win this for Mr one, to give him the best start with balance.

  78. Avatar of Nikie

    I love the idea of the bike growing with my child.
    As this prize would be for my little boy if we won, my daughter has so many beautiful toys and as money is a struggle at the moment I would love for him to have what my daughter was able to have. It would be nice for him to have some new toys instead of some hand me downs.

  79. Avatar of Kyms

    I like that it will grow with my son. Its a clever idea to tach them balance and how to ride s bike. And I love lady bugs too

  80. Avatar of Trish

    I love that it is lightweight and we can take it anywhere and everywhere! That will make my mummy life a little bit easier!!

  81. Avatar of Valerie Wee
    Valerie WeeReply

    Lightweight is greatest feature for a bike. Kids can handle it well and learn it quick without any hassle.

  82. Avatar of Jess pollard
    Jess pollardReply

    I love that you can flip the frame so it last few a lot of development and growth stages. Please pick us! I have 4 daughters and no balance bike 🙂 this bike would be perfect for my oldest (5yo) all the way down to my 18 month old twins.

  83. Avatar of Julia pearse
    Julia pearseReply

    The adjustable seat that can grow with your child would have to be my favourite feature. My petite 2.5 yr old has a trike she can’t reach the pedals on and it breaks my heart seeing all of her cousins riding around when she is stuck running after them. All the balance bikes we have tried so far the seats are too far back and she can’t reach the handles or ground.

  84. Avatar of Fiona McInerney
    Fiona McInerneyReply

    Oh the places we will go,
    On our Zum balance bike,
    Wooden and lightweight,
    A soft seat is what we like!
    Tyres built for bumps,
    Adjustable frame for when we grow,
    Nothing will hold us back,
    Oh the places we will go!

  85. Avatar of Christina D
    Christina DReply

    Love that it is built for comfort with rubber grips for little hands to hold onto. This would be a great way for my children to move from training wheels.

  86. Avatar of Ainsley

    As a soon to be mum of 2 under 1 thos would be a perfect bike to grow with our little ones. With it being adjustable both will be able to use it.

  87. Avatar of Nicole

    The reversible frame is such a clever idea. Saves having to buy 2 different bikes as my daughter grows up. She would love riding this chasing after her 2 older brothers on their bikes.

  88. Avatar of Kristen Brett-Furner
    Kristen Brett-FurnerReply

    I love how it is lightweight, easy to use and will last until we transition him to a bigger bike

  89. Avatar of Katie H

    The reversible frame is a great feature of to ensure years of use! My little adventurer would absolutely love to do laps along our back patio or cruise ahead when we walk in the park!

  90. Avatar of Sheree

    Ive been looking for a bike for my 2 year old and haven’t found anything until I came across your facebook.
    I would to try this out to see if it helps him

  91. Avatar of Claire

    I love that it grows with your little one-with 5 kids, we have a garage full of bikes from teeny to grown up size!

  92. Avatar of Mie

    Love the fact that it will adjust and grow with my child. Plus he will have loads of fun riding it around the place.

  93. Avatar of gail davies
    gail daviesReply

    I love all the features but especially that you can adapt it as your child grows ,,, my gorgeous granddaughter would absolutely love it !!!

  94. Avatar of Kerry

    I love the idea of skipping training wheels and the fact that the balance bike grows with my little man and he’ll be able to use it for many years to come 🙂

  95. Avatar of Celeste

    I love the way it can grow with my child! She’s so curious and active that I know she’d love one of these – keeping her inside is hard even on a rainy day!

  96. Avatar of Billie Campbell
    Billie CampbellReply

    I love that it grows with your child instead of having to frequently replace other bikes. My very active toddler would love this! Anything with wheels she goes crazy for!

  97. Avatar of Melissa Mckay-Brown
    Melissa Mckay-BrownReply

    I love that it teaches kids to balance without training wheels. And that it grows with the child. My girl would just love to ride around on this

  98. Avatar of Tracey Morris
    Tracey MorrisReply

    I love that they are height adjustable, perfect for our fast growing children!
    I should win because my daughter gets so distracted & bored playing outside, this would keep her out there & amused for hours!

  99. Avatar of Tammy

    I love that this is so easy to adjust with age and it looks like such a cute little bike, I love it

  100. Avatar of Rachel m

    I love the rubber wheels and hand grips for extra safety

  101. Avatar of Chanelle Winterburn
    Chanelle WinterburnReply

    I love that it is adjustable so it grows with them! So many items now are outgrown quickly and made to be replaced. Not only does this use quality sustainable materials that will last longer than the plastic versions but the adjustable seat means you can tailor the bike to fit as they grow!

  102. Avatar of Natasha O'D
    Natasha O'DReply

    The reversible frame. A bike that is able to grow with your child, what a win!

  103. Avatar of Tiffany holschier
    Tiffany holschierReply

    I love that the zum-cx balance bike is light weight for little bodies and muscles. I also love that this bike enables children to build up confidence before riding a bike with peddles, as riding a bike with peddles can be quite confronting to children.

  104. Avatar of Kimbo

    I love the look of the bike – being wooden just looks special & I absolutely love that it grows with the child!
    I would love to be chosen so my children can learn to ride on a beautiful bike!

  105. Avatar of Fiona Charlton
    Fiona CharltonReply

    No training wheels – Because the balance bike teaches kids how to balance!

  106. Avatar of Elise

    I love that it’s not a one use plastic throw away product and that it will help my son use his body more to get around than traditional bikes. My son took two years to walk and now wants to run everywhere so I have my eye on a balance bike for his Christmas present this year.

  107. Avatar of Megan T

    I love that it is so adjustable! It’s so great that this will be able to grow along with my little one!
    I would like to win so that my active little guy can burn lots of energy outside in the fresh air with such an amazing bike!

  108. Avatar of Megan Marot
    Megan MarotReply

    Love the reversible frame,
    providing years of use and balancing fun,
    ZUM-CX Balance Bike is just perfect for my son!

  109. Avatar of Beckmh

    Loooove that you can use it with littlies all the way up to school starters with the reversible feature. Would be so great to introduce my daughter to getting out in the great outdoors with such a great product

  110. Avatar of Bonita

    The best feature has to be the ease of use for toddlers helping them build confidence and coordination while ZUMing around having lots of fun!!! My busy little boy is 19 months and fast out growing his little ride on car, he would love to advance to this balance bike. How fabulous that it can also grow with your child ..we all know too well how quickly our children out grow things!!

  111. Avatar of Eimear

    I never even knew about balance bikes until both of my nephews got them and I saw how easy the transition was made for them when they moved to push bikes. The fact this bike will grow with my little one is amazing and she will get extended fun with this.

  112. Avatar of Kate

    The rubber wheels are the deal! No need for a great big spiel, it makes the bike so much more real!

    My boy is just a baby but to know I have a balance bike like this for him to learn on would set my mind at ease. So amazing!

  113. Avatar of Amanda

    I love that this bike removes the need for training wheels, gives our little ones confidence and keeps them active and outside! Brilliant design!

  114. Avatar of Danielle Marie
    Danielle MarieReply

    I need this for my 17 month old and her endless source of energy! She never stops

  115. Avatar of Colette

    What’s not to love?! Fantastic concept, great materials used & something that my son could fall in love with and use for years and years. Yes please!

  116. Avatar of Lizkam

    Love th reversible frame and just the simplicity of the style. Too adorable and has such an old world, vintage feel!

  117. Avatar of Tara Beacham
    Tara BeachamReply

    I love the frame as it is easy to swing a leg over and is reversible for growing. My boys grow in a blink of an eye.

  118. Avatar of Bec Pink

    I love that it grows with my child until their older and that it maintenance free. My boy would love this as he always full of energy and it would give him more independence to ride around with his older sister.

  119. Avatar of Cherie C

    I love the sturdy look of the bike. No pedals, no chains, no mess. Great way to teach kids balance and stability while still having heaps of fun!

  120. Avatar of Rachel Edwards
    Rachel EdwardsReply

    I love the ‘no need for training wheels’ part! If your child doesn’t start with them, you don’t have to get through the pain of child NEVER feeling ready to remove said wheels!

  121. Avatar of Claire Lincoln
    Claire LincolnReply

    My daughter Charlotte has down syndrome and we have struggled to find s bike that suits her. THE zum-cx balance bike lookz amazing. I love that it is lightweight so she could concentrate on riding rather than holding up a bike. We also struggle with pedals . I would love to see her confidence grow and for her to love riding her bike like all her friends. At the moment she try really hard but just can’t manage it. Thanks for the opportunity for a little girl to be like her friends.

  122. Avatar of Megan

    I really like the look of the bike, it’s very unique and the no training wheels is a bonus

  123. Avatar of Lindsay

    What a great way to encourage an active lifestyle for myself and my beautiful boy! So impressed that it is lightweight as we can take it anywhere we go!

  124. Avatar of Bree

    The height adjutability and uni-sex look of the bike means my bub and future bubs will get plenty of use for years to come!

  125. Avatar of Aliesha Stroombergen
    Aliesha StroombergenReply

    My 19 month old has cerebral palsy. Building confidence and coordination are part of our daily physio and OT exercises and a balance bike would be great for this

  126. Avatar of Ashley Denham
    Ashley DenhamReply

    I love that this cute bike is wooden and sturdy and grows with our child. We live in North Queensland and this balance bike would make for so much fun in the beautiful weather and walks we take 🙂

  127. Avatar of Kat Orikena

    I love how it grows with your child And no need for training wheels, it’s wooden in fact everything is super cool!
    Definately would keep my lil girl entertained for hours, lots of outside fun!

  128. Avatar of Catherine Davies
    Catherine DaviesReply

    I love that this is a natural product made from wood

  129. Avatar of Courtney

    I love the reversible frame that grows with your child, that fact that it teaches coordination and balance which is so important for young ones that run around and play at crazy speeds. My daughter would be so excited to have this as her first balance bike.

  130. Avatar of Nik marshall
    Nik marshallReply

    Light weight design and adjustability makes this a fantastic training bike for any child.

  131. Avatar of Kasey Evans
    Kasey EvansReply

    I love the reversible frame on the Buddy Bike. My 18mth old son hasn’t got a bike & we’ve been wondering what we should get him, this would be perfect as he loves being outdoors especially with his big sisters.

  132. Avatar of Sonya Cerny
    Sonya CernyReply

    I love that it helps to develop gross motor skills and coordination!

  133. Avatar of Trisha P

    I love how it grows with my little one and helps her learn true balance and coordination. Perfect!

  134. Avatar of Jocelyn

    I love how it grows with them so will last and teach them from small to big, would love for this to be my sons first bike

  135. Avatar of Debora Birbeck
    Debora BirbeckReply

    I love that it has no training wheels and will help build confidence in my little one. I love cycling and I hope my little boy loves it as much as I do, this would be a great way to introduce him 🙂

  136. Avatar of Alexandram

    I love the reversible frame. So awesome it can grow with your child. Giving them more confident to learn.

  137. Avatar of Kim Barrie

    I like the lightweight because if they do fall there is less chance of it hurting them. I have lots of great nieces Nd nephews that would live this.

  138. Avatar of Chris Sheppard
    Chris SheppardReply

    I love that there is no need for annoying training wheels & that it has a reversible frame. If the bike came to live with us it would get lots of use because we have three boys who love being outdoors and want to learn to ride a 2 wheeler!

  139. Avatar of Kirstin P

    I love these balance bikes! Not only will they give our little guy hours of fun the bike will grow with him…and who doesnt love that! I love that it teaches the kids balance so when they eventually go to a push bike hopefully no training wheels will be needed!

  140. Avatar of Dan

    I love that the bike is adjustable. My toddler is really tall and is too big for many of the bikes designed for his age, but too young for the bikes that fit him, so this would be amazing.

  141. Avatar of Jessie Chibber
    Jessie ChibberReply

    No training wheels – Helps the kids to feel confident that they can do it on their own without help

  142. Avatar of Madeline

    I love that their is no training weels so it helps with coordination and learning what a great idea

  143. Avatar of Katrina McDonald
    Katrina McDonaldReply

    My daughter would love this bike. She is an outdoor girl and is ally looking at other kids riding their bikes. I love that it helps with their balance and gives them the chance to do it on their own and build their self esteem.

  144. Avatar of lisao

    The reversible frame is fantastic – making it suitable for a growing child for much longer!

  145. Avatar of Nicholette

    This bike is really amazing just the right bike for the little one. The balance is the main thing and this is excelant and it gives the smallest child so much confidence.

  146. Avatar of Stephanie Veljanovski
    Stephanie VeljanovskiReply

    Love that it can grow with my child, it means They will get so much more out of it.

  147. Avatar of Lynn

    I like that it is made of sustainable light weight timber and builds children’s confidence while being fun

  148. Avatar of Louise French
    Louise FrenchReply

    Great product .!!! Adapts as bubba grows so he will get more use out of it

  149. Avatar of Nicole

    The reversible frame. Love that my son will be able to grow with the bike and we can pass it down to future children, if we can get our son off it!

  150. Avatar of Christie Majorek
    Christie MajorekReply

    I love that the Zum CX bike grows with your child, made from sustainable materials, and promotes safe, happy fun time outdoors in the sunshine! These bikes are really cool, we’ve seen other children riding around on them at the Jetty foreshores with them. I’d love my niece to be able to have one, as her big sister already has a small bike but it’s not safe enough for the little one.

  151. Avatar of Caroline

    The all terrain rubber is a must for ny grandsons living rural and no concrete to ride on. They’d be happy as their pig in mud to win this prize.

  152. Avatar of Veronica Christensen
    Veronica ChristensenReply

    This is perfect no training wheels and it will certainly be a great way of teaching them how to balance.

  153. Avatar of Elizabeth Anderson
    Elizabeth AndersonReply

    The learning to balance on two wheels confidence without training wheels. We can’t find the training wheels for our sons bike which he out grew which we want to pass on to our daughter. This would help the transition.

  154. Avatar of Cassy26

    You had me at “easy to assemble”
    but low maintenance and light weight too?
    no bothersome training wheels to take off and on?
    This balance bike is a mums’ dream come true…

    The reversible frame is genius,
    No more “your too little” for my youngest boy,
    I know riding along with his sisters,
    Would bring him incredible joy!

  155. Avatar of JenJen

    I love that you can skip the training wheels phase and that it’s height adjustable, my son’s quite tall for his age. I’d love one to keep my active little guy busy when his new baby brother/sister arrives at Christmas!

  156. Avatar of Carmen Pham
    Carmen PhamReply

    I would really loooooove to win the CX Zum balance bike for my 3.5year olds girls. COMFORT is what I love about this AWESOME bike …. padded seat … air inflated wheels and rubber handles plus the lack of training wheels is really appealing.

  157. Avatar of Jamie Angus
    Jamie AngusReply

    love how it helps with coorderation and balance in a fun way

  158. Avatar of Bree Williams
    Bree WilliamsReply

    We are currently having so much trouble getting the training wheels off my son’s bike. I would love to get my daughter onto a balance bike to make that transition easier later on!

  159. Avatar of Alexie Morgan
    Alexie MorganReply

    I love that you can reverse it to get use from young to old. When the house is too small and I can only have a select few toys, I need to think carefully about which my boy will get the longest use out of and he would just love love love this balance bike

  160. Avatar of KellyK

    I love that it teaches them balance, which modern training wheels don’t. Its using their core muscles to stay upright, which is good for posture and general health.

  161. Avatar of Rita Dwenger
    Rita DwengerReply

    Definitely skipping the training wheels as my kis will feel so much more confident without them

  162. Avatar of cbrignoni

    Deffinately the reverible bike so i can use it for both kids and who wouldnt want to win this right in time for christmas

  163. Avatar of Sparrow

    I like the balance bike as a confidence builder – really help them gain their confidence so when the time comes to ride a traditional bike, they’ve got it!

  164. Avatar of Sarah Blockley
    Sarah BlockleyReply

    I love that it is adjustable so that even the smallest rider can have a go. This is great because I bought my son a vintage style trike for his 2nd birthday this year and he is still a little short to be able to ride it. This would be the perfect thing to improve his balance and transition him into riding his big boy bike. I think I could win because I feel a little mean as he was so excited to start riding his trike but he can’t reach the pedals and so can’t ride it :(.

  165. Avatar of RhiBee

    I like the idea of a reversible frame so my 6yr old and 3 year could share the bike! Fingers crossed!!!

  166. Avatar of Milly

    My youngest child is tiny for his age because he was born with a severe gut disease which resulted in stunted growth. The poor kid has the mind of a three year old, but we cannot find a balance bike for him that is small enough for his stature. He just wants to keep up with his big brother, so it would be wonderful to give him a bike from Santa for Christmas

  167. Avatar of Paige Yang

    Lightweight is the feature I like best. A balance bike is on my daughter’s Christmas wish list. If I’m lucky to win this awesome bike, I could save some money to buy more Christmas essentials.

  168. Avatar of Kelly B

    Both my girls are on the shorter side (my not quite five foot height did not help them in this department), so the reversible frame and the lightweight nature of the balance bike is an ideal combination of features to help them learn how to ride.

  169. Avatar of Ryan H

    That the padded vinyl seat is fully adjustable which means it can adapt to my son as he grows and he can keep on using it. We have four children, the three eldest can ride a bike and my son needs this to help him learn and catch up with his siblings.

  170. Avatar of Abigail B

    The comfort level is what sells it for me. My daughter is very fussy and I struggle to get her on a bike and riding so she can join he friends. Hopefully with the ZUM-CX Balance Bike she can finally learn to get riding.

  171. Avatar of Tanya C

    I love that it helps build the child’s confidence on a bike. My 9 year old is still unable to ride after a fall when he was younger left him unwilling to try again. I would love for my 4 year old to be able to develop his balance and co-ordination and show his big brother how it’s done!

  172. Avatar of Joanne

    It looks reallupy well made, my kids could learn balance

  173. Avatar of Debbie O'Donnell
    Debbie O'DonnellReply

    Like a real bike kids can put there feet on the floor and get a feel for riding a bike.

  174. Avatar of steph k

    such a fantastic feature that the balance bike teaches children to balance unlike the tricycle, the balance bike gets children rising on a proper bike quicker which is wonderful !! gives them confidence ealier too !

  175. Avatar of Tara

    I love that it is so lightweight. I bought a balance bike for my son but it was metal and the first time he tried to ride it it was too heavy he couldn’t hold it up and now completely avoids it. I would love to show him how fun riding a bike can be!

  176. Avatar of Rebecca

    I love that the ZUM-CX Balance Bike has a reversible frame so it will last for years to come and my son will be able to enjoy it for longer. Please pick me because I look forward to being able to go for long and fast paced walks were he can keep up with me and still have fun.. and his second birthday is coming up and I would love to be able to surprise him with this awesome bike 🙂

  177. Avatar of Natasha

    I love the idea of balance bikes cs training wheels for encouraging balance and coordination. Plus, they just look fun!!

  178. Avatar of Kim Campbell
    Kim CampbellReply

    Picking me would allow my nephew to develop skills to ride a bike while building confidence and coordination in a fun and enjoyable way.

  179. Avatar of Trudy

    I love the feature of being able to have a reversible frame for height adjustment.
    I would love to win this for my son as he will be ready for his first bike and this one would be perfect. ☺

  180. Avatar of Maree Gray

    I love that it is adjustable so it grows with the child.
    My friend has gorgeous twin boys and I would love to win this for her.

  181. Avatar of Rachel Gunston
    Rachel GunstonReply

    The best feature would have to be the ease of assembly. After learning the hard way that I am not a natural assembler of bikes (nor furniture!)

  182. Avatar of Stacey Shailer
    Stacey ShailerReply

    The reversible frame, so that it grows with my youngest!

  183. Avatar of Rachel

    My little man has out grown his and this one is brilliant it grows with them . Why couldn’t this be around when I bought his he loves them so much balance bikes rule !

  184. Avatar of jessica Ashbrooke
    jessica AshbrookeReply

    Love how it grows with my child and my boy Maverick who’s almost two is growing up way to quick and he’s so wild he’d get so much enjoyment out of this

  185. Avatar of Fiona m

    ZUM-CX Balance Bike Reminds me of my youth a simplistic yet stylish Wooden bike balancing back to the basics!

  186. Avatar of Shannon

    I love the height adjustment and that it’s light weight. My daughter is rather small so I find a lot of balance bikes a bit big and heavy for her. Plus my 5 year old son who is also small will be able to use it too. He has always been scared to ride a bike so might be what they both need

  187. Avatar of Melissa Simcocks
    Melissa SimcocksReply

    I love that it will help my daughters with coordination. They have the confidence, unfortunately they have been trying to ride a bike with training wheels for a yr and still manage to fall off.

  188. Avatar of Tulay

    That it will help to develop my daughter’s balance and grow with her as she grows.

  189. Avatar of Jiana Sumner
    Jiana SumnerReply

    I love that it is height adjustable and light so long lasting and easy to carry for parents and easy to handle for the kids

  190. Avatar of Julie

    Our daughter’s balance bike was purchased second hand but is looking pretty shabby now. She needs it for when we walk our son to school because if she walks she can’t keep up. So she’d love a new lightweight and speedy version.

  191. Avatar of Lana Muscat
    Lana MuscatReply

    I am 3 and my name is Quinn, I’m a pretty good kid and I’d love to win!
    Image comes first when you’re cruisin in the hood,,
    The sleek design and timber finish is what I rate, understood?
    Timber means tough and red means fast, the sterdy wooden frame looks like it’s built to last!

    ( I have a very cool three year old who has grown out of his first bike and he loves the apppearance of these balance bikes! )

  192. Avatar of Alyce Mostert
    Alyce MostertReply

    My daughters have a balance bike and it has been amazing for their balance and development, as well as their confidence in transitioning to a bicycle. I’d love to be able to gift a balance bike to my neighbour daughters so that they can tear around the street with my girls!

  193. Avatar of Rachel K

    I love that the frame is reversible to accommodate smaller riders which also means it can last a few generations and be handed down to younger siblings. This makes it a valuable and worthwhile investment that will provide years of fun!

  194. Avatar of carbar

    The ZUM-CX Balance Bike helps a child develop balance while encouraging outdoor play away from iPads and computers.

  195. Avatar of Kristina s

    I love the padded seat and reversible frame which would be perfect for my little dare devil! He keeps taking his big brothers balance bike so would be perfect if he had his own then they could ride together!

  196. Avatar of Jennalee Ratley
    Jennalee RatleyReply

    I love that the Zum-CX is light weight but quality isn’t compromised. My beautiful boy is almost 4 and wonderfully Autistic. Jordy struggles with Sensory Input, particularly his Vestibular system (balance) this makes everyday tasks difficult for him such as getting dressed and even walking, he can trip over thin air… We would love for Mum central to choose us as this would help with future development and his OT and Physio could utilise the Zum-CX aswell

  197. Avatar of Kirby Mulhern
    Kirby MulhernReply

    I love that the ZUM-CX has a reversible frame allowing my son to enjoy it all the way up to age five. This not only means he can enjoy it for a long time while growing his confidence on it with every use, but me as a parent wil save some money not having to buy a new balance bike through every major growth spurt
    (cause lets be honest, kids cost soooo much these days so every dollar saved helps).

  198. Avatar of jr

    It is great this bike teaches balance in a fun and exciting way for our little ones.

  199. Avatar of phil holt

    it looks safe & comfortable & my grandson would love to ride this under out pergola

  200. Avatar of Cindy Nickels
    Cindy NickelsReply

    I love how the balance bike grows with your child until they are 5 years old. My adorable grandson is only 6 months old and I would love to watch him learning and growing with coordination and physical activity

  201. Avatar of Amy Morris

    I have been eyeing off your ZUM-CX balance bike for some time now. My 2yr old loves riding on a cheap plastic motorbike which has now been used so much that the plastic wheels have holes in them 🙁 This would be the perfect bike for him as he dislikes anything with pedals. Thank you for the chance to win one!!!

  202. Avatar of Dee Susan

    My favorite feature is the paded vinyl seat which is adjustable and ergonomically designed to grow with my toddler while learning to ride a big kid bike. Thank you.

  203. Avatar of Daniella Mavili
    Daniella MaviliReply

    I ❤️ that it’s lightweight, grows with my daughter and has a reversible frame. What an invention this would be amazing to win. So many outdoor adventures to be had

  204. Avatar of Karina Lee

    I love that it’s made of wood – such a stylish way to help the little one learn how to ride a bike!

  205. Avatar of K.Smith

    I love that a balance bike revolves solely on feet. It would build my childrens leg strength, posture and their confidence with using their bodies to build and control speed.

  206. Avatar of Kellie

    I love the simplicity of balance bikes, yet they give so much to the children using them. I would love to be considered for this prize so my daughter, and then son can learn all about the fun and freedom of riding bikes

  207. Avatar of Kathy Bowdlert
    Kathy BowdlertReply

    I love that the ZUM-CX balance bike is made out of Sustainably Harvested Wood. It’s nice to think that a forest wasn’t needlessly cut down to produce this bike, making it great for the environment.

  208. Avatar of Sarah

    The fact that a balance bike allows children to focus on only one thing (balancing) while learning to ride a bike. This makes the learning process easier. Also having the use of feet to stop, steer and turn around gives them more control and greater confidence to keep riding.

    I would love this prize for my son, it would be perfect for his first Christmas.

  209. Avatar of Louise P

    I love that the ZUM-CX balance bike is lightweight. That would make it easier to carry home when little ones are tired. You should pick me because my young niece would adore this bike 🙂

  210. Avatar of Rachael Rowberry
    Rachael RowberryReply

    I love how the bike grows with your child. So there is nothing new. Just familiar which helps a childs comfort as they learn

  211. Avatar of C.McCarthy

    Love the rubber air inflated tyres. Perfect for our toddler to attempt to keep up with his bigger siblings. Won’t take him long and he’ll be cruising past them on this smooth ride

  212. Avatar of Jean

    I love the wooden sturdy frame, it is so great for kids especially when they are out learning how to ride for the first time.

  213. Avatar of Karen Edwards
    Karen EdwardsReply

    Love that the balance bike is super fast once my little miss gets the hang of it mummy will need to keep up to work off this baby weight since the baby is 4 years old

  214. Avatar of Renee

    I love that it is light weight as let’s be honest we as mum’s have to carry their bikes for them occasionally due to one thing or another so if you can save your back it has to be a plus

  215. Avatar of Michelle Burger
    Michelle BurgerReply

    I love that the balance bike is lightweight and comfortable with rubber handgrips and a padded vinyl seat. My 2yo son is a premmie so he’s very small and gets frustrated and upset that he isn’t strong enough to push the pedals on his toddler bike he would absolutely love to ride around the backyard with his big brother so this balance bike would be perfect for him!

  216. Avatar of Harry Cornish
    Harry CornishReply

    The reversible frame is a great feature
    For growing children and great for mum and dads wallet.
    I like that it is uniquely different . I think you should choose me
    we have a restricted budget you see.

  217. Avatar of Veronica De
    Veronica DeReply

    Love how the Balance Bike teaches the Children how to balance, no training wheels.

  218. Avatar of Laura Power
    Laura PowerReply

    Great that it grows with the child no buying new bikes every 12 months!

  219. Avatar of helen c

    The height adjustment feature for a greater timeframe for my little outback boy,
    This balance bike would neb the ultimate farm kid’s toy,
    Racing around having fun while developing new skills!

  220. Avatar of Vanessa Ahern
    Vanessa AhernReply

    My favourite feature of the ZUM-CX Balance Bike is that it is lightweight, so when my little one gets tired I can easily carry the bike back home.

  221. Avatar of Natalie M

    A padded seat just like big bro would be ace for sure but I love no training wheels. When my little one tried to push big brothers old bike the trainer wheel bolt cut the side of her foot and there was blood and screaming and a no bike policy forever more. I love to see her have a go again instead of crying at the sight of that bike.

  222. Avatar of cheerie murnane
    cheerie murnaneReply

    The complete Zum-CX Balance Bike looks better made, more comfortable looking than the one I have had and the ones I have seen, The best feature for me is the rubber tyres and the padded seat. We have a long verandah and the bumps between the concrete without good tyres hurt and are so uncomfortable she wouldn’t ride it, she looks on sadly as the others ride their bikes. At the moment she is practicing with a scooter. To have a good balance bile would make us all very happy.

  223. Avatar of JulieWT

    I’m honestly torn between two attractive features – a bike that grows with my child by reassembling, and the effectiveness of foot to floor propulsion rather than having the pressure of using pedals!


    I love that its sturdy which is perfect for my son who needs to learn his balance and confidence

  225. Avatar of David

    The feature I like best is it being lightweight, easy to pick up and move it along at pack up time. I would love to win this for my nephew who has gross motor delay in his leg muscles especially. He has struggled to learn to ride a bike with training wheels, finding it too heavy and bulky to move around so this bike sounds like a better option.

  226. Avatar of Richard Harrison
    Richard HarrisonReply

    Height adjustment so I can use it for years and years

  227. Avatar of Magda

    I love the most that it makes it so easy for little ones to transition to the big bike later on

  228. Avatar of Deby Keys

    You want safety quality and assurance all in one this balance bike would be it ! What an awesome learning tool my kids would love it !

  229. Avatar of Kaman Yu

    I love how it’s ergonomically designed and that it’ll grow with my toddler.
    I should win this as this is probably the only thing that I’ll attempt to put together with success and it’ll make a really good Christmas present.

  230. Avatar of Tess

    Awesome that it is reversible – both kids can share it! And lightweight so when they’ve had enough I can still carry it home

  231. Avatar of Netta

    Love the fact you don’t need to fork out for a new bike every time little one has a growth spurt.!!!

  232. Avatar of Danielle Haultain Dujmovic
    Danielle Haultain DujmovicReply

    Mateo will love riding this around our local park and his grandparents farm. The wooden frame means it will be truly durable!

  233. Avatar of Kelley

    I love that it introduces movement and activity whilst giving them control and freedom to learn at their own pace

  234. Avatar of Candice McDougall
    Candice McDougallReply

    I love it all, especially its deisgned to adjust as the child grows.

  235. Avatar of Christy Boyle
    Christy BoyleReply

    It’s clever light weight frame no training wheels will finally maybe able to get my little princess confidence in riding a bike an we will be able to go for family ride

  236. Avatar of Amanda J

    I love the safety and comfort features. My son would love this balance bike.

  237. Avatar of Jennifer Cutler
    Jennifer CutlerReply

    My son would love this to try and keep up with his older sisters. He is growing so fast so the feature that makes its height adjustable is fantastic. He would be thrilled as it looks fantastic and that he doesn’t have to use his sisters’ pink hand me down bike.

  238. Avatar of Chelsea Hurring
    Chelsea HurringReply

    I love how you don’t need training wheels, hitting me right in the feels. I’d love to win this prize, it’s leaving me with butterflies. My sons would love this, they’d be in bliss. Please pick us, I promise not to cuss!

  239. Avatar of Rhiannon Jakobasch
    Rhiannon JakobaschReply

    This is such a cool looking bike – my son would be so excited to have his very own ‘motorbike’ 🙂

  240. Avatar of Mick G

    The reversible frame is such a simple yet brilliant idea allowing for years/generations to grow and learn to balance safely on this fun bike

  241. Avatar of Kim Kilgour
    Kim KilgourReply

    I love that the seat is ergonomic & adjustable to grow with my children!!

  242. Avatar of Ains

    I love that it’s made from sustainable wood and that it is a much better way to learn how to ride a bike!

  243. Avatar of Ashleigh Johns
    Ashleigh JohnsReply

    Adjustable & lightweight! Having a small 3 year old, makes it hard to find a balance bike small enough!

  244. Avatar of Linda

    I love that the ZUM-CX Balance Bike allows a tireless toddler some speedy rides. We all get some excercise AND we all get to sleep at night… WIN-WIN all round!!!

  245. Avatar of pfaftle

    I love how the bike converts for smaller riders, perfect for my stumpy-legged little bug!

  246. Avatar of Paula Stacey
    Paula StaceyReply

    that the seat is comfortable and made from sustainable wood.

  247. Avatar of Kathryn

    Love the adjustable height feature so that it grows with your child

  248. Avatar of Alana W

    My daughter has been wanting a bike and i thought shes a little young but this would be perfect for her to learn how to ride a bike without hurting herself as i know its safe. Love that its lightweight – i can carry it!

  249. Avatar of Nicole

    The reversible frame, love that is caters for different sized kids!

  250. Avatar of Heather McAuliffe
    Heather McAuliffeReply

    I love the reversible frame and adjustable height features. Would love this for our little boy to use.

  251. Avatar of Christine Butler
    Christine ButlerReply

    My favourite feature would have to be that it’s wooden, rather than plastic. Little Miss has grown out of her three- wheeler, and is due for a ‘grown ups’ one, as she keeps telling me (every time she rides it). I think you should pick me for the prize so I don’t have to hear the sad-faced hints anymore!

  252. Avatar of Gayle Vos

    I love that it’s made from wood, the old fashioned way, like mine when I was young, it would make a great heirloom for the future generations which is why I would love to win.

  253. Avatar of Maria Gillies
    Maria GilliesReply

    I love every aspect of this beaut bike, I wish it was around 26 years ago when we were trying to teach our son to ride a bike, which he still cannot do!! I think a lot had to do with the weight of his bikes and the horrid training wheels! This bike would be a fabulous gift to give to my new Great Nephew for Christmas, no hefty bike to fall on him or horrid training wheels and it could grow with him and become his ‘best’ mate around his yard!

  254. Avatar of Sarah s

    My fav feature is the seat and the handle grips being made of rubber and specifically thought about for little ones.
    You should pick me because my little girl loves to ride and balance on whatever she can. Being premature and now only 7kg at 11months old she is a teeny tiny pocket rocket that will adore a balance bike. We are planing to purchase one for Christmas so this would be ideal. You are never to young to get outside and ride.

  255. Avatar of Carmel Corry
    Carmel CorryReply

    I love that the bike is lightweight! Carrying several items ….and children at the same time can often mean juggling heavy items is no fun. Lightweight but sturdy toys are very welcome.
    I deserve a treat, as this month I have managed to cross eleven items off my ‘paperwork’ to-do-list! Go me! So proud of myself for getting stuck in to all the jobs I don’t enjoy doing.

    • Avatar of Carmel Corry
      Carmel CorryReply

      P.S. Babysitting for friends and family is one of my greatest joys. Having safe play equipment is something I am very conscious of. This balance bike looks like it fits the rules perfectly

  256. Avatar of sarah

    Well made and sturdy which is important for my son, who is a 2 year old Stunt man!

  257. Avatar of Melissa

    I love that the ZUM-CX Balance Bike has a reversible frame to cater for your child/ren as they grow. I would like to win this prize as I am eager to teach my little one new skills.

  258. Avatar of Rebecca Zierach
    Rebecca ZierachReply

    I love the fact the balance bike doesn’t require training wheels. I love that even the smallest kid can give it a try. I’d love to win this prize for my two year old son. He doesn’t have a bike yet but loves the outdoors. I’d love for him to be able to zoom around the backyard this summer, while being protected by the Sunsational sun care products.

  259. Avatar of Kate

    Love that this would teach my boys how to balance when riding without the use of training wheels.

  260. Avatar of christine morris
    christine morrisReply

    I love the Adjustable height control and its wooden which makes it very sturdy, perfect for my Grandson. Thanks for the opportunity.

  261. Avatar of Kirby Hargrave
    Kirby HargraveReply

    I love that it has all the safety features to keep my little one safe but still keeps its good looks made with the wooden look. I would love this to help my girls learn to balance without training wheels.

  262. Avatar of Adele Smith
    Adele SmithReply

    No Training Wheels makes it a wonderful & quick learning tool and also heaps of fun. I would love this for my grandson who I look after regularly and as this is also so lightweight it could easily travel from his home to us, his grandparents very easily. My grandson, Chase loves to be ouside (his pronunctiation ) and more having things for him to do would be wonderful.

  263. Avatar of Catrina

    I love that it builds children’s confidence with balance before they move onto a big pedal bike. Would love to win this prize for my son and bubs to be due this week.

  264. Avatar of Janet Lee

    I like that the bike can be used by really little kids and it can grow with them. The bike look so good too.

  265. Avatar of Marissa

    No pedals, training wheels and made of wood, are things that make the zum bike good.
    But The lightweight frame is its biggest charm. It fits with bub right under my arm!

  266. Avatar of Anna Amoroso
    Anna AmorosoReply

    Balance!!! Wish id had one of these for my first teaching her about balancing would have been much easier! Wont make the same mistake with the second one

  267. Avatar of Nicole Gurney
    Nicole GurneyReply

    I think there amazing my friend had one and said it helped to get her son ready to ride. My almost 3 year old has never been on a bike so I would love to test her on the balance bike giving her confidence and balance thanks

  268. Avatar of Amanda Ward
    Amanda WardReply

    I love the reversible frame so it grows with the child! Saves on buying a new bike everytime they get too big!

    I would love to win to make taking two kids walking a quicker process as Mr 4 likes to take his time and refuses to sit in a pram now then it can be past on down to his litte brother.

  269. Avatar of Mary Preston
    Mary PrestonReply

    Being Ergonomically designed is a winning idea. I can see Little Miss becoming even more independent with a ZUM-CX Balance Bike.

  270. Avatar of Marija

    Being Height adjustable and wooden made means baby Jack will get lot’s of use from it, and it’s great it’s not plastic made. Jack will be the envy of all his friends.

  271. Avatar of Fionna

    Love that the ZUM-CX Balance Bike is light weight, makes it easier to pop in the back of the hatch for a trip to the park for a play

  272. Avatar of Amanda S

    I like that it is lightweight. We can easily carry it across to the park where it is safer to ride. My daughter would love to ride around on the balance bike to get really confident before graduating to pedals.

  273. Avatar of Holly-Anne

    Perfect for learning, adjustable and sturdy. Couldn’t ask for more

  274. Avatar of Michelle

    My 3 year old loves challenges and is a bit of a dare devil! I think she would love to master your balance bike. The fact that it is so light weight is such a bonus as if they fall they don’t have a weighty bike fall on them. We would also get a lot of use from it as we live on property and my girls are really outdoorsy girls : ) Thankyou!

  275. Avatar of Andrea Pienaar
    Andrea PienaarReply

    Ergonomics!! Our little one just loves doing everything herself and with the correct ergonomical design applied it means she can. We need all of these excellent quality goodies because we have a little go getter on our hands and there is no 2nd chances.

  276. Avatar of jocy

    The all round comfort – rubber handgrips, padded seats, adjustable handlebars. If they are comfortable they’ll stay on longer and get more exercise

  277. Avatar of Girlie Eyre
    Girlie EyreReply

    My favourite part is how sturdy it is and looks good.

  278. Avatar of Ann-Maree

    Simply the reversible handles and that it can be enjoyed more than a few times.

  279. Avatar of Marilyn Long
    Marilyn LongReply

    Love the fact that we can eliminate training wheels! I would love to give this to my youngest son Archie who will be 2 in January. I think this will benefit him and help him on the way to learning to ride a bike with out the dreaded training wheels . I never had one for my eldest son and he will be 6 in January and still has training wheels on his bike.

  280. Avatar of Cathy

    Love that this bike gives them independence and to learn new balance skills. My grandson has had two open heart surgeries in his short life of 16 months and would love for him to win this to help him with his balance skills and enjoy the outdoors after being isolated for months so as not to get ill

  281. Avatar of Lennareinhard

    Love how it’s sturdy and adjustable and all around comfort, this is a fantastic thing for kids with hypermobile kids

  282. Avatar of Courtney Pascoe
    Courtney PascoeReply

    I love the whole look, the wooden look is awesome. My daughter has struggled with balance and coordination, she tries so hard but cant quite grasp it. I think this bike would be the perfect step in the right direction for her.
    So she can gain more confidence and maybe lift her feet off the ground! 🙂

  283. Avatar of Deanne Lindsay
    Deanne LindsayReply

    The Balance Bike is a fantastic tool for those children who have trouble with their Balance. Balancing is not natural for all children, they need to work at it. I have trouble with Balancing, I cannot stand on Ice Skates, Roller Skates, or even a Balance Beam. It took me years to learn to ride a bike. I have a granddaughter with the same problem, so this Balance Bike would be an essential item to help her, I would be so grateful for the prize. Thank you Deanne xx

  284. Avatar of Belinda McLeod
    Belinda McLeodReply

    I love that the bike has pump up tyres and that the handlebars prevent jacknifing which not many of the balance bikes that I have been looking at for my toddler have

  285. Avatar of Mel

    I love the retro look of the wooden frame, I’d love to win this for my son since he’s yet to have his first bike!

  286. Avatar of Trudie A

    I love that the ZUM-CX balance bike has a seat that is fully adjustable as my kids are quite tall. I also think it is fantastic that the frame is reversible which mean I can have my youngest ride the same bike when the big brother grows out of it. I think my son would gain a lot more confidence and balance when riding the balance bike. He has fallen off a proper bike with training wheels a couple of times and he doesn’t want to ride it anymore as he is scared of falling again.

  287. Avatar of Rebecca Shaw
    Rebecca ShawReply

    I like that it’s light weight makes it easier for me to carry home when my son doesn’t want to ride it home

  288. Avatar of Jenn B

    These would make amazing presents for my new nephew and my new God-grandson who I’ve had the joy of welcoming into the world recently.

  289. Avatar of Liza

    I have been looking for the perfect balance bike for my little man and I have just discovered it. Light weight, comfortable, adjustable and stylish what a product! The Zum-cx balance bike is the perfect solution to this biking dilemma.

  290. Avatar of Jade

    I love that it’s light weight so when your child decides halfway around the lake that they don’t want to ride anymore that it’s easy to carry!

  291. Avatar of Latichia

    This bike would be great for my toddler to learn to ride

  292. Avatar of Erin R

    I am looking at bikes for my son at the moment. What stands out with the ZUM-CX, for me, is the padded seat being fully adjustable! My son is tall for his age, so a fully adjustable seat is just perfect.

  293. Avatar of Kerri

    Awesome creation, lightweight, with reversible frame, for little to bigger. My 6 year old is still using training wheels, we have learnt our lesson for our son – balance bike it is!

  294. Avatar of margaret barber
    margaret barberReply

    My grand daughter would love this she is wanting to ride but has no confidence without training wheels, this would be perfect and so sturdy made from wood and real inflatable tyres, so making her ride very comfortable.

  295. Avatar of Susan Meijer
    Susan MeijerReply

    Learning to ride without training wheels. Training wheels are a nuisance. Can’t adjust ours up so my son’s not learning to balance but just relying on the trainers.

  296. Avatar of Karen Hodge
    Karen HodgeReply

    It’s modern and cool but still has elements of old school charm.
    It’s a great way to learn riding, especially for the tallest little guys and girls!
    This would be a hit!

  297. Avatar of Nicole Woods
    Nicole WoodsReply

    I love that it’s so adjustable and can last through so many stages of a young child’s life. My best friend of over 25 years had a daughter back in 1993. I loved her like my own and called her Munchkin (or Munchie because who doesn’t love a cute nickname of a nickname…?). But I digress… About 7 months ago my (no longer) little Munchkin had a little munchkin of her own. Benji is the most adorable little thing and already loves the outdoors. When he’s grizzly and nothing helps to calm him down, all you have to do is put him outside on the back lawn or on a swing. Anywhere he can be close to nature. He calms down instantly and becomes his happy and bubbly little self again. I would love to be able to gift this pack to them and watch that gorgeous little boy learn to ride his very first bike.

  298. Avatar of Susanna Martin
    Susanna MartinReply

    So many features appeal to me. My girl is really petite so the adjustable height really stands out along with the natural solid timber composition. She’d feel so smart and grown up on this.

  299. Avatar of Emma

    The best feature about the XUM balance bike is the fully adjustable seat. Great foo seeing a child all the way through to preschool years.

  300. Avatar of Stef

    The best feature is the rubber hand grip because I have clumsy kids.

  301. Avatar of germaine

    I love the fact the bike is so lightweight–means we can easily pop it into the back of the car and take it with us to the park

  302. Avatar of Bronwyn D

    I love that the frame is reversible, extending the life of the bike and making it suitable for a range of ages. Anything that grows with the child is a great choice – for the family and the environment.

  303. Avatar of Sharon Johnson
    Sharon JohnsonReply

    ZUM-CX balance bike will be giving confidence to my niece’s little tot. With its light reversible frame, It will be the perfect nike to start out on. Easy to pop into their car with it being so compact.

  304. Avatar of Amber Baines
    Amber BainesReply

    I love that it gives the child confidence without needing training wheels so they don’t feel like they aren’t able to ride…also saves my feet being run over by training wheels!!

  305. Avatar of MelissaZ

    No training wheels is my favourite feature because it just helps them learn to ride earlier on. You should pick me because the children in my family would get so much joy from this prize pack 🙂

  306. Avatar of Rich

    I love the natural timber look of this balance bike , additionally the adjustability to suit different ages and sizes is a great feature. This will provide so much fun and a challenge for their little bodies both physically and for their brains.

  307. Avatar of Becca

    Love how much independence the Zum CX balance bike gives your wee little one.

    I can see many hours of fun time riding all over town whilst Mummy and Daddy also get some excercise too, oh and I better not forget the rest of my crew! Zoom Zoom!

  308. Avatar of Nell Hamilton-Schulz
    Nell Hamilton-SchulzReply

    I love that it grows with your child. So many toys they grow out of quickly.
    Our 2 yr old would love to find this under the Christmas tree!

  309. Avatar of Tam6

    I love that the bike is light weight.. no heavy awkward lifting required

  310. Avatar of yvonne ryan
    yvonne ryanReply

    I love that this is strong and sturdy , definitely a bike that would be perfect for more than one child

  311. Avatar of Kelly-anne

    Anyone parent would be silly to not admit they love the reversible frame that allows the bike to grow with your child. Oh and the colours… they look amazing! It would certainly get our little ones outside more and coming up to summer that’s fantastic

  312. Avatar of Kirsten Olliffe
    Kirsten OlliffeReply

    The fact that it’s reversible and grows with your child is brilliance alone. Aside from that, whats not to love

  313. Avatar of Lisa

    I love that this bike will grow with my boy as he grows, giving him the absolute confidence he needs to be able to ride a bike all by himself. Also that the frame is extremely sturdy, giving it non stop play

  314. Avatar of Jason Kimpton
    Jason KimptonReply

    I love how it’s crafted out of timber such a n old fashion style u don’t see much anymore
    Looks quality that will last the child using it

  315. Avatar of Denise Fiegert
    Denise FiegertReply

    I like the idea of No training wheels it teaches them how to balance amzing

  316. Avatar of Carlin

    I love the reversible seat, making it easy to use over a variety of ages. My daughter is extremely active and always tries to keep up with her big brother. This would be the ultimate Xmas present for her.

  317. Avatar of Trinitie

    I love that this bike builds confidence in children learning to ride a bike. I hope that my boy can win this bike so he can keep up with his older cousins when we go back home for holidays

  318. Avatar of Tehani

    What’s not to love ? Reversible frame and made from wood, grows with your child, this is just an awesome balance bike and my little one would love this under the Christmas tree.

  319. Avatar of Louise Hopper
    Louise HopperReply

    Wow!! My girl learnt on one would love my nephew to as well xx

  320. Avatar of Kelly Baldock
    Kelly BaldockReply

    I love that it gives good balance to be able to bypass training wheels. Also how awesome they look

  321. Avatar of Amy R

    Maintenence free, yes please! My little girl would love it!!

  322. Avatar of Michelle Budge
    Michelle BudgeReply

    I love that it is height adjustable and that it is reversible. Maintenance free, By pass training wheels.

  323. Avatar of Melanie O

    Its reversable
    thks be a great gift for my nephew for christmas, much more than we could afford

  324. Avatar of Juanita

    I love how sturdy this bike is but also how lightweight it is at the same time.

  325. Avatar of Katie

    A timber bike thats maintenance free! This single mum is in heaven. She will b cruising down the beach everyday with the height adjustments!!

  326. Avatar of Kathleen Usher
    Kathleen UsherReply

    I love that the frame is reversible to be used longer. My children are very tall so this will no doubt come in handy at a younger age

  327. Avatar of NicoleF

    I love that this bike is made from beautiful sturdy wood and that it is adjustable to grow with your child.

  328. Avatar of Phillip Cunningham
    Phillip CunninghamReply

    The height adjustment as it rocks and you should pick me as I can picture both of our two grandkids having fun with this proze

  329. Avatar of Michael Rose
    Michael RoseReply

    I love the safety features for the little ones and the sleek design

  330. Avatar of Melinda Roche
    Melinda RocheReply

    I used a balance bike to teach my daughter to ride a bike and that was almost 10 years ago. I love how the Zum-CX Balance Bike is reversible so it lasts for several ages and stages of your childs growth and development.

  331. Avatar of Sarah Armstrong
    Sarah ArmstrongReply

    Adjustable height so it’s suitable for different size and aged kids. It’s sturdy and looks really groovy

  332. Avatar of adrienne harries
    adrienne harriesReply

    comfort, balance and style
    ease of use makes us smile
    perfect way to learn to ride
    she can ride along at my side

  333. Avatar of Alice S

    The ergonomic design is the best feature of the Zum-CX Balance Bike, as well as the no training wheels feature meaning my 2 year old will be riding like a pro in no time. We would love to win because our little boy is super active, loves the outdoors and has plenty of energy to burn.

  334. Avatar of Donna B

    I love the focus on balance which in itself builds the confidence to avoid the annoying training wheels.

  335. Avatar of Rosalie Bernacki
    Rosalie BernackiReply

    Love that it is super light weight for mummy to be able to carry the toddler and bike at the same time, up the super big hill from the park over the road. And love that it has no training wheels, giving self confidence and control – to our super lady Anna xxxx

  336. Avatar of Toni Armstrong
    Toni ArmstrongReply

    That it is able to grow with my child and so that more than one of them can get use out of it and learn all about balance. Thank you

    • Avatar of Toni Armstrong
      Toni ArmstrongReply

      Why you should pick me – because i would like my girls to have the confidence to ride from a young age, not like myself who only learn to ride a bike at 24!!!!

  337. Avatar of Kym

    Love the natural wood and cute colour scheme – a toy that is both timeless and great for a small child’s develeopment!

  338. Avatar of Courtney Smith
    Courtney SmithReply

    The unique Zum-CX balance bike,
    Would be perfect for my active tike.
    A quality bike to last through years,
    And a list of features up to your ears!

    You know a smooth ride is guaranteed,
    And life is more fun with a bit of speed.
    The innovative amazing, reversible frame
    Makes this bike far from lame!
    Lightweight and suitable for smaller kids,
    Great for big or small, let’s do some skids!

    My favourite thing would have to be,
    That safety is top priority.
    Rubber handgrips to protect small hands,
    And a padded seat for those rougher lands.
    Prevent jack-knifing with patented steering,
    Sealed bearings make it silent and great for your hearing.

    I love that it builds up confidence and skills,
    As they zoom over tracks and little hills.
    It’s packed full of awesome, I think we’re agreed…
    Really, what more could you want or need?
    How about, sustainably harvested wood,
    Ensuring you’re doing the evironment some good!

    My son’s 2nd birthday is on the 24th of December,
    And this would be a present he’ll always remember!
    Sadly, his birthday gets a bit forgotten amongst the festive cheer,
    But the Zum-CX would make it the best day of the year.
    Pleeeaase pick me to win this prize,
    And help me give him the ultimate birthday surprise!!

  339. Avatar of Paula Lawrence
    Paula LawrenceReply

    I love the reversible frame, that is grows with your child. I’ve got 2 boys who would love this to play outside. Please.

  340. Avatar of Jen Rizk

    I love that it will suit the kids as they grow such a good idea. We would love this in our house as it’s adjustable it will mean we can share between the two to see how they go then we can buy the additional one if they both do well !!

  341. Avatar of Sarah Darragh
    Sarah DarraghReply

    I love that it’s well made and so sturdy. We’ve been through a few Balance bikes in our time and they just don’t last the time or adjust to suit the children’s growth. I’ve got one little girl her can benefit from it now and a baby girl who can use it once the older one has outgrown it. Love the splashes of red too!

  342. Avatar of Joanna Lau

    Strong, safe, adjustable, comfortable… what else do you need for your kid? Bonus that it aesthetically looks amazing!

  343. Avatar of Shalissa

    I love the fact its reversible – so much more useful for longer and can be passed through the kids

  344. Avatar of AmyMcC

    I love that it can be used from toddler-hood through to around 5 years of age! Should only need to buy one balance bike and then upgrade to a full bike when they’re old enough!

  345. Avatar of Lisa

    Love that the adjustable seat means it can last for a few years, and no training wheels for building confidence!

  346. Avatar of Jill-Anne

    With 2 young boys and a third baby boy to be born soon I envisage much use over the years from the reversible frame for accommodating smaller riders

  347. Avatar of lorexstevex

    Wooden it be nice for my baby to have a toy that grows with her?

  348. Avatar of Christina E
    Christina EReply

    It’s light weight, easy to learn to ride as well as building confidence in the little ones. My young ones would love flying around the yard on one.

  349. Avatar of Nanna Ruth

    With the Zum CX BALANCE bike
    There is a happy Mum
    No frustration tears
    No angry fears
    Confidences grow
    As Zum designers know
    They have the BALANCE light
    Rider is upright but not uptight !
    Why send the win to me?
    Santa Nanna I want to be !

  350. Avatar of Nicole Williams
    Nicole WilliamsReply

    Wooden means it will last and lightweight for when Mum has to carry

  351. Avatar of Felicity

    I love the wooden frame that means both of my twins can ride it (without it being a girl or boy colour) and the adjustable height to keep it going as they get taller.

  352. Avatar of Sophie

    Is simples – no pedals! Means no dilemmas in trying to explain that THEY are making the bike brake because they are pedalling BACKWARDS! 🙂

  353. Avatar of Kristen

    Love that the company is ethically-minded with the use of Sustainably Harvested Wood. My little speedster has just started to walk around and it won’t be long until she can ride around on a balance bike just like her daddy!

  354. Avatar of Adeline L

    Timeless look, maintenance free and silent rides,
    I LOVE the bells and whistles of a Zum CX Balance Bike.
    No more frustrations of losing balance,
    Thanks to a pedal-less design it’s sheer brilliance!
    Bike riding for beginners made easy,
    Taking kids to the next level when ready.
    Santarina Mumma wishing to gift the kids this gem,
    To kick-start our weekend bikerides with the fam.
    So thank you Mum Central for this fantastic opportunity,
    And for a review written with such clarity.

  355. Avatar of Heidi

    I love that being able to learn to balance while playing and mucking around. I wish my son had one of these. He is now 7 and we are still struggling to get him to ride a bike without trainers. I think something like this will be great for my little miss all she wants to do is go go go.

  356. Avatar of Kimbo

    I love the adjustable seat to be able to grow with my unstoppable tiny terror

  357. Avatar of Paul McCallum
    Paul McCallumReply

    A comfortable way to introduce kids to the fun and excitement of riding a bike!

  358. Avatar of Leah Taylor
    Leah TaylorReply

    The reversible frame is a great feature, kid grow so quickly
    It’s a great idea to avoid training wheels

  359. Avatar of Katherine Betterman

    I found one of these on the side of the road. Attached training wheels as i had no idea it was adjustable let alone reversible. Now i need a new one for my grandson to use as he grows.

  360. Avatar of Gwen2620

    This bike will be great for both my grandchildren because it can be adjusted – but they might fight so I will need 2!

  361. Avatar of Toyah P

    I love that itsgot an ergonomic seat that grows with them. Cos we all know that they dont stay little for long. I would love this so my youngest can have her own and will stop having to share with her brother. Will make park trips a lot more enjoyable

  362. Avatar of Trudy Spreadborough
    Trudy SpreadboroughReply

    The reversible frame is a bloody brilliant idea! This will allow for longer use. Easy to put together is another bonus. My husband will be happy with that! Would love to win for my little boy. Hubby is about to lose his job so bubba boy won’t get the chance to have many toys like his sister did.

  363. Avatar of Ellen Robbins
    Ellen RobbinsReply

    The reversible frame certainly got my attention, as my little bloke is well under average for size and most bikes don’t suit really little children (or are so heavy the bike hurts when it falls over on them). I also like that it’s maintenance free. When you have kids anything that doesn’t add to my to-do list and entertains children is a winner! As someone who is really uncoordinated I struggled with things like learning to ride a bike or jump rope, so I’m determined to give my little man the best start and boost his confidence learning all these things.

  364. Avatar of k

    The reversible frame this way my son can learn to share with his cousins cause sharing is caring

  365. Avatar of Alan Parratt
    Alan ParrattReply

    Like to say the reversible Frame but many others have said that so I just sat the unique design not like past trikes made of rusting iron plate. If I win it will not be for me but my daughter who may have a baby soon.

  366. Avatar of Michelle

    Love that the kids can learn to balance without the tricky pedals

  367. Avatar of Jessica giles
    Jessica gilesReply

    I love that is will adjust in height as my child grows. He would get so much use from it and i know he’d love it.

  368. Avatar of Kimberley

    I like the bike as it grows your child and you get alot of years out of it. This will be a great present for my nephew to build his confidence of riding. Thankyou

  369. Avatar of Jessica Jansen
    Jessica JansenReply

    I don’t have a favourite feature as I’ve never heard of the bike until now. But if I had to choose from one I’d say the idea of not having pedals or training wheels. So they learn how to balance on their own before they worry about foot placement on pegs.

  370. Avatar of Jade

    I love that it is light and can be adjusted so it will grow with the kids! Please pick us because I know my 3 kids would love it and they will all be able to ride and share it! Plently of fun times to be had!

  371. Avatar of Cyndis

    Being a motorbike rider I am very keen on getting the little one on two wheels, but hubby wont approve. So if you let me win this, he cant say no. Us I didnt have to opportunity to learn how to ride a bicycle til I was 8-9 yo and I was petrified. So winning this would be amazing to not only spend more time outdoor but learning a life skill, whilst still protected from the sun.
    Pretty please!

  372. Avatar of Katherine Ward
    Katherine WardReply

    I love the reversible frame, perfect for my little guy who is usually too small for other balance bikes, but this will last for a long time since it can be changed to make it larger. Great idea!

  373. Avatar of Joanne Currie
    Joanne CurrieReply

    The best things I like about this bike is that it is made from timber, also the seat is adjustable so it can grow with your child.

  374. Avatar of Kim

    I love the fact is has no wheels. Really helps with the balance of kids and makes the transition to a big bike really easy for them. Also brilliant that you can have the ZUM-CX for a longer period of time with the reversible frame, makes it value for money.

  375. Avatar of Zoe Marshall
    Zoe MarshallReply

    I love that it’s lightweight and so is easy to carry if need be.

  376. Avatar of Megan

    I love the fact it comes with rubber air inflated tyres, easier upkeep for parents to repair if needed. A nice comfy seat for kiddies which helps make it enjoyable and that it can grow with them whilst learning how to master such an important skill of riding and balancing

  377. Avatar of Grant

    I love that the height is adjustable – perfect for any child of any height!

  378. Avatar of Megan Canfarini
    Megan CanfariniReply

    I love the rubber inflatable tyres and padded seat , makes it a lot more durable and comfortable for a toddler
    My son would love this so he can have a big boy bike like his brothers 😉

  379. Avatar of Robyn white
    Robyn whiteReply

    I love the idea that it actually teaches kids to balance while riding rather than training wheels that just stop the bike tipping over. My 2 yr old would LOVE this for Christmas, hopefully she can hand it down to her baby sister when she grows out of it! 🙂

  380. Avatar of Erin Somner
    Erin SomnerReply

    LOOOOOVE the idea of balance bikes and that you can skip training wheels when moving onto a full bike! My 5 month old is already so active and I would love to have one of these ready to go!

  381. Avatar of Rebecca Pattie
    Rebecca PattieReply

    I love that Zum-CX Balance Bike is adjustable to two different sizes, I also love that the wood is sustainably harvested and to top it off the look is even better!
    You should pick me because this would be the best toy for my bub as she grows and the highlight of our instagram feed

  382. Avatar of Carrie

    I love that the Zum balance bike is sturdy but lightweight. Easy to take anywhere with you and will last as they grow.

  383. Avatar of Sarah

    All concepts are fantastic! Balance bike is awesome design features ..

  384. Avatar of Domaneca R

    The reversible frame would have to be my favorite feature!
    Being such good quality and a reversible frame means it would last my son many years and even be able to pass it on to his little Bro!
    My son is bike OBSESSED, it would make his day if he received this!

  385. Avatar of Lana H

    How convenient that it is maintenance free while also being easy to adjust! 🙂

  386. Avatar of Leigh Heath
    Leigh HeathReply

    I love that the bike is light and easy to carry, plus it teaches kids how to balance early so that the transition to ‘big kid bike’ is a lot easier.

  387. Avatar of Paige quilliam
    Paige quilliamReply

    My partner and I have been trying to get our oldest son to ride a normal bike, he is now 7 and still can not ride a bike with or with out training wheels. he is just afraid to fall off. I never knew of a balance bike. I wish I had got one for him. My youngest boy has a little 3wheel trike and I would love to give him the chance to ride early. As a kid it’s just the bees knees

  388. Avatar of Amy Townsend
    Amy TownsendReply

    This would be fantastic for my younger child to follow around and ride with my older child. The adjustable seat will allow it to be used for years to come. It looks awesome too!

  389. Avatar of Megan L

    My little adventurer;
    Is 18 months old;
    She’s a force to reckon;
    And oh, so bold.

    On her short little legs;
    She’s got some growing to do;
    We love that the ZUM bike;
    Will grow with her too.

    She loves the outdoors;
    More than ANY indoor play;
    If she won this prize pack;
    It would SO make her day!


  390. Avatar of Mel VDK

    I love that it grows with your child. I would love this for my VERY active 14 month old who has been walking for 5 months and needs to keep up with his 8 and 10 year old siblings

  391. Avatar of Michelle

    I love that the bike can grow with the child would love to win this for my new grandson <3

  392. Avatar of Anita

    Lightweight and love the tactile experience of wood versus plastic!

  393. Avatar of Cassy wells
    Cassy wellsReply

    Omg this would be perfect for my youngest, as i have 2 close together, i didnt return to work so miss 12m is a hand me down girl… allnshe wants is to keep up with her older siblings and this prize pack would be perfect!!
    The adaptability and lightweight frame would definately help when im lugging around bikes and tired toddlers!!

  394. Avatar of Ree cleaver
    Ree cleaverReply

    I love thats its light weight and can carry it. Means if my little one gets tired after riding it to dtop his brothers iff at school with me i can carry it when we walk home. My little boy would just be so over the moon if we won it for him.

  395. Avatar of Virginia

    No Training Wheels!!!! Great to build my Master 2’s confidence and coordination. Plus it’s a good looking bike!!

  396. Avatar of Natallie

    I love how stylish the product is and how it is a long-term toy, not one they will play with for 5 minutes and chuck in the cupboard!

  397. Avatar of Katherine F
    Katherine FReply

    The patented steering is what I love best. It’s every mother’s nightmare to think of their little darling having some kind of accident whilst on a bike, anything that prevents such from happening is fantastic.

    My 2-year-old daughter hasn’t got a bike of her own, she gets to sit in the back of her 5-year-old brother’s tricycle regularly, but she would love something of her very own 🙂

  398. Avatar of Lizzy

    So big brother, who learned so well on a balance bike, can help show the way for his new little brother.

  399. Avatar of Alyce

    My daughter would love this! Her big brother has a bike, but she’s too little and keeps falling off. This would help her heaps!!

  400. Avatar of Syb

    I love that the bike is height adjustable and made from sustainable wood – such a brilliant idea for growing kids and their environmentally conscious parents!

  401. Avatar of Nomesgirl

    I’m excited to find a balance bike with rubber air-filled tyres and not foam! I love the look of the new ZUM-CX Balance Bike too. Great design!

  402. Avatar of Gabii

    I like that the bike will grow with the child, it encourages balance and coordination! It’s safe and lots of fun for the little ones to whizz around on at the park.

  403. Avatar of Keiju

    I like that you can change the bike when your child grows. My daughter will enjoy that much.

  404. Avatar of JulieGG

    What I like about is it that it grows with my daughter as she is learning to ride the bike.

  405. Avatar of Annette Kilpatrick
    Annette KilpatrickReply

    I love the reversible Fran, which means both my children can enjoy it.
    My almost 3 year old lacks confidence so this is something he will enjoy and learn from at the same time.

  406. Avatar of Suzanne Smith
    Suzanne SmithReply

    The reversible frame is the best as both my grandsons can use it. The 3 year old needs to gain confidence and he could with this and have fun and learn at the same time. The younger one would master it in minutes!! He has enough confidence for both of them combined!!

  407. Avatar of Misty

    I love this bike because as my so grows so will his bike and its made of natural materials that look AMAZING……

  408. Avatar of Vanessa Morgan
    Vanessa MorganReply

    My 20 month old son loves zooming around on his trike and would do so well with a balance bike. Plus the benefit of no training wheels is a big winner in my eyes!

  409. Avatar of Alice

    I love that a children can get a feel for riding a bike without relying on training wheels. It makes it much easier to transition to a big kids bike. Furthermore, balance is an important gross motor skill at this age.

  410. Avatar of Karina

    I love that beautiful design! Most other balance bikes are pretty plain looking and made of plastic or metal, both of which aren’t as child friendly. Wood is sturdy, beautiful and teeth safe of it comes down to that. Not to mention the idea of skipping training wheels!
    I’d love to win this bike. We have just moved here from Singapore in August, after being long distance with my husband for 3 years. It was an expensive move and to cut costs, I’ve had to leave a lot of toys back there. My kiddo would love to have something to play with outside. He doesn’t have outdoor toys yet.