Put down the pumpkin, parents. An urgent recall warning is out on a popular Halloween toy sold at Target because it can seriously injure little kids.

The recall on the popular LED Pumpkin Spinning Wand comes because the battery cover is not secure, allowing children to access the small button batteries contained inside. These button batteries can cause severe internal burns or even death if swallowed.

It’s the second urgent toy recall issued this week. Toys R Us has also recalled a popular Bruin baby toy because of a choking risk if parts break off.

LED Spinning Wand recalled due to battery exposure

The LED Spinning Wand, sold in Target and Target Country stores across Australia from September 2017 to October 2017, has now been stripped from the shelves. Parents are warned not to let their little ones play with it. 

The problem lies in the battery compartment, which “can be opened, exposing the button batteries inside.”

“If young children gain access to the button batteries and ingest them, they may suffer internal burn injuries, which can result in serious illness and even death. In addition, the batteries may pose a choking hazard to young children,” the recall states.

Button batteries are a leading cause of death and serious injury among young children. Every week in Australia, 20 children present to emergency departments for a button battery related incident.

Toys ‘R Us recalls Bruin Wiggle Ball

Toys R Us baby toy recall

Toys R Us has also pulled a popular toy off the shelves because it poses a danger to little ones. The Bruin Wiggle Ball (or Giggle Ball) is intended for babies from 6 months, but comes with serious choking risks.

According to the ACCC, “The wiggle ball’s rubber knobs and plastic back can detach from the ball creating a small part” which can then “present a choking hazard for children under 3 years of age”.

The toy was sold in Babies ‘R Us and Toys ‘R Us stores online and across Australia between 29 July 2016 and 29 January 2017.

What should consumers do? 

In both instances, consumers are being asked to return the faulty product to the store for a full refund.

For more information on the LED Spinning Wand recall, contact Target Australia’s Customer Support Centre on 1300 753 567. For more on the Bruin Giggle Ball recall, contact Toys “R” Us Product Safety on 1300 869 778. 

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