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Discover Pottery Barn Kids and Win a $500 Shopping Spree


Meet Pottery Barn Kids. Stocking the most beautiful, stylish baby & kids furniture, toys & linen.

From their casual furnishings to whimsical textiles, impressive toys and want-them-all-accessories, this is truly a mecca for those that adore all things chic!

If you haven’t yet experienced Pottery Barn Kids hop online and get a taste for what they offer! From the most amazing children’s bedroom looks to the most stunning nursery themes ever (and a stack in between) You’ll be drooling on your keyboard quicker than we can say #buyallthethings.

Here’s 5 reasons why Mum Central loves Pottery Barn Kids (and you will too!)

1. Pottery Barn Kids is our go-to for sensational children’s bedroom furniture

You know all those amazing, ultra-styled bedrooms you’ve addictively Pinned? We’d dare suggest half of those rooms contain furniture from Pottery Barn Kids. With clean lines and plenty of fantasy touches these perfect sleep refuges for little girls and boys are displayed alongside matching dressing tables, tall boys, sets of drawers and book shelves. From the traditional classics to the completely whimsical Dollhouse, carriage or canopy beds this is the bedroom furniture both little and big people (i.e. mummies) dream of!

2. Pottery Barn Kids is the home of quality, beautiful linen 

Finding high quality and lovely linen for a child or baby’s bed is not always easy. You want something that’s soft to touch, can survive the rigours of a kid-amount of washing and adds that statement touch to your little one’s room. Linen is definitely as much an aesthetic decision as it is a practical one! Well, if you’re lusting after linen the Pottery Barn Kids range is sure to scratch that itch. (Again, and again and again…!)

pottery-barn-kids-bed linen

3. The Perfect Retailer to Host Your Baby Gift Registry 

If you’re planning a registry for an impending arrival forget the more common options and explore what’s available at Pottery Barn Kids. There’s so many gorgeous pieces, so many nursery themes to choose from and the heirloom cots are to-die-for! This is the ideal place to host a registry for any mumma-to-be, the hardest part will be narrowing down which items you want. Good luck – and congratulations!


4. It’s Kid-Heaven with the Coolest, Most Unique Toys Around

When you’re searching for the ideal toy for a special child’s birthday, Pottery Barn Kids have the impressive, high-quality and totally party-stopping gift you’re looking for. The range is extensive but a few of our favourites include the toy kitchens which are enough to make any grown-up green with envy, the toy crane, loveable dollies and dollhouses. Pottery Barn Kids also has a sturdy yet stylish range of kid’s tables and chairs and children’s mini armchairs. All of these choices are perfect gifts for special little people!

pottery-barn-kids-play-kitchen5. Choose From the Most Gorgeous Décor for Your Kids Rooms!

From book ends to photo frames, mobiles to ornaments, baskets to lighting and lamps or shelving to art there is more beautiful objects than a mummy can even imagine! What Pottery Barn Kids also do exceptionally well is seasonal themes so from Easter to Christmas if you’re looking for items to decorate for a holiday you’ll be in serious shopping bliss!



Shop Australia Wide!

Pottery Barn Kids ship every single thing in store, to anywhere in Australia.

From the biggest to the smallest item, if you love it – they will get it to you. You must be impressed with that! We are!

So jump on over and take the opportunity to explore Pottery Barn Kids online or visit one of their stores. From new linen to a whole new room theme, the most perfect Christening gift imaginable or somewhere to host your baby gift registry, Pottery Barn Kids is it!  If you love whimsical things, timeless design and general gorgeousness, this will be your new favourite store!

enter-to-winPottery Barn Kids have given one lucky Mum Central reader the chance to shop on them!

You’ll receive a whopping $500 to spend instore or online, however you choose. To enter simply fill in the details below and tell us one of the items you’d choose on your spree!

Win a $500 Pottery Barn Kids Voucher to Spend on Toys, Linen & Furniture

Belinda Jennings
Belinda Jennings is a fun-loving mum who’s a passionate advocate for community and connection. As the founder of the Mum Central Network she’s committed to celebrating the journey that is Australian parenthood. When she’s not tap, tap, tapping at the keyboard Belinda can be found happily wrangling two small boys and loving on her superstar husband. Good conversation, close friends and fine chocolate are her chosen weapons for daily survival. She believes life’s too short for bad coffee, folding fitted sheets and not wearing your favourite shoes.
  • Megan

    I’d do up the playroom for the kids!

  • AmyMcC

    I’d choose the Dollhouse Bookcase! Just gorgeous looking!

  • Vanessa Ahern

    I would buy a Monique Lhuillier Blush Petal Canopy for my daughter’s bed and a Star Wars BB-8 Anywhere Beanbag for my son.

  • Dana Langham

    I have a shortage of random ceiling dangling thingies for my girls… that’s be the first thing I look at 🙂

  • Belinda Belinda

    A Camp Bed as my little one is growing up and would love the colour!

  • jayla1987

    Descisions descisions wow I can’t decide whether if get the cute all in one kitchen for my girl or a bed for her or something else. Arghhh I can’t decide it should be illegal to have too much cuteness on one page. Lol

  • Kim Hardy

    I’d buy one of the kitchens, they are gorgeous and my girls love making cups of tea for their bubbas

  • Bronwynne Lee Theodossio

    I would love something for my son but not sure what yet

  • joburkey

    Must have the solar system mobile and a whole range of star wars decor

  • lorexstevex

    A bunny hooded towel for my baby bunny!

  • Emma Gunn

    Some beautiful new blankets and sheets for the kids beds. No more baby blankets for them

  • Cleo Sids

    Everett modular storage desk would be great for homework, gaming and plenty of storage to keep everything in place.

  • Mary Moschovakis

    the mini armchairs would be perfect for my gorgeous nephews Jesse and Kiran

  • Nicola James

    I love the Charlie storage system, beautifully designed to grow with your children!

  • amandagorton

    My First Play Table & Chairs to designate a place to learn that is solely theirs!

  • Melanie Hurley

    New bedding for my toddler who is ready to move into her big girl bed.

  • Dave Smyth

    Star Wars decor is definitely for me!

  • Sarah Lum

    I’d love to buy new bed linen for all of my 3 kids 🙂

  • Georgie Mason

    I would love to buy a beautiful piece of pottery barn furniture for my daughters bedroom. A tall boy, desk or set of drawers would be wonderfull.

  • Debrah Bassett

    one of the play kitchens would be perfect for my kids they could use their imaginations and cook up a treat

  • Nat M

    A vanity so white with a mirror just right, a costume for him with a cool space theme, heart finials for a special look and a fisherman lamp for the reading nook.

  • Teresa

    My First Play Table & Chairs, Smoked Grey

  • Karina Lee

    Love the Cameron Creativity Art Storage System with Open Bases! What a gorgeous way to hide all the crap in the kids room!

  • Julie Hodsman

    Our son needs a new doona cover and our daughter needs a bed side table with a drawer. Maybe some toys also. 😉

  • Evelyn

    Something for each of my kids’ rooms. Also something for the lounge.

  • David Massoud

    Nice one a bit of everything

  • Alice Sati

    So going to get toys for the kids if I win.

  • Sarah Sabatino

    A gorgeous bedroom for my second! The first got kitted out nicely, but as always never quite got to kit out the next ones room. Be nice for her to have a beautiful room too – and reduce some rivalries maybe too!

  • Kriss

    Carolina craft table all the way! And maybe and anywhere bean bag for relaxing after all the great play!

  • Jann Trapp

    Love the Charlie storage system great for the kids so useful would grow with the kids.

  • Duane Van Schoonhoven

    ~ A side bed table and a desk! ~

  • Amanda

    I’d like the ivory fur beanbags for my kids.

  • Catherine Howard

    Since we haven’t had the chance I’d get linen & decorations to girly up our 2nd childs bedroom to replace her big bothers hand me downs

  • Cindy Nickels

    Our first grandchild is due in 5 weeks and we are doing up his nursery. Would love to splurge on some of this beautiful linen and a special treat for him

  • Brenda Williams

    i would like the beanbags

  • Fiona

    baskets, lamps and shelving!

  • akka08

    So practical for Master 2, moving out of the nursery into the newly decorated ‘boys room’…..The Pottery Barn’s Elliott Captain’s Bed & Trundle.

  • terry wedding

    love the arm chair for the grand kids

  • Jade o

    Baskets for all their toys and some wonderful shelving for their books

  • tracywed

    love to buy some furniture for the toy room

  • Ying Ying TAN

    My toddler would be very happy with a toy kitchen where he can play tea parties with his sister!

  • Ashley Beech

    There are so many goodies to choose from, but i am hoping to give the kids rooms a makeover this year, so a new rug to brighten up their floors would work a treat!

  • Mel Hooper

    Charlie storage system to help keep our kids toys contained!

  • Megan Wales

    Chelsea kitchen collection!

  • Mandy Graham

    I’d buy some cute furniture for my kids.

  • Marco

    Customised arm chair

  • Shezz Harper

    I would want to buy it all…such cute products will be hard to choose 🙂

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    WOW,Pottery Barn Kids have magnificent , simplicity and effortless designs for inspiring living . I love adorable and sophisticated designed furniture for kids . It is truly an amazing prize for everyone. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  • spog777

    decor for our soon to arrive little one’s new nursery

  • noomby

    A bit of everything

  • Kim

    My girls would love the kitchen play centres!

  • Ryan

    Ideal for when our little boy arrives at the end of May.

  • Abigail Black

    So much beautiful stuff to choose from.

  • Jemma Hansen

    I need to update bed linen and would get the fabulous Shark and Alligator quilt covers, organic check sheets in green and charcoal and finish off with the Brothers sentiment art for my 2 boys

  • Melanie Topping

    I would love to buy some nice chairs for the children as i am sick of them taking up all the chairs especially when visitors come over. Plus I love PBK sheets

  • Jennifer B.

    A space of their own set up for drawing and play… I’d buy the CAROLINA Craft Play Table with it’s paper roll for those important imaginative play activities every day!!!

  • Kate Slack

    I would buy a beautiful Hadley Rug for my daughters room.

  • Keight Den

    My girls would love to update their bed linen with Bright Stripe Quilted Bedding and Rainbow Quilted Bedding. The sisters sentiment art would be lovely in the room they share.

  • Bydesign

    Rebuilding our lives from scratch; hoping Miss 8yo & I can move to a new place this year & stop sharing a tiny 1xbedroom unit – I’d love to be able to give her a special bedroom of her own x

  • Wombat

    Pottery Barn are the BIGGEST nuisance SPAMMERS. Once they get a hold of your email address, they begin with the unsolicited barrage of emails, along with their associated and affiliated partners. Nice dollar value on this prize, but there is no way I will ever again risk these senders of unsolicited propaganda, obtaining my email address again. Good luck everyone else, and to the winner, enjoy the spam, as it will only cease when you threaten them with legalities.

  • Deanne Deluca

    how cute it the personalised chair how important would your little feel having their name on it

  • Felicity Burger

    Any of the beautiful linen as my twins could use some new sheets for their toddler beds,

  • Claire Thrower

    my son really needs a big boy bed would love to get him one with a trundle for when he has friends sleepover. Did love the sofa’s with the kids names on them super cute.

  • Mark Sempf

    Sheets, towels and everything linen for the kids…Ahhhmazing!

  • Nichole Mckee

    Sheets and towels and everything linen for the kids…Ahhhmazing!

  • Karen Holding

    some new toys like the play kitchen my niece and nephew would love it.

  • Jim Riddle

    Build Your Own Preston Wall Systemand a few extras

  • Janelle Hall

    An Anywhere Chair and a new bookcase for my son’s room.

  • Tanya B

    My daughter would adore the Happy & Dreamer Decorative Cushions and Macrame Tassel Throw. The Mermaid Preppy Icon Tote, how cute is that! So many lovely things to choose from.

  • Nic

    I’d love to get some beautiful linens for both my children… their rooms are far from perfect and this would be such a joyful thing to have for them as our bedrooms should reflect who they are and be a haven for them.

  • Candice

    The Build Your Own Preston Wall System would be amazing. Looks great and would help keep things organised.

  • Crystal Adams

    would love Special Edition Melinda Ballerina Doll for my little Ballerina

  • Teecar

    The beautiful pink princess canopy for my little princess who is in love with it!!!!!

  • Keith Prentice

    The Star Wars anywhere chair is just awesome!

  • Rachel K

    I just love the Bassinet & Mattress Pad Set. It looks so gorgeous and would provide uninterrupted peace and relaxation thus transforming any baby’s nursery into an oasis of rest and sweet dreams.

  • Natalie Hollis

    My 6yr old son would love the “make your own robot kit” while my 2 yr old daughter who is very much into playing “mummies” would adore the baby cradle and highchair!

  • Tmeeka Henricks

    some new furniture for my little ones, the kiddie sized armchairs look great!

  • Amelia Jane

    Miss 2 is an enthusiastic reader… meaning that we find her books in all sorts of odd places in our apartment. We’ve learned to check the bath before we start adding water, and to check the dog’s bowl before we start pouring food, but I’d love to buy her an Anywhere Chair so that she has a special zone to take and leave her favourite books.

  • luigi costantino

    Bedding and storage!

  • Ross S

    New sheets!

  • kathy clark

    Navy Star Glow-In-The-Dark Anywhere Beanbag so i can have 3 each with their names on it

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    There has millions reasons to love Navy With White Piping Anyway Chair for decorating my kids bedroom. It has machine-washable slipcover zips cleaning and insert is made in USA. A perfect chair for everyone and everywhere.

  • Andreea Nicolescu

    Would love a personalized chair for my son and his own matching bed set, he would be over the moon

  • Kristy

    I love the personalised chairs! But I would buy the bed canopy for my little princess 😀

  • sam

    I would start up a baby gift registry for my newly pregnant daughter (but the soft toy elephant).

  • Linda C

    I would love to buy my nephews a bean bag.

  • Alyce-Maree McOrsum

    We are expecting baby number 1 this year after a long wait, and have been eyeing off the Wingback Nursing rocking chair. It would be the perfect piece for our nursery that would get lots of use!

  • LilMiss Kibby

    new bedding for My Miss 10 and Mr 7

  • Melissa

    I would love to have the ‘Teepee With Stitching’ in my living room and create a Wonderland of play for young and old alike!

  • renae shaw

    The doll accessories are just beautiful and with two doll loving daughters this is where I would spend my money from the little doll chair to the doll’s bed and elephant rocker they would be in doll paradise!

  • Alisha Hannah

    Id love any of the bed linen!! My 3 daughters would love new linen 🙂

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    Ruby Chandler from Potty Barn Kids has maganificant and luxury designs for my kids bedroom. It is a beautiful light to bring beautiful fairytale stories alive . Just so amazing.

  • Kazza


  • marypreston

    We have a house full of books. Bookcases are the way to go for us. Loving the Cameron 3-Shelf Bookcase and Cameron 2-Shelf Bookcase.

  • Jon Donovan

    children’s mini armchair

  • Jodi Matthews

    Love love love the little boys arm chair, my boys would love this

  • hastwins1

    I love the cute little chairs, my kids would love reading in them, and will be comfy as well.

  • Hailzy

    I would love to decorate my daughters new room with pottery barn items.

  • Juanita Thorn

    I think I’d have a look at the rocking chairs with ottoman…..I’d love to get one for my daughter for when she has my Grandchild….

  • silver101

    I would love to get some items for my best friend’s first grandchild like some cute mobiles like the Bird Sentiment one, and also allow them to pick some items they haven’t got like some really nice blackout curtains and bedding.

  • Hayley Shaw

    I love love love the kitchen set up for the little ones , that shopping trolley OMG

  • Robyn coultis

    My youngest is about to move into a BIG bed. Have been thinking for sometime now that I need to check out the Pottery Barn store!

  • Angela

    I think I’d choose the coloured bordered blackout curtains for my daughter’s bedroom, the multi dot rug and a jewellery box. They are adorable!!

  • Mel

    The penguin nursery rocker, I already have the bear one, so cute!

  • Kieren Miller

    Chelsea Kitchen Collection…the kids will love it! I’d love to model my own kitchen on it.

  • Shasha

    I would love to get one of these Anywhere chair for my new place for the kids playroom.

  • Kanakrishnarya Dabhi

    I would like to set up new decoration for my daughter’s room and specially children’s mini armchair

  • Benjamin

    My son has just become old enough for a bed

  • Nadine Bowman

    I would but a play kitchen

  • Tambo

    New linen and bedroom furniture would come in handy!

  • Annya Cowan

    The chelsea kitchen collection would be perfect for our little toddler who now wants to try to help us vook. Much safsr hahaha

  • Nic

    i would buy my boys a comfy reading chair

  • Paula Harris

    I’d buy my daughter a new bed 🙂

  • Magda

    i would definitely get bedding, cushions, bunnies, anything to do with storage and the list goes on on on on….

  • Catrina

    I would buy a new bed for my son.

  • Kerin Welsh

    I’d buy some beautiful bedding for my girls and a fabulous armchair each.

  • Trudy Spreadborough

    I would have ALOT of trouble choosing, I know that much!! I do really love the mini armchairs though!

  • Katherine Rawstron

    I’d love to have an updated toddlers room now that I’m about to move the twins into the same room together. I need some pretty things to off-set the stress!

  • Kelly Lucas

    I would buy items for my son for when he moves from his cot to his bed

  • Claire Bennett

    Hi I would buy the Cameron cubby and drawer base as well as one of the anywhere chairs, both for my 7 month old daughter who last week moved into her own bedroom however her only furniture in their so far is ger cot!

  • Justin Bryce

    A Kitchen for our tea parties to be made in.

  • ChriS

    I would buy my boys new luggage for our first ever family holiday! 😀

  • Lisa

    Bedding – We could all use a change of linen and pillows.

  • Courtney Foster

    I would love to buy my son a new chest of drawers as he has a small wardrobe atm vut as he is getting older the clothes are getting bigger and we are running out of storage for them. I would also love to buy my younger son some new bedding and decor pieces for his room., as he is almost ready to transition from our room into his own.

  • Viny Vabriany

    I would love the Cameron 4 shelf bookcase for my book collections. Its nice to get them organised in this beautiful best quality product

  • michelle

    Storage! We so desperately need storage.

  • Mary Moschovakis

    mini armchairs

  • Kirsty Perkins

    My daughter is sleeping in a hand me down bed. I’d love to put this towards buying her that perfect bed, that will see her into her teenage years

  • Bridget

    Activity table and chairs would be a dream to Have!

  • Jo Rogers

    My boys have second hand everything I would love to be able to get them fresh, new.

  • Maha Al Moussli

    my kids would love a small table and 2 chairs 😀 so my 6 years old daughter can write her homeworks on while my 3 years old son drawing on some scrap papers 🙂

  • Cherry Maidment

    Storage, storage, storage

  • Carol P

    My daughter would love a new backpack and storage for her toys

  • johanna rees

    Some black-out curtain, some lovely linen and some storage units.

  • Bellows

    My 4 year old daughter really wants to be a big girl like her sister so I would use the voucher to set her up in her very own ‘big girl room’ that is not full of hand me downs from her sister. She has her own big personality now and I would love to source some of the amazing linen and accessories from Pottery Barn to give her a room that suits her own style.

  • Nicole Bottazzi

    My 4 year old daughter really wants to be a big girl like her sister so I would use the voucher to set her up in her very own ‘big girl room’ that is not full of hand me downs from her sister. She has her own big personality now and I would love to source some of the amazing linen and accessories from Pottery Barn to give her a room that suits her own style.

  • alitask

    Maybe the Gotham City playset…so many beautiful things, it’s hard to choose.

  • Tara Harnwell Jones

    I’d buy the Carolina play table and a couple of chairs so the 2 little people in my life have a creative space to share, get messy and have fun ( they currently argue over the 1 chair at a tiny desk!)

  • jan wilson

    would love to buy a couple of soft toys and more cute furniture to add to our toy kitchen area

  • Michelle D

    I’d choose the Emery Trundle bed. It’s a gorgeous grey colour and a great spacesaver for sleepovers.

  • Sian Watson

    Either a new bed for my son or some toys for both my youngest kiddies!

  • Charl Lowther

    So many lovely things! I’d love some things for my daughter’s room,the Addison Black out curtains, the Lavender Heart Quilt Cover, and the Dino lunch bag and Mackenzie Navy Glitter Cheetah Backpack.

  • Kimberley Dawson

    My babe would love a kitchen – she is so intent on doing everything as mummy does – this might give me the break time to cook dinner!

  • Christopher King

    I’d definitely be looking at Pottery Barn Kids’ range of beautiful rugs. 🙂

  • Richard Harrison

    Always need more linen!

  • Emma Drew

    I would by the Carolina Grow With You Craft Table with chairs, the Ellington Dollhouse, the Construction Crane… gosh there are too many things to choose from!

  • Frugally Inclined

    I’ve been eyeing off the pick and mix command centre from pottery barn It would be awesome to have that extra bit of organisation in my life!

  • Jody Smith

    The Madison Bookrack Tower would be awesome for my 16 month old bookworm.

  • Bianca Hensman

    new furniture for their playroom! or something personalised!

  • Ineedacoffee

    I would stock up on good quality sheets and quilt covers

  • phil holt

    new linen for my granddaughters room

  • Katie Dalla Santa

    New bed linen for our baby due in May

  • Rosemarie

    Everything for my two year old, who is just about to move into her big girl room! I LOVE the loft beds.

  • Carol Rittner

    I would choose the Anywhere Chair and the Cameron Wall System, as you never have enough space

  • Tony MacKenzie

    We could do with new sheets and towels, they are getting very old

  • Blossom

    I would choose from fantastic quality toys or furniture

  • stephen elsworthy

    I can see the delight in my child’s eyes when I show her what she could shop for out of these kid friendly items.

  • Kodie McMullen


  • Sherna Swanepoel

    Just love the look of the decor. My kids really need something new to brighten up their rooms 🙂

  • Sally Louise

    The Juliet Bed is gorgeous and would be perfect for Miss 8!

  • Deb

    My great-granddaughter is about to move out of her cot so a new bed would be great:)

  • Jacqueline Dodd

    Definitely the Anywhere Chair or Juliet Bed!

  • Antonella

    My second baby is due in July and this time round it’s a boy, so I would love to buy the washed velvet nursery linen (skirt, quilt and pillowcase). Love Pottery Barn kids and the quality of their linen.

  • Julia Burford

    I’d buy all new sets of linen for my kids’ beds!! It’s so hard to find hard-wearing linen that I can afford 🙂

  • Nicola Siddall

    I would like to re-style my eldest daughters bedroom. she has just started high school this year and needs an update from a little girl to a young lady 🙂

  • Karen

    I’d love to set up my daughters room to get her excited about sleeping in her own bed and not mine!

  • Kelly Giuliani

    I’d like to get a bed or bed linen for my two year old son who will soon be ready to go into a big boy bed.

  • Lorna M

    I would love to re-decorate my daughter’s room and would start with one of the beautiful beds from Pottery Barn Kids.

  • Gillian Harridge

    A gorgeous, comfortable chair my daughter can read books in. Reading makes her very happy.

  • Angela Bourke

    So many choices, a chair, gorgeous linen, some toys, and probably something I haven’t even thought of

  • Louise Hopper-Cousins

    I have been waiting forever for pottery barn to be available in Australia, yay!!

  • Nicole Woods

    Wow … what a tough decision. They have so many things that I love! I’d probably start with a Charlie Bookcase Cubby and then add one or two other bits and pieces to flesh it out.

  • Toni C

    I’d love to make an art station for my little girl with the Carolina Grow With You craft table, Preston art storage console, and a bronze star art cable to hang her awesome paintings.

  • Gillian Harridge

    A chair and bed linen for my kids bedroom.

  • Matt Brown

    A chair and bedroom decorations for my kids bedroom.

  • Kate B

    I’d love to do my toddlers room up from a nursery to a big boys room! I loooove PB!

  • Elise E

    I would put the money towards the Graham Cot for our first baby due in October.

  • Maree Gray

    The boys love Star Wars so I would have to get one a R2-D2 Anywhere Beanbag and the other a BB-8 Anywhere Beanbag. Miss S would love the Kitty and Labradoodle Plush Collections. There is so much to choose from. What an awesome site 🙂

  • Juliska Duthie

    I would buy my beautiful girl some beautiful Bedding for her new big girl bed❤

  • Julie Pederick

    I would like to deck out my kids rooms, but I love the arm chair for reading

  • Rachael

    My son would love the Star Wars Droid quilt cover and the Death star beanbag….and I would love a Madison 3-shelf bookrack to display all his beautiful picture books.

  • Megsbee

    Bub is about to move into a big bed and I’d love his room to be less office and more kids room….

  • Kelly Sherwood Brown

    I would love to use the voucher to buy a kids kitchen! 🙂

  • Mannie Lane

    I Love the Navy Harper My First Anywhere Chair for starter’s. Then the Carolina Large Play Table and a mix of Toys. 🙂
    Finger’s crossed.

  • Jodie Rogan

    I would love to win so it can give me a start on decorating my daughter’s new bedroom

  • Rachael Brown

    I think that my son would love the play kitchen. Look out Jamie Oliver, here we come

  • Vicki Hemmings

    Anything to help a first time unemployed single mum out, to set up a nursery for her new baby due soon !

  • Victoria Buckeridge

    I would love the cute trolley for my 2 year old who loves pushing anything he can get his hands on. He would adore it!

  • Neeks

    Pottery Barn is beautiful eould love this for my two girls to dress up their bedroom

  • Claire M

    I would love the Juliette single bed in white for my 2yo daughter’s first bed. It’s beautiful and classic, just what we’re after.
    Claire Therese

  • Amanda Wilson

    I would love the organic paisley quilt

  • Teneal Koppenol

    I would love a beautiful book shelf that can carry over many years. Eyeing off the Charlie collection – hard to choose one, but possibly the 4 shelf book rack.

  • Karen Turner

    I’m in love with the Maya Dandelion Quilted Bedding is so lovely, perfect for my little princesses.

  • Gee

    Some super cute bedding that we’ll all love!

  • Loz Hunt

    As my little boy is growing up, a toddler converter kit is just what I need. Imagination is key for him so the retro kitchen will succeed.

  • larney

    I love Margherita Missoni item’s especially the Pom Pom Daisy Quilted Bedding, perfect for my little granddaughter now at 3 and as she get’s older.

  • bec8682

    The Charlie kitchen! My daughter loves helping me in the kitchen and this looks like a mini version of our barn kitchen!

  • Marg Chafer

    These are stunning products. I would love to win these for my family.

  • Sue Wood

    SusyQ7. I have so many grandchildren that I can ‘spread the joy’ to… Toys, linen, the list is (almost) endless!

  • Kim Bonavia

    My boys bedrooms need to be re-decorated from baby theme designs to toddler and school aged look. Oh what I could do with $500 worth of Pottery Barn products….

  • Melissa Miller

    My daughter’s moving into a big girls bed! I’d love to spend the $500 prize towards new linen to style her big girls room!

  • Mariapen

    So much to choose from! I’d buy a little something from each category. 🙂

  • Rachel

    My little man has recently moved into a “big boy bed” which is an old spare bed… I would love to buy him his very own new bed!

  • Nicole D

    Pottery Barn always has such beautiful Peter Rabbit things. I’ve had my eye on the nursery bedding for many years. We are hoping to buy it especially for our miracle baby.

  • ElkeH

    LOVE the Pottery Barn! My son & I are decorating our new house build and I’d LOVE to get him some new curtains for his room!!

  • Betheli

    I would absolutely love to buy my daughter a beautiful Pottery Barn Doll House and a cute Anywhere Chair.

  • kat

    Pottery Barn have such beautiful and stylish furniture and toys for childrens rooms. When I walk into their store, I fall in love with everything! And my daughter just loves their bunnies!

  • Jenni Braden

    I think that my daughter would love a canopy. 🙂

  • Emily O’Brien

    Would love to buy the kids kitchen set!!!

  • Alanna Jane

    Just spent over an hour browsing and still cant narrow it down, love the bedding, the craft table and the kids kitchen is wonderful. The woodwork bench has really caught my eye as well…decisions decisions

  • Adele Smith

    There are so many gorgeous items I would love to own from the Madison Bookrack Tower to the Blythe desk and Finley Play Table and chairs.

  • Kimbo

    I’d love to buy a kitchen for my children – the products are such beautiful quality & look gorgeous!

  • Anna Ryan-Punch

    Definitely the Organic City Print Sheet Set, so cute and playful!

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    I love curtains from Potty Barn Kids . It has maganificant and effortless designs with superior quality. My kids rooms would look fabulous.

  • jess

    I love pottery barn kids stuff and would love to buy my daughter the kitchen set, she loves playing cooking.

  • Matt Postle

    I’d love to kit out my sons bedroom. He’s really excited about making it his space so it would be great to let him buy whatever he wanted.

  • Loulouhealthy

    We love Pottery Barn Kids. We purchased a R2D2 bean bag recently that my son loves.

  • Nicola Adams

    the beautiful nursery furniture

  • Mindo AK


  • Melanie Rumble

    The Charlie play kitchen!!! <3

  • Stefanie Seiler

    I would love to buy more bedsheets for both my kids beds.

  • Amelia Smit

    I would love to buy new linen and furniture for my daughter of 6 years old.

  • Sharon Howe

    My boys would have new sheets and go anywhere chairs! The batman linen would be loved.

  • JessK

    I’d love to give my son’s bedroom a makeover with some new bedlinen and things, now he’s old enough to have some more say in how he’d like it to look.

  • Beksmum

    I’d put it towards a trundle bed, my daughters room is very small and she wants to have sleepovers, this would be perfect 🙂

  • kori

    Cool storage for my sons room because his a hoarder of the extreme kind.

  • Lisa Jene

    I’d start with the shark bath mat. That thing is so cute! And it might be useful. Don’t slop bathwater, kids! That shark might come to life. 🙂

  • Marguerite Freudigmann

    We already have the rocking Labradoodle, and it would go perfectly with the Finley table and chairs, or the Ellington dolls house.

  • Christy

    Letting my two children choose their own design of ‘Anywhere chairs’ would solve our problem of each child demanding to sit where their sibling is comfortably perched!

  • Amy Macdonald

    I’d move my baby into her own room with all the beautiful nursery furniture. The heirloom cot and lots of beautiful pastel pinks.

  • Kaja

    We’re currently converting Indianas nursery into a learning space, fixed with books, wooden toys and educational activities. The Madison Bookrack Tower would fit perfectly within the space, as we currently have our books piled into a dark corner.

  • Cara Wheaton

    I would love to make my special little mans bedroom a true sanctuary for him to hide out in and have amazing adventures with his imagination. I think I would be getting something from every section of your lovely store.

  • Jann Trapp

    The Ellington Dolls House my grandchildren would love it.

  • Jessica Davis

    Goodness me, how to choose?! So many beautiful, exquisite things! I’d probably start with the “Taylor” toddler bedding set & that gorgeous, soft, elephant plush toy… and the elephant rocker (my son just LOVES elephants)… and then I’d probably go and spend another $500 on things for my daughter – for her it would be the “Alexia” bedding set, the big pink plush bunny, and the Monique Lhuillier gold cornice canopy for “Daddy’s little Princess” :o)

  • shelbyward

    I LOVE Pottery Barn linen and I have three kids so I need a fair bit of it. I would so enjoy spending $500 on their quality bedding products.

  • Rebecca B

    I would love for my kids to pick out new bed linen, it is time for them to start making their own choices as to their style!

  • Kristy S J

    I’d have to buy the Charlie Kitchen so my little lady could pretend to be just like Mummy! (As I’m a recipe developer and always in the kitchen!)

  • Brianna Taylor

    I would love to spoil my kids with some gorgeous wooden toys and maybe the personalised kids arm chairs! They are amazing!

  • Julie Williams

    I would love to spoil my kids with some new additions to their rooms! <3

  • Rebecca Watson

    I would love to win as I am currently setting up a nursery for our second child and it’s a little boy. These products would make this an absolute pleasure and a wonderful room for our little man.

  • Kim

    I would love to win so I can revamp my kids bedroom – we’re starting renovations and their rooms are so bland at the moment

  • sars_angelchik

    I’d love to buy my daughter a beautiful new bed when we move interstate in a couple of months. The decision would be tough as I’d have to choose between cuteness and practicality. My practical side says either the Ava Regency trundle, but the side that craves creating a magical princess bedroom for my little girl is screaming ‘pick the Blythe Carriage bed!’

  • Shu- Ching Chang

    There has so many beautiful items from Pottery Barn Kids for decorating my kids bedrooms. I love curtains and beds. They have magnificent and functional designs with superior quality. Undoubtedly, my kids would enjoy them.

  • Mangie

    I could spend hours looking at the beautiful products from Pottery Barn, I daydream about all the design possibilities.

  • Emma Barker

    Hard decisions! I would love the Blue Gotz Baby Doll for my sons first birthday or the Rocket Backpack would be amazing, super handy and essential for when he starts daycare.

  • Emma Grace

    I would love to put the money towards a cot for the new bub the Emery is my favourite and coincidentally a favourite name choice too!

  • Sarah J

    I’d love it all but my girls would enjoy sitting at a beautiful table and chairs, Pottery Barn Kids have a beautiful range.

  • Kerrie Smith

    Love to buy clothes to fill my nieces and nephews wardrobes of beautiful baby outfits to wear everyday, they would then always look like the prefect little darlings.

  • Jocy

    So much to pick from – some side tables would be good and perhaps some king single sheets

  • chockie2

    I would love to purchase linen and cushions, cushions, cushions for my sons rooms. Did I mention cushions?

  • Emz

    I would love to purchase a whole heap of things from pottery barn most especially your linens. My children will be able to still use them when they’re older and remember mummy and maybe just maybe they’ll think “oh mummy was so kind to purchase something from pottery barn for us maybe we should buy her a trip around the world ticket!” haha!

  • Gail Davies

    I would love to spoil my granddaughter and her soon-to-be sibling with gorgeous linen and furniture from Pottery Barn Kids ,,,

  • kaitlin

    As my little one gets ready for a big girl bed, pottery barn will make the transition much easier with their beautiful range.

  • Gayle Vos

    I would set up a kid’s room for when my grandchildren came to stay

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    Undoubtedly, Pottery Barn Kids have perfect decoration solutions for every little angle. I just love lighting and curtains from Pottery Barn Kids collection. They do look elegant and timeless.

  • Joanna Harrison

    My eldest daughter was moved out of the larger kid’s bedroom when her little sister came along because it easier for night time feeds. Her room is pretty tiny so extra storage is perfect. I’ve just fallen in love with Blythe Extra-Wide Dresser, the Vintage Grey is a sweet change from standard white and I love the soft retro feel. These drawers would lift my daughters room and help her to feel she’s in a beautiful space that’s all her own!

  • May

    I would love to create the perfect bedroom which would include a new bed set, beautiful bed covers and sheets, curtains and a classy chandelier for an elegant touch!

  • stacey coppin

    The Ava Regency trundle is absolutely gorgeous and would be the first thing i would buy for my daughter (and me). I think my daughter would love it as much as i do!

  • Patricia Payne

    My daughters are sharing a room and I would love to get some beautiful things to make it a beautiful space for them

  • Susie Mitterman

    Amazing toys! I think I’d love them as much as my daughter!!

  • VandaB

    Would love some gorgeous bed linen for my little girl to complete her room. That would be just wonderful.

  • Melissa O

    For our baby that we are awaiting it’s arrival I would love to get Eco Camelback Rocker & Ottoman

  • Tash Lee

    Love the Brody Quilted Bedding for our only boy in the family ♡♡♡

  • Sarah d

    So many choices but I have previously bought the play oven for the play area at our church cafe I’d love to add the fridge and some new play foods!

  • Sarah James

    I have 4 nieces and 6 nephews. They can all have a present from the bestest aunty ever.

  • Shu-aching Chang

    There would be fun and awesome to decorate my kids room with these top designed Pottery Barn Kids furniture. I love lighting and personalised chair .

  • Rose

    My 3 year old loves role playing. So the kitchen and supermarket will be on my list.

  • Lauren Jordan

    I’d love to purchase some new nursery linen, gorgeous hooded bath towels, and canvas blockput curtains for new baby!

  • Cecilia Warrick

    Lighting and curtains would be wonderful. 🙂

  • Tegan Vlahos

    Room decor for the boys- update their room from nursery to kid’s room!

  • Shannon Discombe

    Some funky new bedroom decor for the kids

  • Kelly Baldock

    Room decor for my 3 kids to update their rooms and maybe the kitchen for my youngest

  • Leni Di Primo

    Miss 4 isnt giving up her room for Miss due in 8 weeks, so mumma has to create a new nursery from scratch, I love pottery barn and would be absolutely beside myself with the possibility of having some of your products in little miss #2’s room.

  • Nikki Cashion

    Defiantly new linen and some up to date furniture for my step son

  • Christie Louise

    Linen and decorative items to make my little mans room more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Right now- it’s boring and plain. It’s harder to find decorative items for boys rooms that aren’t tacky/quick to break.

  • Sharon Markwell

    I’d put the prize towards a Pottery Barn Kids’ Ava Regency Trundle bed as it is everything I wanted when I was little.

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    Pottery Barn Kids have elegant, magical and heartfelt designs for all parents and kids. I love everything from Pottery Barn Kids. It’s like a secret garden. I would love to purchase beautiful lightings and curtains for my kids bedrooms. So amazing.

  • Bella Ri

    I’d love to purchase some brand new linen from Pottery Barn Kids with patterns the little ones would love, as well as liven up my living room with new, modern furniture and cushions to bring a touch of colour!

  • laureneve

    I have my eye on one of the gorgeous dolls houses. I want to do up a room each year so when she is 6yrs she will have the most beautiful house to play with.

  • Amie Falls

    The Madeline Play Vanity. My little Miss would go bananas over it. She loves all things frilly and pretty and pink. She’s no doubt going to be a bit of a fashionista when she’s older xxx

  • Courtney Mills

    I would definitely get stuff for a play kitchen, my son love playing chef but why have never been able to afford a actual play kitchen

  • Kerry Kaesehagen

    I’d love to get my little one a chair just like her big sister has.

  • Jessica McLardie

    Would love to do mini make over for my 3 children’s bedrooms with the gorgeous Pottery Barn linens and accessories.

  • CheL Cahyadi

    Would love to get my daughters the princess castle bed,as she calls it. It’s the bunk bed with the playarea at the bottom part, a lovely bed.

  • Roberto Colombi

    Some educational toys – so the kids can play and learn at the same time!

  • Tina Elvins

    I love the personalized arm chairs…or the kitchen set up is really neat. My daughter would have so much fun, she’s such a mini chef.

  • Mary Whitta

    I love the furniture so would be purchasing something durable with my winnings!

  • Kate

    I’d get some of the Star Wars products – love the Darth Vader shelves!

  • Nicole de la Perrelle

    I would buy some bed linen! Love the Harper range!

  • Kathleen Ward

    I want to buy something..im noy fussy

  • Ash9au

    I would purchase some new furniture such as a desk and chair for my growing daughter.

  • Susan

    I would love to buy toys for Easter and Christmas for my kids, nieces, nephews and neighboring kids too.

  • Katherine Wotherspoon

    I would love the ceramic cat mirror. I think its important to encourage our young girls to take time and appreciate how lovely they all look… and the little whiskers is a purrrfect treat

  • Lana Harding

    A King Single camp bed in Navy for my son’s first bed is top of my wish list!

  • Belinda Spelman

    A little girls doll house for my nearly 3yo daughter. She plays with it everytime we are in store!

  • Stephanie Hope

    I’ve been eyeing off the book racks forever! They’d be perfect for our boys’ rooms which have minimal storage space.

  • Lee Linnan

    Everything. I want to redecorate both my girls rooms so I want to get furniture, linen, toys and more. Oh dear, don’t tell my husband

  • Jess Gunning

    I have a little girl ready for a big girls room..she has 3 brothers and it would be just so lovely to spoil her 🙂 i would definatly get the bedroom suite and accessories:)

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    Love Pottery Barn Kids furniture for bringing happiness and joys into our family’s life. There has so many choices to fill my lists , but I adore curtains and lighting designs. Good Luck everyone. Thank you this beautiful prize.

  • marieke Koets

    I’d get my little 3 week old girl some really nice bed linnen as the room is very boyish for our 2 year old son. (Though we were having a bit again.) And then for the both of them an Anywhere chair, so they have their own reading chairs (like mummy, although she’s now trying to find time for that book….might be a while ;-)).

  • James Pizzey

    to make a room that looks so inviting to the grand kids that they will love to sleep and play when they sleepover

  • Rachael Jose

    Some kid suited chairs would go down a treat

  • Alicia Bardsley

    “Big girl’s” furniture with all the trimmings: linen, cushions and pillows.

  • Tess Howard

    The Madison 3 shelf book rack is gorgeous! And such a wonderful way to encourage their love of reading by making books easy to access and on display.

  • Natalie Hunt

    With a little one on the way, what don’t I want?! The Reese Convertible Cot is simply gorgeous as is the Cameron 2 Shelf Bookcase. Decision decisions 🙂

  • Dianne

    I’m a soft toy junkie, so I’d start with the elephant and dive in from there! Though probably some of the beautiful and practical bed linen would be far more practical, so maybe a balance of both! Thanks Mum Central and Pottery Barn for Kids!

  • Aleisha

    I’d love to buy my goddaughter a new sheet and quilt set – so it would be that and I’d let her pick something too!

  • Judith

    New bedding sets for both my kids!

  • Kristina

    We moved a month ago into a house with no storage in our daughters room so some storage for her many beloved stuffed toys and get them out of their garbage bags albeit purple & lavender scented they really do need a new home. Thank you

  • Pavlova

    I’d love it all Pottery Barn, but for this comp I’d love some bed clothes and curtains to spruce up a small room and give it some zoom.

  • Alex Harding

    Navy collector’s shelves

  • Lorraine Stirling

    Evelyn Linen Blend Bow Valance curtains in Grey would be a great addition to my granddaughter Evelyn’s new room!

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    It wouldn’t be disappointed to use Pottery Barn Kids collections for decorating my kids room. I love lighting ranges and curtains , they have beautiful and elegant designs for bringing fun and timeless styles for every kid’s room .

  • Caro_Shanks

    Hoping to transition my 2.5 year old to a big boy bed so some linen to jazz up his room and make it super enticing

  • Nessisms

    My heaven, I love this place, just wish I could afford to buy everything

  • Luize

    Ohhh this will ge awesome for my boys to decorate their room.

  • Bethany Allen

    I’d deck out my little one’s room entirely, or perhaps, for a treat, buy some of the adorable play kitchen toys. My little one is obsessed with being a chef when she grows up, so they’re perfect.

  • Charlotte Gray

    I’d love thekitchen toys

  • Wendy Hatton

    A couple of Cameron bookcases would be welcome additions to the grandkids bedrooms.

  • Kylie Sneddon

    Some bed linen for my daughter for her big girl room when she moves into her bed girl bed soon

  • Samantha Mcdermott

    I would makeover my daughters room

  • Kylee

    A camp bed for my little boys bedroom

  • Amanda Tudosa

    This would be great! I could finally try their anywhere chairs!

  • Louise aston

    My son needs a new set of drawers desperately… would definitely be my purchase of choice 🙂

  • Jocelyn Henderson

    New linen to make over both my boys rooms

  • Renae Haggitt

    I have previously purchased the Brody linen collection and love the unusual and good quality linen. I would love to buy some storage baskets and some more linen for my twins.

  • Anna Lam

    I would love get bubs the luxe knit sherpa baby blankets to keep her warm and snug now that the weathers getting colder. It’s so soft I want one for myself!

  • Stephanie Veljanovska

    I would love to get a linen set each for my children. My daughter would love the Adrienne Sheet set and my son would love the Organic train sheet set.
    I would also love to get them some quality wooden toys for my son the wooden crane and my daughter the baby doll feeding accessory kit.

  • Brooke Cooper

    I would buy some bed linen and a chair for both kids

  • Lauren Ibbotson

    Id love to buy my 3 year old budding masterchef one of the amazing wooden kitchens. He’d be in heaven and whipping up some culinary delights for me in no time!

  • Sally Walker

    I would spoil my niece with a gorgeous new bedroom. She has great taste for a nearly 4 year old!

  • Jenny Louise Wright

    Drawers and new beds for my two kids.

  • Vanessa Jedruszek

    I would love to surprise my baby girl with the Ellington Dollhouse 🙂

  • Jodie M’Intyre

    This is such a good prize. Cant go past the amazing bed linen

  • Eliebull

    I’d love to win this, there is a beautiful white desk with hutch that I’d love for my daughter. It is so perfect.

  • Belinda Smith

    I’d love to get Miss 2 a take anywhere chair, or something from Missoni for her new big girl bedroom!

  • Sarah Antonopoulos

    Love Pottery Barn and love their Anywhere Chairs have 2 already and would love to get another one for our newest family addition and the Madeline Play Vanity!!!

  • Ally Giles

    There are so many things to choose from but I know I’d definitely want to get my son the Lionel Santa Fe ride on train

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    It would be wonderful experience to use Potty Barn Kids lighting and curtains to decorate my kids room. Thank you.

  • Danielle Buuts

    Curtains, bed linen, takeaway chair!

  • Grace B

    Good quality linens, the natural fibre linens are perfect for my daughters allergies.

  • Jenny

    I love the Butterfly Mirrors. I think they would make the perfect edition to our hallway which is a bit dark and lifeless at the moment.

  • Erica

    The paper aeroplane Monique lhuillier swaddles would be a beautiful gift for a friend who’s expecting a baby with her pilot partner!

  • Tanya

    I would love to redesign my kids bedrooms with a lovely study area and reading corner, new bed linen and so much more.

  • Tanay Spencer

    My eldest has been needing a new bed for some time now; this would be fantastic for me to finally get him one!

  • TanyaCrerar

    I would purchase a bed and trundle to open up some space in my kids room.

  • Lorraine Treacy

    Anywhere Chair…my toddler has one and I’d love another for my other little girl as I see how much her sister loves hers and they’d look so cute side by side.

  • Lauren van Strijp

    My daughter would love one of the kitchen collections. And any of the storage solutions or the ultimate toy box would make my life so much easier to keep her room clean.

  • Sidra Sajid

    I will buy from beautiful kids linen range by Pottery Barnes.

  • Joanne sampson

    Storage love the bookshelves and the and the decorator shelf

  • kathy clark

    I love a bed for my little one to grow into

  • Toni Campbell

    Would love the couch for my grandson could just see him chilling back watching a dvd

  • Natalie O’Connor

    Would love the mini armchair for my two little kids

  • Aimee Vaughan

    I’d love to redo my 4yo son’s bedroom with a vehicle theme. He currently has a mishmash of furniture/shelving and almost nothing on his walls.

  • Ann Bryant

    I would love to get the ‘Organic Jersey Dot Quilted Bedding’ with an array of Cushions and Great looking Toys.

  • Dee kirkham

    Anything butterfly or turtles theme to go with my daughters room

  • Michelle

    I would get 2 Madison 3-Shelf Bookracks, they’re great!

  • Erin Glossop

    I would love to get some new bedding (quilt cover, sheets etc) for my daughter’s rooms.

  • Rebekah Ballingall

    I would love to give my son’s new room a layout of my childhood dreams

  • Kelly Burner

    My daughter about to get her own room so decorate it with Pottery Barn items would be inspiring

  • Michelle Warwick

    I would like to buy everything!!

  • Tatika Gill

    We are planning in turning our youngest daughter’s room from a toddler room to a big girl room once she is 3 and a $500 voucher would help us heaps with this project :).

  • Wendy Christidis

    Star Wars Sheets! Too cute !!!!

  • Donna Bennett

    I would love to purchase some gorgeous linen and in desperate need for some lamps. The selection at Pottery Barn is magnificent. The hardest part is what to choose. Love everything!

  • Heather Hopley

    It’s so difficult to find a spacious childs table… they are usually only big enough for one child and a colouring book. So I’d definitely buy the Carolina Grow-with-you Activity Table for the children to share the fun of hands-on activities.

  • christine morris

    I would to see a new bedroom makeover, they are moving into their new home, this would be perfect for her. 😉

  • Becky Palmer

    Two doll houses for my niece and her sister to be!

  • Alison Young

    With a 12 year old daughter and three and a half grandchildren, I could go crazy! Pottery Barn has such beautiful things.

  • Martin

    Some really cool sheet sets for my two sons and daughter.

  • rachel

    I love the anytime chairs making them personalised is great and also a wooden train set so many to choose from love this pottery barn!

  • Ellen Robbins

    A rocker/chair for my nursery. My little man is 9 days old and our lounge is hurting my back so badly to breastfeed on. Would love a stylish and comfy chair in the nursery instead!

  • Neva Beaumont

    With two little girls who are growing up far too quickly, a very welcome $500 would help me buy a ‘big girl bed’ for Princess #1. And storage underneath would be a must for storing all her precious trinkets and toys.

  • Lynnette Bull

    I would put it towards the Catalina Dresser. It would be my 5 year old daughters first set of drawers

  • Cheryl Mason

    Linen for my two little ones. We always tend to scrimp on linen (old blankets from our own childhood, and sheets from Kmart)

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    It would be wonderful joys to decorate my kids room with the iconic Potty Barn Kids furniture and accessories. I love lighting and curtains collection. Just so amazing!

  • Sonia Mahony

    Oh wow, the play kitchens are just to die for. The Simply White Retro Kitchen above is one. Why wasn’t that kind of stuff around when I was little? With a chef as a husband, our little ones will learn to cook from an early age

  • Ngaire

    I love Pottery Barn bed linen, and their tableware. And also their cute trinkets like jewellery boxes – just perfect for my 2 little girls

  • Trudy M

    The kids play kitchen is amazing and would keep the kids happy playing for hours, would be so lovely in their room, looks and entertainment, win win for mum.

  • Eva Kiraly

    Some gorgeous furniture for my little girl, she’d feel like a Princess in the Castle of Pearl.

  • Antoinette

    My third (and last) baby is turning 2 in August and we’d love to set up a new big boy room for him!! We’d purchase a new bed, linen and toys!!

  • Laura McFace

    I’d love to buy the Playhouse loft bed, it looks like so much fun!

  • Stacey

    Our twin girls will be moving to their big girl beds in a few months so I would purchase them new linen, quilts and a gorgeous Mermaid Sequin Cushion each.

  • Keli McDonald

    I would definitely choose the Lasercut Canopy for my daughters room. It is simple and beautiful.

  • robfunk

    The Playhouse Loft Bed looks awesome, that would be great for our 2nd child.

  • Judith Ann Bryant

    I’m Loving the ‘Monique Lhuillier Silk Curtains’ and ‘Margherita Missoni Daisy Pouf’.. And, the Kids Toys and Play things are Fantastic!

  • Deanna Campbell

    A navy with white piping Anywhere chair monogrammed with my sons name and a few sweet touches for the nursery with the leftover money.

  • Paula Louise Hartwig

    I would love a pink anywhere chair for my second daughter to match the purple one we already have.

  • Lisa Hills

    Would absolutely love the personalized pink anywhere chair for our little girl!!!

  • Kathryn Horne

    Love the playhouse loft bed !!

  • Jessica Mann

    Some new furniture for my 2 boys, a new high chair ect

  • Kirsten

    Beautiful bed linen for my son and daughter

  • Joanna

    Loooove PBK for my 3 little ones! Would love to add to our play kitchen and home corner with some of the beautiful play good goods!

  • Chrissy07

    Just beautiful furniture and bed linen too. So delicate and lovely. I’d love to win this prize.

  • Jessica Haagmans

    I love the interactive play rug and also all the home/kitchen furniture & toys! My 2 kids would love any of these for their upcoming birthdays in May! Love

  • Letina Ashlee Lilian

    I’d need to have a browse as I’m new to the website but am loving the personalised chairs 🙂

  • Amanda Brown

    The charlie kitchen set would be perfet for my little ones imaginative play and matches the rustic dexor and and cottage style of our house

  • Michelle

    Star Wars Millennium Falcon Flannel Quilt Cover! Yes Yes and more Yes. Perfect for snuggling those little Jedi knights in to bed.

  • Tracy LaChapelle

    Some beautiful bedding for my besties 1st grandchild. Oh and toys lots of toys.

  • vivianadib

    A new bed for our little one as he has outgrown his cot and it’s time for a switch.

  • Adriarn M

    A bookrack and an anywhere chair! They would be perfect to make a great little reading corner for my little boy.

  • Kasey Evans

    Grow-with-you ActivityTable & Dollhouse for my four kids.

  • Kate Hardman

    I’d buy an Anywhere Chair, Star Crayon, a Grow With You Craft Table and Table Roll. Wow Pottery Barn has everything!!

  • Val C.

    Love the Chelsea Kitchen Collection, what a fantastic time my little chefs would have and something everyone in the family can share!

  • Ammia Blythe

    I’d get two anywhere chairs monogrammed and a beautiful bed for my almost two year old to transition into

  • TJ Brede

    I’d love to buy a playhouse loft bed for my daughter she would love it and spend hours playing!

  • Giuseppe Crisafulli

    the customisable kid’s chair

  • Emerald

    Love the personalised chairs 🙂

  • Miche

    There is so much I personally would live to choose… but my daughter has asked for new sheets and covers.

  • austhome

    Some really nice feminine toys for our two granddaughters as they’re now at the age where you can play with them and they respond favourably.

  • Hannan Khabbaz

    Just shopped with them for my cousins baby shower… easy and delivered straight to her. Very handy and a great register option.

  • Lisa Scar

    Can’t wait to decorate my nursery for our first with Pottery Barn Kids!

  • Rachel-Marie Wong

    I am about to pop with my second next month and I would love to decorate and personalize her nursery with all things pastel from your nursery collection. I would also love to get my 2.5yo Superhero-obsessed son some toys and bed sets from your Batman collection!

  • Victor Lim

    My son is obsessed with Batman so he’s going to love it if he gets the wall shelf, linen set, DC superhero wooden peg doll set, and anything else from your DC comics collection.

  • Ebony Rallings

    Love to get some nice bedding for my nearly one year old daughter
    it all looks so adorable!!

  • Sheri Mainey

    Those personalised chairs are so cute!

  • Beck

    I would love the personalised Navy blue with white piping Anywhere Chair! Perfect for my son and would fit right in with our home design 😀

  • Esther Dohijo

    Catalina Storage Desk: an invitation to spend time creating in a quality environment

  • Sally Jones

    The most stylish Camp Bed with organic Train Set sheets and Branson Bedding! Its classic, beautiful, inviting and just the right amount of fun. I know this would make the transition from cot to big boy bed exciting and fun for Henry! Love Pottery Barn!

  • Jac

    Pottery Barn is the best of the best quality. It’s my ‘go to’ store every time.

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    Potty Barn Kids has my decorations solutions for my kids, I love lighting and curtains collection because they are very stylish and effortless.

  • Tracy

    New bedding for the kids. With such a variety and range, even my fussy kidlets can get the exactly right piece for their room!

  • Nikita Allan

    I would love to spend it on whatever a family friend needs, she had so much trouble conceiving and now that the little one is finally here I would love to spoil her!

  • vish

    I love the toy kitchen and fridge set for my lil girl

  • Angela Hill

    I would love to give this to my sister who is expecting her second child – would be amazing help to help her out

  • Courtz Ledbury

    We are moving house and would love to do up the new play room.

  • Hayley

    My son is obsessed with kitchens and plays with them every time he sees one! I would love to get him something he would enjoy! Also going into a big boy bed soon so some linen also! Hayley

  • Cate Cummins

    I love Pottery Barns Larkin Dresser.

  • helenemckellar

    I’d love beautiful linen!

  • Gary Wood

    My wife would go nuts!

  • Laura Callaghan

    OMG that Larkin Dresser is so cute Pottery Barn’s must have

  • Rebekah Jones

    I would buy Anywhere chairs for my daughters. I love everything we have from PBK!

  • Belinda Dimitrijevski

    I’d love to get the Gotham City Play Set for my two little superheros to play with and the Monique Lhuillier Gold Cornice Canopy for my little princess.

  • Sarah

    I would love the elephant for my 8 month old son as he loves burying his face in soft teddies

  • Tanya

    Would put it towards either a child’s bed, linen or the children’s arm chair. They would all look great in my home..

  • Kristy Kozak

    I would love to get some bedding for my daughter who is nearly two and about to move into a big girl bed.

  • Rachel

    Lighting for my kids rooms. They light up my world so I would love to light up theirs!

  • Amy Woodhams

    I would love to buy some funky linen and decor so i can finally decorate my little mans room.

  • Ebony Westra

    I would buy some blocks and some elephant themed eating utensils for my 7 month old son.

  • Courtney

    I love all the bed linen range. Perfect for young souls to dream up some magic and get carried away.

  • Erica Yoong

    My son is obsessed with the wooden kitchen at daycare everytime I pick him up he’s playing there, would love one for home and the Pottery barn one is just adorable!!!

  • Nassep

    I will never let the kids have anything but quality wooden toys and furniture, not a fan of plastic and want to lead by example

  • Kiria Tarei

    I’d LOVE to win this amazing prize from Pottery Barn Kids!! My little girl is turning three in a few weeks, and I can honestly say the majority- if not all of her furniture is second hand from loving friends or from gumtree. A $500 voucher would allow us to re vamp her room into a “big girl” room, making her the happiest little three year old ever. Keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed!!!

  • Lynne Lillington

    After 2 boys , I’d have to buy Linen ,everything a Nursery needs in Pink, all linen and swags a newborn could need. I really like the Remy Belgian Flax Linen Nursery Bedding – Pink, Bath wraps, and Bunny Plush Thumbie & Rattle.

  • Smilie2601

    Autistic my son may be,
    Comprehending his emotions through creativity epitomises glee!
    He’s unable to verbally translate,
    “Charlie Kitchen” supporting his defying and imaginative fate!

  • Smilie2601

    Imaginative play; the way my son can communicate,
    “Charlie Kitchen”; supporting what he serves on our dinner plate!
    Reducing tantrums and tears,
    “Milkshakes” to cheers!

  • Mon Seven

    The Madeline Play Vanity and stool is adorable!

  • tanya clarke

    All kids love Superheroes and my kid’s just the same, we’d choose BATMAN quilted bed linen and maybe a pillow with his name.

  • Laura Scriven

    The Washed Grainsack Flax My First Anywhere Chair,
    Our little one would enjoy it there.
    The Organic Sleepy Sheep Nursery Bedding is also a must,
    In Organic we would trust!

  • Amanda King

    My gorgeous girl’s birthday is this month. And she has requested that we update her bedroom… She’s about to be in the inbetween stage – not quite a little girl not quite a teenager. I would love to be able to buy her some beautiful new ‘more grown up’ linen & bedding to complete her new room.

  • Olivia Rich

    I would buy my little brother a personalised item that is special to him so he can enjoy life and not worry about divorce.

  • Tess Dimitriou

    I’d buy the kids armchair so my son has total comfort.

  • shell83

    I would buy the elephant plush collection, as the kids always want to play with my “breakable” elephants statues. This way they could have their very own.

  • sandt55

    The bookcases would certainly come in handy for all their bits and piece.

  • loco_ricky

    Organic sheets, organic sheets.. well, organic linen. I want our baby to sleep in a healthy environment

  • Sarah Fairley

    The Quilted Bedding is my choice……but when I go and see everything else…..who knows?????

  • Cher Haining

    I would buy new bed linen for by grandkids, I love the colours in the quilted bed linen, but if I win, will need to sit and contemplate all the great ideas before I decide

  • Louise Davis

    I would purchase the playhouse loft bed for my daughter she would love this because it would be like her own house it’s really brilliant!

  • Amber

    I would buy the personalised kids armchair so my daughter has her own special comfy seat to sit and enjoy her movies.

  • Hayley Ball

    I’d LOVE to have the Bailey Mermaid Sheet Set in Single for my daughter who is 4. She has a huge imagination, and having all those mermaids on her bed would be extra special for her, and she is a special girl x

  • Kim Morgan

    My daughter would adore the AVA REGENCY TRUNDLE, would be perfect for sleepovers with friends.

  • Lizzie C

    The classic yet adorable Carolina Grow-with-you Activity Table. Its a keeper.

  • Elisabeth Martins

    We are in dire need of some bedding and linen for our newborn due soon. It’s our first child so I really want to spoil her.

  • NicolaB

    A new Cot

  • deevajo

    I’d like to buy the makings of a haven, where he feels safe and right at home, where his imagination is inspired and his spirit is nurtured, a special place of his very own.

  • Elizabeth Davey

    A mini kitchen I would buy, so that it can inspire, my masterchef on the making

  • Krystal Preece

    We will soon be converting from a baby room to a toddler room so will be looking for new bedding, furnishings and decorations.

  • Colin Burt

    great competitions, love the selection for all age ranges

  • Shu-Ching Chang

    Nothing better than enjoying beautiful Pottery Barn Kids collection and creating the best magnificent bedrooms for my kids. It would be wonderful experience.

  • GarinkK

    Currently doing baby’s room decor. Wanting to buy some storage furniture 🙂

  • daniela barbaro

    The toy kitchen range, I could see the smiles of my kids when they are playing pretend

  • Dom

    We’re upgrading our little man to a Big Boy Room and would love some amazing furniture/decor for it!

  • Melissa Kagie

    Some beautiful quality bed linen to freshen up the children’s rooms.

  • Chelsea Ellen

    I would buy the beautiful Emery cot for my 4 month old son 🙂

  • Donna Dwyer

    Juliette Bed

  • Vija Leitis

    Camp Bed

  • Cassidy Logue

    Give the kids room a long overdue facelift. What beautiful stuff to brighten a child’s room and life.

  • Rachael

    I’d love to redo my daughters room! I’d start with the Turquoise Ceramic Kitty Mirror, the rainbow cushion is gorgeous Ooh and the sister sentiment art is a must…I might need a bigger voucher haha 😉

  • Melanie F

    Mum of a noisy brood, seeks play kitchen where the three can cook up all the tasty pretend food!

  • Tina

    I love the Monique Lhuillier collection, especially the Horse Plush Rocker.

  • Mikaela Cowan

    I just love the camp bed!

  • Chuck Cranston

    The little chair is so cute!

  • Jo M

    So excited! Thank you so much ! ❤️❤️❤️