11 Epic Easter Cake & Baking Fails #nailedit

Not every Easter cake is perfect. And, plenty aren’t exactly Pin-worthy. Don’t stress if that describes yours… you’re in very good company!

Everyone loves a good #nailedit or #pinfail. We know we do, so here’s our favourite, absolutely epic Easter disasters. Enjoy!

Not everyone can bake a perfect Easter cakes (or cakes pops, cupcakes, cookies – you get the point). We know you’ve tried. But, it just doesn’t happen. You see the sweet little bunnies, adorably awesome chicks and the basket-shaped baked goods that some cake maker-extraordinaire put together, and you give it a go…

Good for you! Trying is half the battle. You gave it a shot, and… oh dear. Don’t feel like a failure in the kitchen. It happens to the best of us. Still not sold? Well then, check out these Easter cake fails. Trust us, you’ll feel much better about the mess you’ve created.

Whatever you bake – or don’t bake, this Easter be sure to enjoy the moment, especially if you’re making memories with your kids. If you’re looking for some gorgeous baking inspiration check out the Most Amazing Easter Cakes, Chocolate Bark recipes for gifts and how to get rid of those left over eggs with 6 Ingredient Chocolate Brownies.

11 Epic Easter Cake & Baking Fails #nailedit

Chicken or the egg: These cakes are well, you can use your own words to describe them. It’s certainly ‘cracking up’. That’s for sure. Is it a cute chick? Um, not really. There’s nothing cute to be seen here. Photos: Cake Wrecks


Bunny sheep: It’s a sheep. Yep. A sheep. But, those bunny ears make it into something entirely different. And, those teeth? Oh, those sheepy, scary teeth! This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Photo: Viralnova.com
Photo: Viralnova.com

Bunny rolls: So, these aren’t cakes. Obviously. But, they are certainly Easter baking fails. These adorable little bunny rolls look super-simple on Pinterest. The real-life version didn’t come out exactly the same way.

Photo: Pinterestfail.com
Photo: Pinterestfail.com

Rabbit Fail: The original is adorable. The try isn’t as awesome. The cute cartoonish cake creation turns into a kid-like baking fail. Hey, that’s okay. Everyone needs to at least try. Right?

Photo: Pinterestfail.com
Photo: Pinterestfail.com

Not-so-cute cupcake: This little chicky cupcake (left) was supposed to be sweet — in both taste and appearance. But, that just didn’t happen. Somewhere in the baking process the sweet turned into kind of scary. Well, we can’t all be artist-like cake decorators, can we?

The Easter Impregnator: Not sure why this cake (right) even needs Easter sperm. But its got them. And we’re not convinced we want to eat it…

easter cake fails 2

Raisin rabbits: These little bunnies are kind of bizarre. Their faces aren’t exactly on ‘right’ and the rest of them is kind of wrong too!

Schon mal für #ostern geübt… #easter #bunnies #easterfun #instafood #foodporn #cakefail #unddasmitfertigprodukten

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Carrot cake: Those bunnies need their Easter carrots. But, what exactly are these? We think this one pretty much speaks for itself.

Carrots gone wrong #cakefail #aspiringpastrychef #ohmy #culinarystudent

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Marshmallow ears: Baking cute bunny cupcakes isn’t easy. Seriously. These marshmallow-eared creatures didn’t exactly turn out as planned. Then there’s the rest of the face. That’s an “A” for effort!

Photo: orgasmicchef.com
Photo: orgasmicchef.com

Devilish eggs: Yeah, yeah, we know that deviled eggs aren’t anything like baked goods. But, this Easter fail was just too good not to include. Maybe the taste made up for the look?

Decided to try making these cute deviled egg chicks from pinterest yesterday #nailedit #pinterestfail #100happydays 53/100

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Peeps house: Those Easter peeps are the best. Right? Making a cute little house for them sounds like a good idea. Or, not. At least, not when this happens.

Feature image (top) compiled from Cake Wrecks.

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