Join Mister Maker and the Shapes on Their Australian Tour. Arty Fun...

Join Mister Maker and the Shapes on Their Australian Tour. Arty Fun for the Whole Family!


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Get ready Australia, your ultimate arts and crafts hero Mister Maker is coming back with his brilliant, fun and interactive live show during the June/July school holidays!

Mister Maker and the Shapes will be packed full of arty adventures, there’ll be a big ‘make’ to take part in, super songs to join in with and of course his fabulous supporting cast The Shapes!

Featuring brand new songs and makes, Mister Maker is returning yet again on the back of his SOLD OUT 2015 TOUR so be sure to act now and grab your tickets while they last!

This show is tons of arty fun for all the family!

But don’t take our word for it – check out what other parents said of his recent UK tour!

‘If you haven’t already book tickets for this show, best children’s show I have ever been to, big thumbs up!’ Joanne, Birmingham

‘We all absolutely loved the show today. It was a fantastic afternoon and three very happy children’ Rachel, Horsham

Brilliant. Our children are 6 and 4 and both loved it. By far the best live children’s show we have seen’ Lyndsey 

‘Fantastic, and by far the best show for interaction with the audience I’ve ever been to’  Rachel, Birmingham




Saturday 25th Hobart, Derwent Entertainment Centre
Sun 26th Launceston, Princess Theatre
Wednesday 29th Melbourne, Recital Centre
Thursday 30th Melbourne, Recital Centre


Friday 1st Melbourne, Recital Centre
Sunday 3rd Sydney, Opera House Concert Hall
Monday 4th Sydney, Opera House Concert Hall
Thursday 21st Adelaide Festival Theatre
Saturday 23rd Perth, Regal Theatre
Sunday 24th Perth, Regal Theatre


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Thanks to our friends at Live Nation, we’ve got a family pass for 4 up for grabs to a show in each of the cities he’s touring!  Hobart, Launceston, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide & Perth!

To be in the running, simply complete the entry form below, comment on the bottom of this article and tell us what you love so much about Mister Maker and you’re in the running to win!



Win a Family Pass for 4 to see Mister Maker LIVE ON STAGE!

Belinda Jennings
Belinda Jennings is a fun-loving mum who’s a passionate advocate for community and connection. As the founder of the Mum Central Network she’s committed to celebrating the journey that is Australian parenthood. When she’s not tap, tap, tapping at the keyboard Belinda can be found happily wrangling two small boys and loving on her superstar husband. Good conversation, close friends and fine chocolate are her chosen weapons for daily survival. She believes life’s too short for bad coffee, folding fitted sheets and not wearing your favourite shoes.
  • kirsty irwin

    Its an excellent show for kids that encourages imagination & Art. My daughter absolutely loves it, Mr Maker, the shapes & tocky. Brilliant show!

  • Christina

    My 6 kids love everything about the show, it brings out their creative side. They really enjoy trying to make all the projects, especially ‘make it in a minute’.

  • Julie-Ann Summerfield

    It really stirs up my Daughters Creative interests and imagination. She loves the show and all the projects.

  • Tania Hardman

    My boys love EVERYTHING Mr Maker makes!! Especially the fact that most things are simple enough for them to make on their own, and ‘I Like The Shapes’ :p

  • Vicki Smith

    Great entertainment & educational for kids, my granddaughter loves Mr Maker, would love to take her to the Show at the Opera House

  • Emily Burley

    My sons love guessing which shapes, and what the pictures will be

  • JessK

    My son loves everything about Mister Maker, especially the way he makes art and craft accessible to his age group, as he wants be a “world famous artist” (which is what he thinks I am, bless!)

  • Shannon Wotton

    We love Mister Maker because he’s entertaining and funny and he inspires us to be creative at home. We often re-create Mister Maker’s masterpieces together and have so much fun doing it! We now have our own doodle draws full of our “making stuff” and my daughter has named us each after one of the shapes. (I’m triangle!)

  • Nicole Budiman

    Miss 5 is just fixated with Mister Maker. We both love how he uses every day items to make really interesting crafts. A far cry from mere gluing on foam shapes!

  • Megan C

    My son loves mister maker. He loves the speedy craft things he creates.

  • Julia L Mills

    The creative, easy projects you can do at home! We love Mr Maker’s drawers of endless “stuff”!

  • I think my son loves him because I am the least crafty mum on the planet!

  • Paula Harris

    His make it in a minute challenges are pretty cool….but so is the rest of the show

  • Louise Lecuna

    Mr Maker is loads of fun! My almost 6 year old would have so much fun seeing Mr Maker live on stage

  • Leigh T

    My daughter always sits down with her Mr Maker Doodle Drawer set (While her younger brother is having his daytime nap. ) and lets her creative mind run wild. Inventing her own little art classes, instructing all her toys, while watching Mr Maker on Tv.

  • Emma Gloede

    All 3 of my kids love the shapes, they get up and dance and sing with the shapes and each pick a shape to be. We also love the minute makes and have fun trying to make them at home.

  • cat

    Although they are watching tv it makes them think about making things and using their imagination.

  • Sarah Sabatino

    I love the fact it captures there attention so completely I get a chance to get something done! A rarity!

  • Narelle Abbie

    my 9 and 7yr olds just love re-creating what Mr Maker is putting together, they sit there literally glued to the TV when he is on!

  • Amanda

    My daughter loves ‘The Shapes’. When they wake up she starts screaming with excitement and then joins in the dance. My son loves all the crafts and spends hours trying to recreate as many as possible.

  • Kim Louise

    Because he gives me arty ideas and things to do when I’m bored – Amelia (6)

  • Bel339

    My son is mesmerised by the entire show. Loves the intro music, gets him every time.

  • Belinda Harbron

    My nephew (4yrs old) loves doing the shapes dance to the song! It’s hilarious how into it he gets!

  • MelJD

    My daughters love Mister Maker waking up the Shapes!

  • lk

    My kids and I do the synchronised “I am a shape doo doo doo doo” dance together!!

  • Deb Lee

    My kids try to make their own Mr Maker creations – they never turn out quite as well as they look on TV but they are happy to keep practising!

  • Ineedacoffee

    He funny fast and smart
    Miss 6 would have a blast, could even be our last adelaide event before we move end of august

  • Blossom

    Our children love the music, dancing, craft and shapes

  • Paige Yang

    My son and my daughter both are big Mister Maker fan. They love everything from the show especially ‘The Shapes’. Dance and sing along is so much fun.

  • Teresa Clark

    My son loves the shapes and the dancing.

  • mmurray

    My daughter loves it all

  • Kimbo

    My favourite part is the wall of craft supplies, I want that in my home. My son & daughter love the creations and the songs.

  • Kate

    The craft! Put some glue and stuff on the table and there will be a masterpiece in minutes.

  • Liz

    My 4 year old son loves Mister Maker! He will happily go to a room where we have a variety of “craft supplies” (things he requests we keep so he can make things with them, like empty cardboard boxes and tubes, and bottle caps), and makes some very creative pieces. He prefers to make crafty things than play on a phone or tablet! 🙂

  • Mel

    I love that after Mister Maker my 3 year old will look at items around the house (tissue box, toilet roll etc) and think about what she can turn them into. Mister Maker really captures her imagination.

  • Fiona

    Colourful, entertaining and creative fun for kids!

  • Shannon-Tay Draper

    Mr maker has been my now 3 year olds favourite for a while. He loves the colours and the shapes. He loves when mister maker makes things look like food items as my little boy can’t eat food and is tube fed we use mister makers ideas and make pretend food at home

  • Lana Adele Wood

    My son loves the shapes that dance around! He also thinks Mister maker is funny

  • Natasha Page

    Craft that is actually realistic and easy for kids to do plus Mr Makers Wacky personality!

  • Naomi

    My daughter loves the music and dancing.

  • Kelly Kilo

    He encourages creativity and excitement in children, which has been proved to be lacking in young children these days.

  • Laura Powers

    My boy loves it when Mr Maker needs to make something in a minutes he gets so excited watching the clock almost run out!

  • Melindy

    I love Mr makers wacky, zany, creative clever mind. His minute makes always amaze us. He’s a creative genius. We love him and continue to be inspired by him. I’m a gd and my child arty too. Hope we win tix and can share in Mr makers colourful, wickedly zany and fun interactive show. Would be a dream come true!!

  • Karli

    My 2 year old looooves Mr Maker. He is obsessed with paining right now so he’s basically he’s hero 🙂

  • Alicia Tsouskas

    My son never sits still but as soon as Mister Maker comes on he is mesmerised. I love that it is a show that is educational and fun for kids and has great ideas for easy activities to do at home with the kids.

  • Claire Bansagi

    My daughter loves the shapes. She runs around my house singing that she’s a square all the time. The “I am a…” catchphrase is her favourite game

  • Allison Young

    Mr Maker inspires us to then make art and craft activities at home as a family!

  • Lauren G

    Mr Maker is entertaining and makes the kids want to get creative and crafty

  • luigi costantino

    So entertaining!

  • Aleisha Harris

    We LOVE Mr Maker. We always try to do some of the things we see in his show. my daughter sings the shape song EVERY time the show comes on. Would be a great opposrtunity to see him live

  • kate H

    Mr maker is inspiring as he makes my young daughter so creative she loves watching the show and dancing with the shapes and i love helping her with the craft she then wants to make.

  • Helen R

    I absolutely LOVE that my 3 year old runs from wherever he is in the house as soon as the Mr Make theme song starts playing!!! He LOVES it!!!

  • Ying Ying TAN

    My daughter is kept happily entertained throughout school holidays just by watching Mister Maker and following his craft books making all sorts of creative art=)

  • Melissa Keeble

    I would dearly love to win tickets for my brother and his wife and 2 kids. He works so hard, driving nearly 2 hours each way to work every night and finishes at 7am then comes home and takes the kids to school, kinder and drs appointments. My sister inlaw has some health issues and cannot work so they never get to enjoy outings or shows like this as they simply can’t afford it. My niece and nephew LOVE Mr Maker and whenever he comes on tv, they watch the show then immediately want to recreate his arts and crafts. My nephew (3) actually thinks he is a shape!

  • Anita Andrews

    I love that how excited my son gets when Mr Maker comes on. It’s the only show he specifically asks to watch. Once it’s finished he’s happy to turn the tv off.

  • Laura Higgins

    My daughter loves Mister Maker and his crafty arts! She learned so much about colours and shapes through him, and gets very excited with each new creation!

  • Samuel Chan

    My boy loves the Mister Maker where he travels to other countries.

  • Katie Henderer

    My son loves Mr Maker! The things he makes, the colours and shapes! He is always mesmerised and inspired to do something crafty afterwards.

  • Jenni Braden

    They loves how quick Mr Maker can be!!

  • Danielle Freeman

    I love that my kids can make all mister makers arts and crafts at home. My kids get super excited to recreate what mister maker made!!

  • laureneve

    We own nearly all the Mister Maker DVDs, my 2 year old has been watching him before he was 1. He still loves the shapes and will get down and boogie with them if he hears the song come on. – Hobart

  • Emma Guimaraes

    She has to watch it everyday and loves to try make some of the things he makes on the show. We have even bought a doodle drawer for to hold all her arts and crafts.

  • Numbat

    My son is almost 3 and daughter is almost 7. As you can imagine the tv shows they like are vastly different. But one show they do love to both watch is Mister Maker. It gives me peace, albeit briefly! I have tried to make some of the things with the kids and although it never looks “just like on tv” it doesn’t dampen our enthusiasm.

  • Shierly Ardriani S

    Mister Maker has been our household favorite show. He show so many ways to create fun and lovely things out of ordinary household and craft supplies

  • Jade

    We love watching Mister Maker! The awesome ideas that Mister Maker comes up with excites this craft loving family!

  • Jaroslav Kacmar

    My kids are in general not interested in arts and crafts, but they love Mister Maker

  • Danielle Good

    My daughter is crazy about arts and crafts. She is always painting, drawing, colouring in or constantly asking me to create things with her. Naturally she LOVES Mister Maker, and even more so know that there is Mister Maker’s Arty Party!

  • Megan Coulson

    He makes a lot of stuff

  • Kim

    The shapes!

  • Anastasia Xynos

    I love that Mister Maker can teach my kids how to be creative as I have no idea how to be!

  • Vanessa

    Love how creative he is with everyday objects from around the house.

  • Elizabeth Tugyi

    Lala (as my 2yr old son calls Mister Maker) absolutely captivates my son. I have never seen him so fascinated with another program not be so excited when it comes on.
    Mister Maker is a winner in our household!

  • Julie Hodsman

    Our daughter absolutely loves arts and crafts and, even though he wouldn’t readily admit it, our son does too! He’s always saying “ABC For Kids is for babies” but Mr Maker comes on and he’s glued to it (mind you he is only 6). They love guessing what the kids in coloured clothes are going to be.

  • Barbara Fehmel

    “Mister Maker” is so incredible even my twin Great Granddaughter 4 sit quietly watching him create his miracles.

  • Andrea Foley

    He has cheap ideas to keep us sane in winter. Thanks for your help

  • Varsha

    My son loves everything he makes and likes to make them too! He is so cool and funny!

  • joburkey

    My daughter is so obsessed with Mister Maker that everything is not arts and crafts it’s now Mister Makering

  • Naomie Nolan

    My son loves watching the creations and dancing with the shapes

  • Evelyn

    My 3 kids and I always love watching Mister Maker. He’s so charismatic; brimming with fun and positivity. Always a delight to discover what cool things he makes and he uplifts us with his energetic personality. I love his British accent; just listening to him makes my day. It would be an incredible experience to see him live with my kids. We’re such huge fans and seeing him in person would be something we’d remember for the rest of our lives.

  • Trudy Spreadborough

    My daughter loves to discover new ideas of things that we can make together. She also likes to dance with the Shapes.

  • Kathryn C

    My kiddies love how creative Mr Maker is. They also love his funny nature

  • Gillian Harridge

    My kids love all the amazing things Mister Maker makes. So interesting and lets them think outside the box.

  • Alyce

    My toddler loves Mister Maker’s energy and all his creations. The show inspires her to make me all sorts of wonderful surprises!!

  • Nicole Muller

    Mister maker is amazing. To think of all those things to make with the little ones. And his energy is awesome!!!!!

  • Zuzi

    He’s funny and crazy wild but really inspiring… my daughters love him

  • Paul McCallum

    It always gets my little one wanting to draw and make things – gets her imagination going!

  • Chrissy07

    Mister Mister is fun, makes the kids think, be creative and enjoy watching happy things on TV.

  • Paul Walker

    My little Mini-Maker would LOVE this!

  • Sue perry

    Firing little imaginations to explore the different things we have in the house and to turn them into keepsake treasures

  • Moze

    Mr Maker makes my mini maker make many marvelous masterpieces!

  • Emma Gunn

    I love hearing my daughter go ‘look mummy mr maker’ when it comes on TV

  • Vanessa Ahern

    I love Mister Maker as this show, with it’s energy and silliness, has helped my son to develop a love of craft which he previously disliked.

  • Valerie Wee

    After watching the show, my little girl would try to be creative and make her own artworks too!

  • Kather

    He makes everything look so easy! You don’t need expensive equipment to make his crafts and they look great!

  • Katherine

    I love the smile and joy Mister Maker puts on my daughters face each afternoon I love watching her excitement.

  • Jennalee Izzard

    I think my son loves his voice, bright clothes and the kids that help make the art, the fast forward speed and the different little segments “make it in a minute” The maker mobile… The theme song!! He just loves everything about Mister Maker he is so engaged the whole time. I love that mister maker travels around the world and shows different cultures and a lot of the crafts are recycled or cost effective.

  • jaime farrands

    Shapes are the best. The kids love to dance with them

  • lisa

    I love that dispite the constant arguing and fighting amongst my youngest two kids, mister maker gets their full attention and I get a few moments of peace. Thanks mister maker.

  • Amy Louise Price

    My kids love his energy and enthusiasm. They always want to attempt his creations.

  • Jessica Maloney

    The fact that Dad always mispronounces the title as “Mischief Maker!”

  • Kim

    Easy fun ideas that my kids love and we can actually do at home.

  • Alison Humble

    He keeps the kids occupied so that’s why I love him 🙂

  • James Sharpe

    mummy says he’s the hottest kids presenter on t.v.

  • Tasha Walker

    the way that daddy has no idea and says its mischief maker on t.v. every afternoon

  • Helen Brindle Smith

    My kids and I find him mesmerising, he seems so much fun, has so much energy and has great crafty fun ideas that are simple and easy for my kids to do. I absolutely love the shapes song! My kids and I find the song fun to boogie to!

  • Lisa Perriam

    It’s a special time my daughter and I share together when Mr Maker comes on and gives us ideas of how to upcycle and design our own crafts

  • Melinda

    They like the minute make time as it is usually easy enough for them to make themselves

  • Andieharrie

    creative fun and adventure every show

  • Christina Lungo

    Love the creativeness and the artiness! Love arty fun and puts it into practice.

  • Ashley Beech

    I got goosebumps when I saw that he’s coming to Launceston…all 3 of my children love watching what great ideas Mister Maker comes up with and the wonderful, creative things he makes! This would make their year!

  • Alicia Cleland

    The kids love making Mister Maker’s creations and giving them to family members as presents – especially nana!

  • Melissa Rickman

    The shapes! My son sings and dances with the shapes every time.

  • Natasha Matson

    He makes myself and my boys do great big belly laughs and inspires us with craft ideas

  • Mel

    The singing and dancing!

  • Justene Anderson

    My 3 children love watching mister makers creations and absolutely love the shapes

  • Yvonne C

    Very creative, love watching some of the ideas also short enough to keep the attention.

  • Amanda

    My kids love everything he makes and always want to create their own artwork when it finishes!

  • Tanya

    We love the fun and magic, the creativity and using their imaginations

  • Lauren barnes

    He is crafty and arty, the most prized man of our house. Sorry dad but you don’t make mini bubble wrap cactus’s nor have a doodle draw.

  • Tracy Wood

    They love all the craft ideas for us to do together as well as dancing with the shapes

  • Jane Gardam

    The kids are totally absorbed whilst he is on, so I really like that..ha ha. But really the children just love him and what he makes and love to have a go at making the creations.

  • Melanie Snibson

    My kids love the shapes and different crafts mister maker creates

  • Rebecca Thyer

    My kids love doing craft and think Mister Maker is the luckiest person alive as he gets to do craft all day long plus he makes cools craft on just 1 minute!

  • Stephanie Merrington

    My son LOVES mister maker and shapes!
    I love the imagination and all that he teaches my son

  • Natalie c

    My kids love Mr Makers Catchy song, I am a shape 🙂

  • Kim Byron

    My 9 year old still adores Mister Maker. He loves all the new and different crafting ideas it gives him and runs straight for the art cart as soon as the show’s finished to start making!

  • Hellie

    I love that he lets kids, be kids-and creative!

  • mayj

    It’s the thinking outside the normal for creating things with basic things

  • Ratnickissy

    Mister Maker may blink very little – but oh what fun we have when watching his creative art at play 🙂 If we blink we may miss out on his awesomeness

  • Kate Ninnes

    I want to encourage my kids to create, not just consume. Art is such an important part of life and anything we can do to encourage kids to love art is fantastic!

  • Louise Patterson

    My kids love “Make it in a Minute!” It’s such a dynamic way of being creative.

  • Tania Serrrr

    Craft me delirious… Mr Maker awesomeness knows mo bounds in our household.

  • Tarah Jane Devon

    We love mister makers silly, goofy attitude! Everything he does makes my daughter giggle

  • Nicci Traeger

    Mister maker is so creative and also funny. We learn lots of craft from him

  • Stacey Navarro

    We love how mister maker makes art interesting and entertaining

  • Philippa

    I have a love hate relationship with mister maker – after any episode i have to attempt to help my son make his amazing creations – with the supplies we have…..

  • Kerrie Lee Groves

    They love the shapes, and all the arty fun. My littlest is just learning to talk and say La La La each time he sees him as that is what the music sounds like.

  • kylie clark

    My 2 love mr maker. My youngest especially likes the shapes

  • stephen elsworthy

    My 3 children love this guy and his crafty crafts. I can see their eyes light up when they finish making the latest piece and how proud they are.

  • K Kent

    My Daughter just love the crafts and the energy. she is spell bound watching it.

  • Ken

    They love mister maker, but he is so quick I have to watch intently to help them finish !

  • Michelle

    The kids would hardly contain their excitement to see the ‘magic man’ as they call him in person .

  • Dani

    The creativity of the show has captured my daughters imagination.

  • Hayley Murrells

    The use of different materials that can be found around the house to make art with the kids!

  • kcj162026

    I/the kids love Mister Maker. Best of all, I like that he inspires kids and parents to do some craft. Mister Maker points out, often you don’t need much to create something amazing!
    Please send tickets my way!

  • FoodieK

    We have always enjoyed Mister Maker, my little girl and I, but Mister Maker Arty Party has taken it to a whole new level – we must have watched them all ten times – please make new Arty Party episodes, Mister Maker! Please Please Please

  • Nicola Rosadoni

    My son absolutely loves Mr Maker, especially the shapes and their creations. He is inspired to make and create when he watches the show! He’d love tickets to his tour 🙂

  • Tamara Palmer

    My son loves to dance along with the shapes, I am a shape…..

  • Kirsty j

    Both my girls adore watching Mister Maker. As soon as they hear the intro they come running from whatever room they are in. I love how it inspires their creativity.

  • Alex

    My little brother loves how creative Mister Maker can get with basic tools/necessities!

  • Anita Andrews

    I love that it encourages my son to be creative

  • Kate Slack

    It encourages my kids to make cool crafts and use their imaginations more, they always want to copy what Mister Maker has made.

  • Nathan McConville

    My Son, Atreju loves Mister Maker, has sin he was first born. Stops whatever he is doing to watch, especially the shapes. Fingers crossed!

  • Paulina

    MM encourages creativity, to reuse and recycle. Also he also motivates children to never get bored because there is always so much to make!

  • Yasmin

    Love this show , my son took to it from when he started watching TV . It show imagination and creativity and achievable art projects that we can do together . Thank you

  • Cat helbig

    I absolutely love anything art and crafty and mister maker gives me so many awesome ideas of things to do with my son and lets us use our imagination

  • Alicia neale

    My kids love the things he makes and the fun he has and I love the learning that happens with it!

  • Rebekah Nicholson

    My daughter thinks he is the bees knees!

  • Joanne Blackburn

    My son loves the shapes

  • Samala Cambridge

    I love how he can create amazing things from everyday things. It is great to then make them with my kids and share memories. They are so excited by it.

  • leah hawksley

    My daughter 5 said that she really loves Mr Maker because he’s so arty and good at arts and crafts and because he’s soooo arty I like him.

  • Jenny Edwards

    My 4 year old loves Mister Maker. She always tries to copy him no matter what supplies she is missing!

  • Patrick

    We love Mr Markers vibrancy and enthusiasm! He Rocks!

  • jayla1987

    They love watching his artistic ways and try to emulate him

  • Nicki

    With the catchy tunes and the easy way instructions my kids are always asking to be mister maker so they can get creative

  • Suzanne Neale

    We just love how creative he is with such simple daily household items!

  • cleo sids

    Fun, entertaining and humorous.

  • Carol Thompson

    My grandson is 6 and he has autism and is totally focused on Mr Maker.
    He gets so much out of it….we both do.

  • Hannah Jewell

    My daughter loves getting ideas for things she can make!

  • SonyaS

    My son is in awe when he sees Mr Maker turn nothing into something!.. He loves to say ‘let’s make it’……

  • Jude Little

    My two year old adores the Shapes. She gets so excited when they come on the screen and she sings and dances with them. My five year old loves the crafts Mister Maker pulls together and is inspired to create.

  • Fay Cornaggia

    My kids love mister maker they watch to see what creations he is going to come up with today.

  • Kim

    My daughter loves watching Mr Maker. His creativity and quick thinking inspires my daughters inner Picaso!

  • Nikki Denison Smith

    My children love the fact he makes it all look so simple and they can relate to what he is making. They love the fact he flies round the world to do different things and they love the shapes. Let’s make it!

  • Christina Lionello

    We all love his energetic personality and endless creativity!!! Using stuff around the house and making them into something fun and artistic are my 2 boys’ total idea of hours of enjoyment 🙂

  • LilMiss Kibby

    really great fun for kids and simple activities! my younger 2 kids love it

  • Carly

    my daughter loves gloopy glue and making all activities

  • Penelope Ong

    My kids and I really love Mr Maker as he has many great ideas, I sometimes steal his ideas for my class art/craft activities. My son really likes the ” make it in a minute” part of the show. He will be ecstatic if we can win the tickets.

  • suzi

    My son loves Mister Maker creative and easy to make crafts and also his quirkiness.

  • Ines

    My daughter just loves the shapes and always dances around when they appear!

  • melanie whittle

    His creativity and great ideas that inspire them to release their inner maker

  • Katie Young

    I get amazed by all the ideas he comes up with

  • Judith

    My 3 granddaughters are absolutely spellbound by him and love to attempt to follow along and make all of his little projects. They spend literally hours watching his videos. 🙂

  • Holly Clark

    My daughter loves the shapes best. She will come running from another room to join in their dancing and to tell me what each shape is.

  • Kristy F

    He makes really cool things and has a truck load of goodies to use

  • Jenni

    My son is obsessed with the shapes, especially the rectangle.

  • Amanda

    My 6yo son loves playing with shapes and helping his nearly 2yo sister with her classic Tupperware shape-O

  • Kylie Knott

    The endless craft ideas it gives us!

  • Emma

    Always been a favourite in our house

  • Michelle Sternberg Kalkwarf

    The creative way he uses so many different materials. What great ideas!

  • Joanne sampson

    My little one loves the shapes and loves saying I am circle in the funny voice

  • Nikki Cashion

    My grand daughter loves to do the craft at home that Mr Maker does , she totally loves this show.

  • Neeks

    Mister maker keeps my 5 year budy for hours!

  • Rosemarie

    It’s the shapes. They get up and groove whenever they come on. My middle daughter wants a pair of “shape boots”!

  • Jade Flynn-O’Brien

    I love mister maker because he cheers me up and gives me cheap and easy ideas of things I can make for my family and friends

  • Mikaela Cowan

    They love all that he makes!

  • Diana Angel

    Mister Maker is fun and very creative! I always learn something new from him.

  • Kimmibon

    I love how my kids are transfixed with Mr Maker and what he creates, then the kids want to give it a try themselves. I’ll be buying Mr Maker inspired craft for my Mr 5 birthday in July.

  • Rachael

    My girls love love love him!! How he can make such awesome things out of a few scraps. My eldest likes to try and race him when he does the timed craft 🙂

  • kahlia

    great ideas and easy to do at home

  • Lisa Summers

    My kids love his great ideas and are constantly inspired to try new crafts after watching him! We love that he always uses easily accessible materials too 🙂

  • Catherine Hope

    My kids love his imaginative and creative ideas which are easy to do at home with easy to source resources.

  • Matt Brown

    The joy he gives kids with things you can make from household items. Simply fun.

  • Angela McCully

    The creativity of his creations. My girls LOVE watching mister maker.

  • Nicki

    My son is very artistic and Mr Maker teaches him loads of new skills. He would love to him him in person!

  • Bec D’owney

    Minute make time, raid the doodle drawers, Scissors, glue, coloured straws! Let it dry for two minutes, Here’s a reminder of how to do it!

  • Roberto Colombi

    My kids love being creative – they do it to their ‘Arts’ content!

  • Kris Ryan

    My 2 year old mispronounces Mr Maker as “mess maker”! He loves the shapes & dancing along to the music 🙂

  • Mehwish

    My daughter is a little artist she love to creat new things with recycle stuff she is a very big fan of mister maker every day she watch the show and try to creat things like mister maker

  • Sacha Pech

    Miss 4 is a massive crafty girl. She loves watching Mr Maker for new ideas for our weekend craft activities. She actually teaches me things – it’s so cute to watch. I think she’d make a wonderful teacher one day.

  • Christina

    oh my goooodness this would be amazing!!

  • Tegan

    all the crafty stuff and the recycling elements! plus the bit where the kids dressed in different colours make a picture!

  • Sueb

    We love the way he can turn anything we have lying around the home into something special, also great for teaching kids how to recycle items

  • Emma Puszkar

    Wowsers Mister Maker visits Tassie! How exciting!

  • Emma Dodson

    We love guessing which shape it will be on ‘I am a shape’ segment and what the image the multiple shapes will create….

  • Sarah Renfrey

    There isn’t a thing my 3yo doesnt love about Mister Maker, Emily even does the “I know” with her finger in the air.

  • Kym

    My son loves the shapes when they jump off the cupboard and dance around. He loves being creative and Mr. Maker is one cool dude in his book.

  • Naomi Stott

    My 5 year old son is very creative and loves mister maker. He would be over the moon if he won tickets to this show! He loves everything about mister maker

  • Jennifer

    My 4 kids all love mister maker they have an alarm set so they do not miss it

  • Jessica

    My 2 year old daughter goes absolutely nuts for Mr Maker. She yells out “Mr Maker!” as she runs to sit down and watch. It’s one of the few shows she will sit still for. We try and do as much arts and craft at home as we can.

  • Karen Smart

    My girls LOVE getting inspired by Mr Maker! He brings out their inner crafty nature and implores them to scramble through my recycling! It’s also great for the family to sit and talk while they create masterpieces! Imaginations are the best!

  • Samantha Byrne

    Mister Maker is always so cheery and creative, my kids love him

  • Joanna H

    I love that Mister Maker inspires my kids to be creative; his ideas are abundant, his delivery is clear and fun and with supplies at the ready, my kids are set to create their next master piece!

  • Jennifer Stockins

    My son loves watching the shapes and learning about

  • Bec Statton

    My eldest loves getting ideas to make new things. My middle daughter love when the magic pencil draws. I love that it inspires their imagination.

  • Nicol Croxford

    Little Mr O adoresister Maker

  • Sidra Sajid

    Mr Makers silly style attracts my kids.

  • Vanessa Botha

    Inspiration! They also love the shapes

  • Natalie Skinner

    My kids favourite part of Mister Maker is Minute Make Time – they love trying to make their own creations in under a minute too!

  • Blossom

    I am not allowed to talk while this is on.

  • Kit Man Ha Hau

    The creative work and the 1 minute art work.

  • Cassidy Logue

    My kids love creating new ideas and always pretend to be Mr Maker as they create their own ideas or make their version of his master pieces.

  • Sarah Hickey

    My family just love love craft, Mr Maker is the best

  • Michelle Sternberg Kalkwarf

    my daughter gets so excited when Mr Maker comes on. She loves his awesome ideas.

  • Leanne White

    What’s not to love? All those fab ideas. My kids love him and so do the kids in my class

  • Melanie Graham

    Art and craft is my daughter’s life, it’s all she wants to do. She is a little Miss Maker

  • Bani Adam

    looks great

  • Maddy Alford

    My son would love to win tickets for his 5th birthday, Mr Maker started his love of craft and he tries to be creative like Mr Maker every day.

  • Suzanne Ware

    Miss Nearly 2 is currently watching him on TV at the moment, it’s the only show she will sit still for! She loves how colourful he is and the shapes!

  • Kenya T

    Love his accent! Kids love his crafty ideas.

  • Michelle

    My kids love watching the craft and then they love bugging me to make them.

  • Candice Lance

    We love seeing which corner of the world Mister Maker pops up in.

  • Irena

    Because my kids love art and craft!

  • carissa

    My kids won’t miss Mister Maker show on TV everyday. They just loved it

  • My son loves the doodle drawers and finding out what will come out of them next!

  • Dave curtis

    Not only is he just totally awesome and rad, he is a very funny man who has my kids in stitches.
    My kids would love to have all the stuff he has. He makes some really good kids craft ideas that are not only simple to make but most of the time it is stuff you have lying around the house. They love the song “Mr Maker…” really catchy tune which I can’t get out of my head.

  • Ebony Carr

    My son loves the craft projects – he gets so excited

  • Michelle Nash

    Hi passion for making – it gets them excited to start their own projects.

  • MichelleB

    My kids love making his craft – Mr Maker is a great teacher

  • Melissa D

    My son loves all the creative things that Mister Maker comes up with from everyday items, like Monsters made out of toilet roll holders

  • Kim

    The shapes!

  • Kelly Lucas

    My daughter loves the shapes and tocky

  • Bianca

    My daughter has loved mister maker since she was 9 Months old she’s now 4 and still loves him! My 18 Month e old son loves the shapes 🙂

  • Aisha Madden

    We love the craft activities that can be recreated at home

  • Jo Nemeton

    My autistic son has a love for arts and craft because of Mister Maker. He doesn’t like many toys but always makes things from random objects. He got a doodle drawer for Xmas.

  • Jess James

    I’d love to win tickets to the Adelaide show for my boys. My youngest, who is 14 months old, absolutely LOVES Mr Maker and th Shapes so much that it stops him in his tracks when it’s on, no matter what he’s doing 😀

  • mandy_hku

    we love Mister Maker, my bub love it so much, as long as Mister Maker is on, she wont move for 1 minute as she cant sit in one place for one minute normally. for me, Mister Maker give me many ideas for craft.

  • ShenO

    My two love the shapes and to guess the picture.

  • Sarah B

    My daughter loves watching Mister Maker. She really enjoys dancing with the shapes and watching all the craft.

  • Melanie Smith

    I think my son loves the colours, he definitely loves the shapes. I think watching Mr Maker reminds him of all the art he does at daycare. I love Mr Maker because my son is quiet for 5 minutes as he stares transfixed at the screen. I also love how he can turn the most random stuff into a work of art!

  • Karissa Caton

    My son’s most favourite part of Mister Maker is waking the shapes up.

  • Emma Hamilton

    We love Mister Maker for all the wonderful craft ideas. My 2.5 year old is craft obsessed and would do it all day everyday if given the opportunity.

  • Shaleah Campbell

    I love his mad personality and “perfect hair” haha! My son loves everything, but to dance with the shapes most of all.

  • Danielle Sertori

    My two year old loves dancing with the shapes and my six year old loves the crafty ideas.

  • Kylie P

    The craft is fun and easy to recreate and Mr Maker is nice to look at while he’s creating his masterpieces!!

  • Meagan Prosser

    My daughter LOVES the shapes song. Always gets up to dance with the shapes!

  • Edwina Scott

    My daughter is mesmerized by the craft mister maker does. I love the simple but creative craft ideas.

  • Kaitlyn Hind

    My kids love mister maker when doing art we do art like mister maker we dance like the shapes so much fun.

  • jebb

    Fantastic show, kids love it and learn great art along the way… Love mister maker.

  • Joanna

    I love the fun and creative activities that Mister Maker creates, building my children’s imagination and skills.

  • Superstarrrrrrr

    The shapes – each member of the family has been assigned a shape and every day we compete for who will be chosen!

  • Nicole

    The craft!

  • Elaine Schurman

    The Shapes! My son loves dancing along with them and saying which shape each is.

  • palla valentine

    I love how my 2 year old daughter Olivia gets interactive and brings out her pencils and draws.
    When she is a little bit older it will be great to do more crafty things while watching Mister Maker

  • Nicole Arbuckle

    My daughter goes crazy for every minute male time. She says it’s nail biting. She loves getting new ideas for craft time.

  • Michelle

    My daughter loves Mister Maker, she bugs me all day to watch it, and I’m sure it would be her Netflix binge if I allowed her to!!! She LOVES “shapes” and “make it in a minute” and often asks to be one of the kids on the show!! Oh and she loves Mister Makers couch.

  • Crafty_Mummy

    I’d love to inspire my own children to discover their love of craft through Mister Maker and his super easy and fun ideas.

  • Juan Sebastian Canales Nilo

    Great creative ideas that keep my kids busy.

  • Mon Seven

    Both my girls are creative and they love to try all of Mister Maker’s craft ideas. He’s colourful and lots of fun!

  • Simone Gott

    I love how my 3 year old now will only refer to glue as ‘gloopy glue’ and says we need to be careful with scissors as ‘scissors are sharp’ – in the same funny way Mister Maker does. I love that her favourite TV show is fun, creative and interactive.

  • Olivia Gallagher

    We love mr makers bright clothes and creative giant artworks.
    The house goes quiet when mr maker comes on and my son especially loves the shapes.

  • Nadiene Craddock

    My daughter Abbie asks to do Mr Maker craft from the minute she wakes up and on kinder days the craft table is where you will find her. I love that she is developing her artistic side and her imagination.

  • Mel

    My 3 year old does a brilliant impersonation of Mister Maker, her Daddy is English so she’s well practiced on the accent!

  • Tarryn De Roche

    My kids love mister maker because he is so fast. Their favourite part of his show is when he makes something in a minute.

  • Tracey Ibbott

    They are mesmerised by his dazzle & think he’s clever with colours & shapes

  • Natasha Tsoupas

    I love that Mister Maker teaches my kids to be creative! Even I would like to make some of the items demonstrated. The shapes are pretty cool too

  • Bethany Dalton

    My boys absolutely love Mr maker. My autistic 7 year old will watch Mr maker then find stuff around the house to try and recreate what Mr maker has made. I’d love to take my boys to see his shows but as a single mum, unfortunately I can’t afford to take them.

  • Shelby Liddell

    My four year old is infatuated with Mr Maker. He asks me what the time is constantly because he knows what time Mr Maker starts. He loves the Shapes, minute make time, Frame it!
    All of it really!
    Just the biggest fan and he has learned so much from watching him. Thank you Mr Maker!

  • Ruth McTaggart

    Both my little people adore Mister Maker! They respond to his excitement, creativity and exuberance.

  • TamG

    My busy little guy absolutely loves to spend some quiet moment engrossed in what Mr Maker is doing. I love the ideas too for fun, easy craft activities.

  • Miranda Lee

    My little ASD boy is non verbal, but he can say “Mister Maker!” He watches episodes all day on his ipad, and loves dancing with the shapes

  • Jessica Mead

    My children love mr maker. He has taught my children colours and so many arts and crafts activities. My son with special needs looks forward to watching mr maker everyday and has can finally draw and create things.. thank you mr maker.

  • Kathrine Schubert

    What I love about Mr Maker is that he encourages my autistic son to use his imagination to create a whole variety of wonderful things each time he watches it. He walks away from the TV and asks for his craft things and any old boxes/containers we have and then starts making. It helps him develop his fine motor skills and cognitive decelopment, as well as encourages his speach development with him talking about what he making and what he will use to do it. I also love the fact that the show encourages children to recycle and reuse without even refering to it!

  • Disgusted

    I love how he shows kids how to use every day household items to create art. It opens them up to using their imagination and looking at things outside of their usual purpose.

  • Katherine Turner

    My girls love love love Mr Maker and are frequently inspired to make something awesome as a result! They would love to see him live.

  • Susan Rowe

    My son loves Mr Maker! His favourite is make it in a minute.

  • Maree Concha

    My craft crazy kids get totally mesmerised with Mister Maker because he’s a super fun presenter and he inspires them with many new ideas.

  • laura p

    My daughter loves Mr Maker as he is fun, engaging and makes some clever things. She even wanted to have an Arty Party for her birthday last week!

  • Bianca Tracey

    I love how easy it is to make craft that can be sensory things as well for my ASD child. He enjoys making them with his brothers and sister too so it is a good way to bond.

  • Amy B

    My son is glued to the telly when Mr maker comes on ABC kids and we’re always finding new crafty things to do together.