101 Family Bucket List Things To Do With Your Kids Before They Grow Up

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Chuck these fun ideas onto the things-to-do-before-the-kids-get-too-old-and-start-liking-their-friends-better-than-you checklist. And get ticking! 

The kids aren’t getting any younger. And neither are we. But these fun family bucket list activities are sure to keep everyone young at heart.

How many can you cross off your own family bucket list?

Around the house 

1. Indulge in a movie marathon

2. Give them full access to your make-up drawer and shoe collection

mum central

3. Do a family screen detox (no screens of any sort for an entire weekend)

4. Serve ice cream for breakfast (add pancakes and blueberries to the plate to relieve the guilt)

5. Build a blanket fort (and sleep in it)

6. Have an all-day pyjama day

7. Play hide ‘n seek in the dark

8. Build something together

9. Write and post a letter in the mail

10. Let them read you a bedtime story

11. Play Minecraft with them (or at least try to without losing your mind)

12. Stage a puppet show

13. Get a pet (even if it’s just a fish)

14. Teach them how to play a musical instrument (even if it’s just ONE song)


15. Take some decent family photos

16. Introduce them to the joys of family board games

17. Bake and decorate cookies

18. Let them decorate their bodies with temporary tattoos

19. Build a city out of LEGO

20. Make a volcano out of baking soda and vinegar

21. Do a family karaoke night

22. Let them make you breakfast in bed

23. Paint a family picture

24. Bake a cake from scratch (and let them lick the bowl)

25. Host a dress-up tea party

26. Donate old toys and clothing to charity

In the backyard 

27. Wake up early to watch the sun rise

28. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk

Run through a water sprinkler

29. Run through the sprinkler

30. Add dishwashing liquid to the trampoline and let them bounce among the bubbles

31. Plant something in the backyard (and watch it grow)

32. Pitch a tent and sleep in it

33. Watch the stars come out at night

34. Have a water fight

35. Make a fairy garden

36. Jump in muddy puddles

37. Stage a treasure hunt

38. Race water balloons down the driveway

39. Have a Nerf gun fight

40. Play in the rain

41. Jump into a pile of freshly raked leaves

42. Carve your names into a tree (or into wet concrete)

Outdoorsy adventures

43. Go boating

44. Swim under a waterfall

45. Ride your bikes to school

46. Roll down a hill

47. Fly a kite

child in blue jeans wearing red muddy boots in the puddle

48. Make a mud pie

49. Go spotlighting (or take a nature walk at night)

50. Go snorkelling

51. Feed the ducks

52. Roast marshmallows on a fire

53. Explore a rock pool

54. Try boogie boarding

55. Pick fruit straight from the tree

56. Build an epic sand castle (and then let them jump on it)

57. Frolic in the waves at the beachmum central

58. Slide down a super muddy hill

59. Play cricket at the beach

60. Catch a butterfly in a net

61. Climb a tree

62. Catch a fish (or attempt to)

63. Build a fire (well, watch you build one)

64. Dig for worms (and dinosaur bones)

65. Pick wildflowers (and give the bouquet to mum)

66. Have a rock skipping contest at a creek

67. Look for fairies at a botanical garden or park

68. Collect shells at the beach

69. Throw a snowball (or build a snowman)

70. Hike up a mountain (or a big hill with a nice view)

Travel escapades

71. Travel on an plane

72. Go to an island

73. Visit a different countrymoonta-bay-steam-train-kids

74. Ride a train

75. Take a family cruise

76. Take a road-trip

Out and about 

77. See a play or show

78. Visit a museum (bonus points if it contains art)

79. Go to a (child-friendly) concert

80. See a sports game live

81. Take each child on a ‘one-on-one’ datemum central

82. Watch a fireworks show

83. Visit a farm

84. Try roller skating (or ice skating, even)

85. Take in a drive-in movie

86. Eat something that they can’t pronounce

87. Ride a rollercoaster

88. Get lost in a maze

89. Go to your state fair

90. Buy something locally at the markets

91. Play mini golf

92. Brave the water slides

93. Go horseback riding

For special occasions

94. Throw a surprise birthday party

95. Let them stay up til midnight on New Years’ Eve

96. Carve a pumpkin for Halloween

97. Take a family photo with Santa

98. Watch the kids trim the tree (and resist the urge to tell them where the ornaments go)

99. Build a gingerbread houseCadbury Easter Egg Hunt and Family Picnic

100. Look for Easter eggs in the backyard

101. Call in sick for school and work and stay home (just once)

So there you have it – 101 family bucket list ideas to try with the kids this weekend. If you’re looking to venture outside the backyard, then check out these ultimate travel destinations. 

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