Easy Step-by-Step Lego Table Project


Make your own Lego Table at Home with these easy Step-by-Step Instructions 

What you need:

  • 1m x 1m MDF, 12mm thickness
  • 4 lego mats (30cm x 30cm)
  • 1 Ikea LACK coffee table
  • 1 Ikea VESSLA container and lid
  • 250ml undercoat paint (white)
  • 500ml gloss enamel paint (red)
  • craft glue
  • 4 Bolts: 3/16 x 75mm
  • 4 nuts to match bolt
  • 4 mudflap washers


Jigsaw, drill, holesaw bit size 22, paint brush

“If you need a costing – without having to buy tools, it would be around $120 to make.”

Step 1:

Mark MDF as in photo.


Step 2:

Cut the outside of the table, then using a hole saw but (size 22), cut a hole in each corner of the centre square. This will allow you to fit the jigsaw blade in to commence the cutting for the centre square cutout. If you don’t have a hole saw bit, just use a drill bit.



Step 3:

Using a jigsaw, cut out the centre square



Step 4:

Measure and cut the Ikea LACK coffee table. (measurements in photo)


OPTIONAL EXTRA INSTRUCTION: If you want a nicer finish on the end product, you can use the square that you cut out of the LACK table to fill in the sides of the interior of the cut out.


Step 5:

Apply 2 coats of undercoat as per instructions on the tin. (to the tabletop, not the IKEA lack table)


Step 6:

Apply 2 coats of red as per instructions on the tin. You can sand between coats for a smoother finish.


Step 7:

You will notice on the sides of the plastic container that there are some pieces of plastic that prevent the container from sitting flush with the table. You can remove these with a sharp knife.


Step 8:

Assemble LACK coffee table as per Ikea instructions, and place container into the cutout. Place red MDF tabletop into place on the LACK table. Then measure diagonally 15mm from the cutout corners and drill holes. These holes will need to go through the coffee table and will be where we screw the whole table together.


Place bolt through the drilled hole. Underneath, place a washer and then a nut. Bolt together tight, being careful not to pull too tightly in case you damage the underneath of the coffee table.

Step 9:

Glue the Lego mats to the table top, ensuring the bolt heads are covered. We used craft glue, but any form of glue can be used if it is suitable to the task.


Leave the glue to set for 24 hours. Then let the kids go nuts. If you need a costing – without having to buy tools, it would be around $120 to make.

And here is your table ready



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    Found it. What a brilliant idea… space for visiting friends to play too.

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    Jamie Dorn Reply

    Where can I purchase the 4 lego mats (30cm x 30cm) – I have been searching but cannot locate any …

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