11 Tasty Thermomix Recipes to Blitz and Bake

Thermomixers, this recipe round-up is for you. Here’s a Thermoserver full of Thermomix recipes for you to try!

There’s no denying the handy Thermomix (or similar such as Bellini, Kitchen Aid or Aldi thermal cooker) is a real time-saver in the kitchen and boy does mine get a workout. But I’ll admit, I do get in a rut cooking the same things over and over in it.

So, if that sounds like you too or if you’re tossing up whether to buy a Thermomix or not – take a look at some of these recipes and add them to your repertoire over the next few weeks. You won’t regret it!

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1. Mini chicken Kiev bites

Chicken is a staple for many family meal plans, so why not shake it up a little? You can easily make chicken Kiev and mini chicken Kiev bites with just a few extra pantry ingredients. Make them in the Thermomix, then pop them in the airfryer for a quick half-hour cook and watch the kids gobble them down.

Thermomix recipes

1. Butter chicken

If you haven’t tried this ‘Skinnymixers’ Thermomix recipe for butter chicken yet, you absolutely must. It went viral for a delicious reason. Furthermore, once you try it – hand on my heart – you won’t ever go back to a jar sauce. Just add rice, naan bread and a handful of coriander, dinner is served!

Thermomix recipes

3. Quick fried rice

Quick, dust off your Varoma! An awesome all-rounder, this Thermomix recipe for fried rice is a real winner. A perfect side dish and a brilliant meal in itself, any leftovers can be packed in a Thermos for school lunch the next day. #winning.

Thermomix recipes

4. Chicken parma balls

Firstly, a disclaimer…these are oven-baked, BUT the rest of the recipe is using the Thermomix. So it’s not technically cheating. A Thermomix recipe that’s sure to be a hit with the kids, serve these chicken parma balls with some crusty garlic bread and their favourite salad pieces and you’re instantly a Masterchef. Awesome.

thermomix recipes

5. Delicious chopped salad

The easiest Thermomix salad there ever was, chopped salad is a meal planning win. Add shredded chicken and it’s a great lunchtime option for mums who usually eat the kid’s discarded sandwich crusts and not much else. Health is your wealth mums!

Thermomix recipes

6. Thermomix ice cream

Most of us know the Thermomix can whip up an amazing sorbet (for many, that sealed the must-buy-now deal), but did you know you can easily make ice cream in it too? A show stopper dessert, strawberry cheesecake ice cream comes together in just over half an hour (even making your own jam from scratch!) before putting in the freezer to set. Hand me a cone please!

Thermomix recipes

7. Good ol’ fashioned scones

Remember when your grandparents used to serve scones and they were the best thing ever? I’m bringing that afternoon tea delight BACK. The best thing is that scones are made from practically nothing – flour, butter, milk and sugar. Top with your favourite jam and a drizzle of cream.. bliss!

Thermomix recipes

8. Lunch box choc chip muffins

Can’t be bothered with icing? SAME. Nigella’s Chocolate Chip Muffins are always a hit with the kids and furthermore they freeze beautifully. You can bake and freeze this Thermomix recipe and be winning at lunch boxes for the following week!

Thermomix recipes

9. Brownies

I’ve said it once and I’ll continue to preach it – Thermomix makes the best brownies ever. And I’m quite the connoisseur. For this brownie recipe, use a good quality chocolate and don’t over cook – they’re better on the under-cooked side. Nom nom nom.

Thermomix recipes

10. Gin cocktails

No word of a lie, the Thermomix is the ultimate bar keeper’s friend. Last December I blitzed copious amounts of watermelon gin fizz – that two litre jug can certainly fill some glasses (for a mocktail version, omit the gin!). Slurp!

Thermomix recipes

11. Homemade Baileys

Who doesn’t love a bottle of creamy Irish whiskey? If you can source little bottles, homemade Baileys can make for a really nice gift for friends and family. Or y’know, just something handy to keep in your fridge for a couple of months.

Thermomix recipes

Tell us, do you have a Thermomix? What do you use it for the most?!

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