15 Ways to Remove Pee Stains from a Mattress

Accidents happen, and when they involve a mattress, it can be a bit challenging to tackle the aftermath. Whether dealing with a child’s bedwetting or a pet accident, pee stains on a mattress can be unsightly and leave an unpleasant odour.

Fear not, as we’ve compiled a list of fifteen effective store-bought and DIY solutions to help you bid farewell to those stubborn stains and restore your mattress to its former glory.

How to Remove Pee Stains from a Mattress: Store-Bought Solutions

1. Enzymatic Cleaners: Invest in an enzymatic cleaner specifically designed to break down urine molecules. These cleaners contain enzymes that target and neutralise the odour-causing compounds, leaving your mattress fresh and stain-free.

2. Stain Remover Sprays: Look for stain remover sprays formulated for mattresses. These sprays often have a dual-action formula that not only removes stains but also eliminates odours, providing a comprehensive solution for mattress maintenance.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide: Purchase a bottle of hydrogen peroxide from your local pharmacy. Apply it directly to the stain and let it sit for a few minutes before blotting it with a clean cloth. Remember to test a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure it won’t discolour your mattress.

4. Baking Soda and Essential Oils: Create a mixture of baking soda and a few drops of essential oils, such as tea tree or lavender. Sprinkle the mixture over the stained area and let it sit for a few hours. Vacuum up the baking soda to reveal a refreshed and deodorised mattress.

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5. Oxy-Clean: Oxy-Clean is a versatile stain remover that can be effective on mattress pee stains. Follow the product’s instructions for mixing and application, ensuring that you thoroughly rinse and dry the mattress afterwards.

DIY Solutions to remove pee stains from a mattress

6. Vinegar and Baking Soda: Combine equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Spray the stained area generously and let it sit for a few minutes. Blot the excess liquid with a clean cloth, then sprinkle baking soda over the spot. Allow it to sit for a few hours before vacuuming.

7. Cornstarch: Mix cornstarch with water to create a paste. Apply the paste to the stain and let it dry completely. Once dry, brush away the residue with a soft brush, and the stain should lift with it.

8. Lemon Juice and Salt: Create a mixture of lemon juice and salt and apply it to the stain. Allow it to sit for a short period before blotting the area with a clean cloth. The acidity of the lemon juice helps break down stains, and the salt enhances the cleaning process.

9. Club Soda: Pour club soda onto the stained area and blot with a clean cloth. The carbonation in the club soda helps lift the stain, and the blotting action absorbs the liquid. Repeat as necessary until the stain is gone.

10. Baby Wipes: In a pinch, baby wipes can be a convenient DIY solution for fresh urine stains. Gently blot the stain with a baby wipe, being careful not to rub and spread the stain further. Follow up with a thorough drying to prevent lingering odours.

11. Vodka Spray: Vodka is known for its disinfectant properties and can help eliminate odours. Mix equal parts vodka and water in a spray bottle and lightly mist the stained area. Allow it to air dry, and the alcohol content in vodka will assist in neutralising the odour.

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12. Dish Soap and Hydrogen Peroxide: Create a mixture of two parts hydrogen peroxide and one part dish soap. Apply the solution to the stain, gently scrubbing with a soft brush or cloth. Rinse the area thoroughly with water and pat it dry to avoid leaving any soap residue.

13. Activated Charcoal: Place activated charcoal bags or powder on the affected area. Activated charcoal is known for its odour-absorbing properties and can help neutralise unpleasant smells. Leave it on the stain for a few hours before vacuuming or brushing away the charcoal.

14. Essential Oils and Borax: Mix a few drops of your favourite essential oil with borax to create a paste. Apply the paste to the stained area, gently scrubbing with a soft brush. Borax has natural cleaning properties, and the essential oil will leave a pleasant scent. Wipe away any residue with a damp cloth.

15. Sunlight Exposure: On a sunny day, take advantage of the natural disinfecting power of sunlight. After treating the stain with your chosen method, place the mattress in direct sunlight for a few hours. Sunlight not only helps to kill bacteria but also aids in fading stains and removing odours.

Dealing with pee stains on a mattress doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Whether you prefer store-bought solutions or DIY remedies, these methods offer effective ways to tackle stains and odours for all budgets, allowing you to enjoy a clean and fresh mattress once again. Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and test any solution in an inconspicuous area to ensure compatibility with your mattress material.

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