For 16 seasons we’ve watched the boys of Bondi Rescue paddle through crazy swells, perform resuscitations and wrangle rowdy tourists. Some episodes end in laughs, others in tears, but the show remains a fave among Australians and around the world.

For every season, viewers have had the pleasure of watching Daniel McLaughlin aka Beardy, don the blue and battle the crowds and the surf. He’s one of our favourites here at Mum Central and, after recently chatting to him, we like him even more!

The Sydney lifeguard is also a dad to nine-month-old Marlowe with his partner, Courtney Ormbsy and currently on paternity leave, soaking up as much Marlowe as he can get.

Beardy with Courtney and Marlowe. Source: Instagram

We stole him away from Marlowe for 20 minutes so he could answer 20 questions about all things Bondi Rescue, the wonderful world of first-time parenthood and where we’d find him if not on the show.

20 questions with Beardy

1. Who has been your fave celebrity you’ve met on Bondi Rescue?

There have been a few. Zac Efron was pretty popular, Hugh Jackman comes down a little bit but he’s sneaky about it. But my favourite celebs were Prince Harry and Meghan. She was lovely and he was really nice too. We reckon he likes Bondi Rescue.

2.. What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on the beach?

Probably a bunch of drunk Irishmen trying to do a pyramid. They kept falling all over each other. We actually had to intervene as we were worried they would hurt themselves. But they were having the time of their lives. It was hilarious.

3. What’s the weirdest lost item you’ve been asked to find?

Teeth! They were actually Bondi Rescue’s Harry Nightengale’s. He came back from a paddle and lost them. We weren’t finding them!

4. What’s the biggest misconception about being a lifeguard?

I think the show has done a lot to professionalise it. It shows the actual work that we do. Previous to the show, there was this preconception that lifeguards just did nothing and stood around and hung out at the beach. Once the show came into effect, it highlighted what exactly happens and the necessity of the service.

5. What has been your best day on the job?

I would say the best days on the job are when the team all works together. Given the fact that there can be five of us and 30,000 people, the days are busy and we are needed and we don’t lose anyone, those are the best days.

Bondi Rescue
Teamwork makes the dreamwork. The Bondi boys bonding with baby Marlowe. Source: Instagram

6. How about your hardest day?

Recently we lost a Russian DJ out here on holidays who ventured out into the rock platform, walked out on the rocks and got hit by the waves. I was the one who found him. I had to search underwater for him and try to resuscitate him but he drowned.

7. What are three things all kids should know about the beach?

  1. Where the red and yellow flags are.
  2. Where the lifeguards are located.
  3. The areas you can swim, where not to swim and where the dangerous currents are.
Bondi Rescue team
Return to the surf on Thursdays at 7.30pm. Source: Supplied

8. What’s the biggest mistake you see parents repetitively make at the beach?

Taking their eyes off their kids or sending them down to the water on their own. And, in more recent times, being on their phones.

9. What’s one special talent you have?

I’m pretty handy! I did my trade as a carpenter and a motor mechanic and there’s nothing I can’t really get my hands in. We’re looking at real estate and searching for something I can build myself – I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty and putting on the tool belt again.

10. What are you watching on TV these days?

I’ve been watching the golf but we’ve also been watching that new Australian one  – The End.

11. What’s your favourite city?

You know what? I like New York, it’s so different from what I’m used to. My whole life of travelling was chasing surf so to go to America and see New York, it was like two different contrasts.

12. If you could live anywhere (except for Sydney), where would we find you?

It’d be in the hinterland of Byron Bay, along the northern rivers.

13. And what job would you have (other than a lifeguard)?

A carpenter. I love using my hands.

14. Does your daughter like to swim?

She absolutely loves it. We take her for morning swims at the Bogey Hole at Bronte Beach followed by coffee. It’s actually really special and something we look forward to.

Bondi Rescue's Beardy interview
Saving lives to catching zzz’s. All in a day’s work for Beardy. Source: Instagram

15. What’s the best time of the day?

At about 5.30/6am, when we walk into Marlow’s room and she gives us the biggest smile. She’s ready for a bottle and then the fun begins!

16. Which is worst? Changing pooey nappies or cleaning vomit spills?

Do you know what, I reckon, the vomit! It’s that smell, it’s just, yeah, it gets me. Not that the pooey nappies don’t!

17. Best spread to put on toast?

Scrambled eggs.

18. AFL or NRL?

NRL. I’ve had my [Sydney] Roosters membership since 2002.

19. Can you cook?

I rate myself at cooking. I’ll have a go at anything.

20. Finally, fish and chips or nuggets and chips?

Wow, far out, that’s a hard one. Okay. I’m going with… nuggets and chips.

Bondi Rescue returns 

You can catch Beardy and the Bondi Rescue boys on Thursdays at 7.30pm on Channel 10. The new season includes 10 fresh-faced recruits and plenty of drama as the crew face regular rips, sharks, bag thieves and, of course, the global pandemic. 


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