Deck the Halls with Woody! Disney Christmas Trees are a Thing

How much Disney is too much Disney? Never. And these brilliantly decorated Disney Christmas trees attest to that theory. Even the most die-hard of Disney fans should prepare themselves for this visual feast!

Deck the halls with Woody, Slinky Dog, and Buzz Lightyear… yes you heard that right, these Disney themed Christmas trees seen on the Walt Disney World – Disney Dave Facebook page, are breathtakingly beautiful – and SO MUCH FUN! Be warned though, I can almost guarantee you’ll be redecorating the Christmas tree on the daily as kids pull things off of it to play. Because Disney toys are too fun NOT to play with.

Disney Christmas Trees to Delight!

The happiest place on Earth, right there in your living room. On a Christmas tree. Let the parade of Disney Christmas trees commence!

Frozen fever

Disney Christmas tree
Do you want to build a snowman? Beautiful Frozen themed tree! Source: Facebook / Walt Disney World – Disney Dave

High on the Disney agenda, is always Frozen. Aqua paired with white, you can’t go wrong. But make it EXTRA with Olaf himself making an appearance, along with several figurines and merch. Finally, the toy box is useful.

Disney Christmas tree
Let it gooooo….. Source: Facebook / Walt Disney World – Disney Dave

To infinity and beyond

Toy Story will always be one of my favourite Disney films. And yes, this does look like Andy’s room exploded onto a Christmas tree and I am SO HERE FOR IT.

Disney Christmas tree
Assume position! It’s a Toy Story Christmas tree! Source: Facebook / Walt Disney World – Disney Dave

Mouse in da house

Oh, Mickey, you’re so fine! An abstract Disney tree, if you will. Add ears, arms and Mickey’s famous yellow shoes and you have yourself a Mickey Mouse tree!

Disney Christmas tree
Oh, Mickey! Source: Facebook / Walt Disney World – Disney Dave

Sleeping beau-tree

A Maleficent topped tree? You bet. Just look at those legs!

mum central
No curse here, just loads of Disney fun! Source: Facebook / Walt Disney World – Disney Dave

Avengers assemble… in a tree

Have yourself a very Merry Avengers Christmas! All that Spiderman, Captain America and Iron Man merch the kids have? Get it out and decorate the tree!

Disney Christmas tree
End your Christmas game with this superhero of a tree. Source: Facebook / Walt Disney World – Disney Dave

Under the sea

The Little Mermaid gets a look in too with this Christmas extravaganza! So sweet the things that lie under the sea!

Disney Christmas tree
The Little Mermaid – tree style. Source: Facebook / Walt Disney World – Disney Dave


The most iconic Disney tree I ever did see, complete with Fantasia hat and white Mickey Mouse gloves, is there even a tree under there?! AMAZING!

Disney Christmas tree
Spot the tree! Source: Facebook / Walt Disney World – Disney Dave

I think we can agree, there are some serious Disney Christmas tree goals for next year! Would you be brave enough to do it?!

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