These 20 Valuable Collector Items are Selling for Big Bucks

If you have any of these 20 valuable collectors items hidden away in a storage closet or attic, then you’re one step closer to retirement – or a really good holiday! According to, these 20 items can make you a pretty penny! 

Check out the full list of the most valuable collector items in the world- there are heaps of first-edition books, VHS tapes, board games, coins, and toys that make the cut. Of course, they will need to be in mint condition. 

All pricing below is according to and in American dollars. Keep in mind that the *worth today price is what these items have sold for but doesn’t guarantee this price. 

Original 1959 Barbie

Maker: Mattel 
Original Price: $3*
Worth Today: $27,450*

Most valuable collectables Barbie

Barbie is everything. But Original Barbie is actually everything. There have been a few Barbies over the years that have sold for a decent amount in auctions but the Original 1959 Barbie seems to be a heavy hitter. 

G.I. Joe Action Figure

Maker: Hasbro

Original Price: $4*
Worth Today: $200,000*

Most Valuable Collectibles - GI Joe

The first edition G.I. Joe arrived on toy shelves in 1964 and it was all guns blazing! 

Princess Diana Beanie Baby

Maker: Ty
Original Price: $5-$7*
Worth Today: $22,222*

Valuable collector items - Beanie Boos

Before there were Beanie Boos, there were the lovable Beanie Babies. Several Beanie Babies are now worth something but the creme de la creme is Princess Diana. The purple beanie baby was created shortly after her death to raise money for the Princess of Wales Memorial Fund. 

Check out some of the other Beanie Babies that are now worth something. 

Beauty and the Beast VHS Tape

Maker: VHS
Original Price: $50*
Worth Today: $14,500*

Valuable collector items - VHS

Who knew Disney VHS tapes would be worth something nowadays? I’m sure there are a few of us kicking ourselves. How you can actually get money for VHS tapes is anyone’s guess but some, such as a Beauty and the Beast VHS Tape, have sold for five digits. Like all valuable collector items, unopened is always worth the most. 

Spice Girls Doll Set

Maker: Galoob Toys
Original Price: $30*
Worth Today: $300*

Valuable collector items - Spice Girls

Who remembers this set? I’m sure most of us begged our parents for this at some stage. Full sets, in mint condition, from the toys’ original release date in 1997, resell for hundreds on auction sites.

Pikachu Illustrator Pokemon Card

Maker: Nintendo 
Original Price: Free
Worth Today: $54,970*

Valuable collectors items - pokemon card

Like all vintage toys, only certain Pokemon cards are considered valuable but this one is a winner. Called “The Holy Grail” of the Pokemon world, the Pikachu Illustrator is the most valuable card in existence from the Poke-verse. 

Golden Lego Brick

Maker: Legoland 
Original Price: Free
Worth Today: $19,793*

mum central

The odds that you have one of these laying around are pretty bad but you never know. This golden brick was actually an award given out to Lego employees who did something outstanding.

Almost like an employee of-the-year type thing. The oversized Lego was made of $205 worth of 14-karat gold. So, unless you or a relative worked at Lego in the past, you probably won’t find one of these anywhere in your collection. 

1985 Teresa Ann Cabbage Patch Doll

Maker: Coleco Industries 
Original Price: $25*
Worth Today: $2,000*

Valuable collector items - cabbage patch dolls

Cabbage Patch Kids made history in the 1980s for being the most successful doll launch in the toy industry at the time and there are a few different Cabbage Patch dolls that will make you money, as long as the doll is in perfect or near-perfect condition.

Teresa Ann is a popular one as are several other Cabbage Patch Dolls born in 1985. Dolls made prior to 1982 are also worth the most and are extremely rare. 

1986 American Girl Doll Samantha

Maker: American Girl 
Original Price: $89*
Worth Today: $4,200*

Valuable collector items

Samantha Parkington was released in 1986 alongside two other Amerian Girls – Molly McIntire and Kisten Larson. They were the first Historical Characters from American Girl Co. 

1992 Polly Pocket Partytime Stampers

Maker: Bluebird Toys
Original Price: $9.99*
Worth Today: $5,000*

Polly Pockets

There are a few different Polly Pocket sets worth money including the Partytime Stampers. Collectors only want the super vintage sets though, the ones manufactured before 1998 when they were still made by British company Bluebird versus Mattel.

Mego Elastic Batman

Maker: Mego Elastic 
Original Price: $20*
Worth Today: $15,000*

valuable collector items - batman

Only eight Mego Elastic figures were ever produced. Decades later, these toys are some of the rarest collectibles on the market. If you happen to have one that’s unopened in the box, then try your luck on eBay!

1972 Blythe Doll

Maker: Kenner 
Original Price: $4.50*
Worth Today: $2,000*

vintage collector doll

These creepy dolls were only around for a year so they are extremely rare and a cult item among collectors. That’s why they sell so well. There are only a few different dolls in the collection too and what makes these dolls interesting, apart from their massive heads, is that their eyes change colour when you pulled a string. 

1983 Care Bears Cousins Pink Monkey

Maker: Kenner, Parker Brothers 
Original Price: $20*
Worth Today: $10,000*

vintage care bear

I don’t know if anyone remembers the Care Bears cousins, but these included a horse, cat, dog, lamb, elephant and a pink monkey. Pink Monkey seems to be the fave among collectors and sells for $10,000. 

1969 Volkswagen Beach Bomb Hot Wheels

Maker: Mattel 
Original Price: $0.98*
Worth Today: $72,000+*

vintage hot wheels

Hot Wheels cars are a dime a dozen, right? Yes, but some of them are considered quite valuable including the Beach Bomb car. Only 50 are known to exist. 

Original Easy-Bake Oven

Maker: Kenner Products
Original Price: $15.95*
Worth Today: $300*

vintage collectable item

Ah, the original ‘kitchen play set’ with a ‘working’ oven and vintage colour choices. Although it may not be enough to retire, the Original Easy-Bake Oven is worth a bit now. If you do have one of these at home, we suggest holding onto it for a little longer. 


Maker: Bandai
Original Price: $18*
Worth Today: $2,250*

mum central

This late 90s toy was huge and millions sold around the world. The only ones worth much these days are the original 1996 ones.

1959 Pyrex Casserole Dish

Maker: Pyrex 
Original Price: $15*
Worth Today: $4,000*

Pyrex collector item

Moving into the non-toys, this vintage Pyrex Casserole Dish continues to dish out the dollars.  There are a few different dishes that are considered valuable. Check out our previous story about them here. 

1953 Superman Lunchbox

Maker: Universal 
Original Price: $2.39*
Worth Today: $13,225*

vintage lunch box worth money today

These collectible lunch boxes were SOOO cool back in the day and Superman was a firm favourite. I know keeping a lunch box from the 1950s probably isn’t something you’ve done, but it’s worth asking Grandpa if he has one tucked away somewhere. 

1st Edition Where The Wild Things Are

Maker: Harper & Row 
Original Price: $1.99*
Worth Today: $20,000*

valuable books

There are a few books that have sold for some staggering amounts over the years but most need to be 1st editions and, better yet, signed by the author.

Maudice Sendak’s classic is a staple in most kids’ bookshelves but if you happen to have a 1st edition, then you may want to tuck it into a Ziplock bag and save it! 

1st Edition Julia Child’s ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’

Maker: Knopf
Original Price: $2-$5*
Worth Today:$2,000 and up*

valuable collector items - first edition book

Another 1st edition winner – Julia Child’s classic cookbook is also a vintage fave. You’ll need the 1961 edition in mint condition though. But, hey, you never know! 

These are only a few of the most valuable collector’s items in the world. Check out the full list at and see what else made it including albums, baseball cards, posters, license plates and more.

Also, check out our previous articles on childhood toys that could be worth something now. 


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