Are you spending more and more time home and finding the bickie barrel is almost always (mysteriously) empty? Here’s our roundup of biscuit recipes to keep hunger at bay and the barrel (and belly) FULL. Yum!

We love biscuit recipes here at Mum Central. Be it for munching, dunking or gifting, here are 21 of the most delicious biscuit recipes we’ve shared!

1. The budget bake biscuits

Budget friendly basic biscuit recipe, biscuit recipe

135 biscuits for under $4. YEP, it’s the ultimate budget bake biscuit sesh. Keep them plain or dress them up with some chocolate chips or sprinkles, the choice is yours!

2. Best ever chocolate chip biscuits

best chocolate chip biscuit recipe, biscuit recipe

No really, they ARE the BEST EVER. Go on and try this best ever chocolate chip biscuit recipe for yourself and report back, I’m sure you’ll agree. YUM!

3. Twix biscuits

Twix biscuit recipe, biscuit recipe

If it’s a fancy pants biscuit you crave, the Twix inspired biscuit is hands-down the crowd-pleaser. You won’t be disappointed, promise.

4. Bear paw biscuits

Bear paw biscuit recipe, biscuit recipe

One for the kids (or the young at heart), bear paw biscuits! Really easy to make with minimal effort, plus the kids will think you’re a superstar mum. Everyone wins!

5. Thermomix gingerbread men

gingerbread men biscuit recipe

My go-to recipe for gingerbread biscuits, the Thermomix whips them up in next to no time. An awesome batch size too, you won’t be there all day rolling and cutting which leaves more time for munching.

6. Coconut and lemon shortbread stars

shortbread biscuit recipe

Lovers of buttery biscuits will love the zing of these coconut and lemon shortbread stars. They’re glorious and practically melt in your mouth. Deeeeeelicious.

7. Mini house biscuits

Mini Christmas house biscuit recipe
Source: CSR Sugar

Just in case you’re celebrating Christmas in July (or August or September), these mini house biscuits make adorable gifts. Or you can just start practising now for December?!

8. Monte Carlo biscuits

Arnott's Monte Carlo biscuit recipe
Source: Arnott’s

Let’s not forget that Arnott’s spread the biscuit love this year by sharing some of their most popular recipes, including this one for at-home Monte Carlos!

9. Apricot and oat cookies

Apricot and oat cookies recipe
Source: Kenwood

Like a traditional ANZAC biscuit, these apricot and oat cookies are a treat for the senses. They’re gutsy, filled with delicious fruit and chewy to the bite. A biscuit with attitude, you’ll want more than one!

10. Scotch finger and Iced Vovo biscuits

Arnott's Scotch Finger biscuit recipe
Source: Arnott’s

A classic favourite, Arnott’s also dropped their Scotch Finger and Iced Vovo biscuit recipes earlier this year. The yummy treats just keep on coming!

11. Red velvet crinkle cookies

If ever you want to gift biscuits to someone, these red velvet crinkle cookies are the bomb digity. Truly luxurious, they’re the best-baked treat EVER.

12. Gluten-free crackers

Source: Mum’s Pantry

Tired of paying a small fortune for gluten-free crackers at the supermarket? You can totally make your own! Simple salted gluten-free crackers for all, coming right up!

13. Cornflake cookies

Source: Mum’s Pantry

Always a favourite and even more so with a handful of choc-chips or sultanas thrown in. Cornflake cookies for the win!

14. Munchy muesli cookies

Source: Mum’s Pantry

Kind of like breakfast but kind of not, muesli cookies are sought after by all who love a muesli bar. Awesome for kids lunch boxes and after school snacks!

15. Anzac biscuits

My family favourite. We like them chewy, others like them rock hard – however you prefer though, Anzac biscuits are always a biscuit barrel fave.

16. Dark chocolate biscuits

Source: Mum’s Pantry

Simple and classic. A no-fuss, no-frills, straight-talking dark chocolate biscuit. YUM.

17. Delicious jam drops

Source: Mum’s Pantry

Word of warning – don’t bite into these jam drop biscuits fresh out of the oven, they’re like molten lava hot.

18. Nutella yoyo biscuits

Source: Mum’s Pantry

I had you at Nutella, right? Nutella yoyo biscuits, what could be better than two melt in your mouth mini cookies sandwiched together with Nutella? NOTHING. Hop to it!

19. Gingernut biscuits

Source: Mum’s Pantry

There’s no mistaking a gingernut biscuit. It’s spicy, sweet and soooooo very crunchy good!

20. Greek almond macaroon biscuits

Source: Bigstock

Fluffy and nutty, this recipe for Greek almond macaroon biscuits will be adored by all.

21. Peanut butter cookies

Source: Mum’s Pantry

Got a surplus of peanut butter and can spare half an hour to bake? Peanut butter cookies coming right up, folks!

Tell us, what’s your favourite biscuit and is it one you bake yourself? We’d love to know!

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