Daddy Daughter Magical Mermaid Photoshoot Makes a Huge Splash

When your eight-year-old daughter wants you to get in the photo, you get in the photo. Even if it involves donning a multicolored mermaid tail, a pink shell bikini, and crustacean crown.

Case in point: This magnificent specimen of a father who made her little girl’s birthday mermaid photoshoot even more magical by joining her by the sea. Splish splash.

daddy daughter mermaid photoshoot
Source: Desirae Deal Photography

Dad’s magical mermaid transformation

Meet Michael, the mer-dad who is making some serious waves on social media. His daughter, Aspen, wanted nothing more than to be a mermaid. So, for her eighth birthday, her grandma lined up a mermaid photoshoot with Desirae Deal Photography.

However, once at the shoot, Aspen wanted her dad by her side while splashing in the sea. Desirae happened to have another mermaid outfit handy, and viola, mer-dad was born!

dad and daughter mermaid photoshoot
Source: Desirae Deal Photography

As Desirae writes,

I had the honour of doing a mermaid session for this sweet girl’s 8th birthday, and all she wanted was for her Dad to join in on the fun. Let me tell you he did NOT disappoint! The laughs, the joy, and the memories they created were the absolute best gift he could’ve given her.

I have no doubt that this story, this priceless memory, will be talked about and cherished for generations to come. Take the pictures. Play with them every chance you get, for they are only little for so long.” 

Making mermaid memories 

It’s pretty clear from the photos that this session was an ocean of fun to shoot, for both the photographer and Michael and Aspen. Just look at those matching tails and smiles! So so sweet.

It’s almost enough to make you tear up. #SomeonesChoppingOnionsAgain. 

Mermaid dad photoshoot
Source: Desirae Deal Photography

Dad’s mermaid photoshoot wins the internet

And we’re not the only ones loving this mermaid photoshoot. Since Desirae shared the story on her Facebook page, the post has racked up over 30,000 comments and over 163,000 shares.

“Say what you want but that is an awesome dad right there! Not a lot of men will swallow their pride a little and do something like this,” one person commented.

“This daddy is so awesome to do that with his daughter. Such cute and memorable pictures. He will be her hero forever,” another said.

mermaid dad photoshoot
Source: Desirae Deal Photography
mum central
Source: Desirae Deal Photography

Desirae admits it was the most fun photoshoot she’s ever done and she’s swimming in requests from families who want to jump on board the mer-dad trend.

We reckon Aspen would have been absolutely pleased as punch with the pics too. What a great birthday surprise, what a great dad and what a great photo shoot to celebrate their bond.

Definitely a few framers for the family room! This one is our absolute fav. ↓↓

mermaid dad photoshoot
Source: Desirae Deal Photography

The little girl’s face says it all. Dad, you’re an absolute legend, tail and all. Wear that crustacean crown with pride. You’ve earned it.

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