Ready for the party?! You’ve planned the party games, ordered the cake and now you’re faced with the loot bags – but ugh, more sugar?

Relax, we’ve got you! Here are 20 clever and fun alternatives to a traditional party loot bag.

Whether you’re hosting a cool birthday party at home or at a venue or park, kids expect a loot bag and what birthday party isn’t complete without sending the guests home with a thank you surprise!

Of course, I’m not saying there’s anything awful about a traditional lolly filled loot bag. I mean, I love hiding in the pantry eating my kids’ loot as much as the next mum. But, if you’re trying to kerb back on feeding kids ALL of the sugar, well keep on reading because these are especially for you! 

If you’re planning a party we’ve got the goods! From a list of the most fun party games plus a pretty epic list of birthday party etiquette including a solid list of do’s and don’ts. Judging by th feedback too, they’re the must-reads for anyone organising a party!

21 lolly-free party favour ideas

1. Mini puzzles, so much fun and an excellent brain workout.

2. Mini play doh-tubs and a cookie-cutter – tie them together with a ribbon. TIP: Buy a bulk kit for better value for money.

Source: Amazon

3. A decorated cookie. Sweet – AND NOT A LOLLY.

4. Kinetic Sand – individual pots or bags of course. These are just $2 each at Target.

party loot bags
Source: Target

5. Pencils and notebook for the busy doodlers.

6. A pinata filled with little toys (figurines, pencils, erasers etc) – everyone gets to fill a cup to take home.

party loot bag
Source: Kmart

7. A book – a good read guaranteed!

8. Bubble wands, classic choice. AND CHEAP, Bubble Wands are just 40 CENTS each at BigW!

party loot bag
Source: Big W

9. Temporary tattoos or stickers. Great for kids who love to STICK STUFF to all of the things. Maybe throw a notebook in if the budget allows.

10. A pot and seeds or little seedling kit. This Mr. Fothergill’s Little Gardeners Butterfly Garden Kit is just $6.16 at Bunnings.

party loot bag
Source: Bunnings

11. Glow sticks for a sleepover party! Get your dance groove on with glow sticks attached!

12. Frisbee (or Kmart do cool Flying Rings for just $2!). Outside you go, kids!

party loot bag
Source: Kmart

13. A bouncy ball. FUN FOR EVERYONE, just maybe not inside.

14. Colouring in books or colouring roll. All of these colouring books, just $2 at Target

party loot bag
Source: Target

15. Pretty hair bows. Can never go wrong with accessories, folks.

16. Kids’ lip gloss. These sweet lip glosses are $3 each at Kmart!

party loot bags
Source: Kmart

17. Glue sticks and glitter (insert evil laughter here). The kids will LOVE IT.

18. Skipping rope. Kmart Light Up Jump Rope, $3! Brilliant!

party loot bag
Source: Kmart

19. Plaster paint packs. Again, buy these in big kits and let the kids decorate them at the party, then wrap them up to take home.

20. Hot Wheels cars, perfect for pint-size petrol rev-heads.

21. A lucky dip of all the above!

Source: Bigstock

So there you have it. How did you go? There are SO many awesome alternatives to fill a party loot bag that don’t include sugar! All perfect for any party theme and budget, you just have to think outside the box!

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