25 Brilliant Frozen Theme Birthday Cakes

Hail Queen Elsa … and Olaf (and even sneaky Vienetta!). We asked our Mum Central readers to show us their Frozen themed birthday cakes and you all certainly delivered!

In fact, there’s SO many to choose from we needed to create two articles – so keep an eye out for the Frozen Birthday Party Cake sequel!

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You guys NAILED the Frozen theme birthday cakes, they’re all fit for Frozen royalty!

1. Snowballs and snowflakes

Disney Frozen birthday cake
LOVE the personalised cookie addition! Source: Alicia Gray

2. The whole gang, including Hans!

Frozen theme birthday cake
The whole cast arrived for this Frozen theme birthday cake! Source: Emma Corbett

3. Blue and white chocolate ice shards – genius!

Frozen cake
Colouring chocolate can be SO tricky, awesome work! Source: Kaz Webb

4. Printed cake topper, the ultimate time-saver

Disney Frozen birthday cake
Alexis, we hope you loved your Frozen cake! Source: Crystal Sorgsepp

5. Snowflake sprinkle details, so cool!

mum central
Adore the stencil work on top of this cake, such a cute detail to include. Source: Leanne Pallot

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Taking cakes to a whole new level, literally, you KNOW things are getting serious when you start stacking these babies up!

6. It’s ok to leave it to the pro bakers!

mum central
Outsourced and GORGEOUS! Source: Amanda Elise Holt

7.  A cake fit for a Queen!

Frozen theme birthday cake
What’s a Queen Elsa cake without a tiara topper? Source: Amy Kate

8. A fondant covered masterpiece

mum central
I bow down to this fondant Queen! Source: Folland Michelle Rob

9. Marshmallow snowballs – I’m here for it!

mum central
Marshmallows and jelly, SO GOOD! Source: Jo Young

10. Magical transparent ice shards!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
The prettiest of ice shards and sprinkles for this Frozen cake. Source: Lauren Johnson

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The Dolly Varden cake tin is dusted off and bought from the back of the dark cupboard – Queen Elsa cakes coming in thick and fast!

11. That pressed petal skirt is AMAZING!

mum central
The pressed petal skirt is so very pretty! Source: Brooke Bregg

12. Blue ombre Elsa dress

mum central
Blue ombre for days! Source: Dannika O’Conner

13. A fondant and buttercream swirl DREAM

Frozen theme birthday cakes
A swirly skirt with snowflake details, perfection. Source: Crystal Sorgsepp

14. A perfect colour match, wardrobe joy!

mum central
Such a lucky birthday girl, Ciara! Source: Kylie Johnson

15. The best edible skirt I ever did see

mum central
So very beautiful. Abbey, we hope you loved your cake! Source: Jayne Wheeler

16. Blue tongues imminent, stunning!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
Blue icing makes for blue tongues but how brilliantly good is it!? Source: Shirly Caple Potter

17. A buttercream dream boat

mum central
Layers upon layers of two-toned blue buttercream icing. Get in my belly! Source: Tamara Linaker

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Our favourite snowman, Olaf!”]

Sing with me: do you wanna build a snowwwwmannnnnnn? Yes, and then eat him. Delicious!

18. Oh Olaf, you’re so sweet!

Frozen them birthday cake
You got some snowflakes on your face, mate! Source: Rachel Rowe

19. The easy to transport Olaf cake

Frozen theme birthday cakes
Beautiful and SMART. Source: Michelle Lord

20. Olaf, still building snowmen!

mum central
Yes we do! Source: Bec Kassidy Baily

[mc_block_title custom_title=”Hybrid, fancy pants Frozen cakes”]

It’s not unusual for children to want to roll ALL of their favourite things into one cake and these mums delivered on the baking brief!

21. A frozen cake stack

Frozen theme birthday cakes
Cake AND cupcakes, yesssss! Source: Jenna Busch

22. A springtime nod to Frozen birthday cakes

mum central
When you love sunflowers as much as you love Elsa. Source: Annie Wong

23. Literally a frozen Frozen cake – an ice cream cake!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
You’re as cold as cold, baby! Source: Rhiana Du Toit

24. A Cocomelon and Frozen hybrid cake!

mum central
Why choose when you can have BOTH? Source: Charlie Laurence

25. Frozen cupcakes for days!

Frozen theme birthday cakes
When your cupcakes are THIS good, why not?! Source: Lauren Wilson

There you have it, Frozen theme birthday cakes are served! Stand by for Frozen II coming soon for even MORE brilliant cakes.

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