25 More Brilliant Bluey Cakes, For Real Life!

We’re still saying wackadoo over your Bluey cakes here at Mum Central, so much so we have MORE of them to show off!

Did you love our first Bluey cake roundup of 25 Bluey cakes, made by our amazing Mum Central readers? Well, we received so many, so here’s our second collection of 25 MORE amazing Bluey theme cakes coming right up! #whackadoo!

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1. Bluey, Bingo, Bandit and Chilli!

bluey cake
It’s a family event! Source: Lana Coles Schweitzer

2. Bingo, just as popular as her big sister!

Bluey cake
A flower crown for Bingo, YES! Source: Julie Campbell

3. Snickers, Coco, Muffin and Bingo too!

bluey cake
There’s always room for friends! Source: Bree Phoenix

4. Fun at the beach!

bluey cake
Love the towel capes, girls! Source: Meera Metha

5. Dad nails the Bingo cake!

bluey cake
Dad to the cake making rescue! AWESOME! Source: Katie Merlo

6. We LOVE a birthday surprise cake!

mum central
Coloured cake layers for the Bluey win. Source: Jade Morrison

7. What an outrageously good orange drip!

mum central
The orange drip or the spotty cake board – LOVE THEM BOTH! Source: Stacey Barnes

8. Playground fun for everyone!

mum central
Swings and slippery dips for this adorable cake. Source: Stephanie Mathers

9. Mila’s stunning Bluey cake!

mum central
How could you NOT be impressed? Happy birthday Mila! Source: Yundhy Andriani Saabian

10. Better than any sunset, Bluey and friends!

mum central
A sea of teal and orange icing. Sweet! Source: Suzanne Atri

11. The stars have it!

mum central
SO good, I’m seeing stars!! Source: Tanya Berghofer

12. Wackadoo, what a Bluey cake!

mum central
Such an awesome cake topper! Happy birthday, Christian! Source: Sam Valentine

13. It’s the lollipops for me. SWOON.

mum central
A cake with swirls of fun! Source: Michelle Frosio

14. Who doesn’t love a marshmallow pool float?

mum central
Sour strap towels and jelly water – YUM! Source: Ruth Gill

15. Goggles on, kids!

mum central
Save a delicious slice for me! Source: Kat Miles

16. Sparklers and skateboards for Bluey and friends!

Bluey cake
So cool! Source: Jessica Nisbet

17. Pink pastel Bluey cake for Ariana

mum central
Soooo cute! Happy birthday, Ariana. Source: Chantelle Bianco

18. Buttercream perfection, made with heart

Bluey cake
A work of art! Source: April Hocking

19. A field of flowers, yum!

mum central
LOVE the green fondant and flowers, so pretty! Source: Carolyn Carter

20. The ears have it!

Bluey cake
Nice ears Bluey! Source: Hayley Challen

21. A biscuit topper is a brilliant idea

mum central
An edible topper? GENIUS. Source: Nunuck O’Connor

22. Who’s pulling the wagon?

Bluey cake
Love the coordinating sprinkles and lollipops! Source: Nicole de la Perrelle

23. You couldn’t FIT more fun on this cake!

mum central
Dive right in! Source: Alisha Carruthers

24. Hope you can hear us Bluey!

mum central
Excellent effort, we see Bluey! Source: Alison Battersby

25. Make it blue and make it Bluey!

Bluey cake
NAILED THE BRIEF. Source: Rhiannon Hardy

That’s it for our epic Bluey cakes folks! We hope you’re full of blue and orange themed cake inspiration. Now off you go to build your own Bluey or Bingo cake, FOR REAL LIFE!

Keep your eyes peeled, we have even more Bluey birthday party inspo coming up!

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