Family Seeking Answers after ‘Healthy and Happy’ 4yo’s Unexpected Death

An entire community is trying to come to terms with the sudden loss of a little girl named Millicent Edwards. The “healthy” and “happy” little girl had no prior health conditions when she collapsed at her Alice Springs home. She died 48 hours later.

Now her heartbroken parents are awaiting answers as to what happened to their beautiful little girl.

Collapsed at home 

Millicent, or Milli was a kind and bubbly four-and-a-half-year-old. She attended preschool and took dance lessons at a local dance studio and had plenty of friends who adored her. She was also adored by her mum, Amanda, dad, Cody and brothers.

Millicent's unexpected death
Milli’s unexpected death has devastated her family. Source: Facebook

Milli and her family were travelling around Australia and had recently made a home in Alice Springs. On June 14th, Milli was at home with her dad when she collapsed for reasons unknown. She was not sick at all and didn’t have any previous health conditions or concerns.

She was taken to Alice Springs Hospital and put in an induced coma. She was then transported by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to the Women and Children Hospital in Adelaide where she received medical treatment.

Unexpected death Millicent
Source: Facebook

An entire community, 20 to 30 people, flew to Adelaide to be there for Milli.

“Millicent fought hard to stay in this world but danced her way to heaven on Friday the 16th of June where she was surrounded by family and friends,” family friend Emma Bell wrote on a GoFundMe account.

Unexpected death leaves family hoping for answers

Millicent was clearly a very special and very loved little girl and our hearts break for the Edwards family. We hope they receive the answers they deserve and uncover what happened to Milli.

As Emma told 7News, without answers, “It feels like it’s not real”. While finding out what happened won’t take away the pain, it can help a family process the tragedy. Doctors are still unsure what happened to her.

There is a GoFindMe account set up to support Amanda and Cody as they navigate this difficult time and grieve as a family. You can donate here. 

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  1. Avatar of Jade

    Did Milli get an mrna covid vax?
    If so she’s among so many others who “die suddenly” afterwards!
    It’s so so sad, nothing can bring her back and I feel immense sorrow for the family, but questions need to be answered of our government and CHO’s and PM and TGA and AHPRA and State Premiers etc They knew this would occur and were paid to promote it anyway.
    Absolutely abhorrent!

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