Is Pink Moving to Australia? Our Sources Say YES!


Australia is awesome. It’s warm and sunny and laid back and we all know this because we live here. But more and more celebs are discovering this and making the trek across the pond to permanently locate in Australia.

The latest celeb family to contemplate the move? Pink and her family!

Pink moving to Australia – you beauty!

Pink is planning on spending several weeks in Australia come February 2024 as she tours around Australia in her Summers Carnival Tour, starting in Sydney on 9 February and ending in Perth on 1 March. She will also perform in Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Adelaide.

She’s bringing the whole Hart tribe with her too. Starting with Carey Hart, her husband of 17 years, her daughter Willow Sage, 12, and her son, Jameson, 6. Willow will also most likely join her on stage for a few sets as she’s quite the budding singer and artist too.

While they will be based in Australia during the Summer Carnival tour, the family is looking to make things a little more permanent and longer than just a few weeks.

According to New Idea, the family is hunting for some land so they can eventually build their dream home in Australia. The family will need a lot of space, though, as the kids have requested enough room for a dirt bike track in their backyard.

Pink and Willow often share the stage. Source: Instagram

Where will they be moving?

There’s no news of where in Australia the Hart family may relocate but plenty of celebs have taken up residence in Byron Bay including Chris Hemsworth, Zac Efron, and Natalie Portman. Margot Robbie was also seen checking out mansions in the area.

If we were to take a guess, however, we think they may be heading a bit more north where it’s hotter. Far North Queensland or the Sunshine Coast are our guesses. What about you?

Many celebs also opt to have one house in Australia and another in America because #celeblife. That way they can go back and forth as they please based on work commitments, weather, and whatnot.

An insider told New Idea:

“Pink and Carey have a string of goals and all of it is hinging on Australia. If they can work trhough their issues with the aim of having a great Christmas and New Year, then Australia wil be the ultimate reward.

Setting up their much-longer-for dream base Down Under where they can escape the wintry months will be just what the doctor ordered.” 

pink moving to Australia with her family
Pink looks like she’s packing up to escape to Australia for our summers! Source: Instagram

Pink has never been shy to express her love of Aus and admitted in February that she was looking into applying for Australian citizenship.

She also shared on 60 Minutes that she told her husband if “We are going somewhere, Carey, that’s where we are going. So I was kind of looking into [getting citizenship].”

Pink has toured Australia a number of times, most recently in 2018. However, Summer Carnival will be her biggest tour yet. It just so happens that she will be performing around the same time as Taylor Swift, who is also set to touch down in Australia in February 2024.

Her Eras tour has left millions of people scrambling for tickets and paying some pretty hefty prices for VIP passes. Did you manage to score tickets to either Pink or Tay Tay? Or maybe even both?

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