7 Fun and Fabulous Christmas Platter Ideas to Whip Up in a Flash

Need a fancy festive plate in a hurry? We’ve got your back! Here are seven fast and fabulous Christmas platter ideas to whip up in next to no time with no Masterchef skills required. Oh Holy Night, what a relief, right? RIGHT.

Perfect for those times when you have friends pop by or receive an invite to a spontaneous BBQ or drinks and nibbles night, these Christmas platters and festive plates can be rustled together with some careful ingredients (many pantry items!) and only a little bit of fuss.

Ready to wow your mates with an epic festive plate or two? Head this way!

7 Fun and Fabulous Christmas Platter Ideas to Whip Up in a Flash…

1. The antipasto wreath Christmas platter

Christmas platter
Source: Supplied

Olives, cheese, cherry tomatoes and more, this is an extravaganza of portioned antipasto delights! If you have cocktail sticks (or short skewers) and a rosemary bush (or your neighbours do), you can have yourself a fabulous and delicious festive wreath! SO. MUCH. FUN. Heck, you could even pull it off without the rosemary!

2. A Kiwi fruit tree Christmas platter

Christmas platter
Source: Pinterest / Mama Papa Bubba

Everyone loves kiwi fruit, right? RIGHT. Create a kiwi fruit Christmas tree and then add some delicious, fruity decorations and you’re all set. See here for even more fruit-filled festive plate ideas: 9 Ways to Get Festive with Fruit this Christmas.

3. The Caprese candy cane

Christmas platter
Source: Instagram / The Baker Mama

We’re not ready to leave the cheese and veggie combo behind just yet. This five-ingredient Caprese candy cane has been an absolute hit this Christmas and it’s easy to see why. ANYONE can make it, no matter your skill level!

4. A fairy bread Christmas tree festive plate

Christmas platter, fairy bread tree recipe
Source: Mum Central

This is the EASIEST festive plate you’ll ever see – and one that the kids will go crazy for, a fairy bread Christmas tree! A loaf of bread, sprinkles and butter is all that is needed for you to hit this home run!

5. The sweetest grazing board Christmas platter

Christmas platter
Source: Instagram / Aint Too Proud To Meg

There are grazing board prizes to be won in the confectionery and biscuit aisles at the supermarket folks! Pick your colour theme and shop the colours to make an epic grazing board FULL of sugary Christmas spirit, just like this fabulous festive plate. #nailedit

6. The last-minute festive tree share plate

Christmas platter
Source: Pinterest / Munchkin Times

Got crackers, fruit and a few random bits and bobs in your fridge crisper? Congratulations you have yourself a Christmas tree platter! In fact, you could even make a tree JUST from crackers and put a tub of dip on the side. EASY PEASY.

7. Say Merry Christmas with Nutella Christmas platter

Nutella pull-apart Christmas tree Christmas platter
Source: Mum Central

It’s truly a festival of Christmas trees! If it’s something extra sweet you’re after, be sure to check out our Nutella Christmas tree post – it’s an absolute winner (and FANCY!)!

There you have it, folks, seven awesome and easy Christmas recipes to create the perfect Christmas platters to share with family and friends this festive season. Do you prefer a sweet or savoury platter and do any of these tickle your festive fancy enough to want to give them a go yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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