Perfect for a super-quick Christmas recipe activity, these melted snowmen chocolates are a hit with both young and old chocolate lovers this festive season!

Not just for Christmas, this  melted snowmen chocolate recipe could also be a wonderful activity for your next Frozen themed birthday party! An easy take on traditional chocolate bark – there’s no careful cutting involved, simply pour your melted snowman chocolate puddle and be on your way to stick his eyes, buttons, arms, nose and hat on!

Melted Snowmen Chocolate
You need these things to create your melted snowmen chocolate!

PRETZEL TIP: Depending on where you are, pretzel sticks can sometimes be tricky to find – HOWEVER, this Woolworths Pretzels Snack Mix, $3, contains the perfect size snowman arms in it! So if you were planning on buying pretzels for Christmas anyway, pick up this mix. Each type of pretzel shape is individually sealed too so you can just release the smaller sticks without worrying about the remaining going stale. WINNING!

melted snowmen chocolate
Look for this pretzel pack at Woolworths!

How to Make Adorable Melted Snowmen Chocolate

Makes: 8 generous sized pieces


  • 290g Nestle White Chocolate Melts
  • 16 Edible candy eyes
  • 16 small pretzel sticks (arms)
  • 24 M&Ms (buttons)
  • Orange sprinkles (noses)
  • 8 Reece’s Miniature Cups (hats)


1. To help the snowmen’s hats set in the chocolate, using a sharp knife, carefully slice a small amount off the edge of the Reece’s Miniature Cups so you have a straight edge to glue into your chocolate. This way they won’t be knocked off easily! Set aside.

melted snowmen chocolate

2. Next, place the white chocolate Melts in a plastic bowl and heat them on high for 30 seconds at a time, stirring with a spatula in between bursts. Repeat until smooth and lump-free.

melted snowmen chocolate

3. Line a baking sheet with baking paper and place all of your items on your workspace so they’re close at hand. You’ll need to work reasonably quickly to get everything on the chocolate before it sets!

melted snowmen chocolate

4. Because the chocolate will set quite quickly, it’s important to create one snowman at a time, pour or spoon a pool of chocolate onto the baking sheet to create the base of your a melted snowman puddle. Add a Reece’s Miniature Cup to the top of the puddle to create a hat.

5. The next step is to add a set of eyes and an orange sprinkle for an adorable nose. Gently push them into the melted chocolate.

melted snowmen chocolate

6. Next, add buttons to the puddle. You could also use mini M&Ms if you wanted to make smaller snowmen pieces. And of course, every snowman needs arms, melted or not! Stick a couple of pretzel sticks on either side of the melted snowmen chocolate to represent arms.

melted snowmen chocolate

7. Repeat these assembly steps for the remaining snowmen, or until you run out of chocolate. If the chocolate starts to set in the bowl, you can gently reheat it in the microwave. Heat it on high for 20 seconds and give it another stir until smooth again.

melted snowmen chocolate

8. Once your melted snowmen chocolates are all made, let them set on the tray in a cool place. Do know that if you put them in the fridge, the shell on the M&Ms does go a little cloudy, though it doesn’t affect the taste!

There you have it, now you should have your own gang of melted snowmen chocolates ready to devour.

GIFT IDEA: Make your melted snowmen chocolates generous in size and bag them up individually in a cellophane bag with some extra M&Ms, tieing with a ribbon for a super cute gift idea for friends or neighbours. YUM!

melted snowmen chocolate

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