8 Clever Storage Solutions for Your Child’s Artwork

Oh boy. If you’re sending your child off to kindy or school for the first time, you’re in for a real treat. They’re going to bring home all sorts of things throughout the week, including a tidal wave of artwork, papers and unidentifiable ‘abstract’ masterpieces. On repeat. So what to do with them all? Let us show you some storage solutions!

Firstly, don’t bin it … or at least not straight away. It’s best to have a designated spot for the kids’ artwork that comes home. Having a storage solution from the outset will save you the trauma of stuffing countless paintings into a drawer or cupboard. It really is a sanity saver.

So, pick your storage solution and keep a pen handy so you can pop a name and date on the back of each collectable item. Think we’re overexaggerating about how much is going to come home?

We’re not.

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8 Storage solutions and ideas for kids’ artwork

1. Pack it away in a designated art folder

You can make your own art folders by visiting your local newsagent for some heavy-duty card or you can buy a pretty epic personalised art folder to secure your little one’s collections in. Available in blue or pink, A3 size with several pockets, this Personalised Art Folder is available from Identity Direct, $20.99.

kids artwork storage solutions
Put your name on it to make it official! Source: Identity Direct

2. Use an under-bed storage tub

Out of sight, out of mind! Measuring a very generous 68x45cm and only 17cm tall, the Kmart 40L Underbed Storage Tub on Wheels, $10 is a very handy storage solution for kids’ artwork. Simply pull it out from under your bed (or theirs!) add their treasures and then he’ll back away for safekeeping. AND only $10, score!

kids artwork storage solutions
Wheel out, fill and wheel away. EASY. AND CHEAP! Source: Kmart

3. Frame it…temporarily

Love it? FRAME IT. Think of this as a temporary showcase, if you will. Let your little one choose a piece each week that they want to show off and frame it for all to see. Brilliant Frames & Co make awesome front-opening, magnetic frames (priced from $69.95) that make switching pieces out easy. Of course, if you REALLY love it, you can frame it and leave it up forever…

kids artwork storage solutions
Storage solutions get FANCY. Make a gorgeous gallery using your kids’ artwork. Source: Brilliant Frames & Co.

4. Reuse kids’ artwork as wrapping paper

A brilliant use for kids’ artworks is to reuse them as wrapping paper or cards! They make wrapping and giving gifts all the more special when encased in an original potato-stamp painting or the like. So much fun!

mum central
Reuse kids’ artwork for the most unique and pretty wrapping paper! Source: Pinterest

5. Roll ’em up in a tube

An excellent choice and easy to store, the IKEA Mala Art Storage Tube, $7, fits the brief. Don’t live near IKEA? Head to your local post office and pick up a mailing tube as a storage solution. You can even go one further and decorate the outside of it with artwork to personalise it before rolling up any extras to store. Genius!

kids artwork storage solutions
Super cute art storing tubes available at IKEA – and for under $10! Source: IKEA

6. Folder with plastic display sleeves

An easy, budget-friendly option is to buy a large folder and a box of plastic protective sleeves. This isn’t without limitations though – they’re generally A4 in size so many artworks may require flattening and some origami-like folding techniques to fit!

mum central
Pick a colour, any colour! Source: Bigstock

7. Store your kids’ artwork digitally

Keep your fridge clear of a paper and magnet buildup by keeping digital copies of your kids’ artwork and school papers. That’s right, with this teeny tiny footprint, you can keep each masterpiece safely tucked up in your phone, computer or tablet for future viewing. Take a pic and save it to an album or check out apps such as Keepy and Artkive.

kids artwork storage solutions
Save images on your phone or use a designated app to sort artwork and memories! Source: Keepy

8.  Let it go…

Ask yourself, do you really need/want to have 50 versions of your stick figure family or your neighbour’s dog? Discreetly (and I mean DISCREETLY) dispose of ‘excess to needs’ masterpieces by filing them in your wheelie bin, late at night. Or if the thought of it fills you with mum guilt, send them to Nanna so she can do it.

Do this or send it all to Nanna! via GIPHY

There you have it, eight practical storage solutions and ideas for kids’ artwork. Tell us, what do YOU do with all of the stuff your kids bring home from school. Keep it? Toss it? We’d love to hear. Drop your comments below so we can see!

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