9 Parenthood Photos That Prove Kids Really Do Ruin Your Looks

Ever look in the mirror and think, what the hell happened?

You had kids. That’s what happened.

And, as it turns out (and we secretly knew ALL ALONG), children have an uncanny ability to steal our hearts…and our looks.

Because growing a baby, pushing that baby out and spending night after night awake caring for that baby is bound to take its toll on our bodies and our faces.

And that’s just the beginning of the journey!

Filter-free fatherhood

mum central

Dad-of-two Mike Julianelle, decided to prove just what parenting can do to a person’s face by posting a ‘before and after parenthood’ pic to his blog, Dad and Buried.

After he uploaded his hilarious and honest transformation, others quickly followed, proving that the quickest way to age is to breed.

Hello baby… goodbye looks

Check out these wickedly awesome before and after parenthood photos. Because, once you have kids, putting on makeup, taking a decent photo and using a fancy schmancy filter are pretty much the last things on your mind…

how kids ruin your looks

mum centralmum central how kids ruin your lookshow kids ruin your looks how kids ruin your looks

The many faces of parenthood

Of course, the series is meant as a bit of a joke – no one is actually blaming their children for the excess wrinkles, saggy skin and face-altering changes.

But, you have to admit, after you have kids, your looks do seem to take a pretty big plunge downhill. Stretchy skin. Saggy boobs. Excess grey hair. Circles under the eyes. Blotchy skin. Thanks, kids. Thanks a lot.

According to Julianelle, the main message of this story is the fact that it’s okay to be honest about the pitfalls of parenthood.  Sure, we may lose a bit of our youthfulness, but we gain sooooo much more!

We want to play too!

how kids ruin your looks

This is me before AND after kids. Yep, I totally want my before kids hair back too. Come on, let’s see yours! Because, we may not have our pre-kids looks anymore, but, hey, at least we still have our sense of humour!

Looking for more reality checks when it comes to raising wee ones? Have a look at the truth behind those perfect playroom pics. 

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