8 Super Easy Desserts to Delight the Kids

We have a dessert for every day of the week to keep pint-sized foodies happy. Better yet, they can make it themselves!

Don’t be fooled into thinking your kids are too young for cooking. Even five-year-olds are perfectly capable of getting in the kitchen to whip up a delicious treat. I’ve never met one yet who can’t prise the lid off an ice-cream tub.

Let’s be honest, it’s not the dessert they struggle with, it’s the clean up. #mumlife

Here’s 8 delicious and super easy desserts for kids

1. Easy Dessert Dirt Cups

The kids wont be able to get enough of these and the good news is, you can cheat your way to a dirt cup outcome REAL QUICK. Simply peel the lid off a Yogo chocolate custard, crush a couple of choccy bikkies over the top and add a lolly worm to the mix. Voila!

Easy dessert for kids

2. DIY Banana Pops

One of my personal favourites, nothing beats a choc-dipped frozen banana pop covered in crushed peanuts. Pre-freeze the bananas and let the kids go to town creating their own delicious, semi-healthy fun dessert.

Easy dessert for kids

3. Sugar Cookie mug cake

Yep, pretty much sugar cookies in a mug, aka a mug cake. With icing. And sprinkles. What’s NOT to love? OH and it’s done quick sticks in the microwave!

Easy dessert for kids

4. Fruit kebabs

Because fruit on a stick is fun, right? Kids can dip their fruit kebab into a beautiful yoghurt dip or even melted chocolate. Whatever floats their boat – easy kids desserts coming right up!

Easy dessert for kids

5. Banana Split

Banana split – get on to it lickety split! Delicious banana filled with scoops of crazy cold ice-cream, whipped cream and topping. Yummmm.

Easy dessert for kids

6. No-bake apple doughnuts

There’s something really pleasing about taking a perfectly good, nutritious food and transforming it into anything but. Using a corer, core and slice apples, creating doughnut rings and top them with your favourite nut butter (or Nutella) and sprinkles. Hooley dooley!

Easy dessert for kids

7. Ice cream sundae

An oldie but a goody, you can make the classic ice-cream sundae just about anyway you like. Need some ice-cream sundae makin’ inspo? Check out this ultimate sundae set-up!

Easy dessert for kids

8. Pancakes and pikelets

Not just for breakfast, pikelets are also yummy for a speedy dessert! Dip into whipped cream and honey or jam for a real treat.

Easy dessert for kids

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