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Checkout Dance Stops Toddler Tantrum in its Tracks

A toddler tantrum in the middle of a retail store is most mum’s worst nightmare. But in reality, it’s something all parents are way too familiar with.

This American mum was blown away when three employees at Trader Joe’s broke out in song and dance to save her from her toddler’s tantrum.

When one-year-old Julian Sol tried to take his older sister’s shopping cart, mum Alexandra Seba intervened. One thing led to another and before she knew it, Alexandra was dealing with the irrational chaos faced when toddler’s don’t get their own way. That’s right, a giant toddler tantrum.

Luckily for Alexandra, Trader Joe has some awesome (and very understanding) staff on the team.

“He threw a tantrum and one of the workers just starting singing,” Alexandra explains.

A couple of workers began an impromptu dance and song. Even onlookers started joining in. What tantrum-throwing toddler wouldn’t love all this attention?

Within a week, the video of the incredible employees and their spur-of-the-moment performance has been viewed over a million times. Their song, “We love you Ju” has many parents commenting that they can relate with the usual shenanigans of toddler tantrums.

Alexandra speaks of the support from other parents, saying,

“Moms have a secret pact. We’re a group of women that support each other no matter the differences. We all have kids [who] all have tantrums and we all need help.”

10 Ways to Shut Down a Toddler Tantrum

A toddler tantrum is an element of parenting that seldom can be avoided altogether. According to Parents Magazine, they can be tamed though.

young boy screaming, toddler tantrum

These tips might just help to prevent and control a toddler tantrum:

  1. Be proactive. Prevent outbursts from happening by ensuring your child is well-rested and not feeling stressed.
  2. Give a little freedom. Give your child a chance to run around, play and burn some energy. Being overbearing and constantly saying “no” can project your own anxiety onto your toddler.
  3. Stay calm and in control. Instead of getting involved in the tantrum, simply hold your child to protect them and those around them. Move your toddler away from whatever is angering them and encourage them to recover from the frustration they are dealing with.
  4. Distract! Sometimes a change in scenery, conversation or television show is all it takes to divert a full-blown tantrum.
  5. Have a laugh. Without making fun of your child, try to make them laugh with them.
  6. Identify the cause of frustration. If your toddler is angry because they can’t do something, help them achieve it. If they are seeking a dangerous activity, explain why they can’t and offer an alternative.
  7. Don’t give in. It can be pretty embarrassing when your toddler has a public meltdown, but it is important to avoid giving in to demands. Remind them that they won’t get what they want by making a scene, but offer to discuss it once they have calmed down.
  8. Time-out for adults. Take some time to recompose yourself. Turn around and could to 10.
  9. Address the tantrum together. After your toddler has calmed down from their meltdown, discuss what caused them to feel so angry. Reassure your child and move on together.
  10. Water off a duck’s back. Don’t take your child’s tantrum personally – it is not a reflection on you. Tantrums are often your toddler’s way of expressing their own frustrations.

Or you could try this scientifically-proven way to stop tantrums in their tracks. You can never have too many tips for surviving toddler tantrums, anyway!

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