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RECIPE ROUNDUP: 9 Easy and Warming Winter Pudding Recipes

These cooler nights call for a warming, sweet dessert, am I right? Here are eight of our favourite pudding recipes to warm you from within! From old favourites to spins on classics, we’ve got them all here!

Pudding will FOREVER be a favourite dessert in our home, mostly because they’re always delicious and secondly because I’m quite partial to their ‘throw it together‘ recipe nature when trying to get dinner organised for my WE’RE SO HUNGRY family.

Also a bonus, puddings don’t require a lot of finesse or plating skills – a quick dust of icing sugar is sufficient before scooping out and serving. If you really want to up your pudding game, you could dust it with cocoa, scatter some berries or whip some cream – depending on the recipe.


Ready to bake? Check out the pudding recipes below!

A word on hot cross bun recipes

A couple of the below recipes call for hot cross buns but please be rest assured, you don’t have to stick to Easter time to make those gems! If you don’t have a stash of hot cross buns in your freezer you can use any sweet spiced or plain buns you like – the recipes don’t discriminate!

9 Pudding recipes to get you through the cooler nights

Self-saucing chocolate pudding

A classic for the dessert repertoire. No family cookbook should be without a well-loved self-saucing chocolate pudding recipe. Spongy chocolate cake on top and a molten chocolate river underneath, holy Batman, SO GOOD.

self saucing chocolate pudding recipe
Self-saucing chocolate pudding is a MUST-HAVE in your pudding recipe collection! Source: Bigstock

Lemon delicious pudding cake

This lemon delicious pudding recipe is always worth that little bit of effort to separate eggs. It’s light, fluffy and zesty, hitting the sweet spot every time!

pudding recipes
If it has fruit in it, it’s healthy, RIGHT? The jury’s out. Source: Mum’s Pantry

2-Ingredient Nutella puddings

If it’s a dessert from practically nothing you need, we’re here to serve with this 2-ingredient Nutella pudding recipe. Even better, it cooks in just 10 minutes in the air fryer! AMAZING.

Nutella recipe
This pudding recipe is an air fryer, 10-minute, 2-ingredient DELIGHT! Source: Supplied

Croissant bread and butter pudding

Did someone forget to wrap the rest of the croissants and now you’re left with a whole lot of stale pastries? Never fear, this croissant bread and butter pudding recipe fits the brief and is super tasty, studded with dark chocolate throughout. And yes, you can absolutely half the recipe easily if you don’t have a smaller amount of croissants.

pudding recipes
Pudding recipes that are crunchy on top and soft in the middle – PERFECTION. Source: Supplied

Creamy vanilla rice pudding

A childhood favourite that has stood the test of time, here’s how to take your risotto rice and turn it into a dessert! This creamy vanilla rice pudding recipe provides the perfect base for all of your favourite fruity toppings.

pudding recipes
The creamy vanilla rice pudding recipe is delicious! Source: Mum’s Pantry

Bread and butter pudding

A delicious twist on an old-fashioned favourite, try this bread and butter pudding recipe with pear and juicy, plump dried cranberries. You’ll be hard-pressed not to want to eat it for breakfast too!

pudding recipes
Add cranberries, pear or apple to your pudding recipes for a tasty twist! Source: Mum’s Pantry

Caramilk hot cross bun puddings

Individual puddings in a muffin pan? IT CAN BE DONE. Check out this Caramilk hot cross bun pudding recipe to see how it’s done. Don’t forget you can totally switch it up with different buns or use milk or dark chocolate – you could even add some frozen berries to really shake things up.

Caramilk hot cross bun puddings
Drool. Caramilk pudding recipes, need we say any more? Source: Supplied

White chocolate and raspberry hot cross bun pudding

Personally, my favourite contender of the custard pudding recipes EVER, this white chocolate and raspberry hot cross bun pudding recipe really is the best way to eat an Easter dessert. Of course, if you don’t have hot cross buns, you can switch them for any sweet spiced buns, brioche buns or croissants. SO GOOD.

Easter, hot cross bun pudding recipe
Hands down, my favourite of all pudding recipes, plus it makes plenty to feed a crowd! Source: Supplied

Golden syrup dumplings

OK so technically not a traditional inclusion in the arena of pudding recipes, but I do firmly believe golden syrup dumplings earn a spot in a pudding roundup – they’re saucy and cakey after all!

Golden syrup dumplings recipe
It’s SO close to a pudding recipe, it’s golden. YUM. Source: Bigstock

There you have it, nine easy and delicious pudding recipes to get you through the cold nights (and any other night, who are we kidding?) when a toasty warm dessert is called for. Do you have some favourite pudding recipes? We’d love to hear them, please share them in the comments below!

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