QUIZ: AI Technology Turns Famous Cartoon Characters into Children. Can You Guess Who?

Ever wondered what our favourite cartoon animals and other nonhuman characters would look like if they were children? The children’s toy experts at My 1st Years decided to find out! 

Using AI technology image tool Midjounrye, the children’s brand generated a series of images to transform popular cartoon characters into hyper-realistic photos.

The cartoon characters, including TV characters, movie characters and book characters, are some of the most popular and most searched for across the world. 

There are 13 different images below – can you guess who these toddlers represent? We were stumped on a few of them!

It’s your turn – let’s play! Guess the AI technology toddler! 

1. Toot toot!

He’s two, he’s four, he’s six, he’s eight…. 

AI Technology - Thomas the Tank Engine
Source: My 1st Years

ANSWER: Thomas the Tank Engine. What a little cutie! 

2. A mighty king

He’s his dad’s pride and joy.

AI Technology - Simba the Lion King
Source: My 1st Years

ANSWER: Simba from The Lion King. Love his smile! 

3. Heart melter! 

This little fella loves summer. 

Ai technology - Olaf as a toddler
Source: My 1st Years

ANSWER: It’s Olaf from Frozen! I just wanna squeeze him! This one has got to be one of the best AI representations we reckon. Even his outfit is perfect. 

4. Hello there

Who is this little darling? She’s a purrfectly friendly little thing who also goes by the last name White. Stumped?

Ai technology - Hello Kitty as a toddler
Source: My 1st Years

ANSWER: Hello Kitty! Tricky, tricky, but the red bow gives it away. 

5. Hi ho! 

This one is spot on we reckon! The smile and the green may give you a clue about who this is. 

AI technology - Kermit the Frog
Source: My 1st Years

ANSWER: It’s Kermit the Frog!

6. Claws out!

Look to the background for the answer to this one – he’s a popular character from one of the classic Disney movies from our childhoods. 

AI technology - Sebastian
Source: My 1st Years

ANSWER: It’s Sebastian the crab from The Little Mermaid. 

7. An original

She kind of looks like the girl from My Girl but this mousey brunette has been around since well before the 80s.

AI Technology - Minnie Mouse
Source: My 1st Years

ANSWER: Minnie Mouse of course! The polka dots give it away we reckon!

8. Bello!

She’s a little sweetie with brothers named Dave, Stewart and Kevin. 

AI Technology - Minions
Source: My 1st Years

ANSWER: A Minion. So cute!

9. Say cheers

This one stumped me but let’s just say he’s probably the most famous Disney character of all time. Prefers to wear baggy shorts without a shirt. 

AI Technology - Mickey Mouse
Source: My 1st Years

ANSWER: Mickey Mouse. Once you see it, it’s SOOO obvious, right? 

10. Sleek in pink

He’s a rinky-dinky, groovy cat, a gentleman and a scholar if that helps at all. 

AI technology - Pink Panther
Source: My 1st Years

ANSWER: He’s the Pink Panther. 

11. Squish

This one I shall call Squishy and she shall be mine and she shall be my Squishy.

Ai technology - Dory
Source: My 1st Years

ANSWER: Dory the fish from Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. 

12. Who are you? 

Okay, this one is extra tricky and my only hint is that he’s a Great Dane normally. Can you get it? 

Ai technology - Scooby Doo
Source: My 1st Years

ANSWER: Scooby Doo. 

13. Don’t forget this one

Finally, we’ve got a classic book character who is typically quite’ forgetful’ and also ‘remarkable’. She’s considered a more modern-day version of Pooh Bear too, if that helps. 

AI Technology - Mog the Cat
Source: My 1st Years

ANSWER: It’s Mog, the Forgetful Cat. 

Did you get them all? Let us know how many you guessed correctly in the comments! 

The methodology 

To create the seed list of characters to be reimagined, a long list of popular children’s characters was analysed using Google AdWords to reveal the global average annual search totals for each character, with the most popular then reimagined using Ai technology Midjourney.

We know just how obsessed children can become with their favourite fictional characters – and so we wanted to share a snapshot of what these characters could look like if they were to exist as human children. It’s been amazing to see how realistic the images are!” Gareth Chadwick, Head of Marketing at My 1st Years commented. 

Check out the full methodology at My 1st Years and see which cartoon characters ranked as the most popular according to Google searches. 

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