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Do You Look Like Your Dog? This Photographer is the Master of Dog vs Owner Photos!

Is the bond with your pampered pooch so strong that you’ve started to look alike? No, you’re not going mad, it’s a FACT and you should probably be a little worried if you own a basset hound – soup bowls are dangerous with long ears!

Don’t be alarmed, but research says that as dog owners, we choose dogs who look like ourselves. And they’re not wrong … proof below!

Dogs and their humans create bonds so strong that they kind of start to morph into a similar look. From a subtle ear to ear grin, to long lashes or similar locks and fur – it’s there if you dare to look for it!

I’m not making it up. Dogs do look like their hoomans.

As I said, this bond and owner resemblance has been proved by research. Michael Roy, a psychologist at the University of California, San Diego, was one of the first to examine this theory.

dogs look like humans
Awwwwww, yes, SNAP – TWINS. Source: Gerrard Gethings

The psychologist visited three dog parks, photographing the visiting dogs and their owners separately, and then asking groups of participants to match them, dog to owner. The results? The participants made pairings with “reasonable accuracy.” #SOTHERE

dogs look like owners
Top knots for LIFE. Source: Gerrard Gethings

Doggelgängers photoshoot

And so here to capture the funny resemblance between canines and their owners is an animal portrait photographer, Gerrard Gethings, who frankly nailed the ‘doggelgängers’ photoshoot brief with these amazing portraits. And if you tell me you can’t see any resemblance, well then, I don’t think we can be friends. Because LOOK.

mum central
Even nanna looks like her puppy! Source: Gerrard Gethings

I mean, c’mon – AREN’T THEY THE BEST? There’s curly white hair, there are top knots and even priest collars galore!

mum central
Definitely a match made in Heaven. Source: Gerrard Gethings

The pup and owner portraits were taken by Gerrard to be used for a fun memory card game for dog enthusiasts, Do You Look Like Your Dog? ($28.13). #WISHLIST

mum central
Tell me you’re this dog’s owner without actually telling me…. Source: Gerrard Gethings

Memory cards are an old school favourite and a game everyone can play. The game includes 50 cards, challenging you to match 25 people with their fur-kids, all while gushing over Gerrard’s photography. It’s a dog-lovers dream and you can bet your last Schmacko this will be on my Christmas list this year.

dogs look like owners
Yes indeed. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Source: Gerrard Gethings

What your choice of dog says about you

Good looks aside, did you know that even your choice of dog breed speaks volumes about your own personality? Prepare for a serve of nothing but the truth with What Your Dog’s Breed Says About Your Personality. I’m a golden retriever owner and for what it’s worth, it’s scaringly accurate!

And of course, if you’re yet to decide on which pupper is best for you, perhaps the paaawwfect partner is in your zodiac sign? Check out The Best Dog Breed For You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign.

What do you think, do dogs look like their owners? Do you and your dog look similar or are you still working on it? Can poodle owners still get perms these days? Let us know!

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