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UDPATED : ALDI Mixer Tap – Confirmed Safe for Use

Article update 26/07 – ALDI has conducted additional testing on the Easy Home spiral spring mixer. Independent testing has confirmed the tap is safe for use.  Here ALDI CEO Tom Daunt comments on the matter and confirms the product is fit for use.

Original article: ALDI Australia is currently investigating whether there are safety issues with the Spiral Spring Mixer Tap.

The tap in question was sold as part of ALDI’s Special Buys from the 10th June 2017.

For those of you who have one in your home, or have one and haven’t yet installed it, here’s what we know to date:

The International Association for Plumbing and Mechanical Officials certified the tap after it came under the lead limit by a factor 9.5 times. This then allowed the tap to be placed for sale in the ALDI Special Buy sale on 10 June.

Recently however, independent testing commissioned by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission found water from the tap could contain up to 15 times the maximum allowable level of lead. However this was only on one tap so further tests are being carried out to determine the true result.

The QBCC contacted the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) who have since issued a caution to the public on Monday.

“Consumers who have purchased the particular taps but have not had them installed can seek a refund from ALDI”  


Safety statement

ALDI has since released a statement assuring the public that the Spiral Spring Mixer Tap was independently tested and confirmed to comply with Australian standards prior to going on sale.

“ALDI Australia takes safety very seriously. We have strict quality assurance processes in place and we relentlessly test our products to ensure they are safe and of the highest quality,” said a spokesperson for the retailer.

“We are liaising with the responsible Authorities and our Supplier to investigate the matter with utmost urgency. If at any stage test results confirm that chemical parameters do not meet regulatory requirements, ALDI will take appropriate action. ALDI will always remove any product from sale if it is identified as a risk to our customers.”

If you have concerns, you can contact ALDI directly or return the tap to an ALDI store for a full refund.

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