Mum Uses Alexa to Potty Train her Son and It May be the Best Idea Ever

Pull out the training pants, potty, and, of course, a bucket and mop – it’s potty training time!

Most of us need copious amounts of patience, floor cleaner, and wine to get through the ups and downs of toilet training but one clever mum ditched the stress and outsourced the task to Alexa.

Seriously, give this mum a trophy because this is the greatest potty training hack of ALL time!

A woman named Leanne recently shared on Facebook how she’s been utilising the help of an Amazon Echo Dot to remind her son, Ben, to sit on his toilet.

And it’s been a whopping success!

‘Alexa, remind Ben to use his potty!’

Leanne explained how, before using Alexa, she was finding potty training a nightmare.

I mean, let’s face it – it’s a full-time job that requires patience and persistence and hourly reminders to sit your child on the potty and see what happens. Often we get tied up doing things and forget to enforce it and, well, we’re left with a puddle of pee on our carpets. Yay.

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But with Alexa, Leanne never missed a beat! She set a reminder for every 40 minutes to get her son to sit on the toilet, thus reducing any risks of accidents in-between.

Alexa addresses her son, Ben, by his name which he finds hilarious and fun and is happy to oblige.

Leanne shares that, since outsourcing to her Echo Dot, toilet training has been going great guns! Leanne has also received heaps of praise on her idea too with hundreds of parents commenting that they would be giving it a go too.

I don’t know about you, but I reckon Alexa could be a big help with the older kids too.

Alexa, remind Ben to do his maths homework. Alexa, remind Ben to pick up his dirty socks and chuck them in the laundry bin. Alexa, remind Ben to set the table. 

Technology for the win.

Wait it out, infant toilet training and more 

Potty training isn’t the easiest of tasks and many parents do struggle with it.

With my three kids, I always took the “wait it out” approach and didn’t even attempt until they turned three. By then they were well and truly ready and it only took them a day or two to transition from nappies to potty. Sure, I had to buy a lot more nappies, but I also avoided stepping through puddles of pee daily.

So, yeah. That’s my advice for toilet training – be lazy and wait.

But there are plenty of other options too. Check out these toilet training tips. We’ve also got some amazing toilet training products to help with the process (and some good discounts too).

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We’ve got some unconventional ideas too. This mum, for example, potty trained her child at just weeks old and, she swears by it. Imagine having an infant who uses the toilet!

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Another family had such a hard time with the task of toileting that they sent out an ad, asking someone to do it for them. And for an incredible $900 a day!

The catch? They wanted their little one trained in just under a week which would rack up a grand total of $4,500. Nice!

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